Too Much Too Young

She wanted money for some cigarettes - she got more!

This happened when I was going through a dry patch with my wife.

I used to go out for long walks to get away from the house. My route took me out of our middle class suburb through one or two rough areas of the city.

Near the footbridge across the river there is a path which leads through a council estate to the city so I thought I would go through and have a coffee at some nice place in the town.

I noticed a girl standing outside a shop. I don't know how old she was - a teenager anyway. She was half caste and quite pretty but had a "bad" look on her face, if you know what I mean.

"Mister!" she shouted after me, "got a couple a pound?" she said in heavy local accent.

"Why do you need it?" I asked noticing her short white skirt and nice legs. She was coarse in her manner but so delicate in other ways.

"I need some fags" she replied.

"You're too young to smoke" I said.

"No I'm fuckin not, I'm sixteen, honest." she replied quite aggressively.

She had a thin top on and I could see her full breasts sticking out and nipples poking through the material. I could not say for certain her age. It can be difficult to tell with a pubescent female - anything from 12 to 18 these days and you can't always tell.

She looked so sexy. The knots in my head - put there by my wife - could all be untwisted if only I could just ...

I looked at the footbridge and turned back and headed towards it.

"I've got two pounds" I said. She quickly followed after me.

"Well gisit then" she demanded as we got to the bridge with one hand out. The place was deserted.

"Look" I said to her, turned on at the thought of what might happen. "I've got ten pounds for you"

"A tenner?" she looked at me mistrustfully.

"But you have to do something for me - it'll just take ten minutes"

"Uh?" she said stupidly. "Oh yeah then what?"

I said in a low voice " come down to that little wood by the river and let me be nice to you.

"What?" she said, the penny hadn't dropped.

"I like you. I want to give you a little cuddle"

She looked at me carefully and suspiciously She was quite pretty really. Half caste girls have got very nice light brown skin and so did she. Her frizzy hair hung nicely over her forehead. I imagined she had a very nice young brown bottom to masturbate over and the thought of wanking over her made me hot.

"Oh come one" I said, "It will be easy money. Look, here's the tenner." I took out the money. She looked uncertain.

"Look" I said. "I'm going down into that bush and I'll wait for you. If you don't come in one minute I'm off home" I trotted down the bank and went behind the bush out of view. I waited and in thirty seconds she appeared with her arms folded over her breasts.

"OK" she said, "but no dirty stuff - and no kisses, just a bit of a cuddle"

I took her to somewhere really private under a small tree and she stood before me.

What value! I thought and went to her. I kneeled down and put my arms around her waist. "You're a very nice young lady" I said to her, burying my head in her breasts. What bliss! I put my hands on her lovely legs and moved them up to her thighs and around the back I felt the soft warmth of her ass and squeezed a little. My fingertips came into contact with the heat of her hot little pussy. I couldn't resist pulling down her panties and she said in a whisper "don't do that" so I left them alone but kept stroking her inner thighs and I noticed her breathing deepen. Then I turned her around and groped her breasts and hugged her tight to me. "This isn't a cuddle" she said weakly. I kept on and put my hands under her shirt and felt the hot young tits in my hands. My dick was red hot and hard. "It's so nice of you", I said deeply, "to let me do this. I'm awfully grateful"


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