Night She Will Not Forget

Jessica is a friend of mine. She is 29 and married with 3 kids. Well, this particular evening I am going to tell you about was one of those I will never forget, and for that matter neither will Jessica. Jessica and her husband invited a few friends over to watch Monday Night Football. When the game was over everyone started to get ready to leave. I was the last one to leave. As I was driving home I realized I forgot my jacket. So I turned around and went back to Jessica’s to get my jacket. I knocked on the door, but there was no answer, so I let myself in. I remembered my jacket was in the living room. As I grabbed my jacket and turned to leave Jessica entered the living room. She was wearing a black teddy and black thigh high stockings that left little to the imagination.

Jessica and I innocently flirt with each at work and I have fantasized about fucking her, but did not make a move until this night. She has short legs, full round hips and large breasts. However, her waist was a little chunky from giving birth to three kids, still she looked amazing.
“I thought you were Jeremiah, he went over to his parents to check on the kids” Jessica stammered, as she tried to cover herself.

“I came back to get my jacket, wow Jessica you look great."I replied

My comment caught her off guard and really brought a sparkle to her eyes. In fact, she looked so hot that I realized I was getting a hard-on.

“Thank you, I bought it as a gift for Jeremiah and I was going to surprise him tonight since the kids are at his parents for the night”. Jessica replied

“Jeremiah is one lucky guy” I told her. As I looked her up and down.

"Do I look sexy?" she asked.

I could only stare at her and answer, "God, Jessica, that is really sexy. You are one hot woman."

With that she came over to me and we sat on the sofa. Jessica flopped down on my right side with her left leg tucked up under her.

"So, you think I am pretty hot, huh?" She fished for more compliments.

Here I am sitting next to a half naked married woman whose husband can come home at anytime. I put my hand inside of her left knee of the leg that was tucked up under her. At the same time it had taken very little movement on her part for her teddy to ride up enough to again show some panty. I caressed her knee to get a feel of the stocking.

My hand as if controlled by an outside force kept caressing her stocking and moving from the inside of her knee up her inner thigh. Jessica's expression changed as she just watched my hand moving up her leg. All the time I was saying to myself, `Stop it, take your hand off her leg...for God's sake this is a married woman. It wasn't long until I was running my hand over that four inch strip of lace at the top of the stocking and staring at her cream colored skin just above the stocking. Still, without me controlling them, my finger tips roamed beyond the lace and touched that pure, velvety skin. The smoothness of her sheer nylons couldn't hold a candle to the buttery softness of her inner thigh skin.

Neither of us said a word as we both watched my hand slowly and steadily moved farther and farther up her leg. She squirmed once, which startled me causing my hand to stop. But, she made no effort to stop my hand or move away from me. In fact, the movement fully exposed the crotch of her panties. After pausing for the moment, we both took in a breath and my hand continued on its movement. Up, up it went until there was no more leg left to negotiate. It had reached her panties. One finger reached out and touched the her panty. Her panties were black and soft and my finger tip caressed that space between her legs. Then another finger joined the first and then another and another until my hand was cupping her pussy and we were both looking at each other. It was at about this point that I again became aware of the hardness of my cock and how sexually aroused I had become. I was massaging her through her panties and I could feel the slit under them. I looked into her eyes.

"I want to kiss you." I said with a pleading look in my eyes.

"Me too." came the unexpected reply.

I lowered my lips to hers and we kissed. The force of the kiss pushed her back on the sofa and I was half on top of her. My hand still massaging her pussy. As I massaged I pushed a finger against her panties and pushed them with my finger into the slit of her pussy. I don't know if either of us planned it or if it just happened, but our mouths opened and I felt her tongue with mine. It was like an electrical contact. A kiss that was about to end became more passionate and exciting.

As exciting as it was and as intriguing her slit was to my hand, we both ran out of breath and had to break the kiss, which also caused my hand to relax on her pussy. I pulled my hand away and placed both hands on either side of her. I pushed up and looked down at her. She was panting, as I was, and I could see her breasts moving up and down.

"Jessica, that was unbelievable." I exclaimed.

She answered back, "I never felt anything like that before."

I continued, "I don't want to stop."

"Neither do I." she answered.

I looked down at her heaving breasts, I cupped one and felt its softness. We just stared into each other's eyes. I think we both knew we were entering dangerous waters. I fondled her breasts, felt the hardness of her nipple, moved my hand from one to the other and lowered my head to kiss her again and again. As one of our kisses lingered my hand moved down to her midriff and I slid it up under her teddy...halfway getting stuck in the awkward position. We both unspeaking kind of mutually agreed to sit up. As we sat there I reached out and touched a breast. In response, she raised her arms I took the bottom of her teddy and pulled it up over her head exposing her breasts. They were huge, to my eyes they were magnificent. I stared in awe before reaching out to touch her flesh. Her nipples where already hard, but seemed to get harder under the touch of my hand. I cupped them, massaged them, placed the palm of my hand over them and let the hard nipple tickle me as I moved the palm around with just the nipple touching it.

As I was fondling her, she whispered, "Take your shirt off."

I pulled it off over my head and we leaned in to each other and kissed with our naked tops pushing against one another. I felt her hard nipples and large breasts pushing against my chest. Again, our mouths opened and our tongues made contact.

When we finally broke the kiss, I stood up, unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and pushed them down. Jessica could see the outline of my hard cock pushing against my briefs. I could see her eyes widen from surprise as to the size of the bulge in my briefs. She reached out and roamed the length of my shaft with her finger tip. Then letting her hand rub over it. I was so hard now it was aching. This time I sucked in my breath, put my thumbs into the waistband of my briefs and slid them down to mid-thigh. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped open when she saw it. "Tom, it is so big.” Jessica stammered.

Jessica reached out and started caressing my cock. The more she did the firmer her grip got on it and the closer she crawled to me. "Yes Jessica, you definitely do this to me and oh God yes you are so damn sexy." I admitted to her.

Then she leaned up against me again and whispered in my ear, "Touch me again, I really liked it when you touched my pussy." I started to pull her panties off as she lifted her hips up off the couch. I got my first look at her pussy. Then I almost ripped them off of her as I franticly pulled them the rest of the way off of her legs. Then I lowered her back onto the sofa and leaning over her I kissed her tenderly. Then I slid from the sofa and stood over her.

"I just want to look at you. You are so beautiful." She was completely naked except for the dark thigh high stockings she was wearing. Then she spread her legs giving me such a magnificent view of her moist pussy. I sat on the edge of the sofa near her legs and couldn't stop looking at her. I ran my hand down her thigh to her pussy and immediately started rubbing it all over. She had a fine covering of soft, reddish pubic hair. I slid a finger into her pussy it was slick and warm. She closed her eyes and started moaning and begging me to keep touching her. I looked down at her tits and couldn't help myself, as I leaned forward and took one in my mouth. I started sucking on it like a wild man. I didn't care what she did, I wasn't going to stop. I felt her hands on the back of my head pulling me harder down on her and even moving me to the other breast. The feel of her soft flesh in my mouth and her hard nipple against my tongue was driving me wild.

Suddenly, I pulled back, removed my hand from her pussy and looked down at her. Jessica lie on her back and spread her legs and then I got on top of her. As I lowered myself on top of her I could see the concern in her eyes, but I continued. Then she reached between us with one hand and took my cock in it and guided it to her opening. As the head of my cock entered her pussy she let out a gasp and so, I continued to slowly push into her deeper and deeper letting her pussy stretch to accommodate the size of my cock. Her mouth was open and she was starting to pant. I looked into her eyes then plunged fully into her. She let out a loud scream and clamped her legs and arms around me in a semi-death grip. I didn't move then I whispered in her ear. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you."

"I know Tom, I know." She whispered back. It's starting to feel better already. My concern for her was becoming over taken by the lust starting to surround my cock. I started going up and down very slowly.

"Does it still hurt?"

"No, not anymore." She purred.

With those words and the passion filling my body I began picking up the pace. It wasn't long until I was thrusting into her over and over. She was panting and shaking and begging me to do it faster and faster. Her sense of urgency and body movements drove me on to greater heights. I felt her pussy contracting around my cock and trying to squeeze the life out of it. I refused to be pushed from her and plowed into her harder, faster and deeper. She never complained, but begged for more until all of a sudden her legs shot up into the air, she dug her fingernails into my back, clamped onto my cock and then collapsed back onto the sofa. She then reached up, pulled my head down and gave me a big kiss.

"That was awesome, I have never felt anything like that before in my life." She exclaimed.

While she talked I resumed my own awesome feeling and now her pussy was even slicker, as I quickly picked up speed and was again slamming my cock deep into her. "Yes, yes Tom, fuck me some more. Let me feel you inside me." Jessica demanded. It wasn't long until she was building to another fever pitch of uncontrolled excitement. But this time I was feeling my own volcano preparing to erupt.

“I’m going to cum” I stammered.

Jessica replied “Cum inside me, I want to feel your cum in my pussy”.

I had my arms wrapped around her and kissing her face all over and then I slammed into her as deeply as I could shove my cock and spewed my seed into Jessica’s womb. I pulled back and fired another load into her. I repeated this a few times before I finally came to rest on top of and inside Jessica. We both laid there saying nothing, just panting and holding onto each other. Finally, after our heavy breathing subsided, I pulled back so I could look her in the eyes and said, "Jessica that was the most incredible sex I ever had."

"Oh Tom, Tom, Tom it is I who should be thanking you. I loved it absolutely loved it." She declared.

Jessica went to the bathroom to clean up as I got dressed. I grabbed my jacket and left, as I pulled out of their driveway Jerimiah arrived home.

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My Wife And My Neighbor

My next door neighbor, Todd, and his wife come over to my house during the summer to enjoy my pool and spa with my wife, Linda, and I. One summer night Todd's wife went back home and left him to continue drinking and talking with me and Linda. We had already been at the pool for several hours and I was getting tired. It was about 11 o'clock by now so I decided to go to sleep. As I went into the house, Linda and Todd went into the spa.

My bedroom faced the backyard and there was a door leading into the backyard from the bedroom. It was a warm night so I left the door ajar and as I layed in bed, I could hear the faint voices of Linda and Todd talking and laughing. After about fifteen minutes, I realized that I no longer heard talking coming from the backyard. I listened closely and I could hear what sounded like faint moaning. I got up and went to the door so I could see what was going on. The spa light was now off and I could vaguely see two silhouettes in the spa and it appeared as if they were in an embrace. I watched and listened for a few more minutes and now it was clear, Todd and Linda, my wife, were making out! A part of me wanted to go outside and kick some ass, but another part kept me inside watching and listening. I could hear Linda's moaning getting louder and the closer I looked I could see her bathing suit top on the edge of the spa. I could see that Linda's breasts were above the water and Todd was sucking on her nipples. Amazingly, my dick began to get hard and I was angry, not at what I was watching, but that the spa light was off and I couldn't see more.

