Satin Butterfly

“I once chased a butterfly as it fluttered by me. I was seven and had never seen anything quite so beautiful then or since. Mesmerized by its hues of gold and blue I followed it through the thicket as it flitted from flower to flower until finally it came to rest on a large rock. It sat basking in the sunlight gently flexing its iridescent wings so beautiful that it transcended nature itself. And as I stood motionless watching it, a serpent appeared from under the rock, a cobra hypnotic and deadly. It flared its spectacled hood and danced in front of me swaying sensuously from side to side to the haunting strains of a distant flute. I stood there transfixed for what seemed like an eternity, until finally it lowered itself and slithered past me inches from my feet. When I looked up the butterfly was gone leaving me feeling strangely desolate.”

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Snakes & Ladders – the beginning:

Preface: A little bit about us – my parents are of Eastern European descent. My father was a big, gentle man with dark hair, rugged looks and a winning smile. My mother was a blond beauty of obvious Nordic blood. My sister took after my Mom. I was a mixture of my parents – dark, lean and tall with the soft features of my mother. My father often joked, pointing to me, that we had Gypsy blood coursing through us … wandering spirits incapable of boundaries. I don’t think he knew how true that was.

It was 1987 and we were living in South East Asia. My father was a pharmaceutical Engineer who had been sent there to set-up a factory. My mother was busy running the household and taking care of her five kids. I was the eldest was becoming increasingly aware of the sexual differences between men and women. And, with this growing curiosity came an unfamiliar though avid interest in my younger sister as a potential sexual toy. She was becoming a woman and her body had begun the metamorphosis. Gone were the flat, taut lines of a tomboy and in its place, curves and mounds which had begun to titillate me. It just so happened that on this day we were playing in the bedroom near the kitchen. Under normal circumstances the games would get pretty intense since we were both very competitive but on that particular morning, with my hormones raging, my mind was preoccupied with sex rather than the game. I’m not sure if she sensed it but things just felt different between us.

She was sitting across from me with one leg folded under her and her chin resting on the knee of her other leg. She sat studying the board but I could tell from her expression that like me, she seemed distracted and was just going through the motions. From the time we had started playing, I had been glancing surreptitiously at the “v” between her legs and the outline created by the pajamas and in the middle of my turn, I decided to take this further. I stopped rolling the dice and asked her quietly:

“Hey, this is getting boring … do you want to try something else …? Umm …” I paused and then said “Do you want to exercise?”

I had no idea why I used the term but it could be because I was involved in sports and exercising was a part of my daily routine.

She perked up and looked at me questioningly, unsure of what I wanted or the sexual implication underlying my question but her curiosity seemed to get the better of her.

“Yes!” she replied though her expression remained unsure.

She was, by nature, inquisitive and daring and I was pretty certain that she would want to please me, the dominant older brother, and also to act more grown up pretending to understand whatever it was that was being referred to but it still surprised me when she jumped off the bed knocking the game over.

“Come on … let’s go!” she said eagerly heading for the large terrace where we often played.

“Not there … here, come with me.” I said and grabed her by the hand before she reached the door leading to the terrace.

I quickly led her into the attached bathroom and making sure that no one was around, I locked the door behind us. As soon as bolt slid home she realized that this was something very different from the games we had played in the past.

There was a sexual energy that suddenly pervaded the room and I’m not quite sure how much she knew but her breathing had quickened and there was a palpable tenseness between us. She knew about sex because we had watched the resident Bull mate with the cows on my Grandfather’s farm. She had stood in front of me peeking through a small crack in the door and when the Bull penetrated the cow, I recall her pressing backwards into me surprised by the sudden ferocity of the act. As we stood there watching the animals mate, my cock throbed wickedly against the slope of her ass and I wondered if she knew the implications of the experience.

That incident had occurred while we were vacationing with our Grandparents just a few months prior to this. Now, in the shuttered light streaming into the bathroom, she waited for me to take the lead.

“You have to be quiet, okay?” I said, turning to her.

“Okay.” She whispered her eyes wide and bright with excitement.

I think we both realized that something significant was going to happen which would indelibly change our relationship. It did.

