Who are you and where's my best friend?! (part 2)

Shes saying .. what??!

My Friend had called me over to talk she said. She NEVER did that. Her brother was away and so was her dad. He usually lets me come over and we'd be alone playing some game or something. Well I guess you could say, we did. She told me to go into her room. I looked and I relieved to see her just sitting there staring at her wall.

"You wanted me to come over?" I said.

"Yeah, I just wanted to talk to you about the sleep over." She patted the bed next to her and I looked confused but shrugged and sat down. "Yeah I was confused too."


"Well, Are you using me??"


"Well, I heard you." I looked confused

"Heard me doing whaat??"

"My brother" I became wide eyed.

I just sat there with my mouth wide open. I didn't know what to do. I just got to careless when we were doing it and I moaned louder then I should have. All I just rbered was me seducing him but then it turned around. It made me horny and my mouth finally went shut. Then I just bit my lip. She was staring at me the whole time. I looked back over at her. She started to kiss me but I shoved her away and she went after me again. She kept doing it until I broke and I started kissing back because I couldn't take it. I kissed back and I made sure she was horny too. I moved my hand right down on her mound and started to rub. She leaned back and I laid on top of her. She moaned at me and that made me go wild. I rubed her mound harder. She moaned louder when ever she could breath which was almost never.

She shoved me away finally just to breath. I stared at her with the same lust as I did her brother. I felt so ashamed because I was cheating on him with his sister. Which took away from it a little but I still wanted her and I knew now she wanted me. She grabed my shirt and pulled me back down. I rubed her mound still and she moaned. Then she rubed up under my shirt and felt my . I gave a sound out and she squeezed them softly and I moaned. She ripped off my shirt and I kept rubing her mound. She was getting wet, I could tell. I shoved away from her.

"Hehe," I giggled "you want me?"

"YES!" she screamed while she panted.

"I wanted you wayyy before."

I pulled off her pants in a hurry but I didn't take off her panties yet. This gave me more of an access to her mound. I rubed it hard. She moaned so loud. I smirked at her and she looked wide eyed at me.

"You never had a woman before, have you?"

"I wanted it to be you." She said proud. " I never knew if you would come around though."

I pulled off her panties then started to lick down by her slit. Her clit was growing with hope to get licked. I teased it. She moaned like she was so content with something. She was wet alright and I licked it all up before I started licking her clit slowly and with the tip of my tongue. She shivered and I loved it. I rubed it harder and she moaned. It made me wet and I licked even harder. Mmm, it was so good and she moaned so loud that the window shook. I grinned and I started whipping her clit with my tongue. She jerked and moan so I grabed her ass and just kept on licking. She orgasmed and cummed right in my face. I licked it all up. I let her relax a bit.

"You like that?"

"oooohhh yessss, It feels so good" She panted this all out.

I grabed her ass when she least expected it and started licking as fast and as hard as possible. I felt like a dog lapping up all that cum. She jerked around and I just jerked her back. She moaned and screamed. She told me to stop but I acted like I didn't hear her. The whole room shook and I orgasmed just making her doing it all the time. I peeked up through the window and we hadn't shut the blinds. I looked wide eyed and I just kept licking the mess up. Her brother was staring in at us. At first he seemed made but then he looked pleasured. It made me want even more. She tried to push me away but she couldn't sit up. I licked harder and harder. I stopped and looked up. Her brother was gone. She laid panting.

"YOU BASTARD!" she screamed.

"I thought you wanted me." I rubed her clit and it popped. I grinned. She shuddered and looked confused. "It looks like you popped. Don't worry it'll be fine you'll just have a scar for a bit."

"Why did you do that. I was so scared."

"Don't ask if you can't take it."

I put her pants and panties on her and she slowly got up and waddled around. I could tell she was in alittle pain but what can't a little pain do? I knew we'd do it sometime later. I just didn't know when. I wanted her to heal up before I did it again. I slowly went out of her room and her brother was nowhere to be found. So I shrugged and just walked home. Maybe later I can explain myself to him.

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