I could do this all day...I knew she liked it!

This story is about my first experience with my girlfiend and her cute ass...I knew she wanted it..

The Story

It all started when I was at school. I went to a school in South Carolina and hated being away from my girlfriend. It was frustrating being on the other side of the country when my girlfriend lived in Arizona and went to another college. I tried as hard as I could to keep our sexual intimacy up but it still wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. I was almost out of school for the summer and all I wanted to do was be with my girlfriend so we could have sex again. I felt like I planned out us having sex more then we actually did it. I also felt like I wanted it more then she did. I often tried to bring up sexual topics between us and she would respond barely and then drop it or change the subject. This was frustrating to me, I knew other guys girlfriends were a lot more sexually driven then mine. I wanted to do something special for her when I got back home so I tried to plan something sexual.

When I flew back to Arizona I drove to see her immediately because I couldn’t wait to see her. I planned on asking her to marry me as soon as I got out of school the following year. When I got to her house I wanted to surprise her so I didn’t tell her I was coming. When I finally got to her house I went in and couldn’t find her so I checked the bathroom. The door was propped close , so I assumed that she was in there so I waited a sec and then decided I wanted to surprise her. So I kind of waited a sec and I decided to take a peek in the crack that the door was open. I could see in and I guess I must have caught her at the wrong time because she was on the toilet! I must say this wasn’t exactly a turn off for me so I didn’t exactly turn away I kept watching. It was kind of cute seeing her not knowing that I was watching. She did her business and then got undressed to take a shower. As she got undressed I enjoyed seeing her nice body, she had a great body. Nice round breasts and a cute butt that I hadn’t seen in months. I waited until she got done getting undressed and got in the shower for a few minutes before I decided it was time for me to surprise her.

I slowly opened the door so she wouldn’t hear me and I came in and closed the door again. I slowly slid my clothes off and walked towards the shower. As I slide behind her she squealed a little because I startled her. As soon as she realized it was me she laughed a little and asked, “What are you doing you naughty boy.” She always got weird about me seeing her out of the norm, even tho she was not prude about us having sex at all. We kissed for a while as I let both of our bodies get closer and wet under the shower head. I missed her so much that I enjoyed just having our wet slick bodies rub against eachother. At this point I was hard as a rock and she know it as she rubed against me provocatively. IT was so nice to see her naked body. Just seeing her naked was enough to make my day, but she wanted more.

After we washed each other and kissed we got out of the shower and dried each other off. She dragged me to her bedroom and threw me on the bed. Of course I was still hard from the shower and seeing her naked body. She was cleanly shaven with a little stripe which is my favorite! She came over and rubed her breast against my dick for a little and then grabed my hard dick and started to rub it while she kissed me again.

I loved the feeling of her breast rubing on my chest. She knew I loved this so she stuck them in my face. I kissed them and took them in my mouth like It was the last time I would ever see them. She knew exactly what would get me going! She knew I liked to just look at her naked body without touching it before we did anything so I knew she was going to give me a little show. She got up while I was laying down and she stood over me so I could look straight up at her business. This drove me wild. I loved seeing her pink little hole. IT was so nice and untouched I just wanted to have it. She teased me a little but lowering it down right above my face and running her finger in her slit. I loved how her slit spread open when she did this. She would stand back up and do this a couple of times to tease me before going on to the next thing to make me go wild. After she did this she still was standing above me and she turned around so I could get a view of her back side and she did the same thing where she bend down above my face. She knew that I had a thing for a girls ass and she used it to her advantage. The sun was barely showing through the blinds, just good enough so I could see her kneel down and her cute butt cheeks spread apart. She had such a cute little asshole.

The lower she got the more her cheeks spread apart and I could see her pink little butthole. It was so tight, since I have never done anything besides look at it. As if this weren’t enough she used her two free hands to grasp her cheeks and spread both her cheeks right over my face so I could see her tight asshole pull apart a little bit. I didn’t want this to end. She did the same thing and ran her finger around it and teased me.

This drove me crazy I had to have it. After this She turned around and started to suck me off. IT had been so long since I felt her mouth on my dick and I loved it so much. She would take one of her free hands and rub my balls and all that was under. She knew I liked this, and I had to do everything I could not to cum while she was doing this. After she did this for a while she got up and hopped on my dick and started riding me slowly, making sure I felt every bit of it while she went up and down my eight inch dick. IT was so wet and nice I had to do everything I could to not cum inside of her even though I wanted to do so bad. She did this for about ten minutes before she turned around and did reverse cowgirl so I could see my favorite view again. Once again she used her to hands to show me her cute butthole. I loved it so much how she showed me this and I know she liked how dirty it made her feel. After she did this for a little bit she hopped back on normal and continued riding me.

