this is Hell

“Lock down, Lights out” shouted the guard

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This was my 1 st night in a cell and I was shitting myself, all I did was go to the aid of a man being set upon by two other guys and they pressed charges on me for aggravated assault and the judge wanted to make an example of someone, so I got 90 days despite the man I helped giving the true version of events, turns out he was a drug dealer and had ripped these two guys off.

So as the lights went out I lay there visions of all the bad things you hear about convicts going round and round in my head, the beating they give out or the murder that happens even in prison, I knew I just had to keep my nose clean and keep low for my time here.

After about an hour of lights out I began hearing noises, some crying, some people shouting abuse and threats to others then I heard a noise from the next cell I tried to shut out the other sounds and concentrate on next door.

The bunk above me creaked as the man in it moved around, then I was able to hear what was going on, the two next door were having sex, grunting & groaning.

“Your ass is so tight bitch” I heard one say

As I lay listening I could not help but get excited and took my own cock in my hand and began to stroke it, if nothing else it helped take my mind of where I was.

I could here the guy above me moaning and realised he was wanking too.

“Right you fucking little whore I’m gonna cum in your ass” the guy said then I heard him grunt loudly and figured he was shooting his load.

“Now it’s my turn get that little prick of yours in my arse and fuck me good and no cumin till I say so right”

“Ok” was all I heard from the other man in there.

I could not believe that I was excited and actually wanking to two men fucking each other, but then I could not believe that me of all people was in prison.

As I wanked happily I heard the man above me say “You enjoying yourself faggot”

I opened my eyes to see him leaning over the edge of his bed looking underneath at me, then I saw his leg drop off the edge and he climbed down.

“Now listen to me newbie, you don’t get to pleasure yourself until you have pleasured a reg you understanding me”

“Hey what the fuck are you on about man” I said

“You’re a newbie, you know a new con, I’m a reg in other words a regular con been here a while, so if u wanna shoot ya load u gotta help me shoot mine first or else”

“Or else what?” I asked

“Or else get a beating smart mouth, you ain’t gonna last long in here with your attitude boy I can tell you”

A cold chill ran through me, my cock had already wilted and the sobering realisation of what he was saying hit me, if I did not perform some sort of sex act on him I was going to get beaten up.

He pulled back my bed clothes and knelt on the edge of my bed holding onto his bunk, his erect cock pointing straight at me this was menacing enough.

“Now you got two choices boy wank it or suck it either way your gonna make me cum” he snapped

I knew I had no way out of this and I was now more frightened than I was when the lights went out, I reached my hand up and wrapped my fingers around his cock and began moving my hand back and forth, his foreskin moved back to reveal his shiny helmet, his balls seemed to be bouncing up and down as I jerked him off, his pubes felt like wire wool.

After a few minutes he leaned down “You can’t wank a cock for toffee you twat, so I guess your gonna have to suck me off and if I as much as feel a single tooth I’ll knock ‘em all out, savvy?”

“B but I’ve never sucked a cock before” I stammered

“Looks like you better hope you’re a natural at it then tossa”

With that he thrusted his cock at my mouth, nervously I open my lips and slid them over his head all I can rber really is tasting the saltiness of his cock, there was no other taste really.

“Get on your fucking knees so you can do it better” he snarled and dragged me out of my bed, it was not until this point that I realised just how big this guy was, muscles on muscles so there was no way I wanted a beating off him.

I sank to my knees took his cock in my hand and again fed it into my mouth, he took hold of my head and began fucking my mouth, I gagged a couple of times as his penis hit the back of my throat, he was relentless it was difficult to breathe properly as he slammed in and out of my mouth.

“Go on danny fuck the little cock sucker” came a shout from next door

“Looks like I’m gonna have too cuz she can’t wank nor suck cock” My abuser shouted back.

A cold shiver ran down my spine I knew what was coming next and tears began to well up in my eyes.

He grabed hold of my hair pulled me up spun me round and bent me over the chair that was in a corner, he then roughly pulled my bum cheeks apart and spat at my hole a couple of times before getting behind me spitting on his cock then pushed it at my ass hole.

As he pushed in I yelped out in pain, and as I did other cons started cheering him on, this seemed to fire him up more and he told me to shut the fuck up or else, I had to bite my lip as it felt like he was ripping me open.

I can’t really explain what was going through my mind or what I felt as I was in to much pain, his onslaught was relentless, he was going to fuck me no matter what anyway.

He had a firm grip on my hips and was now building a rhythm, I thought I was going to faint, I don’t think that would have stopped him either, if nothing else this was going to make me more considerate to women when we have sex.

The chants from other cells was still going on, I blanked my mind completely as he used me but I could not shut out the pain and discomfort I just wanted it over with.

A few more thrust’s and he grunted, I felt him stiffen and knew he was cumin in my ass, this at least lubed me up so that his final pushes did not cause so much friction pain.

He pulled out his cock and wiped it over my butt cheeks, climbed back upon his bunk and there was a few seconds of wolf whistles then silence not a sound, I stumbled back to my bed and had just covered up when a guard shined a torch at us then moved on.

I lay there sobing with my pillow over my head and this burning pain in my arse when I heard danny say that it will get easier.

Fucking easier, this can only mean that it will not be the only time I am abused while I am here in this hell hole.

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