Caught in the Act

Caught in the act you say? Yea, caught in a mother's bedroom sniffing and licking her panties...

"All names have been changed so that if those who were in this real story-turned-fantasy reads it they will not be able to know who I'm relating it to. I was 16 at the time. From the point of the bedroom sniffing and licking panties is true however, after that the rest is fantasized... by the way, this is my first story! :D, please rate and comment at your opinion. Thanks!"

--Phone alarm siren-- "Shit! I'm fuckin' late again!" I yelled with anger and in a rush, trying to get out of bed and jump into the shower. Nat, my mate that I was suppose to meet in town at 12:00, rang me while I was in the shower splatting shampoo on my head and kneading it in whilst sponging LYNX Instinct shower gel onto my body. I couldn't answer it otherwise I would be delayed even more, although something was on my mind at the time too..

So I got fed up and answered "-- Nat mate I'm sorry I'm late, I just got out of bed! and I'm in the shower too so umm I'll probably meet you at about.. half 1 alright?"

Nat mumbled with some sarcasm "Yea sure no problem mate, take your time.."

1 O'clock and I'm waiting for the shitty bus to arrive. I texted Nat 'Wont b long m8,, just gettin on the bus c u in bit'. The bus decides to arrive and I step on to pay the driver for my "one way ticket to Somerfields please.." I give him the money as he hands me the ticket and as soon as i swift myself to go and sit down I spot this beautiful bangin' blond with big tits at the back and she was wearing this low-cut top that could just make any guy get an erection from. It was one of those moments like on movies where it's like as if it's in slow motion and you are gazing at her with emotion and she brushes her hair over her ear in a sexy way.. yea you know what I mean! heheh ; )

So she was giving me the eye while I walk across the pathway going to sit opposite her and I wink and smile at her while she looks the other way with barassment and cheeks blushing red. So minutes go by and after giving each other the sexy look it was my stop so I ring the bell and as I'm about to get up and get off the bus I look at her and blow her a hand-free soft kiss in the air and she bites her bottom lip. I wish I could've stayed longer and chatted to her but that was then, I had the confidence to give her a wink, smile and blow air kisses but not much confidence in getting to know her.

So when I met Nat we went to Domino's to get a buy 1 get 1 free pizza and waited for another bus to get to his house.

"Hey Nat, is Charlie coming over too brah?" I ask (Charlie another mate of mine..)

Nat replies with "Yea he's coming over about 5 or 6 tonight though.. oh yea and my mum said you can sleep over tonight brah"

I never met Nat's mum before but I heard from Charlie that she's alright. Finally we're at our stop near Nat's house and we get off and go knock on his house door to ask his mum to let us in..

--door bell-- "I'm back mum!" Nat yells.

"Mum, this is Tezza, Tezza this is Brenda, my mum.."

As soon as she came down the stairs I slowly lifted my eyes up from her legs to her top half and woah! Wasn't she fit?! She had lovely long white legs and a skirt short enough to see her sexy panties when walking up the stairs. This pretty bright orange top she was wearing really showed off her curves and boobs! I was getting so hard just thinking of eating that tight pussy and banging my big hard thick cock inside of her while caressing her breasts! At that point I think she took a quick glance at my boner and back straight up at me.

"Hey Brenda, my my aren't you a bit too young to be Nat's mother?" I flirtfully ask while checking out her hot body.

She giggles "hahaa well I'm 32, don't know if you would call that young but it's nice to meet you."

So we talked a little bit and got some drinks and Nat and I went in the living room to play on my Xbox 360. She went outside and took the washing off the line, as she was bending down to put the washing in the basket I was in great view of her slappable tight ass! I was lucky Nat didn't catch me staring at his mum's ass otherwise he would've kicked me out of his house and I would've never got to check out more of his mum ; )..

Later that night about 11 Nat, Charlie and I got ready to get to bed because Nat had to go watch his sister's football game in the morning. So we all said good night and just went into our beds and talked a little about fit girls in our school, who we would fuck and who we would not, girls we would go out with and girls we would love to get to know.

At 9:30 am Charlie and I woke up from a text I got from Nat: 'arite m8 hope ur havin fun we will b back at bout 5 c u then hav fun nd take care bye'. So Charlie and I just went downstairs to make ourselves breakfast and play on the Xbox 360. He got a text half an hour later from his dad saying that he was going to pick him up in 10 minutes because he had to look after his younger brothers whilst his mum and dad were at work. So I told Charlie that I would see him tomorrow in school.

When Charlie went home, I went upstairs to check out Nats' mum's bedroom. As soon as I opened that door I found a few bras and knickers on the floor so I picked up 1 of the knickers and sniffed them and damn it smelt so good. I also saw a bit of her lube on the vagina part of the knickers from maybe when she was masturbating and licked it. I dared myself to go through her draws and try to find some toys because I always had that instinct that my friends' mums had any toys and as soon as i opened that draw I found a partly silver and white vibrator. I couldn't believe it! Why do women/girls always/sometimes leave their toys rite in front in their draws where you can easily spot it by pulling out the draw?

