Best Friends

A True story of the author's personal experience

This story is true. The author experienced this several years ago. It contains very graphic sex so if you are under 18, you may not read this. If you over 18, enjoy. It was fun reliving these moments.

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Best Friends

By Donato


He drove away from the golf course where he had just played with his Monday afternoon group and was headed to a secluded country inn outside of town. What am I doing? This is insane, yet, I am curious, he thought to himself.

It had begun innocently a few weeks earlier. His wife was on a bowling team that played on Thursday nights. They were having their annual dinner dance so he went. He knew just about everyone since they were all from the neighborhood. She had been filling in since her best friend had broken her ankle early in the season. The team did so well that they wanted her to stay and her friend was OK with it so she did.

The dinner dance was being held at a rather fashionable place so all were dressed. At one point in the evening the friend suggested they go outside for a hit of grass. He usually enjoyed a toke or two so he said he would join her.

Outside she suggested they get in her car to not be so obvious so he agreed. Once in the car she lit the joint, took a huge hit and passed it to him. He took a drag and offered it back but she declined. She exhaled and looked at him. She moved closer and put her arms around his neck. He pulled back and said, "Hey, wait a minute, what's going on?"

:I thought it was obvious," she replied. "I have been looking at you for several years and have decided its time for me to have an affair and you are the one I want to go to bed with."

He looked at her and knew she was serious. But, he had never been unfaithful to his wife and was not about to start now. "Candy, you're very attractive and I value your friendship but I am afraid sex is out of the question. You're my wife's best friend for God's sake."

"I am not interested in anything long term. I am not in love in with you. I only need to be fucked by someone other than my husband. As you know we married when I was 17 and pregnant and I have never had any other man. I'm 27 years old and want to see if I have missed anything. This is purely a physical thing for me, nothing else. What do you say?"

He looked at her and had to admit to him self that she was very sexy and he had not had any woman other than his wife since they were married 15 years ago. "Well, I'm still not sure. There is such a thing as fidelity you know and I am 15 years older than you."

"Oh screw fidelity, this is just pure sex, nothing else, no entanglements, just a man and a woman fucking".

He had to admit, she was persuasive and he was horney. "OK, I'll give it a try, but only once, OK?"

She smiled at him, kissed him lightly on the lips and said, "I'll set it up. When can you get out for an evening?".

I play golf in a league every Thursday might. I'm usually out until midnight drinking with the guys."

"All right then, Thursday after next and I'll pick a place for us to meet."

He agreed wondering what he has just gotten himself into.


He pulled up in front of the country inn and was amazed she found such an out of the way place. I guess she really intends to go thru with this, he thought, and wants no one the wiser. OK Bucko, screw up your courage and go in and meet the lady as her car was already in the empty parking lot.

He walked in to the lounge area and spotted her sitting in a booth having a chat with the cocktail waitress. She waved him over and he went.

"Now see, wasn't this worth waiting for?" she asked the waitress. The waitress ginned, gave him a wink and walked slowly away.

She was already having a Martini so he signaled the waitress that he would like the same.

He sat down beside her and before he could say anything she slipped her hand into his lap and began to slowly stroke his cock.

"Hey, wait a minute, we're in a public place, people will see us..."

"Relax Todd, the place is empty and the waitress already knows why we're here!"


"My girl friend told me about this place. Anyone wanting to have a discrete assignation comes here."

"You told your girl friend about me?"

"No, not about you, silly, I was just day dreaming one day and asked her and she said she had been several times with different guys and it always worked out fine. The have cottages out back and I have already booked one for us so any time you're ready....."

Before he could answer the waitress was back with his drink. He took a sip and looked at her. She did look sexy all right. The peasant blouse was just low enough to expose just a bit of her cute perky tits and the tight white tennis shorts left nothing to his imagination. He wondered if she had any panties on under them.

They spent about ten minutes talking about nothing and she looked at him and said, "We only have until midnight and its already 8 so lets go the cottage." They finished their drinks, he put a ten dollar bill on the table, and they casually walked out.

The waitress smiled as they left and said to the bartender, "I hope he's in good shape because she is going to fuck his brains out tonight."