After about fifteen minutes of Todd fondling Linda's breasts and kissing her, they got out of the spa, dried off and went into the living room. I thought Todd was going to leave and Linda would come to bed so I rushed back into bed and was ready to pretend I was asleep when Linda came in. Well, I didn't hear the front door nor did Linda come into the bedroom. Were they both in the living room? I slowly opened the bedroom door which opened into a hallway that led to the livingroom. I listened at the door and I heard heavy breathing and the sounds of kissing. I then heard Linda let out a long,"oooooohhhhhhh." It wasn't loud and sounded as if she was trying to stay quiet. Then I heard the rhythmic sound of grunting and skin slapping. Both Linda and Todd were moaning and gasping as if in unison. I slowly walked down the hall and the moans and heavy breathing got louder. My cock was still hard and seemed to get harder as I neared. When I got to the living room I peeked around the corner. I couldn't believe what I saw...Linda was nude laying on her back on the living room carpet. Her hands were holding her knees spread wide and Todd was between Linda's soft thighs pumping his hard cock in and out of Linda's wet pussy. I watched in amazement as Todd fucked my wife! Linda was thoroughly enjoying having Todd's ample cock inside of her. Todd held himself up using his muscular arms and bent his head down to give Linda a long wet kiss and then he sucked on her nipples. I started to stroke my cock because this was an amazing thing to watch. My wife and my neighbor fucking in my livingroom!

Linda's nipples are very sensitive and one sure way to get her to cum is to suck on them. As Todd sucked Linda's nipples, she started to moan a little louder and said,"oh god...fuck me harder. Come on, fuck me harder." At that, Todd drove his cock harder and faster into Linda's pussy. Linda grabbed Todd's ass and began to pull his hips into her as if she was helping him drive his cock deeper than it already was. "That's it" moaned Linda as she moved her hips up and down, helping Todd to get as much of his hard cock inside of her. "That's it!" Linda moaned louder. By now, they didn't care how loud they had gotten. "I'm ready to cum!" she said. "Don't stop!" Todd's grunting became deeper and his hips moved faster than before. He said, "Cum for me, bitch! Come all over my cock!" At that Linda loudly said, "Oh yeah! I'm coming! I'm coming!!" She groaned as she strained to match her hip movements to Todd's pounding. "OH FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!! I'M CUMMING NOW!! DAM IT!" Linda threw her head back and for the first time I saw her orgasm with another man. Linda came with great intensity all the while Todd was moving his hard cock in and out of her pussy, and I was moving my hand up and down my hard cock.

Linda stopped moving her hips and relaxed her legs. She gave Todd a little grin and kissed him on the mouth. I could see their mouths open and their tongues dancing. They stopped kissing and Todd said, "Now it's my turn. Roll over and get on your hands and knees." Linda obeyed immediately and Todd took his hard cock and slowly put it into Linda's ass. Liinda gasped a little but I know Linda liked to ass fuck so this really wasn't a surprise. Todd said. "Dam bitch, your ass is tight" Linda replied. "It's all yours tonight." Todd grabbed Linda's hips and started to fuck her ass. He was now moaning loudly saying, "I'm ready to cum baby. I'm gonna cum into your ass!" Linda moaned in agreement and Todd started to intensitfy his strokes and his breathing got heavy. It didn't take long before Todd was slapping Linda's ass with his lower abdomen and he said, "Ugh, I'm cumming!" He rammed his cock into Linda so hard she gasped and said, "Oh it hurts so good! Cum inside of me!" "AAAAAHHHHHHH! FUCK, BABE!", said Todd. He grabbed Linda's hips and pulled her onto his cock and he froze for a few seconds as he unloaded his load deep into her ass. Linda continued to move her ass in a small circle as Todd came inside of her. Todd took his cock out of Linda's ass and they both layed in each others arms.

I quietly made my way back into the bedroom and a few short minutes later, I heard Todd leave through the front door and Linda crawled into bed next to me. I was so horny after what I had just seen, but the real surprise was still in store. Linda, who was still naked said, "I know you were watching from the hallway. I hope you didn't mind too much about me and Todd, but what really got me into it was knowing you were watching. Now, I wanna finish you off." Linda went down and sucked my hard cock and I had one of the most powerful orgasms ever. Now Linda and I are working on a plan for me to fuck Todd's wife so Linda can watch.

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A Day at the River

I'm an ordinary guy in my thirties to whom nothing real dramatic has ever happened, but one particular afternoon drive in the car put an end to all that.

I was sick and tired of looking after the kids while my wife worked and needed a break from them, so I decided to take a drive in the country to clear my head. Having the kids on your own all the time tends to drive you fucking nuts. Just ask any single mum. To pretend that I was actually entitled to some form of freedom I just had to get out as soon as my wife turned the key in the front door. I'd already packed the fishing rods in the car and decided that if I could find a decent river I'd sit and do some fishing, or if all else failed I had my binoculars with me.

No I'm not some freaky bird watching twit; I'm more of a freaky woman watcher. I love watching women from a distance doing some of the naughty things they get up to during the day when their husbands are at work and are blissfully unaware. While out on some of my journeys I've seen dozens of affairs and I don't know how many women masturbating.

The only things lacking from these voyeuristic episodes are some of the senses, if you know what I mean – the sounds and smells and so on. I had just come through a real small town, if you could call it that, of two small houses a servo and a pub, when I spotted a glimpse of water through the trees on the right, so I kept driving until I found a small track that looked like it went towards the river. I turned off and followed the track which turned after a short distance and followed the riverbank.

For some reason I didn't feel like stopping just yet as though something was drawing me further along. Pretty soon the track narrowed to almost nothing when it wound its way through what appeared to be the front yard of a farm house and then turned back towards the river where it stopped in a turn around circle. The end of the road. Time to pull over and start my adventure.

I took my fishing gear and my binoculars out of the car and made my way to the river bank. It was a beautiful summer’s day with not a cloud in the sky and just the occasional puff of a breeze. Being the morning, it was still not too hot out. I sat down and started getting my gear set up when I heard something in the distance. It sounded like a conversation, but it was a way off. Because there was no wind and sound was carrying a long distance, it was hard to pinpoint where it was coming from. I just figured it was the farmer or his wife from the farm house I'd seen just a hundred yards back down the road.

I did have thoughts of hiding in the bush and sneaking back towards the house and maybe spying on the farmer's wife, but I didn’t really want to be found by a pissed off farmer with a shotgun so I let the thought go. Maybe when it had warmed up a bit and I was feeling a bit naughtier. This made me laugh to myself because I knew full well that I wouldn’t be able to pass up a chance at spying on a wife – to hopefully catch a glimpse of some action.

I'd been sitting for maybe twenty minutes, fishing, and had forgotten about the voices I’d heard before. I was just zoning out and day-dreaming when I was startled by a voice behind me.
“Whatcha doin' mister?”
Damn near jumped out of my skin. I turned around to see a teenage girl about eighteen or nineteen wearing a bikini top and a pair of white shorts with a towel draped over one shoulder. She had an incredible body – a slim, athletic build, but not skinny, with lovely firm titties – about a “B” cup I thought to myself.
“Just doing some fishing. And you?” I asked.
“I was gonna go for a swim here, but I guess I can go down the river a bit.”
This was far too good an opportunity to pass up.
“If you hold on two seconds I’ll wind this in and you can swim here,” I said. “There’s nothing biting anyway, so long as you don’t mind an audience. It’s a nice day and I like it here,” I added, hoping she wouldn’t mind.
“If that’s what does it for you,” she said with a cheeky grin and a bit of a knowing look on her face. And with that she started to walk down to the water's edge, watching me as I was winding in the last of the line.
“Cheeky bugger,” I thought to myself as I watched her dipping a toe in the water. “Great ass, too.” It was like she could read my mind because as soon as I thought of how hot her ass was she turned around and smiled at me and raised one eyebrow. Her eyes then traveled down my body to my growing hard-on and her smile grew. I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or hopeful or both, but I decided there and then that I wasn’t going anywhere with this beauty around. She swam around for a while and I just sat back and relaxed; it was a great day after all and my erection had subsided, so I was a little more comfortable.

I watched her lazily stroke her way out into the river a short way, where she turned upstream and swam against the current for a hundred yards or so. Soon she stopped swimming and turned onto her back and floated with the slow current back down the river. While she floated downstream I noticed her taking a few quick glances in my direction. When she reached the spot where she first started swimming, she flipped back over and started to swim upstream again. This time when she swam I was reminded of what a great ass she had as it bobbed up and down in the water.

I was really getting into the whole experience of watching this sexy, young nymph who, while knowing she was being watched, seemed to be totally relaxed. I could clearly see the water flowing over her shoulders and back and down past her the smooth tanned skin of her thighs.

“I could watch this show all day.” I thought to myself.
She reached that part of the river where she rolled over to float back down again. This time, when she rolled over I noticed the chill of the water had made her nipples stand to attention. She had obviously noticed as well as she raised her hands and slowly rubbed her breasts with her palms. As she was doing this she looked over to see if I was still watching. When she saw that I was she just smiled and raised her eyebrows, but never took her hands off her breasts. Just before she rolled over to start swimming again she gave each nipple a quick pinch between her fingers and thumbs.

I thought I’d better try to calm down a little or I was never going to get my cock to go down again. I didn’t really want to make too big a fool of myself sitting there with a flag pole in my pants. I decided the best thing to do was lie back and relax. With the warm sun on my body and my eyes closed I was so relaxed now that I felt like I was going to go to sleep, when the sound of the girl walking out of the water brought me out of my day dream. I looked up to see what was quite possibly the sexiest vision I had seen my entire life. She walked out of the water slowly towards me and as she moved, my eyes traveled from the water up her body.

Her white shorts were see-through where they touched her skin and as my eyes reached her crotch, it looked like she was wearing panties the same colour as her skin. Either that or she was freshly shaved because she had dark hair and I couldn’t see any colour showing through her shorts. My eyes must have lingered a bit long there because she giggled, and as I looked at her face she gave me a crooked smile and there was that knowing look again.

Once again, I was trying to conceal a raging hard-on and failing miserably. She saw my discomfort and the awkward way I was sitting, and laughed again. I thought, “Fuck it.

She knows what’s going on. Why hide it?” So I moved back into a lounging position. I must have looked like I was here to camp the night from the tent I was pitching. She just giggled again and spread her towel out on the grass next to me. With her head turned towards me she then lay down on her stomach.
"What’s your name?” she asked.
“Nick,” I said, at which she laughed.
“Is that funny?” I asked a bit confused.
“Not funny, just a coincidence. My name is Niki.”
“Do you have a job or are you still at school?” I asked.
“I’m supposed to be in school,” she said, not elaborating.
“O.K. Why aren’t you at school today Niki?”
“I can’t be fucked dealing with those brats and pathetic boys.” Intrigued, I questioned her further.
“What’s wrong with boys?”
“Fucking idiots most of them, and they haven’t got a clue what they’re doing.” “What do you mean?”
“They all want to get into your pants and when they do get there they haven’t got a fuckin’ clue what they’re doing. They fumble about for a few seconds and just expect you to be ready to go, and then they jump on, poke about for a few seconds then blow their loads. Fuckin’ useless. I want a real man.”