Without saying another word, I began undressing her and was surprised that she didn’t offer any resistance. She was wearing a red pajama pantsuit with some frilly lace on it. I pulled her top off first and used it to blindfold her and to this day have no idea why I did this. Though her breasts hadn’t fully developed her nipples had formed hard points, like light, chocolate buttons capping the firm, white mounds that resbled small grapefruit halves. I then pulled down her pajama pants while she held onto me for support as she stepped out from them. Her bikini panties had gotten entangled and had come off with her pajamas leaving her naked in front of me her hands resting on my shoulders. I was hypnotized by her legs and the promise of the inscrutable pleasures that were nestled between them and rber looking closely at her vulva; it was almost hairless with only traces of a velvety, golden down and I noticed that the outer lips were beginning to swell as her vagina began to engorge with blood. I was unfamiliar with the physiology of female arousal; for me it was just another new and exciting facet on the road to my sexual enlightenment.

We were both nervous but neither one said anything. I stood up and freed my cock from the confines of my shorts and as it sprang up towards her, I recall thinking how thick it had become - it was harder than I ever rber it being; throbing and twitching with anticipation. I gently pushed her against the bathroom wall and bending a little, pressed my cock into her.

“Unhh …” she sighed, and then giggled, “That tickles!”

She brought her legs together in a protective reflex while her hands came down to cover herself and inadvertently brushed against my distended cock. That simple touch sent shivers of pleasure shooting through me and I was determined to reengage her.

I moved her hands away and forcing her thighs apart, I tried again, only this time I held my cock and guided the plum-shaped head into her. As the tip pressed against her slit spreading the lips, she inhaled sharply:

“Oh, unhh … Milo …” she groaned.

Then she reacted by shifting sideways away from me and once again brought her thighs together and just as quickly, we were disengaged. Since we were both inexperienced and unfamiliar with the mechanics of sex, I was unable to penetrate her.

Unsure of how to proceed, I moved back to reassess my strategy. I rber looking down at the sticky smudge of my precum smeared along the swollen lips of her vagina, glistening in shameless irradiance like a beacon glimmering through the mist steering me onto a path which promised troves of exquisite and unknown pleasures. It is strange how some things stay with you – that particular memory of her swollen, hairless cunt glazed with my juices is as vivid as if it had occurred yesterday.

Spurred on by that graphic visual, I pushed her down towards the bathroom floor.

“Lie down…” I said, unsure what the next move would entail but was acting on instincts.

The tiles felt cold and hard but she did not protest or resist me in any way. She was still blindfolded and allowed me to position her. I climbed on top of her and felt her exhale as she bore the weight of my body. She squirmed and spread her thighs wider adjusting herself to accommodate me while I lay on top of her with my cock nestled between us pressing against her belly. I remained still reveling in the novelty of the incredible sensations I was being subjected to.

I then moved slowly, back and forth, rubing myself against her and felt the surges of pleasure shoot through me like millions of electrical charges racing along the circuits of my nervous system. But driven by some seething primal instinct, I moved downwards needing to feel her sex and forced my cock in between her thighs slowly driving upwards and wedging myself within the outer folds of her slit. I heard my sister gasp and felt the heat rising from her like a moist, searing flame running along the underside of my shaft and as her arms came up holding me in a timid brace I instinctively began the primordial motion moving up and down and back and forth driving my hard, slippery mber in between the lips of her puffy vagina.

At first she laid still raising her knees a bit and squeezing her thighs against me and though I had not penetrated her, the slippery, slick sensations combined with the warmth of her slit were indescribable and after a few moments she began to rock her hips, synchronizing her movements to mine; our bodies grinding rhythmically in our first incestuous dance.

I was in a state of erogenous rhapsody where all my senses were honed making me acutely aware of my sister and the various sounds, smell and touches we were being subjected to. I could feel her icy-hot breath against my neck as she gasped in time to my unpracticed thrusts and as my cock burrowed through the satin folds of her inner lips, rubing against her budding clit, I heard her soft, whimpering moans over the muffled grating of our writhing bodies; these discrete but separate sounds resonating to the sexual drum beating deep within me. I could feel her fingers digging into the muscles of my back as she reacted to the new sensations coursing through her core.

I kept asking her “Do you like it, Katarina … do you like how it feels?”