The cottage was done in early American with a huge king size four poster bed. She led him to the bed and sat him down on the side. She then leaned over him, took his face in her hands and kissed him deeply. He tongue was like a probe as it sought out all the recesses of his mouth. He placed his tongue in her mouth and she sucked hungrily on it. Her lips were like a warm pussy and his tongue was a cock as it went in and out her mouth. He pulled her down on top of him and she molded into his body. She was smaller than he, only five foot tall but a great body. Perky 34 B breasts, a slim waist and a great ass. He had always admired her in a bathing suit when they were out on their boat but never dreamed he would have a chance to see all of it. And here he was.

All his self doubts were gone as her tongue probed thru his mouth. He sucked her tongue while he ran his hands over her ass. She felt so good to him. She broke the kiss and raised herself up and in one fluid motion slipped her shirt off and revealed her cute tits. She had on a push up bra to accentuate their size and its filmy material clearly revealed her brown nipples which were hard and erect at this point. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra letting it fall off her arms.

He gazed at her breasts and wanted them in his mouth. As if reading his mind she leaned forward and brushed her hard nipples over his lips. She did this several times, teasing him and then placed one hard nipple in his mouth. He sucked it gently and heard her moan softly from deep in her mouth. She loved to have her nipples sucked and sometimes could reach orgasm just on that alone. He moved his mouth to her other breast and sucked on that one also. His hands wandered to the top of her shorts and he sought to open them and slip them off but she murmured, "No, no yet down there, keep sucking my breasts." So, he did as bidden. She was clearly getting hot as he worked on her tits as her pelvis ground down into his crotch causing him some discomfort as he was quite hard from all the foreplay.

She reached down and slipped her hand into his shorts seeking his cock. It didn't take long for her to find it and she gripped it tightly, slowly jerking it up as he sucked on her nipples. This time it was he who said, "Uh uh, not that, I need to save it.." and she released her grip and just held it lightly.

She rose up again and stood up from the bed and slipped her shorts and stood before him only in a pair of bikini panties which were clearly wet with her sex. He stood, removed his shirt and lowered his pants and stood before her in his briefs with his hardon clearly evident. She dropped to her knees and lowered his briefs. His cock stood at a 45 degree angle and he wanted her to suck so he pulled her head to him. She kept her hands at her sides and began to lick his shaft working her way up to his cockhead. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations running from his cock throughout his body. She encased his cockhead with her mouth and laved it with her tongue. He pushed his cock into her mouth and she took as much as she could. Her head started to move up and down on him as her tongue worked the underside of his shaft.

He started to move his hips in rhythm with her head as he fucked her face. She gripped his shaft with her hands while sucking hard on his cockhead and suddenly, without any warning her erupted with a hot load of sweet, white cum into her mouth. She gulped in surprise as it flowed down her throat. Never in her life had she ever let a man cum in her mouth and now he just had. His eyes were shut and he moaned loudly as he emptied his balls into her waiting mouth. His cum overflowed her mouth and ran down her chin, neck and over her breasts, She rubed it all over her breasts as she continued to suck him dry and swallow as much a she could


"Wow, that's a first for me", she said, "I won't even let my husband cum in my mouth and you've just shot one humongous load down my throat!".

"I really couldn't help myself, you were sucking my cock so hard and I, I guess I just got lost in the moment, "I'm really sorry..."

"Oh, don't be sorry, I loved it. I have never tasted cum before and it was kind of nice but I'm sorry its over so quickly."

"Oh, I'm sure I can get hard again, lets just get on the bed and relax and see what develops."

The two of them lay back on the bed and faced each other. She was still wet with his cum and he traced his fingers thru it and across her breasts. She loved the feeling and fell on her back to give him access to all of her. His hand drifted down to her pussy and she opened her legs for him. He pulled her panties down and removed them/ He was close to her pussy now and could smell her sex. She smelled as his wife smelled but he guessed all women smelled like that. He fingered her pussy lightly and she gasped slightly. He liked the affect he had on her.