I must say I wasn’t quite expecting that answer, and it must have shown on my face because she laughed at my expression.
“I say what I want and fuck it if nobody likes it.”
“So I see.” It was my turn to laugh. Like her, I too thought 'fuck it' and went for broke.
“So when you say you want a real man what did you have in mind?”
“I mean I want a man who knows how to fuck. A man who can make me come hard over and over again. I want to be fucked 'till I can hardly walk. That answer it for you?” Holy fuckin’ shit! Was this girl for real? I'd never heard a woman talk this openly or so slutty before. Not only was she incredibly hot physically but she was also a real ‘dirty girl’. I was in heaven. On top of it all, here she was talking dirty, looking hot and now she was looking directly at my rock hard cock with a look of hunger on her face. If any more blood went into my cock I’d either pass out or my cock would explode.
She stood up and looked back down at me.
“I hope you don’t mind, but I come down here most days and I wasn’t expecting anyone to be about. I want to work on my tan a bit.”
And with that she promptly pushed her shorts down her legs then reached up to untie her bikini top. She then kicked her shorts to one side and lay back down on to her stomach. I was gob-smacked. I was right earlier when I suspected she was freshly shaved. And those gorgeous titties were perfect. Nice handful and no more, with the most delicious nipples that stood out about half an inch. I was nearly out of my mind with lust at this stage and it only got better.
“Why don’t you join me?” she said with a grin. “You look like you need to take some pressure off your cock and I really want to see it.”
Well I didn’t need to be told twice, and was naked faster than even I thought was possible. When I turned to face her it was her turn to draw a sharp breath. “Oh that just looks too yummy to leave alone.” And with that she was on her knees in front of me.
I was still in shock I think, but this was just too good to pass up. She was running her tongue down the underside of my cock and then she started sucking my balls into her mouth, which made me a little nervous but felt absolutely great. Moving her way back up the underside of my cock with little sucks and bites, she reached the knob which she sucked into her mouth. She concentrated on sucking and licking just the head of my cock for a while then she started sucking me deeper and deeper into her mouth until I was deep in her throat, then she started to hum.

Holy shit, if she kept this up I was going to come straight down her throat, and as much as I wanted to, I knew this was going to be a good session and I wanted to hold on a bit longer. I also knew that if I was caught I would be in deep shit with my wife, but at that stage I just had to have this girl, and I was going to have the dirty young slut in every way I could think of.

Pushing her back onto her towel I decided to give this sweet slut a thoroughly good time. I started by kissing, nibbling and licking her ears, neck, and shoulders and worked my way down to her now rock hard nipples where I lingered a little, teasing her by licking her areolae and sucking on the flesh around her nipples but without actually touching them. Then I started licking just the very tip of her nipples with the tip of my tongue.

At this point she was starting to breathe a bit deeper and when I took her nipple into my mouth the first time she drew in a quick deep breath that hissed through her teeth. I started to suck her nipple in and out of my mouth in a similar way to what she'd done with my cock earlier. This she really seemed to enjoy, as she was starting to moan a little and her hips were starting to squirm. I decided that this was my signal to travel a little further south. I kissed and licked my way down to her belly button.

She had a piercing there so I decided to play with that for a while with my tongue, but now that I was closer to her pussy, I could smell her sweet scent of arousal and I couldn’t wait any more, I just had taste her. I ran my tongue slowly down to the top of her naked slit. She had either shaved that morning or she waxed regularly, because there wasn’t a hint of stubble. I licked my way all around her pussy – up and down the outside of her pussy lips and over the top of her clit.

She was really squirming now, thrusting her hips up to try and make contact between my tongue and her clit. I teased a little more, and then I shocked her by sucking her clit straight into my mouth. She moaned loudly and arched her back. I let go of her clit and slipped my tongue further down her slit.

After that I just went nuts. I was trying to retain control of myself, but she had the sweetest pussy I had ever tasted. It was incredible. I just couldn’t get enough of her delicious pussy. She started saying things like,
“Oh yeah you dirty fucker, suck my cunt. Shove your tongue up my fuck hole.” I love it when women are vocal during sex but this girl was really dirty and I was loving it. After a few minutes of tongue-fucking her and sucking, licking and gently biting her clit, she started to come. Her body started to move around underneath me and she was raising her hips up to push her pussy harder against my tongue. She was really starting to writhe around and it was all I could do to hold onto her thighs and keep the contact between her pussy and my tongue. She was making a low growling noise in her throat that slowly rose in pitch and volume as she came closer to her orgasm until with a squeal, she cried out and grabbed my head.

I have never been with a woman who squirts before, so when she let go and came she nearly drowned me. There seemed to be wave after wave as she covered my face with her sweet cum. It was just gushing from her and the clear, sticky fluids ran over my face and chin as well as down over her puckered ass hole. I did my best to swallow as much of her cum as possible but I was soaked.

I didn’t think it was possible, but swallowing her cum turned me on even more. I looked up her body, and her stomach muscles were contracting in time with her pussy muscles; she had an intense look on her face and her teeth were clenched. Her titties were heaving with every breath she took, her nipples were rock hard and her areolae were puckered up and puffy. Her chest as well as her face and neck were flushed and red.

I came up for a breath of air and she sat up and started to lick her juices from my face with a frenzy, it was like she couldn’t get enough of the taste of her own cum, which I couldn’t argue with. Like I said, she had the sweetest tasting pussy I have ever had the pleasure of eating. When she had licked off as much of her cum as she could, she lay back down and groaned.

I went straight back in for more of that sweet pussy. I sucked her clit and slid a finger straight up inside her very wet hole. I finger fucked her for a while and then slid another finger into her pussy. She moaned at this too, but I wanted to hear her tell me.
“That good, hey baby?’
"Oh yeah,” she gasped through her moans.
“Do you want more?” I asked.
“Yes, give me more you dirty fucker.” Her voice was quite rough as she moaned under my fingers.

I slid a third then a fourth finger into her dripping hole. I was working on her nice and slow so she'd stay with me for the whole journey. She was really gasping now and just as I slid my whole fist inside, her hips started to buck and writhe and she came again.
“You like it dirty don’t you, you little slut?” It was my turn to give her some rough talk.
“Oh fuck yeah, the dirtier the better.” That was the signal.

I told her to roll over and get up on her hands and knees which she did. I managed to keep my fist firmly lodged up her cunt while she did this and when she was on her knees I told her to spread her ass cheeks. When she had I dove straight in. I immediately stuck my tongue straight into her tight, puckered, pink, ass hole. She went fucking nuts, Humping back onto my face and fist and almost instantly started to come again.

When that orgasm had subsided I used some of her cum as lubricant and slid a finger straight into her tight ass. She didn’t complain as I had almost expected, the way most women do if you just ram a finger into their ass.

Instead she let out a deep guttural moan and shivered. I couldn’t believe this girl the way she could take being filled and still wanted more. I thought I'd find out for sure.
“Are you full enough yet you nasty little slut?”
“Fuck no, give me more. Shove that thick cock into my gaping ass hole. Fuck my ass now, goddamn you.”
There was no way I could say no to that, but before I could even move I heard another voice from the river.
“I see you found some company you little whore.”
I turned around to see another girl a year or so older than Niki walking up to where we were. I nearly shit myself. I thought, “Oh I’m fucked now.” There was no way I could say ‘it’s not what it looks like’.

I had a finger in Niki's ass and my whole fist up her cunt. But Niki barely flinched. She just said, “Oh Babs get here now and give me your pussy to eat. I’m feeling so nasty today and I want to taste your cunt.” Babs just laughed.
“Looks like you’ve got enough going on to keep you busy, but I could do with a good licking. So fuck it, why not?”

At that she started to strip. She had on the matching thong from Niki’s bikini top and a T-shirt with obviously no bra on underneath, as her large titties were moving freely under her shirt and the friction of her shirt on her nipples had made them stand to attention. I noticed quite a wet patch on the panties too.
“Been watching for a while have you?” I asked as I pointed out the wet patch.
“I always like seeing my sister being fucked, but I don’t think she’s ever taken a cock in the ass before and I just had to get a closer look.”
“Man what a filthy pair of sluts these sisters are,” I thought.
Babs said, “Well are you going to do what you’re told?”
“What?” was all I could manage, as I'd lost my train of thought at the sight of Babs’ sexy body in all its glory. She was standing naked near Niki’s head and was pulling on one of her nipples as the other hand went from her mouth to her pussy and back again. She too was waxed or shaved, and I had images of the sisters waxing each other's pussy.

Again she said, “Are you going to do what you’re told and shove your cock up my sisters’ ass?”
With two gorgeous women telling me to fill Niki’s bowels with my thick cock how could I say no? So I slowly pulled my fist out of her pussy with a squelch and removed my finger from her ass. I positioned myself behind her and slid my cock into her pussy which was very sloppy by now. After a few strokes to get nicely lubricated I repositioned my knob at her puckered ass hole and pushed. It was so fucking hot and tight – it was incredible. I slowly fucked my cock in and out of her hole, going a little deeper with each push until I was buried balls-deep in her incredible ass. She was going off like a frog in a sock so to speak. She was really getting into it, yelling at the top of her voice.
“Fuck my asshole you motherfucker! Fill me with your cock! Oh god yes. Slam it up my ass! I want feel your balls slap my fuck hole!” I looked up when she went quiet to see her busy eating out Babs’ pussy, and Babs was on her back with her eyes closed and pulling on her nipples. Babs then turned around and slid under Niki until they were in a 69 position and were eating each other's pussy. Babs had two fingers worked up Niki’s pussy and was fucking her furiously with them while she sucked and licked Niki’s clit. Babs would every now and then lick my balls when I was buried deep in Niki’s ass.

This was all getting too much for me and I could feel my load building, but what sent me over the edge was when Babs reached up and stuck her moistened finger straight up my ass. I pulled my cock out of her just in time to shoot a massive load of cum up her back, with another spurt landing in her still gaping asshole and the third load on her sister's forehead. Not long after that, Babs started coming and the attention obviously got to Niki too because she started to come as well.

By now my load was sliding down Niki’s ass crack and dripping onto Babs' face. I couldn’t believe it when the girls got untangled from each other and they started to lick the cum from each other's face and then Babs bent over and started to lick my cum off Niki’s back and ass.

When we'd cleaned each other all over, we started to get dressed and the girls just looked at me. Niki spoke.
“Thanks for a REAL fuck.”
And the girls just walked off.
I don’t know what I'd expected at the end, but it wasn’t that. As I drove off I thought to myself,
“I don’t know if I’ll need my binoculars any more but I’m definitely going fishing more often.”

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It Is Far Better to Give...

Andy surveyed the room, which looked much different than it had last time at this year. A large, overly-decorated tree stood in the corner, almost too large for the room. There were lights and ornaments and tinsel abundant. He displayed his Christmas cards prominently, there were at least a dozen more then last year. He was happy and joyous with the approach of the New Year and there was one great reason for that.


Exactly one year ago tonight, Christina had entered his life and turned it upside down. Happily so.

Christina Kringle, who had claimed to be the granddaughter of Santa Claus. He supposed it was part of her magic that he didn't doubt her for an instant.