“Mmm …unhh … yes …yes …” she replied, gasping in time to my thrusts “it feels … unhh… nice … unhhh … don’t stop … ohhh, keep going … ohhh, Milo, Milo …”

There as a part of me that was surprised by her growing excitement. In my ignorance I had thought that only boys masturbated and enjoyed the proclivities of sex and that girls participated in the process out of some vague, undefined necessity. My sister’s obvious display of pleasure, as my cock ploughed between the lips of her vagina, was an eye-opener adding yet another chapter to my ever-increasing book on sexuality. Inexplicably, her moans and gasps only added to the intensity of my experience. Then as we continued down this entangled, erotic path, I became aware of the musky redolence emanating from the fusion of our crotches; the raging frottage gelled by the soggy, molten magna of our pubescent passion. I recall being surprised by the wetness of her slit as I burrowed through it – she was leaking a strangely aromatic and mildly viscous fluid but I wasn’t sure what it was only that it felt indescribably good.

It was just too much for me, this total sensory overload and soon I felt my climax building. My sister’s breathing sounded labored, ragged and heavy, rasping in my ear and through the foggy cloud of pleasure spreading rapidly over me, I rber thinking that I might be hurting her but I wasn’t about to stop. She was thrusting urgently against me, our bodies slapping lewdly in the deafening silence of the bathroom. A few more frenetic strokes and I orgasmed:

“Aahhh … here it comes, Kat … here it is … ooohhh …” I groaned as I squirted between her thighs and over the lips of her smoldering vulva, brocating her with the fluids of my lust-filled ardor.

And in the afterglow of my climax I felt her jerking against me and though I didn’t know it at that time, she was in the throes of her orgasm, writhing uncontrollably while rubing herself against the residual hardness of my cock. Then her body stiffened and her thighs squeezed tightly against me while she made unintelligible noises and after a few seconds, I felt her jerk for a final time and then go limp. Finally our passion spent, we lay still with me on top of her, breathing heavily and basking in the sticky remnants of our love between us.

After a while I got up and wiped my penis clean on her pajamas, then buttoning my fly I glanced down at her just before leaving the bathroom. She had had drawn her thighs together in a shy gesture of modesty but I could see the shimmering origami created by the translucent effulgence of my seminal juices glistening in between her legs and on her belly. I rber feeling a strong sense of remorse as I walked away and left her in the bathroom. I went to the terrace and climbed the drainpipe onto the roof. This was my haven, a place I used when I needed to be alone. I had always liked my little sister, we were a lot alike and now I had just fucked her. In my juvenile mind I had violated her, willing or otherwise, and I was struggling with the overpowering sense of guilt I felt.

The Puffy Peach and Penetration!

A month or so after our first encounter and with my conscience assuaged by the passage of time, I began conniving of ways to get my sister alone again. This was a lot more difficult than it sounded. Our house was the place where all the neighborhood kids used to congregate to play and if it wasn’t them then there were the endless stream of guests my parents entertained or the household help who had a way of turning up when least expected. Also, I think my sister was avoiding me; something that was bothersome but I knew in time she would come around. This made me even more determined to have her and beset by the memory of our first encounter I now had the added impetus to inveigle her to one of the secluded places where we could be alone.

What has always been in doubt is whether it was the availability of my sister and her eagerness to indulge my Svengalian machinations that pushed me down this incestuous path or something far more complex; some deep-rooted psychological aberration which was incomprehensible to me at that time but had me succumbing repeatedly to my morbid obsession.

That particular morning while I was playing on the terrace she stepped outside and walked slowly towards me. Her hair gleamed golden in the bright sunlight and she squinted, looking shyly at me.

“What are you doin’?” she asked.

I seized the opportunity and turned to her:

“Nothin’ …” I paused, then “hey, Kat … er … do you want to exercise?”

This time there could be no doubt; she was fully aware of the implication and again, without any hesitation she looked at me then looked away and nodded:

“Yes” it was a shy whisper.

Her affirmative reaction sent a thrill through me as the realization sank in that she too wanted this as much as I did. I had no idea why she had suddenly changed her mind and had sought me out but I was just excited that she too had wanted to fuck.

“Come on … before anyone comes out.” I said.

Holding hands, we ran to the bathroom together and making sure that no one had seen us, I locked the door. My mother and several servants were in the kitchen which was only a room away. I then turned and looked at her: her mouth was slightly open and she was still breathing heavily from having run to the bathroom, waiting nervously for me to take the lead in our Cyprian play.