He slowly rubed her cunt lips and her clit with this fingers and thumb. She began to respond by thrusting her pussy onto his hand. She raised her legs up high and bent her knees to give him full access. Her legs were spread and his pussy was beckoning to him. He didn't need a second invitation as he lowered his mouth to her and licked at her lips.

"Oh God, yes, lick me there, oh yes, that's so good, oh ,oh, yes, put your tongue in me...ahh, yeah, right there, stick in me deep, yes, yes, oh you are so good.."

He slowly pushed his tongue in and out of her pussy. He felt her pussy juice start to flow freely and he drank it as he sucked her and tongue fucked her. Her hips started to move up and down more rapidly and she cried out with, "Oh fuck yes! That's it. Yes. Yes, right there oh don't stop fuck me , fuck me, oh yes...!" And her body started a convulsive shudder as her orgasm hit her. She collapsed her legs around his head and locked his head on her pussy. She ground her cunt deep into his face and he lost his breath for a moment but he loved every minute of it. He pulled her pussy to him and continued to tongue fuck her and drink her flow as it poured out of her.

After a few moments she relaxed her legs and let them fall back. She lay there shaking slightly. "My God, that was some "O" you just gave me. Guess we're even on that score." And she looked down to see he was hard once again.


He loved the taste of her pussy and once again began to lick at her swollen labia. She tasted sweet, with a slight tong. He pushed his tongue deep into her and she moaned softly. "Oh yes, put your hard tongue in my hot cunt, oh yeah, stick it in and out, oh, I oh, I love that, please don't stop...". And he didn't. His hands were on her breasts and he pinched each nipple between his thumb and forefinger while he plunged his tongue deep within her. His entire mouth covered her steaming pussy and he drank her flow as it came from her. She was very wet and her pussy juices filled his mouth.

"Oh, please, I want your cock, give me your cock," she cried.

He turned his body without removing his tongue from her and bit down softly on her hardened clitoris. He swung his legs over her head and she grabed his cock and buried it in her throat. Acting on reflex alone, she opened her throat and his cock slid its full length down into her. It felt wonderful to her and it surprised the hell out of him. He could feel the ridges of her throat work on the head and shaft of his cock and he began to suck wildly on her clit. She bucked her hips in wanton abandon and he pumped his cock deep within her throat. Before he knew it, he was cumming again! A torrent of hot, white cum erupted from his cock and flowed into her. She was lost in lust as her own orgasm had begun. All she could was to accept the assault on her throat and her cunt. She tried to cry out in ecstasy but could only mumble. Cum was flowing from her mouth and her pussy was contracting in a crashing orgasm. She bucked and he fucked her with tongue and cock. She reached up and pulled his dripping cock from her ,mouth and screamed, "OH YES, OH FUCK, OHMIGOD, I'M CUMMING, OH YES, FUCK ME WITH YOUR TONGUE...".

He sucked hard on her clit as his cock was dripping the last of his cum on her face. She licked at her lips and hungrily sucked his cum into her mouth as her orgasm subsided.

They fell off each, spent and lost in what they had just done. She have never throated a man before and it had been years since he had cum twice in thirty minutes.


It was about twenty minutes later when she spoke, "My God, you are good. This has been everything I thought it would and we haven't even fucked yet!"

"I'm not sure I can," he replied, "those were two ball draining cum shots I just let loose".

"Don't you worry baby, I am sure you have few left", she cooed.

She crawled on top of him and began to kiss him deeply. She pushed her pussy down on his soft cock and began a rotating motion to stimulate him. This always worked on her husband so she figured it would work here. He loved the feel of her soaked pussy rubing on his soft cock and immediately started to respond. Must be strange pussy, he thought. He could never repeat with his wife and certainly not three times.

She pulled her mouth from his and slid around so his still soft was at her lips. She carefully held him by his shaft and began to slowly lick his cockhead, circling it with her tongue and every so often taking just the head in her mouth and sucking gently. She continued this until she felt a slight hardening in his dick and then began to stroke his full shaft firmly while sucking harder on the head. He responded quickly and began to push his hips up to force his cock down her throat again. But not this time. She kept only the first three inches in her mouth and continued to work the shaft to hardness with her fingers and the head with her mouth. One thing she could do was suck cock!

