Sperm Donation 4

Jack has another adventure at the clinic

The next day Jack received

another call from the clinic.

Would he be able to come in

for another donation? He told them

he would stop by the clinic after


After work he again found the

non-descript building in the

industrial park. He went in the

front door and was again told to

wait. He sat down in the waiting

area and grabed a magazine.

He spent the next few minutes

idly leafing through magazines

while he waited.

After a few minutes of waiting Jack

saw Karen come out of one of the

doors down the hall. Jack stood up

as the woman approached.

"Please come with me, Jack," she

said and turned back toward the

treatment rooms.

Jack followed Karen into the hallway

and into the second door on the

left side of the hall. The door closed itself behind them as the

man and woman walked inside.

"Please remove your clothes and

have a seat," Karen instructed,

sitting down at the desk alongside

one wall of the room.

Jack undressed and sat down on the

paper covered treatment table. Karen

spent a few minutes silently writing

on her table and Jack waited patiently

for her to finish. Finally Karen

sat down her pen and swiveled her

chair so she was facing Jack.

"Thank you for coming back to help

us again today, Jack. Among the many

programs we offer our clients we

have several sex education courses.

We offer training for girls and women

who wish to wish to gain knowledge

and skill in sexual activities. In

the course of these training sessions

we have a practical experience component.

Would you like to help us with some of

these sessions?" Karen asked.

"Sure! It sounds fun and interesting

to me," Jack replied.

"Thank you for agreeing to help us.

Today we have a client here who has

been receiving training in giving

fellatio. Today she is to have a

practical session in sucking a man's

penis until he reaches orgasm, accepting

his ejaculation in her mouth, and then

swallowing the semen. This is the

session we would like you to help us

with today." Karen told him.

"I would be happy to help you today,"

Jack said, already looking forward to

having some fun.

"Good. All you have to do is allow

our client to suck your cock and

enjoy yourself. When you feel yourself

getting ready to orgasm just let it

happen naturally. Please don't say

anything to our client during the session."

"OK," Jack agreed.

"Since I see you already have a good

erection we can go in immediately. Please

follow me," Karen said as she stood up.

Karen led the naked Jack out of the room

and across the hall into another treatment

room. Inside Jack found the same paper

covered treatment table he had come to

expect along with a small desk against

the wall. Three women were already inside

the room as Jack and Karen entered. One

woman was Mei and there was a black woman

about the same age as Mei who was dressed

in the same style of skirt and blouse that

Karen also wore. And the third woman Jack

realized must be the client for she was not

dressed as the other two were.

The client was not dressed at all, she

was completely nude. She was a small Asian girl

with long, black hair. She was very young

but not as young as she seemed to be for

she had a thick patch of black pubic hair.

Her breasts were small, only a slight

swelling on her chest but her nipples

were large and very dark. She was sitting

on the edge of the treatment table and

her eyes shot toward Jack as soon as she

noticed him come through the door.

"Jack, you already know Mei and we

also have Carol here with us today. Our

client as always must remain anonymous.

Please move toward her until she can

reach your penis easily. After that just

let her do all the work, all you need to

do is just stand there and enjoy yourself.

Please begin now." Karen instructed.

Jack walked over to the table and stopped

with the head of his erect cock a few

inches away from the young girl's

face. Mei grabed the remote control

for the table and adjusted the height

until the young girl sitting on it

could reach Jack's cock with her mouth easily.

The girl was a virgin and in fact this

was the first time she had seen a man

naked or his penis. Now she was sitting

naked with a cock just inches away from

her face. She had received extensive

instruction on what to do in this moment,

now she had to actually do it, this was her

first change to put into practice what she

had learned.

Jack stood there silently waiting for

the girl to make a move. She sat still

for a couple minutes examining Jack's

penis as it bobed in front of her. She

looked up at Jack's face for a moment,

smiled shyly, and slowly reached up

with her right hand to touch his cock.

She brushed her fingers lightly along

the shaft, avoiding the head at first.

Then she ran her forefinger lightly

around the head of Jack's penis, exploring

the sensitive tip. The touch of her

finger sent a thrill through Jack and

his cock tightened and bobed up in

reflex to the girl's touch.