Contrary to what one might have expected, she was an eager participant in the seduction, helping me as I eased her top off but I did not blindfold her as I had done the previous time. I just asked her to close her eyes. She obeyed, shutting them tightly. I don’t know if this made things easier for us - her not having to watch the consummation of this most intimate of acts but she never opened her eyes during the entire incident. I then pulled down her pajama bottoms and her panties and had to kneel to take them off. As she stood naked before me, my face at her navel and almost touching the gentle slope of her stomach, I once again stared at the mysterious valley between her legs, studying her swollen vulva and the folds of her vaginal lips – this time I was determined to penetrate her. There was a faint and uniquely female odor emanating from her that I found inherently exciting and I resisted the urge to lick her slit and instead ran my tongue along her inner thigh and felt her trble.

“Lie down and spread your legs.” I said as I helped her down on the floor.

She lay down but kept her thighs tightly closed.

“Spread your legs” I repeated and then added “We are really going to exercise … I’m going to fuck you, Katarina …” my voice hoarse and thick with anticipation, trailing off as she acquiesced without protest. It was the first time I had verbalized what we were about to do.

Then kneeling in between her legs I spread her thighs farther apart observing closely as the sticky petals of her venal flower unfolded. Having her subjugated and completely under my control, I undid my fly and released my throbing cock. The protuberant head was dripping precum and instinctively I leaned forward rubing it along her yawning slit. Even after all these years, I can still recall the silky sensation and her body jerking when my cock touched the hooded kernel perched on top of her vagina – of course I had no idea what was happening to her or what she was feeling; I was totally consumed by my desires and the need to be buried inside of her.

She let out a soft sigh and I felt her body quiver as I continued to rub her slit with my cock. I was acutely aware of the slippery nectar seeping from her swollen cunt and wondered whether girls felt the same excitement as boys did. She was now resigned to her fate; unsure of what I was going to do to her but caught up in the moment she was unwilling or unable to stop the incestuous incursion.

I then pushed my cock into the elastic mouth of her opening and watched as her velvet lips spread to accommodate the bulbous intruder and as the coronal ridge of the tumescent glans slipped in she let out a long, strangled moan:

“Ohhh … unhhhhhh …” She brought her knees up, trying to spread herself wider.

She felt incredibly tight and I stopped when she pressed her hands up against my chest concerned that I might have hurt her:

“Stop, please … it’s too big … it hurts!” She said “It won’t fit, it’s hurting, Milo …”

“Shssshhh … don’t worry, it will feel better … just relax … I’m almost done.” I lied.

I waited without moving and felt her relax as her body adjusted to the primal invasion and pressed forward, inching myself into her. I watched the fusion of our bodies fascinated as the tumid lips of her molten core spread itself around the penetrating head and in a gulping brace drew me into her. My cock was now almost fully buried inside her. This earthy fusion breached the last bastion of my sister’s resistance signaling her unconditional surrender and with it came the loss of our childish innocence; a poetic retribution for the carnal understanding of sexual desire. We were now engaged in sex and of this there could be no doubt.

I had never felt anything remotely close to the sensations coursing through me at that moment. We had fallen into a timeless dimension; an erotogenic world sheltered by the four walls of the bathroom. And within this sanctuary every twitch, pulse or sound my sister made was being imbibed by my juvenile sexuality. It was as though a flaming torch was writing a permanent script, encoding a detailed map for every future erotic reaction. I rber looking down at the straining rod extending from my crotch and disappearing into her straining, satin-lipped mound and being struck by the fact that this act could not be undone: I would forever be her first as she was mine and it would be my cum that would anoint her burgeoning sexuality. Our sanguine relationship was now bridged by the intimacy of incestuous sex; a brother fused eternally to his sister.

Any feelings of remorse or misgiving were washed over and abrogated by the unimaginable sensations being transmitted in waves via the twitching, engorged crown buried inside her hot, silky crevice. I was being milked by her constricting canal and it was a sight more erotic than I can put into words: A tableau vivant captured in still life and burnt forever into my psyche. Me, kneeling between my sister’s thighs with my turgid shaft lodged within her snug, virginal slit. To this day just the thought of it makes me hard.

As we lay fused together my cock felt like it had been engulfed by a hot, velvet glove and instinctively I started to pump in and out of her with shallow strokes. I was trying not to penetrate her any further but as I sawed deeper into her, she let out another strangled gasp and this time moaned a little louder.

“Stop … ohhh … Daddy … please, Milo, it hurts … ohhh …” she said, her voice barely audible.

