Island Heat Pt.2

So my sister and I had made love for the first time (not the last) in my hotel room in Samoa.

Island Heat Pt.2


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So my sister and I had made love for the first time (not the last) in my hotel room in Samoa. The next day we both acted as if nothing happened, we went about doing things as we had always done. I thought that was the end of it, that it was a one off thing and would never happen again. I was so wrong!

My older brother had gone around to everyones rooms and told them there would be a drinking competition later on in the evening. The loser would have to do all the families washing. We were having lunch with my parents when he told us of his great plan to get one of our cousins to do all our washing. Lisa was sitting next to my other sister Amanda across from me, she looked up at me and gave a little smirk.

Did she want us to fuck again? I felt my shorts tighten as my cock rose. Down boy down!

Amanda looked at me and said,

"Looks like you will be doing everyones washing, aye lil bro!"they all laugh, even my parents.

So there we were in the hotel bar, cousins trying to out drink eachother. Lisa was on her way while Amanda was not looking too good, she had been doing shots all night. I was way over my limit and knew that if I wanted to walk and rber anything about tonight I should stop now, that I did. Lisa looked my way and gave me a smile only I would appreciate. I so wanted to fuck her again! Slowly the numbers started to cut down with cousins sneaking off to bed. Lisa walked up to me and kissed me on the cheek,

"Goodnight bro" she looked at me smiling then walked out off, just as she was about to exit the bar she turned and smiled at me again. This was my que!YES!

I said my goodnights and made my way back to my room. I knew my brother wouldn't be coming back tonight, when he drinks, he will drink to the next afternoon. It doesn't matter where he drinks but he will find some place to drink just to make sure he is the last man standing.

I get to my door and there is a "Don't Disturb" tag hanging on the knob. Key to lock and I enter. She must really want it I think to myself. I enter and head for the bath room, brush my teeth and take off all my clothes. My cock is getting hard just thinking about what is about to happen.

I walk into the open bedroom and see my sister lying in my bed. I go over to her and pull down the sheets she had covered herself with, she lets out a quiet moan. I gently slide beside her, and give her a hug. She is sleeping, but she only has her underwear and bra on. Slowly I unclip her bra and chuck them aside, I gently lick her left nipple, she moans, then I take her nipple in my mouth and kiss it as if I was kissing her mouth, my tongue moves gently and slowly over her nipple, she moans. While sucking I move my right hand down, it is hot and damp. I caress the lenth of her, from her asshole to her clit over her cotton panties. She gives a little moan and arches her back, she is still sleeping. I gently pull down her underwear away from her and spread her legs, I'm like a little kid looking in the window of a Candy store, before diving in. I eat her like there will be no tomorrow! Her pussy juice taste so good in my mouth as my tongue fights a deadly battle with her clit. I put my hand under her ass and lift and lick in one slow motion from her asshole to clit. This certainly got her attention as she wakes moaning, she grabs my hair trying to pull me off but I wrap my hands around her thighs and stick my tongue deep in her causing her to arch her back as her cum runs down my chin. Before she can recover I grab her by her waist and turn her over.

"I've been wanted to fuck you all day" I tell her

Shes still out of breath from her orgasm. I pull at her waist so that she is on her knees and guide my now throbing cock towards her wet cunt. Just as the head of my cock touches her lips she tries to pull away and says,

"NO Mark!"

I quickly grab at her waist and pull her back slamming my cock into her wet pussy. It felt tighter than it did last night. She let out a scream as I fuck her hard from behind. Just hearing her say my name made me want to cum, "Mark....mark..."

She was getting wetter with every stroke, yet she was still trying to pull away from me.

Maybe she wanted to pretend that she didn't really want to be doing this with her brother. This must be her way for dealing with it, and it kinda made things more exciting for me too.

Even though her pussy was soaking wet it was still tight around my cock.

"Lisa your pussy is so much tighter tonight than it was when we fucked last night"

This seemed to have done the trick, because as soon as I said that, her pussy relaxed and became more welcoming, even her moans were louder now. She stopped trying to pull away and started to fuck me back. My eyes were finally adjusted to the darkness, I wanted to look into her eyes as I unload into her, I pulled my cock out of her dripping pussy bend down and lick her juices. I lay down on my back next to her, she hesitates for a moment then slowly puts one leg over me, mounts my cock and starts to fuck, slowly at first then going all out.

