Denise Comes to New York part 3

Denise asks for it

It was as if we were old lovers. I knew everything that excited her. In our long, anonymous, on-line conversations she had revealed all her desires, all her secret fantasies, special words and phrases that turned her on, things she wouldn't dare tell anyone, not even her husband. Such is the power of the internet.

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I found it all charming and I told her so. No matter how she tried to shock me, she could not. I found it all fun. She was so barrassed sometimes but I always reassured her. She was a sweet intelligent woman. She just wanted to be naughty sometimes. Over lunch we reviewed our favorite scenarios and some of the role playing we did on line.

"This is a beautiful restaurant," she'd say, "you wouldn't dare spank me public. You'd be arrested."

"Eat your vegetables."

"I'm not a child, Nicky. I can eat what I like."

"I brought a cane. It's in a bag in the truck of the car. It might be a good idea to give you a little taste of it. It will change the way you look at things."

"An attitude adjustment?"


"Do you think I'll be better behaved when I have a few welts across my bottom?"

"We'll see, won't we."

Back in her room, I showed her all my toys. "this is a nursery cane," I explained. "It's very light. it's perfect for naughty little girls." I had condoms and KY-Jelly. A very whippy riding crop. A nice little paddle called a nanny a hairbrush without bristles. "A nanny would use it to spank you if you misbehave," I explained unnecessarily.

"Have you ever thought about having a nanny or a governess?" I asked. "You have a very child-like view of the world. Wouldn't it be perfect to have a strict governess to take you in hand and supervise your behavior?" I could imagine watching her pull down your panties and putting you over her knee. Imagine how barrassing that would be. She could take your temperature, give you a bath."

"I'd rather have you give me a bath."

"And spank you?"


And take your temperature?

'yes" (blush)

Unfortunately Denise had ignored all my instructions and brought nothing.

"Rectal thermometer?"



"I forgot."

"Vibrator? Butt Plug?"

"Nicky! What if they opened my bags? Use your head. I couldn't."



"Get it out. Right now."

She could be very seductive. She walked over to me and pressed her thigh between my legs. "You're hard aren't you? I can see it. All this talk is exciting you isn't it?" Her lips were so soft on mine.

"I'll give you a choice," she said, seriously. "I'm a little nervous about the cane but I'm excited too. You can cane me now if you want to. Not too hard. Just a taste, like you said. Three or four whacks. Or, if you can wait and delay your gratification, I'll give you a taste. I'll let you lick me. My pussy is very, very wet. It's dripping. I'll sit on your face and you can put your tongue inside me. Your choice. You decide.

We got undressed. She positioned herself above me and lowered herself onto my face.

"Come on big boy," she said as she grabed my cock, "lick it, make me come."

She was very responsive. She was lubricating freely as I licked away and my face was covered with her juices. I nibled at the little nub of her clit and little rivulets of clear liquid poured from her cunt and onto my tongue. I could tell when she started to come, Her whole body trbled and she pressed her pussy down onto my nose and mouth. I could barely breathe. Her juices ran into my nose and mouth and I thought I was going to drown. I pushed her up but she pushed back down hard against me as she rocked through her orgasm. I never saw a girl come like that. My face was wet, her ass was wet and she was just getting started.

"Fuck me," she ordered. "I can't wait any longer." She got on her hands and knees and lowered her head to the pillow. It was such an inviting target. I jumped right in. And she was slippery and tight. We pounded away for a few minutes, I slapped her ass and she was ready for the cane.

"Get it," she ordered, "Get it now."

For all the uninitiated out there, this is not something you should try at home.

She had a lush ass, plump and round. In the corner of the room was a low club chair. Perfect height. I bent her over the back. Her arms rested on the seat. "Get that ass up in the air," I ordered. She went up on her toes and tried to lift it up. The first stoke whistled through the air and bit deeply into her succulent cheeks at the lowest part of her buttocks. She gasped for air as the first red welt blossomed across her ass. The second stroke landed an inch higher and made her raise her head and curse.


The next cut an inch lower than the first, landing right at the top of her firm thighs and she shot up and grasped at the burning weal, twisting to see if her ass was still in one piece. "FUCK!" she cursed again. "That stings!"

To her credit she bent over for one more. I had baby wipes, wet with witch hazel that I rubed gently across her behind. Each red welt cooled at the touch of the astringent and then bloomed again and throbed. I ordered her to spread her legs so I could wipe her properly.

In our on-line conversations I would say how I would use baby wipes to clean her behind as if she were a baby. How I would diaper her. It was her most shameful fantasy. The one she couldn't tell anyone.

"I would just die if you did that to me," she had said many times.

Unfortunately she forgot to bring the diapers.

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