Now I was certain I was hurting her and quickly pulled out until only the head was imbedded in her. I’m not sure why she called out to my father but it may have been an instinctive reflex on her part, hoping that my father would save her from her brother and this incestuous ravishing.

“Sshh … it will be over soon …” I told her and then once again began pumping into her … in and out, in and out, quickening the pace; driven by lust and the need to fill her with my seed. I couldn’t stop and I didn’t want her to attract any attention by making a lot of noise.

At first, impaled on her brother’s tumid spear, she laid there helplessly like a butterfly cruelly pinned to a board, her legs like wings, thrashing in protest while moaning in response to each incursive thrust. But gradually, as the flogging pain receded and the incessant stimulation of her pubescent maidenhead stoked the fires raging between her thighs, she began to return my thrusts with her own.

It was a strange metamorphosis – her resistance transforming to complicit acquiescence. The painful struggle had transitioned to an uncoordinated dance where our bodies slapped together, our groins grinding crassly, while our hips undulated in juvenile ecstasy. She was bucking disjointedly upwards to meet each of my downward thrusts.

She buried her face into my shoulder and said something which I missed so I asked her to repeat herself.

“What did you say?”

“Fuck me, Milo … fuck me harder …” it was a hoarse whisper.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked quite certain of her response.

“No … no … ohhh … ohh … ohhhh … Milo … ohh, ohhhhh … please, don’t stop … keep going … fuck me … harder … fuck me …” she replied “what are you doing to me … ohhh … don’t stop … oh, God, Milo … please keep going …” her voice a throttled gasp as I continued to pump forcefully into her.

And while I stroked, I noticed her eyes scrunched tightly shut, her expression bordering on the boundaries of pain and pleasure and every now and then, her tongue would dart out and she would lick her lips while slowly tossing her head from side to side. Her thick, blond mane tousled about her face and I noticed beads of sweat on her upper lip. She kept raising her knees and squeezing me tight in between her thighs then lowering them and stretching her legs out straight. I could see the muscles in her thighs straining and then relaxing as she raised her knees again. She built up this rhythm in conjunction to my thrusts, our actions gradually becoming a choreographed burlesque.

I leaned forward and began sucking her nipples; first one and then the other. I don’t know why but I began nibling on them, biting down gently on the tips. Her body was now covered in a thin sheen of sweat and I still recall the tangy taste of her as I licked her breasts. Each time I bit gently down on her nipples, she shuddered and moaned loudly as the pleasure short-circuited the nerves from her cortex to the nether regions deep within the valley of her thighs.

“Ohhhhh … Milo, Milo … what is happening to me …?” her rhetorical question was soft and strained as she moaned almost continuously.

The mewling sounds and gasps she made had me thinking that she was in some unfathomable female place, some hypersensitive zone where pain and pleasure kept you hovering in agitated bliss. But driven by my carnal urges, my sense of higher reasoning had shut down and nothing could have changed the course I was on. With every passing second our rhythmic dance was building up to its tantalizing crescendo and as I felt my climax approaching, I noticed that she was breathing much harder with her mouth slightly open and she had begun biting on her lower lip. Her movements had become erratic and forcefully urgent and then I heard her groan loudly, a hissing guttural sound, as she succumbed to the implosion of pleasure racing towards her core.

“Harder … fuck me … harder, harder …”

She mumbled unintelligibly as her body stiffened and arching her back, she thrust herself upwards against me and I felt her cunt spasm rapidly around my cock-head trapping me in the storm of her unbridled passion.

I was being ravaged by her delicious waves; tossed ever closer to the edge and in that final frenzied moment of orgasm I grabed her hips and held on tightly while discharging into her.

“Ohhhhh … oh, baby … here it comes, Kat … I’m cumming …” I whispered as I filled her with my cum.

Shot after shot I pumped my sperm in long, intense spurts deep into my sister’s belly until I was completely spent drowning blissfully in the liquid abyss of her thighs.