She had granted him his every Christmas wish and more. The lonely 46-year old bachelor had found himself revitalized by her joyous attitude towards life. They had spent a wonderful Christmas Eve together, then she'd come back for New Year's. And Valentine's Day. Every holiday he spent with her and sometimes, she'd just show up for the heck of it. Christina never lost her capacity to bring him joy and happiness, a happiness he didn't think he'd ever know.

A log popped on the fireplace, startling Andy's cat, Colonel, who retreated into the other room. Andy looked in the mirror as he straightened his hair. He looked good, better than he had in years. He'd lost weight, he smiled more, he certainly didn't look his age. Love can do that to a person.

Was he in love with Christina? Undoubtedly. He missed her terribly when they weren't together, but he understood the "family business" was demanding on her time. Yet he never doubted he was in her thoughts. "Remember, I know who's naughty and nice, and it's very nice that you're so naughty!" she had purred one night as they snuggled together.

He wished that they could have many more special evenings together, he floated on a euphoric cloud for days afterward. It was one of the reasons Andy was determined to make this evening special for Christina.

But what does one get for a girl who can have ANYTHING she wants?

Andy'd had to think long and hard about it and figured it out only a few days before. It hadn't been hard to set up, he just hoped Christina would like it.

He was about to find out. He could feel the hairs on his neck stand up, his body was tingling. He heard a hearty "HoHoHo" and a gentle cloud of white smoke appeared. From it, clad in a tight red jacket and matching miniskirt, with thigh-high black boots, was his Christina. She rushed to embrace Andy, snuggling into his loving embrace.

"Well, I've done with checking the lists twice, delivered all the presents to homes where no creatures were stirring, so here I am, lover!" she purred as she kissed him, lovingly and sensually.

"So, what did you bring me?" Andy grinned, knowing full well what the answer was. She moved away from him, and like the previous year, she was now clad in the slinky, black silk teddy that hugged her curves like a second skin. Her eyes still shone with the love and passion that he had come to know over the last year. The blonde hair still fell in golden waves past her shoulders, she'd let it grow even longer at his request. She did a little spin and smiled at him.

"Well, do you want to unwrap your present, studly?" Christina grinned.

"Not just yet, darlin'!" Andy said, hugging her. "I got you a present, but it's in the bedroom. C'mon, follow me -- and close your eyes, okay?"

It was hard to surprise Christina, but Andy hoped his little plan would accomplish just that. He led her into the room, her eyes still shut. "Okay sexy, you can open them now!"

Christina's heart was fluttering, she rarely got presents of her own, although Andy had given her tokens at many of their encounters. He was kind and thoughtful, she adored him -- thoughts of him kept her warm in her chilly North Pole apartment.

Standing in the corner of the room was a petite redhead in a sexy white negligee. What the heck was going on? Wasn't she enough for him?

She spun on a stiletto heel and faced her sometimes-boyfriend. "What's this, you want a threeway? I'm not enough for you, you ... "

Andy raised a hand in protest. "Uh-uh sweets, you've got it all wrong. She's for you -- all for you."

Seeing the confusion on her beautiful face, Andy tried to stifle a laugh. "The very pretty lady there -- whose name is Holly -- is a massage therapist who works at a very exclusive spa here in town. She's going to give you a massage and facial and anything you want. My gift to you. Enjoy."

Christina's heart leapt, how could she have doubted Andy? All her family had good instincts in picking partners, she should have known better. Not only that, this little Holly was a cutie!

"I remember you telling me a while back that on Christmas Eve, your body aches from slugging sacks of toys around and hopping from chimney to chimney. I guessed you might not be adverse to something to help you unwind."

Christina walked over and gave him a big smooch, taking a glass of champagne from him as she did. Andy also offered one to Holly, then took one for himself. "Here's to making Merry!" he toasted as the three of them clinked glasses.

"You'd better NOT make Merry!" Christina said with a teasing reference to her older sister. "I have a sister named Holly, but you're MUCH different from her!" she said to the tiny, pixie-like redhead. Christina saw the girl blush, she was just adorable. She turned to look at Andy, but her loving boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

"He told me to tell you this is just for YOU, so lie back and enjoy!" Holly said, in a soft, yet-husky voice. "Please, take off your clothes and lie on the massage table." Christina hadn't noticed it standing in the other corner of the room, but she did as the girl requested. As she wiggled out of her teddy and boots, she heard Holly gasp.

"What's wrong?"

"My goodness, nothing. It's just -- you have an amazing body!"

Christina thanked the girl with a warm smile. Granddaddy had a state-of-the-art gym at the North Pole, there wasn't much to do there, so she worked out religiously. She lay on the table and Holly moved closer, rubbing some jasmine-scented oil into her hands.

"Why the negligee?" Christina asked, curious.

"Oh. Well, some women like to look at me -- and sometimes, their boyfriends or partners like to watch them getting a rubdown. I find it adds an extra layer of sexy and I get better tips that way."

Christina grinned and felt herself relax as Holly began rubbing her body, getting all the kinks out. She was a mess of knots, it had been a long, hard day and this felt simply wonderful.

In the living room, Andy sipped his Eggnog and watched the crackling fire. He was glad he'd met Holly last week and hoped Christina would enjoy her Christmas surprise. Later on, once Holly had left, he planned to make love to her with all the skill he had, to show her just how precious she was to him.

Holly's skilled hands were melting all of Christina's tension away. She rubbed from her shoulders, down her back, kneading out the tension in her muscles, then her buttocks and down her legs. Christina felt her nipples tingling and she knew she was becoming aroused. She kind-of hoped Holly couldn't tell, but dammit, she was getting turned on!

Holly was a professional, but my goodness, this beautiful blonde was the sexiest thing she'd ever seen. She was trying to maintain a sense of decorum as she ran her hands all over Christina's sleek frame, but it was the hardest thing she'd ever done. In a voice she immediately recognized as husky with lust, she asked Christina to turn over.

Christina did as asked, she heard the tone in the girl's voice, but she was going to play it cool. One thing she knew, was how to play it cool.

"My goodness, your nipples are stiff!" Holly cooed. "Are you aroused? It's okay, it happens sometimes."

Still playing coy, Christina said "It does?"

"Mm-hmm. A sensual touch is very arousing, nothing to worry about. It happens to many of my clients."

"And what do you do about it?"

Holly smiled a teasing smile. "Wellll ... if they are very sexy, like you, sometimes I let myself indulge, if they're willing ... "

"And if I was willing ...?"

Holly walked back over to Christina and let her negligee drop from her body, revealing herself for the first time. She had a mouth-watering, tiny, adorable frame, Christina thought the perfect word for her was "yummy".

"Have you ever played around with a girl before?" Holly asked.

Christina nodded. Some of the female elves were cuddly / scrumptious and the nights did get cold and lonely back home. It was her way of staying "kind-of" faithful to Andy, whom she adored.

"I've -- dallied!" Christina purred.

"Okay then, let's have a good time. I'm booked for the whole evening, no need for us to rush." Holly told her. She poured a bit more oil in her hands and rubbed, slowly, deliberately, using her fingertips to trail all over Christina's skin, from her breasts to her tummy to her thighs, stroking, subtly, skimming the sweet flesh underneath and seeing the look of bliss on Christina's perfect features. Holly saw the sparkle of desire reflected in Christina's blue / violet / green-flecked eyes. Was there nothing about this stunning blonde that wasn't unique?

It was difficult for Christina to hold still, Holly was certainly quite good at her job. Her flesh was ripe for gentle touches, every inch of her was alive with comfort and sensual desire. She saw a sexy smile cross Holly's pretty face as she lowered her mouth to Christina's bare pussy. She yelped with glee at the first touch of Holly's tongue on her wet pussy and clit.

Holly could massage just as well with her tongue as with her fingers, She used her tongue to feast on the yummy pussy in front of her, one of the loveliest she'd ever seen, pouty and prominent, the prettiest of pinks. The juices were sweet and flowed readily as Holly tasted the sweet treat.

"Keep it up, oh you little sweetie, keep licking, yessss, just like that!" Christina purred, thrilled with her present from her thoughtful lover. She'd planned to give him another unforgettable night in bed, but it didn't seem to be enough now. She'd have to give this some thought.

Holly rubbed the scented oil all over her own petite, adorable body and mounted the seductive blonde. She rubbed the girl with her own body, breast to breast, slithering downward, she rubbed the nipple of her sweet tits against Christina's clit, stimulating the girl further.

Holly couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to feel Christina's skin against her own. It was smooth as silk, as soft as a Pussy Willow. She'd never felt anything so wonderful in her entire life!

Holly's powder-blue eyes met Christina's and both girls smiled as they shared a kiss, one of fondness, caring and mutual passion. Words were unnecessary as they moved into a heated sixty-nine, Holly placing her tiny frame above Christina's tall, leggy blonde body and eager to commence more loving.

Christina's touch was as soft as a butterfly's wing as she touched Holly's quivering body. Holly splayed Christina's pussy lips apart and inserted her tongue deep inside her new lovers sweet cunt, licking and stroking every inch of her beautiful puss. Christina was cooing with pleasure, she wasn't quiet and she was sure Andy could hear their loving in the next room. She wondered if he was aroused by it?

Holly's nimble fingers flew all over Christina's silky skin, pinching candy-pink nipples, stroking her sides, trailing all over satiny thighs. For her own part, Christina did her absolute best to give as good as she was getting. She nibbled gently on Holly's tiny, petite nipples, hearing the girl squeal and giggle with delight. The girls were squirming all over the massage table, nearly falling off more than one time, but magically, Holly noted, they seemed to be okay.

Holly was in a wonderland of sensual pleasures. She was on fire with lust, visions of sugarpussies were dancing in her head. THIS was how sex was supposed to be, sensual, passionate, with a partner who anticipated your desires and made you come alive with bliss. She had been hired to pleasure and relax Christina, just to massage her cares and woes away -- yet magically, she had been unable to resist the temptation for more, wanting to grant the woman's every sensual wish.

Holly's tongue washed over Christina's cunt, she ate the blonde's pussy with erotic vigor. With every move she made, Christina made one as well, Holly was afire with passion. Her body trembled and shook, an intense feeling of orgasm was approaching, but no, she daren't, Christina must cum first!

Sensing something was amiss, Christina lifted her beautiful blonde head from between the cutie's thighs and asked, "What's wrong, darling angel?"

"I-I'm going to cum, but you have to cum first, you must ... " Holly protested.

Christina chuckled. "HoHo, don't be silly, little one. When you cum, it's a compliment to me. Betcha I'll cum at the same time. Go right ahead."

Sensing the sincerity in Christina's words, Holly let loose and her body spasmed in orgasm. "Oh fuck, that's wonderful!" the girl squealed and she saw the sparkle in Christina's eyes as the blonde, did indeed, cum right along with her.

The two beauties hugged, holding each other, sharing little sweet kisses. Christina said "Well, I think my boyfriend's going to need something extra-special to top this lovely little gift." She kissed Holly's forehead, then her face lit up.

"Hey, Holly, would you like to -- well, y'know ...?"

Holly's blue eyes flew wide open as she registered what Christina was asking of her. She didn't want to disappoint the sweet woman, but did she dare tell her the secret she'd been keeping?