Well anyway, I picked up the vibrator and twisted the switch at the bottom end and the vibration was small but enough to make a woman orgasm. I put it back and and got Brenda's panties and started wiping my cock into them. The feeling was sensational, I wasn't ready to cum or anything I was just getting a little extra boost of an orgasm.

I then heard some small footsteps on the staircase but I didn't budge because I thought it would've been next door. But then someone made me jump with a little heart pounding as soon as I heard "caught in the act, huh? I thought you were going to do this.." and that was Brenda's voice in a dirty naughty way.

I turned around and saw her shirt half unbuttoned and her eyes gazing at my body in me just in my boxers with my hands down them. "I came back to get my purse and you were here so I thought that I'd scare you just as a joke.."

"Well, to be quite honest, since I first saw you I wanted to fuck you so fucking hard I would give you multiple orgasms until you cum 10 times as much as me." I confidently stated my thought.

"mmmmm you're making me horny, but I'm not sure if I should fuck you.." she teases me with her fingers twingling her hair and rubing near her pussy.

"Oh by the looks of your wet pussy and erect nipples, you do" I clearly stated to her and she came back with an outstanding horny reply "ohhh baby I felt the same way when I first saw you, I masturbated over you last night too and mmmmm thinking bout you fucking me from behind just moistens my juicy wet pussy even more! Mmmmm.."

And that just made my cock have some pleasure and pain through the tight boxers I was wearing, I went up to hair and passionately french kissed her and rubing my left hand down her back in an 'S' formation and gently squeezing her ass whilst the other hand was circulating my fingers around her clit and she was moaning and groaning as we were kissing.

We stopped kissing and then I suggested that she should get onto her bed and take her clothes off so I could begin by eating her and caressing her breasts. She did as I asked and I took off my boxers and sat down at the end of the bed licking and sucking her tight, soaking wet, juicy pussy as she was moaning my name "ohhhh Tezza baby! Yeaaaa thats it right - ohhhhh!!! Fucking hell you're amazing babe.. ohhhhh I'm going to cum!! Ohhhh!!! Ohhh yeaaaaaaa!!! Mmmm!"

At that point she squirted her juicy lube all over my face and at every moan she produces just erects my cock for me when it goes flaccid. She said with pleasure "okay Tezza you done fucking amazing their ooooh my pussy's sooo fucking soaking wet right now I need your cock!" So I go up to her and grab my cock and stick it into her mouth while she was humming her orgasms. She sucked me off so good that I came straight into her mouth that she swallowed every bit and told me that she now wanted me to fuck her so hard.

I lifted her up, turned her around and tossed her to the end of the bed and she was having fun I tell you! I slid my big, hard, thick cock slowly first into her soaking wet, tight, sexy pussy and she moaned again. I gradually increased the speed and depth of my cock banging inside of her and you could hear my ball bag slapping on her pubic area while I'm banging her doggy style, ass in the air.

"Tell me you love being fucked!" I yelled in a horny way

"Ohhh! I love being fucked baby!!!"

I kept on suggesting her to do stuff and think of things that would get her crazy animalistic creature out of her. "Oh baby yeaa! You love being fucked doggy style that you're so fuckin' horny right now that you are a slut!" She was really moaning and groaning now! She was going that close that she was almost screaming with pleasure! And when I was telling her how much of a slut she was she really did feel like a slut..

"Ohh fuck yea! Slap my fucking ass hard..! Ohhhh yeaa thats it! Ahhhh yeaa! Now pull my fucking hair!!! Oh my fucking god that feels soooo good!!!"

She was getting that fucking horny that she was almost in charge! So I put my foot down and said with sexual active aggression "don't tell me what to fucking do you slut! I'm the boss and you listen to me baby! Now pump your tight fuckin' pussy on my big hard aching cock!! Ohhhh yeaa that's it baby!! Fuck yea you love getting fucked, don't you?! You love being a dirty fuckin' slut bangin' my big hard cock!!" She did exactly as I said and the thought in my head was 'wow.. David Shade is the best!!'

She came multiple times as I said all of that. And I was on the verge to cumming..

"Fuckin hell baby I'm goin to cum!! Awwwe shit!!! Ohhh yeaaa!" I was just on the brink of cumming and she got off and said "hold on baby! Cum on my face!"

"Awwwwe yeaaaa! Fuckin' hell my cock is aching so bad with pleasure baby!" I yelled as she was fingering herself and licking the cum off her face.

--Text Message bell-- "Oh shit! I was having so much fucking fun with you that I forgot about Nat! Oh fuckin' hell! Babe I'm going to have to go now, nice meeting you and I will hopefully see you again sometime and we have to fuck again seriously I love the way you fuck me it's just mmmmm.." She says with her pussy wettening again although it was a shame because we could've lasted even longer if she didn't have to go.

I said back with pleasure "Ok babe I loved fuckin' you too I think I'm goin' to have to come round here more often ; ). Well I'll ring my mum to come and pick me up, So I'll see you next time Brenda where we can fuck even more. Bye"

"So, this story was real from the beginning to the point where I was caught. I wasn't caught in real life although my friend and her were at a football game and she didn't come back to get her purse. Thanks for spending precious time in reading my real story-turned-fantasy and I know it's a little bit too long but I will hopefully get better through out every story I create. Please rate and comment, thanks!"

Tezza Brahh

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