I lay on top of her, unmoving, lost in the warm afterglow of climax listening to her breathing heavily in my ear, feeling her heart pounding against my chest, with her arms around my lower back holding me gently against her. My cock, which had remained hard, slowly began to shrivel and with a soft, reluctant “plop” I was released from the gripping lips of her hungry groin. She made a small cry as I slipped out and then I felt her pull me closer in a futile effort to keep us fused together. After a while I got up and knelt by her side, watching as the creamy lava overflowed in slow, viscous rivulets from the depths of her raging trough down the inner slope of her thighs, collecting in a shimmering pool between her tightly closed legs. Through the murky afterglow of our exhausted passion I descended back within the realms of my conscience and was once again filled with remorse; I wanted to comfort her but instead I walked away leaving her alone in the bathroom. Her eyes were still closed.

I have often wondered about the effect this incident had on her developing sexuality and what she had done after I had left. Did she lie there, languidly playing with herself or did she pull her pajama pants over the traces of our lovemaking? Did she enjoy the feel of my sticky seed spent deep inside her belly or was she repulsed by its slimy texture? There were so many questions I needed answered but kept them to myself. I wanted to believe that she had enjoyed the experience as much as I did but in the days that followed, she once again avoided me and that was fine; I was still trying to reconcile the guilt I felt but it did not stop me from thinking about what had happened or from climbing onto the roof and masturbating to the memory of me laboring over my sister, groaning as I spewed into her while she bucked up against me and the incredible sight of my sperm seeping out from her wet, swollen quim.

It was several years later in California, during one of our many conversations that she acknowledged what had happened and after some encouragement, she admitted that it had been a wonderful experience but she was torn by the fact that I was her brother and had spent a considerable amount of time rationalizing the guilt associated with it. She also admitted to having constant thoughts about me and my cock and how it had felt … having “rubed” herself to sleep on many, many hot and sultry nights thinking about me and my cock buried deep inside of her.

Shagging the Toad :

In a few weeks things returned to normal. I was the wild one in the family always getting into trouble, fighting with the neighborhood kids and concocting all kinds of mischief. And like the proverbial “moth to a flame” my sister was drawn to me. When this incident occurred we were in a room where I kept my endless stream of pets. At one time or another, I had pigeons, rabits, snakes, squirrels and even salamanders. If it moved, I’d catch and attempt to tame it. At that particular time the room was empty but like some predacious spider, I had her snared in my prurient web and wasn’t about to let her get away. I still rber what my sister was wearing: a frilly, green pantsuit.

The energy between us quickly changed and became sexual – she felt it too because I sensed her nervousness and saw her fidgeting with her hair. Now that I had her alone, I wanted to fuck her again.

“Close your eyes.” I instructed.

She was seated on a short ledge and acquiesced, shutting them tightly.

“What are you going to do?” she asked as her eyes fluttered open, looking nervously at me.

“We are going to exercise … you want to, don’t you?” I asked.

She was quiet for a while and then looked away from me.

“Don’t you want to exercise?” I asked again worried that she might leave but she nodded and shut her eyes again.

“Didn’t you like what we did?” I persisted, wanting to know if she had enjoyed it as much as I did.

“Mmm … I liked it” she paused, her pretty face taking on a petulant expression “I liked it but I don’t think we should be doing this … it’s wrong … you’re my .”

“It’s special when brothers and sisters do it …” I countered “It will be our secret … but if you don’t want to do it that’s okay, I’ll go and find Kammi and go fishing or something” I was angry and disappointed that she was being difficult.

Kammi was a friend and we often went fishing together, something my sister wasn’t allowed to do since my Mom felt that she was too young to be near the river without adult supervision. I realize now that I was manipulating her but I desperately wanted to fuck her again and did not want her to leave.

“No … no, don’t go … let’s do it … I want to do it!” she said and looked up at me.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to do it unless you really want to?” I now knew she wasn’t going to leave.

“I want to … please don’t go … I want to do it, Milo.” She was pleading now.

I was about to strip her when I noticed her pursing her lips – she had a full, pouting mouth which, as far back as I can rber, had elicited a deep sexual response from me. I had seen pictures in men’s magazines of women performing fellatio and had been incredibly turned on by them and now, I was going to have my sister try this on me.

“Open your mouth” I asked “and suck this …” as I stuck my thumb into her mouth wanting to confuse and prepare her. She looked surprised but complied without protest.

Watching her lips wrapped around my digit sent a surge of erotic charge through me and I felt my cock twitch and leak, wetting the inside of my shorts. I released my hard penis and smeared the clear, sticky fluid oozing from the tip over the toad-like head. Then reaching down, I ran my fingers over her lips, sullying them with the remnants of my precum and as I watched intently, she did something totally unexpected; she opened her mouth and sucked on my fingers again. I felt her sucking hard and her tongue swirling around, licking the juices from my fingers … it was too erotic to put into words.