"I don't -- that is to say, I've never ... " Holly's soft voice trailed off.

"You've never been with a man?"

Holly shook her head.

"Do you want to be?"

Holly nodded.

Christina smiled. "Then Andy and you should have sex. It's my gift to you, he's a wonderful choice for your first time. He's kind and sensual and giving and ... "

"You're in love with him?"

Christina nodded. "Yes. I think he knows it, but if he doesn't, he's going to find out. Come on, cuddly-cutie, we have to get ourselves ready."

Outside in the living room, Andy sipped the now-spiked Eggnog and tried, in vain, to concentrate on "It's A Wonderful Life." The tribulations of George Bailey and family didn't seem to hold his interest now. It had grown quiet in the next room, after quite a bit of noise -- just what was transpiring in their now, he did not know. Had the girls fallen asleep in each other's arms?

Andy got his answer when the door to the bedroom opened a tiny crack and Holly's cute, smiling face appeared. She seemed to glow with radiance, her red hair was backlit and she just seemed alive and adorable. Had he not been so head-over-heels with his one-of-a-kind Christina, he would have been very attracted to the much-younger girl.

"Could you come in here for a minute please, Andy?"

Andy hoped nothing was wrong as he got up and approached the door, Holly moving away from it. He got his answer in an instant. Reclining on the bed, eyes mesmerising as ever, hair like a golden sunbeam, was his Christina. Holly, back in the beautiful negligee, joined her on the bed and kissed the blonde sweetly.

Christina spoke. "Did you know this naughty hottie would seduce me?"

Andy smiled. "No, but if she did and you both enjoyed it, that's fine with me."

Christina's heart grew. "You're not jealous?"

Again, Andy said "No, whatever makes you happy Chris, that makes me happy. I love you, I only want what pleases you!"

Christina's heart practically leapt from her chest. Did he know he'd said that he loved her? No matter, he HAD said it and she felt the same way.

"You love me?"

Andy had realized a split-second before what he'd uttered, but he had no intention of taking it back. Yes, he loved her. She was his world, the girl he'd waited all of his life for. "Yes Christina, I love you."

"And I love you. Very much." Andy leaned in and he and Christina shared a warm kiss in front of Holly.

"So, in honor of the season and as a `Thank You' to this pretty girl beside me, I'd like you to make love to her -- then both of us. Can you handle that, tiger?"

Andy was momentarily taken aback, but Christina continued to be full of surprises. He supposed it was due to her lineage, so he had no problem with that. It was one of her more endearing qualities.

Andy moved beside the bed, noticing the bright smile on his lover's face. Christina smiled "Be careful with her, darling. She's never been with a man before."

Andy's eyes widened momentarily with surprise, but he regained his composure quickly. "You're a virgin?" He saw a red flush come over the pretty redhead's cute pixie-face.

"I've had sex -- with women -- and toys -- but never with a man." Quickly, the girl added "But I really, really want to. I think you're nice." She blushed again. "Christina says you're really good in bed."

This time it was Andy's turn to blush. He felt Christina's hands pushing him down onto the bed.

"Get moving, dopey" she said, teasingly. "You've got two very willing and horny women here, quit stalling!"

Andy turned to Holly and asked her "You're sure about this?"

In response, Holly pulled the older man close to her and planted one on him, a kiss of passion that nearly took his breath away. Not being a fool, Andy began to get out of his clothing as fast as he was able, enjoying Christina's loving gaze as he did so. She was caressing Holly's hair, whispering encouraging words to the nervous young girl. Andy knew he'd been given a wonderful gift and great honor and he promised himself that he would treat the girl as gently as possible.

The sexy couple lay Holly on her back on the plush bed, Christina just toying with her aroused skin and seeing the contented smile that crossed Holly's face. Anxious to start, Andy placed his face between the girl's widespread legs, noting the moisture that was already there. His gift to Christina had turned out even better than he'd hoped. Holly had a pleasant, sweet scent and Andy was also aware of the aroma of Christina's arousal. He used his hands to stroke Holly's silk-smooth legs and began kissing her sparsely-furred, redheaded pussy. She was squirming at the first feeling of a man's tongue on her clit, loving the way it felt as Christina gently fondled her breasts. Holly had never felt so alive as the two of them worked her over. She could feel her arousal growing ever-stronger by the minute.

Holly was soaked as she felt movement on the bed. She looked up to see Andy straddling her, his big, hard cock facing her. She turned to Christina for advice.

"I've never ... " she said.

"Take your time. He's very sensitive, lick it slowly. Swirl your tongue around it, caress his balls. Andy loves having his dick sucked, as for me sugar, I'll give you some inspiration!"

Trembling slightly as Andy's cock slid in between her soft, pouty lips, Holly wasn't sure what to do, but she took Christina's advice to heart. She was glad she listened, for within seconds, she loved the feeling of having a man's cock in her mouth. It was so alive, so vital, pulsating and throbbing. It felt good and she could hear Andy's groans -- she must have been doing a good job.

She felt Christina's fluttering tongue on the lips of her pussy and belly and was awash in sexual bliss. The joy of this sexual escapade was too much, she teared up a bit. Christina brushed them away with her fingers and a sweet kiss as Andy moved his cock from between her sweet mouth.

"Is she good?" Christina wanted to know.

"If I didn't know better, I'd swear ... " Andy didn't finish the sentence, both women knew what he meant. Holly blushed at the compliment and positioned herself on her hands and knees, ready for her first fuck.

"Doggy?" Christina asked. Holly nodded.

"That way, pretty lady, I can eat your cunt while he's fucking the hell out of me. Go ahead Andy, I may be tiny, but I'm strong. Fuck me stud, fuck the shit out of me!" Holly hissed.

Andy guided his aching cock into the girl's pussy, gripping her hips, he thrust deep inside of her. Holly howled, at first Andy was unsure if from pleasure or pain. Then he looked over at how avidly she was devouring Christina's snatch, his lover was having the time of her life being devoured by the little cutie. Holly was moving back against his invading rod, there was no longer any doubt she was loving her first fuck. Or was it? He'd encountered no resistance as he fucked deep inside of her.

"I REALLY like toys!" Holly giggled, as if sensing his question. "Come on baby, oh, that's the way, fuck me, fuck hell out of me while I eat her horny cunt!"

"Fuck her, my love, give the little bitch the kind of fucking you're capable of!" Christina screamed encouragingly. Andy beamed, Christina never failed to make him feel like the best man he could be.

He pumped in and out, harder and deeper, Holly's snug pussy engulfing all of his cock. The old Andy would have come by now, but Christina had taught him so "magic tricks" to improve his endurance. Christina was practically insatiable, but Andy had no complaints about that.

Christina was an active participant, while Andy fucked Holly and Holly ate her, Christina used her hands to play with Holly's nipples and increase her arousal. She saw the quivering, trembling girl's adorable face and she knew Holly was ready to cum.

"Andy, she's going to cum! Drive it in deep baby, give her that good dick!" Christina screeched. Andy did as he was told.

It was all too much for Holly, the hard dick and gentle hands, she let her body take over and she orgasmed, yelping and squealing. Both of them held onto her until she calmed down, cuddling her between them.

"Oh, oh my, that was so wonderful, thank you, thank YOU!" she said to Christina, then smooching and snuggling close to Andy. "Hey, you didn't cum yet!"

"He's got great self-control!" Christina said proudly.

"Let's blow his fucking mind!" Holly purred as Christina ran her hands over Andy's firm chest. They pushed him down on the bed, then Christina mounted her lover's rampant cock, still hard, pulsating and proud. Holly's featherweight body straddled the older man's face, eager for yet another new experience. She faced Christina and smiled.

"I love both of you, this was the best experience EVER!" Holly sighed as she and Christina began kissing. Andy ate the girl's sweet pussy yet again as his girlfriend took him, full measure, and rode his cock well. She knew all the tricks he liked, she rolled her ass back and forth, then up, slithering down, then around and around. She tightened the walls of her cunt around his dick and all Andy could do was take in the wonderful feeling of his lover on one end and a new playmate on the other.

"Oh, goddamm, fuck visions of sugarplums, this is the best vision I've ever had on a Holiday!" Christina groaned as the threeway inflamed her senses. Bit by bit, she was losing control, but that wasn't important. She had love and lust at the same time, what gift could be nicer than that?

Christina and Holly looked deep into each other's eyes, the spark evident as they shared yet another loving kiss. The warmth and affection was also full of lust, their hands ran all over each other's slender, sexy bodies as Christina felt Andy shake beneath her.

"Oooh, Holly, Andy's cumming! Come down her baby, let's share the load!" Christina and Holly both dismounted and moved fast towards Andy's pulsating cock. Two soft hands surrounded his cock, that was all it took. Andy let go of a huge load, the naughty little cocksuckers at his dick swallowing each and every drop.

Holly lay between the two lovers, sensing the love between them. She was happy to have been part of the evening's celebration, she felt special to have been included.

"That was wonderful -- too bad it's over already!" Holly sighed contentedly. Christina took the pretty redhead's hand and helped her get off the bed. She looked over at her new playmate and smiled conspiratorially at Holly.

"Who says it's over? Come on darling, let's fill our Christmas stockings -- silk stockings that is -- and I think this naughty man will guarantee we won't have a Silent Night!"

Penis Envy

“Sarah, what do you mean, you have a penis?”

“Just what I said,” I sobbed.

“I know you have a strap-on. I remember vividly when you used it on me while we did phone sex with Sean.”

Shannon and I had become very close since we discovered on the Fourth of July weekend that we lusted after one another. Soon thereafter she shared her boyfriend with me. At least on the phone. She had quickly become my favorite suck buddy.

“I’m not talking about silicone, Shannon. This is hot, hard, throbbing flesh. It shoots real semen when I rub it.”

“As if!”

“Sad but true.” I really started weeping now.

“Have you been doing acid, Sarah?”

“You know I don’t do drugs. At least not voluntarily,” I whispered, remembering the minister who got me divinely intoxicated and then used me as his sexual plaything.

“You actually have a penis, a real one, between your legs?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

“I’m coming right over. I have to see this!”

* * *

Half an hour later Shannon knocked urgently at the door.”

“Let me see! Let me see!” she demanded as soon as I let her in.

“Oh, Shannon, I’m so upset. So embarrassed. What am I going to do?”

“Pee standing up?”

“It’s not funny!” “How about sexual reassignment surgery? They can cut off your dick and make a pussy out of it. So I heard.”

I got hysterical, wailing and shaking uncontrollably. “I’m going to kill myself. I want my pussy back.”

Shannon put her arm around me and wiped the tears from my eyes. “Don’t cry baby,” she murmured consolingly.

And then she kissed me. Really kissed me. French style, probing passionately with her tongue. She fumbled with my blouse with her fingers until she got it unbuttoned and then unfastened my bra. Then her own. Our breasts pressed up against one another’s, nipple to nipple. All the while she nuzzled my neck with her lips and tickled my ears with her tongue.

“Please don’t, Shannon. I’m not sure I’m ready for this. Please stop. Please.”