After exploring Jack's penis for a moment

the girl wrapped her hand lightly around

the shaft and began to slowly stroke it.

The feel of her cool, soft palm as she

stroked his cock felt wonderful to

Jack as he stood there. He stood silently

letting the girl do whatever she wanted

and she was doing a very good job so far.

After stroking Jack's cock for a moment

the girl stopped moving her hand but kept

her hold upon it. The girl leaned

forward and opened her mouth. She

stuck out her tongue and gave the head

of Jack's cock a light, tentative lick.

This sent a thrill of pleasure from

the head of Jack's cock to his brain

and caused his cock to tighten.

boldened the girl started to lick and

explore the head of Jack's penis with

her tongue. As part of her training the

girl had practiced licking the head of

a penis shaped dildo and she made use

of her training on the head of Jack's


The girl had to hold Jack's penis more

firmly as her licking started to make

it tighten and bob with each swipe of

her tongue across the sensitive glans.

After a moment more of this the girl

stopped licking the head of Jack's penis

and instead opened her mouth wide and

took it into her mouth. She stopped

there for a moment to get used to the

cock filling her mouth and then she

began to move.

The girl moved her face forward taking

Jack's cock deeper into her mouth until

her lips met her hand which still grasped

it. Then she pulled back until only the

glans was inside her mouth. As she bobed

her head the girl also flicked her tongue

along the sensitive underside of the

cock that was in her mouth. This felt

wonderful to Jack and it was all he could

do to resist the instinctive need to push

forward into the girl's mouth. But he

managed to do as he had been instructed

and let the girl do all the work.

Despite her inexperience the girl was

doing an excellent job of sucking Jack's

cock and very soon she had him to the

point of orgasm. Jack made no effort to

resist it and he started to cum.

The girl felt the penis she was sucking

tighten and the head swell slightly.

Suddenly the cock bucked in her hand

and she let out a surprised nasal "unnn"

as a blast of hit semen jetted out of

the head of Jack's cock and into her mouth.

She made the same noise with each jet

of sperm that jetted out of Jack's penis

into her mouth. The girl valiantly accepted

every spurt of hot cum that blasted into

her mouth. For the first time the girl

tasted a man's semen as Jack came in her


As Jack's orgasm faded the girl contemplated

the strange taste of his sperm which

now filled her mouth. As the last of his

orgasmic contractions faded she swallowed

his semen and then licked the last traces

of it from the tip of his cock. The girl

gave Jack's cock head a final lick and

then leaned back. Jack was exhausted by

his orgasm and he sat down on the table

next to the girl for a few minutes to


"Jack, please return with me to the other

room." Karen said after allowing him to

rest for a few minutes.

Jack got up from where he was seated on

the table and followed Karen out of the

room and across the hall to the other

where he had left his clothes.

Unknown to Jack he had made a profound

on the girl who had just sucked his cock,

the client. As she was sucking his cock

the girl had swiftly developed an

infatuation for him and she resolved

to ask for him the next time she came

in for training.

"Please take a seat, Jack," Karen told

him when they had returned to the other

room. He sat down on the treatment table,

the paper crackling under him.

Karen worked silently at the desk for

a few minutes and Jack sat patiently

waiting for her to finish. Finally she

turned her chair away from the desk

until she was facing Jack.

"If you can stay for a while longer

we have something else for you today,

Jack," Karen told him.

"Sure, I can stay as long as you need me

to," Jack replied.

"Good. Carol who you met earlier would like

to receive a natural insemination from you

today. Would you be able to help her with

that?" Karen asked.

"I would be glad to help her," Jack replied

eagerly, thinking of the cute black girl

who had been with them in the session


"Please wait here then while I go tell her

she can get ready for you. Mei and I will

observe your session with her, if you don't

mind." Karen said as she got up from her


"No, not at all," Jack replied.

"I will be back shortly," Karen said as

she left the room.

Jack waited quietly for a few minutes,

feeling some excited anticipation as

he thought about the upcoming session

with Carol.

The door to the room opened and Karen,

Mei, and Carol walked into the room.

Jack noticed immediately that all three

of them were now naked and this sent

a thrill of excitement into his cock.

