Who Is Watching Who

A man ununknowingly watches his wife having sex with another man

Who's Watching who

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Sometimes a small incident no matter how insignificant will change a person's entire life. I would like to relate such an incident that happened to me. Five years ago my wife and i moved into a High rise apartment on the south side of Chicago. There are also many apartments across the street that are only twenty feet away from ours. Sometimes when you are looking out you can see everything that is going on inside the houses.

It was a clear Decber evening. My wife had just gone to bed. I was just finishing some work on my computer when i noticed a man and a woman sitting on a sofa. He had an arm around her and he was kissing her. She looked to be about twenty years old. She had a sweet face and long black hair that flowed down over her shoulders. She was wearing a white blouse and a knee length skirt. The man was wearing a plaid shirt and jeans. Apparently they were in his apartment watching television, but they were really doing more smooching than anything else. Occasionally the man would take a sip from the glass of beer on the table and then go back to kissing the woman again. This went on for some time. I really didn't think anything out of the ordinary would happen, especially with the curtains open so i went back to my work. A few minutes later i just happened to glance back at them. Whew! Things had really changed. Her breast were now completely exposed by his working hand, and they stuck out like ripe melons. She was leaning back on the sofa while he deep kissed her. One of his hands squeezed her breast while the other was between her thighs frigging her. He was thrusting his tongue right down her throat. My mouth must have been hanging opened as i watched them. I couldn't beleave they would go this far right in front of an opened window.

As they continued to heat up, i felt my dick getting really hard and i had to overcome my desire to continue watching them. After all i was a married man and i had a lot of work to finish. Even so i had to take several deep breaths to regain my composure. After several more exhausting minutes, i had to sneak another look at them. Damn!. This had gone too far! Right there in front of the window he was fucking her missionary style. I could see his ass going up and down as he rammed her relentlessly. Her arms and legs were locked around him as she writhed beneath him. I was mesmerized by the site as i continued to watch them. This was better than a porn flick, except that you didn't have a zoom lens and a rerun button. I wondered how many other people were watching this show they were putting on. He grabed her ass and pulled her against him as he fucked her with long, deep strokes, as she brought her legs up over his shoulders. I could stand it no longer. I pulled out my cock and started masturbating.

I couldn't believe what was happening. Here i was behaving like a pervert while my lovely wife was asleep in bed. Another thought occurred to me. If i could watch them, how many people could be watching me? But i was filled with lust and was beyond caring. He was fucking her even harder now, pulling all the way out of her, and thrusting back in to the hilt. As i jacked off, i paced myself to climax when they did. I could tell that their climax was coming. The woman was now at the peak of her pleasure, her ass writhing and undulating in a circular motion and up and down to meet each thrust of the man, and trying to get him even deeper inside her. Her legs were pointed skyward, her head thrown back, and her face distorted in an of absolute expression of ecstasy. He locked his mouth to hers in a deep French kiss. His tongue must have been hitting against her tonsils. He picked her up and for a while she was pole vaulted on his cock, and then he started jacking her up and down. Damn it was all so hot. She was right in middle of a humongous orgasm!. She bounced faster and faster, her big breast jiggling, her hair trashing. She finally broke the kiss and threw her head backward as her whole body jerked and stiffened against his. It was too bad that i could not hear her moans and yells. I could tell that she was bringing the house down. Meanwhile i had quickened my own pace. As my climax approached i could see that the man was reaching his. He was fucking her furiously, virtually jacking her on his cock. He carried her over to a night table and continued fucking her like a madman. They were at such an angle to me that i could see all of his cock as he pulled out of her and slammed back in repeatedly. His cock must have been at least ten inches long. Nearly twice the size of mine and he was fucking her with every inch of it. She must have had at least ten consecutive orgasm that added up to one gigantic orgasm that seemed to go on and on. He fucked her with such force that she had to hold on to avoid being knocked off the table, and at one point, the table itself nearly turned over. Just looking at her was enough to make you cum. She was leaning back and looking up with an intense expression of pure lust on her face, her long black hair flailing over the table, her hands tightly gripping the edge to brace herself against his thrust, as she countered with her own, her ass bucking up and down and in a circular motion, totally consumed in her pleasure. Their climax seemed to go on forever. I had already reached mine. I will admit that i had never experienced such a orgasm. I had to hold onto my desk to keep from being thrown off my feet, as i was knocked backward. I continued shooting my seed on the floor as i watched them consummate their pleasure. Then i saw them disappear into another room to fuck the rest of the night away.

After i had finished cleaning the mess i made on the floor, i went back to work on my computer. It took me until 2:00 AM to finish my work. When i walked into the bedroom, i noticed that my wife was gone!. It was at that time that begin to rber how much the woman in the apartment looked like my lovely wife. Then i saw a note lying on the bed written by her. It Read:

"I saw you with that bitch in the apartment."

"I hope you got your eyes full tonight."

"I will have my first real orgasm from a man who knows how to pleasure me."

"Don't expect me back."

What bitch? What was she talking about? It then occurred to me how much that guy looked like me. Maybe as much as the woman looked like my wife. Right then i must have fainted. When i awoke, it was morning. Then it all hit me like a brick, and i found myself yelling my wife's name.

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