He felt his cock harden and wanted to cum again but he knew it was time to fuck and oh, did he want to fuck her. He wanted to fuck her until she screamed, until she begged him to stop. He rose up on his knees as she did the same. They faced each other while she held his cock with both hands. They got closer and she placed his cock between her thighs, at the entrance to her soaked cunt.

"Oh God, I want you fuck me , fuck me now. I want to feel your cock plunging in and out of my pussy."

He looked her, at the gleam of lust in her eyes and pushed her over on her back. He knelt between her legs looking down at her. He fingered her clit and stoked his cock. "Tell me how bad you want my cock, you slut!" he screamed at her

"Now, I want it now, I need your cock, PLEASE FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OHHHHHHH...!"she cried out as he plunged his cock deep with in her. He was buried to his balls in her cunt, fucking her like abitch in heat.

"C'mon you cunt, fuck me like you mean it!"

She tightened her belly muscles and contracted her pussy as hard as she could as he plunged his dick in and out, in and out. He could feel her tight twat surround and engulf his rod and his slid it back and forth. It felt so good to him. He pushed hard as she contracted and the feeling on his stiff cock was indescribable. She made her cunt so tight that he had to really push to get it in.

She felt his cock tear into her. His piston like strokes were sheer heaven. Her husband never fucked like this. She wanted it to go on and on. His cock hammered at her and she bore down on him with all her strength. God it felt so good! Oh yes, keep fucking me she thought..

"You fucking slut, I love your hot cunt, yeah, tighten down on my cock you hot little cunt, oh yeah that' so good, yeah, tighter, TIGHTER BITCH!," he said to her.

Oh, your hot cock is so good, yes, yes, keep fucking me, harder, yes, harder, oh YEAH, THERE. THERE . HERE I CUM, NOW , NOW, OH GOD, LET ME CUM...!!!,"she cried out s she felt the orgasm flow thru her. Her pussy gushed with hot juice as it rolled thru her body. Shook so violently that he paused for a moment. Then continued his relentless pounding on her swollen and pulsating pussy.

"OH GOG, OH GOD, OH YES, FUCK ME MORE, I'M STILL CUMMING OH, OH, YESSS......."she cried out again, her legs high in the air and quivering as her orgasm continued.

Suddenly he pulled his cock from her, placed it at her ass, and drove it deep into her asshole!


He didn't care, he wanted fuck every hole on her body. He drove his dick deep in her ass with the same hammering stokes.

She felt her rectum tear in pain and she cried out and suddenly he was deep within her, fucking her ass and she liked it. It started to feel good and she raised her hips higher to receive more of him. He slowed his strokes when he realized she was accepting him and they began a slow rhythmic fucking motion,

"Oh man, if I knew it felt like this I would have tried it sooner", she exclaimed! "Hmmm, this is good, oh yes fuck me ass with that gorgeous dick of yours, yes, oh yes, that's good!"

"You hot little cunt, you want me to fuck your ass more?"

"Oh yes, more, more, please"

He rammed his cock deep in her and pumped with very shorts thrusts.


"You fucking little cunt, I'm fucking the shit out of you, now I need to cum on you..."

And he suddenly pulled his dick from her ass, stood over her and jerked his cock as I=cum flowed from the end of end. Torrents of hot, white cum poured from his dick on her breasts, face, belly,. He continued to jerk himself off and the cum continued to flow. She raised herself u and grabed his cock and jerked it with him and aimed it at her open mouth. One last huge spurt flowed directly into her and she drank it hungrily.

They stood there, somewhat frozen; his cock in her mouth, eyes closed, his body still trbling from his cum shot. She rubed his cum all over her body and licked at her fingers. She wished she could eat more of him but she knew there would be no more tonight.


They showered, dressed and were leaving when she said, "Well, did you like it?"

His reply was hesitant, he said, "Yes I did, it was very physical experience."

"Would you like to do it again sometime", she asked?

"Maybe," he replied, "let's see how we feel about this in a week or tow"

She smiled inwardly, she knew she had him hooked.

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