I was sure she could taste the precum but it didn’t seem to bother her and in fact, seemed to suck harder. Though she may not have been aware of it, the unabashed act sent a perfervid, visual stimulus, causing my cock to throb and dance eerily in the diffused light streaming in through the shuttered windows, the engorged appendage hovering in close proximity to her face. I withdrew my fingers and noticed her swallowing the saliva that must have pooled in her mouth. Her eyes fluttered open and I saw her staring at my cock – she seemed transfixed by it, unable to look away.

I stroked my cock slowly while she just stared at it, her eyes strangely bright though her lids were hooded, giving her a sleepy expression. She licked her lips frequently but never looked away and after what seemed like ages, she closed her eyes again.

“Open your mouth” I said my voice strained and hoarse “and suck hard.”

She opened her mouth without protest – she must have known what was coming. The distended head, freed from the confines of my shorts, was only inches from her face and reeking with the unmistakable musk of male sexuality. I held the back of her head and bending my knees, slid the toad-like creature into her soft, wet mouth.

Her mouth stretched as she wrapped her lips around me and began sucking; it was my first oral experience and when her tongue slithered against the underside of my throbing shaft the sensation was electric and I almost shot my load. I felt her suck again, her cheeks drawn in by the effort while I held her head firmly and began fucking her face.

“Ohhh … suck harder … use your tongue … suck it, Kat, suck it … ohhhhh …” I said, surprised by my unrehearsed verbalization.

I began moving back and forth slowly, my eyes closed and my head thrown back. I was overcome by the pleasure shooting through me. I could hear her moan and when I looked at her I saw her fingers in between her legs rubing herself through her clothes.

She kept sucking and used her left hand to hold my cock firmly in her mouth. At first she allowed me to manipulate her but soon she began to bob her head in conjunction with my thrusts. She was a quick study and realized that sucking the head and swirling her tongue around it would elicit the response she wanted as I moaned uncontrollably with pleasure. She repeated the maneuver over and over again after taking me deep into her mouth and sucking for all she was worth.

On several occasions I was very close to cumming and had to hold her still until the feeling passed. I could feel her swallowing the juices flowing like a river into her mouth. Then, in my excitement I thrust my cock deep into her hitting the back of her throat with my pubis pressing against her nose and felt her gag. Then she quickly pulled her head back, expelling me from the moist sanctuary of her mouth and coughed, spitting out a mixture of her saliva and my juices. She was still holding my cock.

When I looked at her, she was staring at the throbing rod in her hand but I was beyond caring. Without thinking I helped her to her feet and placed her fingers around my shaft which was glistening with her saliva.

“Do it like this …” I said guiding her fingers up and down my shaft.

She squeezed my penis while she positioned herself a little behind me and seemingly guided by some deep-rooted feminine instinct, she peeled back the foreskin as far as it would go watching as the bulbous head throbed and leaked the clear fluids of my arousal. I heard her let out a soft sigh, almost like a muffled moan. Then very deliberately, she stroked back upwards her fingers sensually caressing the length of my cock passing gently over the sensitive coronal ridge, making me twitch with pleasure.

Like our previous experiences, this was virgin territory for us - they say you never forget your first and I can certainly vouch for that. There were many nights when I’d lay awake thinking about the time I introduced my sister to her first cock; her expression as she stared at its hard, shimmering length while holding and caressing it with her fingers. She was the first girl I had fucked and now would also be the first to masturbate me which, for years to come, formed the central themes of my many fantasies.

The image of her fingers forcing the slippery, engorged dome out from its shrouded refuge is something I will never forget. The glistening helmet seemed grotesquely bloated, purple and angry, while it continued to seep clear, sticky tears from the Cyclops-like eye. Her left arm was wrapped around my waist as she stood with her body pressed against my side, bracing herself against the sexual tempest threatening to consume us in its wake. Aroused and eager, she continued staring intently at the pulsing rod she was holding and like the Venus Flytrap, her petals were beginning to close and I was trapped within, waiting for the blissful release I knew would temporarily end my morbid obsession. Our roles had reversed – she was now the predator and I, the willing prey.