Jack's eyes were drawn to Carol who

he would shortly be fucking.

Carol had light chocolate colored skin that

Jack immediately found attractive. She was

taller than Mei but not quite as tall as

Karen with medium breasts and a very nice

ass. She had a thick, very curly bush

of public hair which made a contrast to

the other women who were shaved bare.

The black woman walked up to the table and

Jack stood up as she approached. Carol

walked up to him and pressed her body

against his, wrapping her arms around him.

She held him tightly for a moment and Jack

moved his hands down to her ass and grabed

her bottom.

After a moment Jack felt Carol's arms loosen

their hold on his body and he did the same.

The black girl stepped back, turned toward

the table and climbed up on it. She moved

until she was laying parallel to the length

of the table and rolled over on her back.

Once she was laying full length on the table

the black girl opened her legs and pulled

her knees up to her chest, opening herself

completely to what was coming next.

"Mei, please prepare Carol for the

insemination procedure," Karen ordered.

Mei climbed up, put her head between

the other girl's legs, and began to lick

her pussy. Carol was already very excited

and Mei soon had her moaning and her pussy


The sight of this sent a new surge of

excitement to Jack's cock. Noticing this

Karen reached down and grasped his penis

in her hand. She stroked it slowly a few

times, enjoying the feel of it and testing

it's readiness for the next step.

It only took Mei a couple of minutes to

bring Carol to a powerful orgasm and Jack

watched fascinated as the black woman squirmed

and squealed in ecstasy. The Asian girl licked

the other woman through her orgasm until

finally the spasms of pleasure died away.

Mei gave Carol's pussy one last lick and

then pulled away, got off the table, and

stood up. Carol remained laying on her

back holding her legs spread and pulled

up to her chest, leaving herself completely

open for whatever would come next.

"We will now proceed with the insemination"

Karen said as she released Jack's cock.

"Jack, for this session it is important to

make your penetration as deep as possible.

You should place Carol's feet on your

shoulders to help with this. I will guide

your penis to her vaginal entrance."

Jack climbed up onto the table and over

Carol's body. When his body was above

hers Carol used her hands to move her

legs until her ankles were on Jack's

shoulders. This opened her pussy for

deep penetration and left her hands


Karen reached in between the couple and

took Jack's cock in her hand. She guided

the fat, purple head of Jack's cock to the

other woman's vaginal entrance. When

she had his penis lined up to her satisfaction

Karen put her other hand on Jack's ass

and gave it a push to signal him to move

forward and enter Carol's pussy. Jack

took the hint and slowly pushed his cock

into the black girl's hot, wet pussy.

Once he was fully inside Carol's vagina

Jack withdrew his cock until only the

head was inside her and then he pushed

back in once again. Carol's pussy felt

wonderful as he fucked her with slow,

deep strokes of his cock. Their position

allowed Jack to push the full length of

his cock into Carol's pussy with every

inward movement. Karen and Mei moved

up close so they could closely observe

the couple on the table.

Soon Jack was fucking Carol with abandon,

his hips moving rapidly as he plumbed

her hot, wet depths with his cock. The

black girl began to moan with each

thrust he made into her pussy and Jack

redoubled his efforts. The two other

women watched excitedly as he fucked

their co-worker.

"Jack, you can allow yourself to

ejaculate as soon as you are ready,"

Karen told him as she watched him fuck

the black girl.

It didn't take long after that for Jack

to reach orgasm. Carol squealed in

delight as she felt his cock begin to

squirt jet after jet of hot semen into

her pussy. Jack's movements became

uncoordinated as he ejaculated into

the black girl. He finally stopped

moving and rested for a moment with

his cock fully inside the girl as the

pleasant contractions of his orgasm

died away.

After a moment Jack rolled away and

sat on the edge of the table, breathing

hard and spent for the moment. Carol

remained laying on the table, holding

her knees to her chest trying to keep

Jack's semen inside herself for as long

as possible.

"Thank you Jack, you did very well

again today. We will call you when

we need you again," Karen said after

letting him rest for a couple of minutes.

Jack got up, dressed, and left, leaving

Carol still laying on the table.

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