I decided I had to have her little asshole so I started moving my hands more towards her crack. I started to rub my index finger over her sweet little asshole because I knew she liked it even though she wouldn’t admit it to me. I did this for a little before I started putting a little pressure on it not quite getting the top of my finger in it. I wanted to stick the whole thing in so bad but wanted to tease her a little bit. I asked her, “Can I stick a finger in…just this time?” and she responded with, I don’t know that’s kind of weird and you have never done it before. Don’t you think its gross sticking your finger in the hole that I go to the bathroom from?”

I told her that it was a normal thing and that It really turned me on because it was a dirty thing to do. She said I don’t know maybe. So we kept doing what we were doing and I kept putting pressure on it, a little more each time. I finally decided that I was just going to have to do it myself without her giving me consent so I proceeded to put more and more pressure each time getting a little more inside of her. I finally did it enough so I got about a half of an inch in and she kind of hesitated for a sec before she continued. I asked her if it was ok and she said it was ok just to be careful and not do too much. So we kept going and I decided I wanted a little more so I stuck about half my index finger in her asshole and rubed it around a little bit while she rode me.

She moaned a little which was probably because she had such a tight butthole. I knew at this point that she was starting not too mine because she had a cute little smile on her face and everytime I took it out she pushed back on my finegr a little bit so I decided to go for the whole thing and I stuck my whole index finger in her ass and fucked her with it slowly. I couldn’t believe I was doing it and she was ….enjoying it! I loved it so much how she liked it and I loved how dirty it was so I kept doing it. This opened so many doors for me so I decided that I wanted to do more since we had already done this much. I asked her if she felt dirty and she told me she did. I asked her, “Can I do more to your cute little butthole?” She said, I don’t know…what do you want to do?” I told her that I wanted to surprise her. She said I guess as long as you don’t stick your dick in there. I wasn’t planning on doing that…yet. So I told her to tease me like she was before where she was showing me her butthole and spreading her cheeks for me and I told her I liked when she did it right above my face.

So she started to do that again. I looked at her cute little asshole 6 inches from my face as she squatted over me facing the opposite direction. I decided it was time to make my move but I wanted to do it slowly…so I grabed her by the hips and I pulled her little asshole towards my mouth and I made her kneel within distance of my mouth. When it was low enough I raised my tongue and ran it across her cute little asshole. She hesitated for a sec not knowing if what just happened had really happened. At this point I was feeling dirty enough and did it another time to make sure she knew I was licking her cute little butthole. After a few more times she relaxed a little gave a little moan. I knew after this that I had convinced her, So I ran my tongue up and down her ass for a couple minutes massaging the outside of it with my tongue. I asked her, if this was ok with her and she said, “Yeah baby I like it,” Are you sure you don’t mind licking my ass? Of course I confirmed it was ok with me, she lowered herself a little more which told me she wanted more of my tongue so I put a little pressure on her asshole with my tongue and licked the inner part of it a little, and this drove her wild!

She moved back and forth as I stuck my tongue in and out of her little butthole while she rubed my dick. After I did this for a while she teased me a little by taking her finger and rubing it in her crack a little before she proceeded to stick her own finger in her ass. I couldn’t believe was I was seeing, I was in heaven. She finally told me, “I want you to do this in a different position baby!” I told her that I would do whatever I wanted. So she stood me up so she could get in her own position on the bed, she got on her front side like she was going to do doggy style and she put her ass in the air and arched her back while putting her breasts all the way down on the bed. She rested her body on the bed so she could use both her hands to spread her ass cheeks.

She teased me again a little by spreading her butt cheeks and rubing and fingering her asshole. I wanted it so bad, so I kneeled on the ground next to the bed and I licked her asshole softly to tease her for a couple minutes and then I stuck my tongue in again to hear her moan. I ruber her clit while I did this and she moved her hips with the rhythm of my tongue, I could believe it, I felt so dirty and I loved it so much. She loved me tongue fucking her asshole. I did this for another couple minutes before she finally came. I wish it had gone longer, I couldn’t get enough of her dirty little butthole. I asked her if she had enough energy for me to stick my dick in there and she replied, “I have to go to work baby...but I will be ready the second I get home…”

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