"Lisa...Oh shit I'm gonna cum"

I looked into her beautiful brown eyes, grabed her long hair and pull her close, our tongues played out an epic sword fight.

Then it dawned on me.

Lisa's hair isn't this long. I open my eyes and slowly push on her chest, I see Lisa's eyes, but not Lisa's face.


I cum deep inside her. "arrgh....arrrgh oh shit" I squirt load after load inside my oldest sister as she orgasms on me.

Out of breath we both just look at each other, my cock is still inside her and slowly deflating.

"So how long have you and Lisa been fucking?" she finally says,

I just lay there with my mouth open. WTF is going on?.

"Come on dipshit. Tell me. How long have you two been fucking eachother?" she askes

"It's only happened once.....and it wasn't really planned. It was a accident...lastnight...we.."

"Oh a Accident aye!" she chuckles.

"Manda I'm sorry, I didn't know it was you...I thought..."

"You thought I was Lisa! You sick fuck!"

I was shitting myself, Amanda would tell my parents for sure and then both Lisa and I would get killed or worse, disowned. She could easily say I raped her.

"Please Amanda don't tell anyone about this" I pleaded.

"Do you really think I'm gonna go around telling people that my little brother and little sister fuck each other?". she growls at me.

"No. I'm sorry. I just thought.."

"Wait a minute, did you come here thinking that Lisa was waiting for you? So you guys had planned to do it again?" she looks at me with those parental eyes.

"No!....well....NO!...I thought she....well"

"Well what you dipshit?" she says as she slaps my face.

"Well I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened last night, and when she left the bar tonight she turned and smiled at me...I thought she wanted to do it again" I tell her,

"Look Mark" she says, loving sisterly voice " you are both married and have kids. What if she gets pregnant?"

"I know. But it just happened, I swear sis! It was hot, I had a towel covering me and she came out of the shower with her towel wrapped around her, then we wrestled over her PSP, next thing you know my dick was inside her...yes! You could say she tripped and fell on my all happened in a flash we both..." I explain to her.

"That bitch told me yesterday that her PSP was dead!" Amanda say back to her normal self,

So she and Lisa both watched porn on that PSP. I can't believe how dirty both my sisters are, I had always thought they were the good loving mothers to their kids and husbands. How wrong was I!. The thought of my sisters watching porn excited me and my cock began to rise again. Oh shit! Amanda looked at me sideways,

"Are you for real?" she said astonished at how quickly I became hard. "You just came...and you're hard again.."

"It's not everyday you find yourself in these situations" I say, "I'm sorry but this is really turning me on".

"You dirty little bastard" she says smiling

"I'm sorry, but just seeing you, my oldest sister who I have admired all these years sitting on my cock, and she isn't really angry about it....kinda making me really want to fuck you" I say with confidence

She looks at me without saying anything for a long time then says,

"I can't believe I'm gonna do this" she says as she slowly begins to raise her cunt away from cock then slowly bringing it back down.

We lock eyes and never look away as she rides me, all the while she keeps saying,

"I can't believe I'm fucking my little brother.....and I'm liking it". she is really fucking me now. Her constant moans and gasping for air really turns me on. Finally she says,

"Don't you dare fucking cum! I'm....I'm....oooooooh fuck!" she clenches her teeth never breaking out eye contact as she cums. The look on her pure ecstacy in her eyes was too much for me , I cum just after she orgasm'd.

She collapses on me out of breath, after a while when we finally recovered she slides off me and says,

"You better not tell anybody about this! I mean ANYBODY! Not even Lisa."

"Don't worry sis, I won't be telling this to anyone" I tell her.

Then it comes to me,

"Hey, why were you in my bed anyway?" I ask her.

"I had a headache and asked James for his key knowing he wouldn't use his bed tonight, I don't really wanna be around mum with a headache". she says

She gives me a fright when she sits up in a dash,

"Oh my fucking god...."she says looking at me,


"Oh please god I hope I don't get pregnant!" she says putting her face in her hands.

Both my sisters Lisa and Amanda are three months pregnant, I'm going to be a uncledaddy in 6 months. Amanda knows that Lisa's next child is mine, while Lisa thinks that Amanda's child is her husbands.

End of PART II


Two months ago I got a call from my sister Amanda, she wanted to have lunch, she had something to tell me and would rather say it in person. Earlier in the morning before I left for work, my other sister Lisa had given me the same call...two weeks before that Lisa and I nearly got caught fucking....

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