But she didn’t. No, she began to fondle, kiss and lick my breasts and suck my nipples. Then her hands moved lower. Into my jeans. Down my panties.”

“Oh my God!” she squealed. “Oh my God!”

“I told you so.”

“Does it get hard? It’s soft. But big.”

“It’s not hard now because I just masturbated. I can’t help it. Ever since I woke up this morning with a hard-on I’ve been jerking off. I can’t keep my hands off it. It’s fascinating. Watching it shoot spunk all over the place. Much different than a female orgasm. When I got off as a girl it was more of a total body experience you have to warm up to. With this thing it’s like everything is concentrated right there, where you have your hand.”

“Let’s see if we can get your dick hard, Sarah.” Shannon pulled my jeans down. And then, very slowly, my panties, revealing my new penis. “Oh yeah, it sure looks real.” She put it in it in her mouth and began to suck and slurp on it eagerly. “Oh look! It’s getting bigger!” she exclaimed as she pointed it skywards and licked the underneath from my balls to the tip of my cock, like a lollipop. “How does that feel?” she asked in wonderment.

“Really good. Oh yeah…really good…oh yeah. No wonder guys like this so much.”

Shannon put as much of it in her mouth as she could. “It’s so big,” she marveled as she pulled it out and flicked the tip with her tongue.

“Tilt your head back, Shannon. I told you when we did phone sex with Sean that I would teach you how to deep-throat. Relax your throat. I’ll go slowly until we get past the angle of the dangle and your gag reflex.” I popped it right down her throat. All the way. Her nose nestled in my bush. In and out. In and out. All the way down her throat and then almost all the way out again. Again and again.

Shannon had her hand down her pants as she ministered to my new penis. Pulling me out of her mouth she purred, “I just love your little red patch down here. It looks even better with a big fat dick hanging under it. Well, not exactly hanging right now. Definitely standing at attention.”

“Just suck it, Shannon! Quit yapping. You got it hard. Now make it soft again. Suck my cock. Suck it, baby. Please suck it.”

“Remember when you teased me, Sarah, about my clit being so big? Like a cock? Well, now yours is bigger than mine!” She giggled.

“Shannon, would you please just shut up and suck my cock? Oh my God, it feels like it’s ready to explode. I want to cum in your mouth and all over your face and tits.”



“No. I’ve never been fucked by a chick with a real dick before. I want you to fuck me. I want a buddy fuck. I want your big hard cock inside me. I’m hot, wet, and way beyond ready.”

Shannon led me by the cock to the futon and pulled it down flat. She didn’t want to take her hand off it. Like me. She removed her clothing Mine was already off. She pushed me down gently on my back. “I want the top,” she insisted. “I want to fuck you. With your cock.” She straddled me and quickly slipped it inside her wet and hungry pussy.

“Yeow, Shannon, it feels so good. Your juicy pussy. My cock in it. So warm and soft and squishy inside. No wonder guys like to screw so much.”

“Yeah, really, Sarah. It’s awesome, too, when you have a great pair of tits to play with while you’re getting fucked.”

“Yes, I suppose so. I wish it was you who had the dick, though.”

“Just enjoy your cock, girlfriend. Consider it a blessing.”

“It’s more like a curse. But okay, I’ll try. This fucking with a cock is rather nice. I’ll quit complaining. I do want to cum in your pussy. A new experience for me, ya know? Now I’ll find out how a guy feels when he cums inside me.”

Shannon began to rock on my cock enthusiastically as my pubic bone pressed against her hot button. “Fuck me, Sarah. Oh yeah, girlfriend. Your cock feels so good inside me. Yeah, baby. This is really turning me on. Oh yeah…oh yeah. C’mon, Sarah, fuck me good. Push that big cock in me. Further, baby. Harder. Oh yeah…oh yeah…oh fucking yeah.”

I began to get just as frenzied. “Oh God, Shannon, that feels good. So good. So fucking good.” She had begun to bump and grind, swiveling her hips with my penis deep inside her.

Our moaning and groaning and screaming became unintelligible. When I felt her climax I couldn’t control my cock any longer. It seemed to have a mind of it’s own. It’s different for a girl. You can kind of slow down and delay things if you want. Not with this throbbing monster. Every nerve and sensation in my body seemed to centralize in my penis. And then it exploded inside Shannon as I arched my back and thrust my hips. She pulled me up to her and rubbed the tips of her nipples against mine as she got off again by squeezing her pelvic muscles rhythmically as I continued to fill her up with my semen.

Afterwards we lay in one another’s arms and cuddled as we wound down.


“Yes, Shannon?”

“We didn’t use any protection. Do you think I could get pregnant?”


“Oh, never mind. I think I’m pretty safe right now. But I do wonder what our baby would look like.”

“Yeah, really. I simply can not imagine.”

“So tell me how this happened, Sarah. How did you become a chick with a dick?”

Shannon listened in silent awe as I told her the story. How I had applied for the sports reporter position with a local television station. I was the only female applicant. The station manager interviewed me and asked what I knew about football. I think my answer that you could tell what position a guy played by the size of his penis--linemen are smaller but thicker and backs are thin and long and quarterbacks are long and large--duly impressed him. That and the short mini-skirt and plunging neckline. But he said that the owners of the station, two gay brothers, insisted that a man get the job. The manager tried to explain it away by saying that the owners didn’t want some na├»ve young woman in the locker room with a bunch of naked guys. What discrimination! He said one look at me and they’d all be walking around with hard-ons.

I suspected that these gay brothers actually were more concerned about getting a blow job from their new employee than exposing some chick to a bunch of horny jocks. Yes, I thought they were really worried about me being the competition. I angrily stormed out of the manager’s office screaming, “God damn it, I wish I had a dick!” And then my fondest wish, at that moment anyway, came true. That morning when I groggily woke and found a hard cock in my hand I first thought I had got trashed, picked somebody up, and couldn’t remember. But I soon realized who the dick belonged to. Woe was me.

“What are you going to do, Sarah?” she asked after I finished. “About your dick.”

“Wear it off?” Now I couldn’t help but laugh myself instead of cry. The situation had become so incredibly absurd.

“Yes, wear it off.” Shannon had been playing with it as we talked. It had begun to get hard again in her hands. As I lay on my back she leaned over and put it in her mouth. “Cum in my mouth, Sarah. I want to taste your semen.”

She built me up to a crescendo with slow soft sucking and then quickened the pace as I thrust my hips and responded more and more urgently.

“Oh God, Shannon. Suck it, baby. Oh yeah…oh yeah…oh my…ohh…ahh.”

“Cum in my mouth, honey,” she paused momentarily to urge. “Shoot a big load down my throat, baby. I want to taste it! Tickle my tonsils with your spunk.”

“Oh my…I…I’m…ohh…ahh…oh yeah…ohh…”

I pulled her by the hair down on me and arched upwards as if I wanted to drill a hole right through her head as I exploded spasmodically and screamed incoherently. Shannon swallowed most of it and then pulled me out and let the rest spurt on her face and breasts as she squeezed my balls gently with one hand and my cock tightly right under the head with the other hand.

As she wiped the cum dribbling from her chin with Kleenex, she laughed and said, “Dang, I thought we’d be having fun with my new toy.”


She got up and fetched it from her purse. “This. The Pearl Panther. Five-speed clitoral vibrations and five-speed rotating G-spot shaped shaft with internal beads. But I like your new toy better, Sarah. I love your cock,” she cooed. “Let’s go shock someone with it.”

“Who? My gynecologist?”

“Don’t they have beauty pageants for transsexuals? Girl, you have to be the world’s most beautiful chick with a dick. Hey, I have to go to work now. Let me do a little research on this matter. What are you going to do?”

“I have to go shopping. For a jock strap and larger underwear.”

* * *

Shannon found out about a convention of she-males in a city a hundred miles away. She persuaded me to go by making me an offer I couldn’t refuse. A diamond necklace a former lover had given her.

We entered the hotel lobby. Jam-packed. “Half these people are wannabe chicks with dicks,” Shannon commented knowingly. “The other half are dudes who already had their dicks whacked off, but not in the normal sense of the concept. You know, mutilation versus masturbation. Sarah, you and I are probably the only real girls in this place.”

“Maybe you, Shannon, but I don’t know about me any more.” I started to sob miserably once more. “The only good thing about this damn dick is that you can take a piss wherever you feel like it. An alley, in a cup while you’re driving. In the sink instead of the toilet if there’s a long line to the rest room.”

Shannon had showed me the advertisement about the she-male convention in the paper. With the room you got a gift bag, spa products, limo service, strawberry and cream Cosmopolitan cocktails, in-room manicures, DVD chick flicks, s’mores, and popcorn. Also an invitation to a pajama party with champagne. For an additional fee makeover consultations with a Neiman Marcus personal shopper could be had. The cost of a room started at $1,500 a night.

“How can these gender challenged persons afford such luxury accommodations?” I inquired of Shannon.

“I dunno. But I bet it has something to do with cock sucking.”

Numerous tables had been set up in the huge lobby. Signs and stacks of literature were prevalent regarding transgender issues. We approached one rather masculine looking person in a too short mini-skirt who had beckoned us. “We don’t see many real pussies at our gatherings,” the person said menacingly, his or her finger pointing. “At least ones who didn’t get their pussies from a doctor. Would you two bitches like me to educate you about our legal efforts to fight restricted access to medical treatment for gender reassignment?”

“No, I think not, asshole,” Shannon snapped. “You are totally rude, dude. Or dudette. Get a haircut and get a real pussy.” She dragged me away roughly. “Forget this place,” she whispered to me. “We are not going to have any fun here. They are all psycho. Let’s go down the road. There is another convention. Some sort of hardware thing. You know, plumbers and such.”

“Whatever, Shannon. This place doesn’t look like much fun to me, either. These ‘girls’ are staring at us like we are lepers. We could get beat up or something. What’s their frigging problem anyway?”

“I don’t think its PMS. Unless that acronym stands for Post Member Syndrome. I mean, I guess you would…uh…even though…uh…you only had it for…miss…your…uh…”

I started to wail and shed crocodile tears again.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Sarah. Hey girlfriend, can I suck your cock and make you feel better?”

I ignored her ignorance all the way to the other hotel. I mean, how would you feel if you woke up one morning in my condition? I just hoped I wouldn’t start acting totally stupid like a dude.

As soon as we got to the other convention I headed for the bar, needing a stiff drink. To take my mind off the stiff something else. We sat on bar stools and ordered shots. Before we could even pay for them two guys did, and drooled on us.

“Are you two working girls?” one asked.

“Actually,” I responded, “we are college students just trying to earn a little spending money during summer break.”

“What do you do special?” he inquired.

“Well,” I replied, “I do some computer stuff. Book editing. File conversions.”

“I had in mind something involving a whip and handcuffs,” he said tentatively. “For about five-hundred dollars an hour.”

“Five-hundred dollars an hour? What, you think we’re hookers?” I snarled.

“I…uh…don’t…uh…know. I mean, there are hookers all over this place. You two are young and gorgeous. I wouldn’t…uh…have thought so, but who knows? Maybe you’d like to get rich quick. What do they call a hooker at a hardware convention?”