I held her fingers and guided her, showing her how to please me. At first, her motions were awkward but she quickly got the hang of it and began to pump me with smooth, agonizingly slow strokes.

“Is this okay?” she asked, her voice a soft, heated whisper.

“Yes, yes … but faster … harder …” I whispered.

Her grip tightened as she pumped me faster.

“Like this …?” she asked; her breathing, like mine, was heavy and ragged.

“Yes … oh, yeah … don’t stop …” I replied.

My sister had unknowingly usurped control and my role as the director of this one-act erotic play was being reassigned and I was relegated to being just the co-star. I was now a captive participating in a timeless ritual which was rooted in the ancient initiations acceded by brothers and sisters in the dark recesses of caves and was now being reenacted by the sensual fondling of my sister’s fingers. Back and forth, back and forth she went and with each down-stroke, she retracted the foreskin fully exposing the distended head, slick and shiny from the fluids leaking copiously out from me.

For her part, she was singularly intent on her task, unsure of the reward but unable to circumvent the fleshy yearning of her female response. Soon her fingers were covered with the sticky treacle of my arousal, frothing from the friction of her pumping motion. I watched with erotic fascination as my sister purposefully traversed the turgid length of my tortured stem, lovingly caressing the engorged head with a skill belying her youthful inexperience. I felt her hips undulate, rubing her crotch against my thigh in time to her strokes. It was just awesome – my sister getting off while getting me off!

I was rendered powerless, a willing slave to her incestuous administrations, following her as she led me inexorably closer to the edge of the precipice. My breathing got heavier as the tension began to build within my scrotum and the surges of pleasure migrated quickly up my shaft towards the engorged head. My knees trbled and sensing a change, she intuitively slowed the pace, squeezing the head and then finally in that single bliss-filled moment I groaned and convulsed spasmodically against her as I climaxed. In a symbiotic reflex my sister’s arm around my waist tightened as she experienced the rush of her first sexual creaming; she watched enthralled as the salacious toad twitched uncontrollably and spat out its slimy juice. When the first burst of cum jettisoned out from the tip, it took her by surprise and I heard her murmur softly:

“Oh, oh…” while straining to maintain her stroking of the pulsing rod.

Glob after milky glob flew meteor-like from the agitated gargoyle and splattered onto the tiled floor until finally there was only a trickle dribling down from the ravaged head and onto her slender fingers.

My sister was caught in a hypnotic trance continuing to milk my cock, expertly coaxing every last drop out of me. I watched as she relentlessly caressed the twitching toad desperately urging it to release another torrent of churning spunk and surprisingly I remained hard.

She quickly knelt in front of me and licked the tip of my cock, cleaning off the residual cum. I saw her swirl it in her mouth savoring the taste before swallowing it down her throat. She then took me back into her mouth and sucked gently sending incredible jolts of pleasure through me making me groan loudly.

I wanted her to suck me to another climax but as my orgasm subsided the tingling sensations at the tip of my shaft were too intense and I pulled myself out of her mouth. I quickly buttoned up my shorts and when I looked up at her, she was licking her fingers clean … it was too much for me. She then wiped her fingers on her pajamas her face radiant and flushed with excitement. She was smiling; content in the covert knowledge of the ever increasing boundaries of our intimate liaison. I think it dawned on her then, this sovereign power she held over me but I also knew that if I had wanted her at that moment, she would have eagerly offered herself to me; to “exercise” as I desired. But I felt the same post-climactic remorse and needed to get away. Once again I was overcome by guilt and uncertainty compounded by the lingering possibility of her telling my parents after one of our many squables. That night I lay awake not wanting to think about the incident but was unable to control the snapshots flooding my mind. I fell asleep with images of her fingers, stroking my glistening cock, eliciting its wanton response while watching the salacious toad throb, twitch and spit out its slimy juice.

Epilogue: Recently, while making love to a young, pretty thing, I closed my eyes and it was my sister who lay under me moaning in response to my thrusts, her thighs wrapped tightly around my hips; whispering in my ear to fuck her harder. There in the shadows of her bedroom, dimly lit by streaks of moonlight stealing in between the curtains and lost in that addled mist of sensual deception, my sister permeates my being; her mouth blowing life into my quivering flute engendering the sticky melody of my passion onto her unrelenting tongue as she divulges the innermost secrets of her incestuous desires. I called out her name as I filled the masquerading imposter with my libidinous seed.

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