“I give up, but don’t bother telling me,” I answered nastily, beginning to get really ticked off.

“A Black & Decker pecker wrecker.” He and his companion guffawed uproariously.

I got up to leave. Shannon, grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear, “Let’s have some fun with these guys.” She had a very mischievous expression on her face.

“Right now I have to pee. Really, really bad,” I moaned, as I squeezed my dick between my thighs. “Excuse us, gentleman, we have to use the restroom,” I said, toning down the sarcasm. “Be right back.”

I paused at the bathroom doors and looked at Shannon. “The girl’s room, silly,” she advised. “You still have tits. I want to hold it while you pee.” We went in a stall and shut the door. I pulled it out and she grabbed it as it streamed urine.

“Ahh,” I groaned. The point and shoot relief was very refreshing. I had learned very quickly that when the time comes to take a pee when you really have to go, nothing beats it. Beating it ain’t bad either.

“I just love your cock, Sarah,” Shannon purred as she stroked it.

“Give it a couple shakes,” I suggested. “To make sure it’s…uh…”

“Hey, I’ve seen guys do this before.” But she didn’t stop. “I never really liked sucking cock until you. I’d never tell a dude that, though. I might not get mine muffed. Especially the swallowing part. Yuk! But your semen tastes good, Sarah. Very good. Kind of a caviar taste, but sweeter. I’m hungry!”

I put it back in my panties. “Don’t be such a slut,” I joked.

We went back to the bar stools. “Hey you guys, did you ever meet a chick with a dick?” Shannon asked.

“We went over to that convention of she-males. Woof, woof. Those ‘ladies’ are dogs. Hairy legs, fake boobs, and Adam’s apples.”

“Yeah, and they are bitchy as hell,” I added.

“Huh? You went there?” he asked.

“Yes, we did,” Shannon replied. “Sarah here has a dick. And I’m her brother.”

“Bullshit!” the other guy said.

“No bullshit. Bet me,” Shannon challenged.

“Okay. Five hundred says Sarah doesn’t have a real dick. No way.”

“It’s a bet!” she exclaimed. “But I don’t have five hundred. All I have is this.” She lifted up her skirt and lowered her panties. “Sorry, no dick for me.”

“I love that little shaved pussy,” the first guy said. “I bet it’s nice and tight.”

“You want some?”


“That’s what you get if you win the bet. We get your five hundred bucks if Sarah has a penis.”

“No way she has a penis.” He put five crisp new one-hundred dollar bills on the bar. “I want some of that cute snatch of yours, little darlin’. No tricks now. This has to be a real dick hanging between her legs.” Shannon nodded.

The other plumbers and hardware types had begun to pay some attention to us. Particularly when Shannon flashed her pussy. They paid even more attention when I stood up, unbuttoned my blouse, and took it off.

“More, more!” one guy yelled.

“Free them puppies!” another urged.

Slowly I reached around and undid the back close and let my bra fall to the floor. The vocal outbursts proliferated. “Nice jugs! Shake those pink chewies! Look at those bazooms! Hey, blue eyes has great big brown eyes!”

Then I tugged and wiggled out of the tight jeans. The plumber types began to crowd around me.

“She does have quite the bulge in her panties,” the one who made the bet observed warily.

“It could be a rag,” his buddy suggested hopefully. “Let’s see what’s in the panties, sweet cheeks.”

I began to lower my panties very, very slowly.

The peanut gallery roared again. “Oh my fucking God! It looks real. Shit, that’s bigger than mine. That’s some salami! Wish I had a one-eyed spit monkey like that. What a wonder wand!”

Shannon reached for the money on the bar. The bettor stopped her. “Just a second, honey. You have to prove it’s real. Let’s see if that fake wang shoots a wad, ‘eh?”

“Hey, bud,” a large bystander in a base cap addressed him aggressively, “the chick proved the other chick has a dick. Pay up.”

“No, no, that’s okay,” Shannon said politely. We can have Sarah here shoot some spunk. Right down my throat. I love sucking her cock. Would you boys like to see Sarah get a blow job?” They all nodded enthusiastically. “How bad would you like to see that big dick of hers in my mouth? How bad would you like to see it cum in my face and all over my tits?” They started to drool. “Let me borrow your hat, dude.” He took it off and gave it to her. She passed it around. “When it’s full of money I get on my knees.”

“Can we see your tits?” one old guy requested. When Shannon nodded he put several more bills in the hat. She pulled her T-shirt up over her head. No bra.

“Nice perkies!” the old dude complimented.

“Do you think they are too small?” she asked.

“No, no, just right. Anything more than a mouthful is a waste.”

“Watch this,” Shannon cooed as she began to play with the tips of her nipples. They got erect quickly.”

“Wow! Can I smoke those little cigars?” the old codger begged.

“Maybe later. I have business to take care of now.” Down on her knees she went. “This is called the butterfly flutter technique,” Shannon advised the spellbound crowd. “I picked up a training manual on fellatio at the she-male convention. I am going to plant my lips firmly around Sarah’s big swollen cock head and gently flick the tip of her cock with the tip of my tongue. I will keep my lips around Sarah’s cock at a depth so that I can continue to touch the tip of her cock with the tip of my tongue. With my lips around her cock shaft I’m going to make an up and down movement with my tongue. I’m going to flutter my tongue up and down on the tip of her cock.”

“Quit yapping, honey, and get yourself a pearl necklace!” one impatient onlooker demanded.

“Yeah, sing into her purple microphone,” another added irately. “Play her skin flute.”

“Smoke her pickle!” one more bellowed.

“Hey! Lighten up you guys!” Shannon blurted. “I’m just trying to be informative. Just in case you dudes want to whip it out and have a little fun for yourselves. You know, fantasize that your cock is in my warm wet mouth instead of Sarah’s. You should thank your lucky stars that you have a penis. Some of us girls don’t.”

“But I do, Shannon,” I interrupted. “You are doing too much talking.” I want to feel my cock in your cheek.” She obliged. I could see and feel my cock poking the inside of her cheek as I held her face tenderly.

Shannon began to administer the butterfly flutter technique.

“Oh my fucking God!” I cried in ecstasy. “Oh my…oh yeah…oh yeah…oh my…”

When she had me right on the edge she placed her thumb at the base of my penis so as to block the tube through which the cum spurts, preventing my semen from escaping even though I was spasmodically going through the reflex action of ejaculation. Then she deep-throated me and pulled me out with a slow tight suck just as my cum spurted incredibly intensely. It shot all over the place. A big glob landed right on the forehead of the guy who made the bet.

That started a chain reaction. All the guys in the place who had been jerking off approached the betting man and shot their wad in his direction. He was covered with cum. “Give me some,” Shannon purred. Some of them stood in line to cum in her mouth and all over her face and tits. She too became soaked in semen.

The bartender gave her a towel to clean up. “Pass the hat again,” she told me. I did.

When the hat returned again full of bills, I asked, “How much money do we have, Shannon?”

“Let’s see. The five hundred plus three hundred the first time we passed the hat. Now another nine hundred and change.”

Let’s go to the mall!”

* * *

Early the next morning I got a phone call from the television station manager. The station had been bought out by another company. The new owners wanted a female reporter. I could have the job if I wanted it. As long as I passed the drug test and physical. Physical? I reached down between my legs. “God damn it, I wish I had a pussy!” I cried, my hand covering the phone. I cried myself back to sleep.

Shannon came over about an hour later while I still snoozed. She had a key and crawled in bed with me. “Sarah,” she whispered as she shook me, “I need my semen fix. I’ve become quite addicted. I just love sucking your cock.”

“Oh, go ahead, Shannon. Blow me.”

“No!” she screamed as she slipped her hand down my panties. “It’s gone! Your dick is missing, Sarah!”

I reached down and confirmed her discovery. “Thank you, Lord!” I proclaimed gloriously. “Hey Shannon, go get that Pearl Panther thingy. I want to play with my new pussy.”

Shannon started to cry sorrowfully. “I can’t fucking believe it. I finally find someone with a cock I want to worship. One I want in my mouth all the time, A cock I love to suck. Cum I love to swallow.” She got beyond hysterical and dialed 911. You should have heard that conversation.

Two officers arrived shortly. I remained in the other room and overheard, “You are trying to tell us, young lady, that your lover’s penis is missing?” She nodded. “Like, cut off, or what?” the cop asked. I came out of the other room, naked. “Look!” she shrieked, “Sarah doesn’t have a dick anymore!” One of the officers called EMT personnel and told them to bring a straight jacket.

* * *

I visit Shannon at the mental institution every Sunday. The diagnosis was PED, penis envy dementia. The first question she always asks is, “Did your dick grow back yet, Sarah?” I shake my head indicating no, sadly for her and happily for me. She shakes her head indicating yes when I ask if she’ll settle for the strap-on.

Every night before I go to bed I say, “God damn it, I wish I had a million dollars.!” Where the hell is my money? Everybody gets three wishes don’t they?

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Blowjobs for Dummies

Writing an article about how to go down on a woman, that was like a fish writing about how to swim. It's just something I truly love. But writing an article about how to give head to a man, oh boy. I can see the feedback now. "Hey gay blade, why don't you stick to pussy and leave blowjobs for the chicks to write about." Or, "Hi, I'm Johnny from Hoboken. I loved your piece. Call me at 637-9648." My friends, they'll never let it go.

Well, let me first say that I'm not gay. Although as Jerry Seinfeld put it, "not that there's anything wrong with that."

If my first article helped a few inexperienced guys please their women, I feel great about that. And if this piece helps a few more girls feel comfortable and confident and gives their guy greater satisfaction, I'll take the heat. That's what writing is about.

Ah, how fondly I remember my first blowjobs. Typically, the eager girl would put her lips over the head of my cock and frantically rub my shaft until I either came or developed a friction rash. Then just when I was excited enough to cum from all this attention, usually about two minutes, she'd pull my cock off her lips, so that she wouldn't taste any of the nasty sperm that shot out and made lovely patterns on my clothes. "What's that on my jeans, mom? Glue!"

Only years later did I discover that this was not in fact a blow job, it was being jerked off with a little tongue action. Sort of what I could do by myself, only a tad wetter.

What a disappointment. And yet, how could you blame her? It's not something that was taught in school, nor were the other girls any help – they didn't have anyone to teach them either. In most households, this was not discussed at the dinner table. "Sweetheart, pass the salt, and lick my balls a little more tonight will you? How was school today kids?" So here you had all these marginally satisfied guys running around wondering what was so great about blowjobs. I was one of them.

With the advent of video tape technology, we got to see a lot more blowjobs than we ever saw in the basement on the old 8mm projector. And there was sound! Moaning and groaning. At last, we got to see beautiful women sucking a cock so large that it belonged in the Jurassic age, using both hands and barely covering half of it, until the guy finally came a quart all over her face and tits. And you think we felt bad before? We went to our rooms and cried about how much nature had cheated us, and startled that a girl could take suck a large cock so far down her throat. No wonder they moaned.

Now with DVDs, we can see the same thing, only clearer. You haven't lived until you've seen a blowjob on DVD, watched on a large screen television. It looks like an episode out of "Don't Try This At Home." A huge face swallowing a python. It was intimidating to women and humiliating to men.

Now for the good news. You are about to read a do and don't article that will suggest how a woman can dramatically improve her BJ skills, if indeed they need improving. Some women out there love to suck a cock s much we love to lick pussies, and need no improvement at all – none. They live for it. They love the feel, the taste, the sight. They moan with pleasure when they suck. They slobber all over you. They rub a cock on their face like it's a wrinkle remover. To those women I say, "Come to papa!" But in any event, you still may learn just one thing that will improve your performance, or clarify that you are as good as you thought. If so, it's worth reading – and you may have some fun. Read it at a party, that ought to spice things up!

Anatomy-wise, the penis is relatively uncomplicated. There's the head, shaft and balls. Hasn't changed much since the cave man. But let's get a little more technical. The entire head of the penis is called the glans. The crown itself, the ridge of flesh separating the glans and the shaft is called the corona. The meatus is the opening at the tip of the penis where urine and semen emit. And the frenulum is the underside of the corona where the circle of the corona comes together, and where the shaft connects to the corona, that 'V' shape. The scrotum is of course the sac that hangs below the penis and holds the testes. Under that is the perineum, or 'taint' area, leading to the anus. If you need photos, there are many, many websites that have them, if they're even needed. Got all that? They don't teach all this in health class as a way of improving your blowjobs do they? Hmm…maybe they should.

I wrote this information not to bore you, but because I don't want to describe it over and over in the rest of the article. As I've said before, I'm not a doctor. Yet, I've been to the doctor many times, never discussed blowjobs. He did stick his finger up my ass with a glove on though. And that was in the waiting room. So we made a deal, I won't practice medicine and he won't write about how to give a blowjob. Sounds like a better deal for me.

Now, here's the fun part, the do's and don'ts of giving a spectacular blowjob. These can put you in the BJ Hall of Fame. Where is it located you ask? In my display case next to the baseball trophies? It will have to remain a secret for now kids, but it's not in Canton, Ohio.

OK, you're kissing, you're rubbing, you've kissed your way down his neck and chest. You've lifted his shirt and kissed down his stomach, and you're unbuckling his belt. What now?

Watch any adult movie and what's the one thing they always do beautifully? They look into the lucky guy's eyes when they give him head, when it's physically possible. Why? It shows the connection they have with him. They're not just sucking a cock, they're sucking his cock, and they want to taste his cock. So start this practice early. When you're pulling off your fella's pants, begin looking in his eyes. An approving moan (would a gasp hurt?) or two when his cock springs free lets him know you're eager to please him and like what you see.

Don't pump his penis like you're milking a cow. Gently (at least at first) rub his cock with your hands, making it as hard as possible. If you've gotten this far and he's not as hard as a rock yet, please come see me as soon as possible. Wait – did I write that? I mean, keep going. And don't just rub the top half of his cock, rub the entire cock, including in particular the glans and balls. The frenulum is incredibly sensitive and will send shivers through him – but I'll get back to that aspect. In the meantime, rub him all over, and don't forget his perineum and even his anus, lightly at this point. Again, I'll get back to that once the heat is on.

Remember, the shaft of the penis doesn't have a heck of a lot of nerve endings. Its primary use, BJ wise, it to connect the sensitive head with the sensitive balls. The head of his cock and balls are where all the action takes place, so don't spend too much time giving him the shaft. The more time you spend with your tongue and lips on his head and balls, the better head you'll be giving. Why do you think they call it head??

Do talk to him. Tell him how much you love him, how much you want him, how much you want to suck his cock and how good you're going to make him feel. Now, I know this may be a bit uncomfortable for those uninitiated in the ways of dirty talk (hmm…another article in the making). But girls, I can't begin to tell you how arousing it is for us to know how excited you are and how much you enjoy what you're doing. Books have been written on just this subject. If you feel funny about it, and there's no reason you should, whether you've known the guy a week or have been married for 25 years, just start slow.

Perhaps "I've been looking forward to this," or "I can't wait to taste you," would get the ball rolling. Then simply go with the flow. Sure, if you want to say, "God I love this cock…I'm going to suck your cock like it's never been sucked before…suck the cum right out of you…make you feel like you've died and gone to heaven…would you like that, baby? Would you like me to suck your cock hard and long until you squirt into my mouth? Because that's what I'd love to do…" I guess that would be all right. But again, even if it's just an approving moan now and then. Anything is better than stone silence, where it seems like you're doing a chore.

The wetter the better, so don't skimp on the saliva. In other words, slobber all over his cock! If nothing else, all the licking it takes to do this is putting him in, let's say, a good mood. A jewelry good mood? Who knows. Certainly a dinner out good mood. More important, when you're pumping his lubricated rod with your hand, which is not such a bad idea, the saliva reduces the friction. So lick up and down his shaft with maximum drooling. Friction=bad, Wet=good. Comprende?

Do swirl your tongue around the head of his cock. It's the most sensitive area and responds well to this loving attention. Now here's a little secret that many people don't know and that I alluded to earlier. The frenulum, that little V shape under his cock head, is mucho sensitive. If you use your tongue to play with it, you'll be doing your good deed for the day. Likewise his meatus. Flick your tongue along the tip of his penis to get this area. The head of his penis is like your clit. Suck on it, swirl your tongue around it, bob your head up and down with your lips over his head, lick all the areas I just mentioned and you'll have him gasping for air. Another winner: while you're sucking and licking his cock head, circle your fingers in an 'OK' motion around just the base of his cock. Then, clamping tightly, 'jerk him off' in a mini motion of no more than an inch or so. It won't make him cum, but it's exquisite.

Don't stay in one spot doing just one thing. It becomes monotonous for both of you and begins to decay the pleasure after a while. When a guy goes down on you properly, he's kissing and licking all over, not just concentrating on one spot. Same thing with good head. Suck the top, lick the shaft, lick his balls, keep changing the pattern. Except when he's just about to cum. When you're got him this deep into the pleasure zone, and you can tell from his words or his breathing that ejaculation is close at hand, now is not the time to move away from what you're doing. Just keep it up until he cums.

Do lick and suck on his balls. Those two babies are his pleasure zones, shooting sparks inside his head. If you haven't been doing this, you've been unknowingly denying him a real source of pleasure. Go easy down there, needless to say, it's not the place to play handball. But licking and sucking on his balls, while your hands continue to caress his shaft – it just doesn't get much better than that.

Don't overlook his perineum and anus. This requires some explanation. If you think that a guy who likes his anus played with or even penetrated is gay or would like to be, you are dead wrong. A man's anus and surrounding areas are rich with nerve endings. Perhaps, it has been speculated, even more so than a woman's, and nobody faults her for enjoying anal sex – hell no. When you are licking his balls, if you go down a little further, licking his perineum which is, I'm testing you here, the 'taint' area between his balls and anus, you'll be rewarded with lots of moans, groans and heavy breathing. It just feels amazing.

Now, and here's the dicey part. If you insert a well-lubricated finger, preferably a pinkie, just a little bit into his anus just as he's about to cum – watch out. He may cum like a fire hose from you massaging his prostate this way. Now this is not something I would surprise him with, in case he feels funny about it. But he won't feel funny if you don't! Tell him you know it feels good and that's what you're trying to do. Let him know you feel comfortable about it, that there's nothing the two of you should deny yourselves sexually, and he should be just fine. Which, by the way, brings me to another point for men only: Guys, please, give the lady some courtesy – something to be attracted to. If you've had a long, hot day at work, or a great, sweaty workout at the gym, take a hot shower. Scrub the day's crud off your body before you ask her to swallow it, OK? Get clean, look good, smell good, and you're fighting a winning battle. If you want to do her a real favor, take a scissors and trim off some of the stray hairs around your cock and balls, carefully. I'm not saying shave the area, although it can be a hell of a lot of fun actually.
I'm just suggesting that you can save her a lot of time picking stray hairs out of her teeth or coughing them out of her throat if you remove some first. While you at it, if you'd care to be a gentleman, treat her nicely and with appreciation – well, that's another matter. Do it anyway though.

Do give him head in different positions, not just with him lying on his back. Give him head on your knees while he's standing, even if it's at the kitchen sink – but not while he's carving the turkey. Sit him down in a chair and snuggle your face between his knees. Suck his cock in the shower. Blow him while he's working at his desk. Surprise him at work while he's giving a presentation to a large group at the Church and…strike that. My point is that variety here, as with most every other aspect of sex, is the thing that keeps if from becoming routine, so get creative.

Don't be afraid of cum. Sounds strange, I agree, on paper. But in real life, I've had girls nearly run out of the room, as though acid was spewing through my cock. This isn't 'Alien.' They ask themselves, should they watch it erupt like a geyser and keep pumping the guy's cock? Should they stop everything they're doing and watch the poor guy deflate like a balloon? Should they keep sucking and swallow all the creamy liquid? Will this get them pregnant? I'm not kidding, there have been some bizarre responses and actions regarding this, the most natural of culminations.

Look, if you've been doing this right, the guy's going to cum. And you know just about when, too, based on his breathing, his hips thrusting his cock into your face. Congratulations, you've done a nice thing! He's going to feel just great – you may get flowers. So don't blow it at the end. Can you imagine how you'd feel if the guy gave up licking your pussy just when you began to orgasm? You'd be within your rights to kick him in the nose! Therefore, here are your options:

- Don't miss a beat, just keep sucking and swallow his ejaculate. Whether or not you like the taste, it won't harm you in any way.
- Again, keep doing what you're doing, take it in your mouth – no-one will blame you if it seeps out of the corners – and wipe in into a tissue.
- Pull your mouth off – if you absolutely must – when he starts cumming and keep jerking him off until he asks you to stop. Disappointing, but better than you stopping just at the moment of truth.

Two things I'd like to mention here about adult movies again. If you like the idea of a guy coming all over your face – and hey, it's OK with me – then do it. It doesn't make the BJ feel any better though. Second, although it's fun to watch the sword swallowing antics of pornstar gals who can take an eight inch cock as thick as a can of tennis balls to the root, in real life most women can't even take six inches down. And the truth is, it feels as good or better to have your cock sucked and licked top to bottom, or have the head caressed, then to be swallowed like a salami. However, to each his own.

OK, you've built up to the BJ with loving attention, unless it's just a quick 'hummer' and that's OK, too. You've looked into his eyes, so he knows you're in the moment. You've slobbered all over his cock, getting it good and wet, maybe even rubbed it all over your face to show him it's one of your favorite body parts. You've shown loving attention to all areas, including the head, shaft, balls, etc. You talked to him, or at least hummed a happy tune to display your fondness for what you're doing. You've held his balls gently in his hand while you licked the sensitive underside of his cock head, making him squirm and moan. And you've kept up your end of the bargain until he rewarded you with showers of creamy goodness. Now what?

Now let's warm up the car for that ride to the jewelry store. You've just performed the most intimate of acts, and given your man great joy. You've turned up the heat and joined the ranks of those lovers who know what they're doing, as opposed to the button down, straight lacesd masses who don't read this website and have no idea of what they're doing or how to please a man and probably never will.

You've done well.

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