My wife's Niece Chapter Five

I didthe other niece.

Chapter four ended with me getting ready to leave for work after I had sex with my wife’s other niece, Carole.

Carole had not been feeling good after we had sex and said she, “Was hurting but had told her aunt Karen it must have been something she ate for lunch.”

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I had left on my route but all night long I kept thinking about Carole and hoping she would be alright.

Then another thought entered my mind. What if Carole was to get worse or Karen decided to call the doctor or take her to the hospital. What would happen then? I tried to put that all out of my mind that night but couldn’t.

I got back in the next morning and when I got in the house, Karen and Carole were setting at the table and I asked Carole, “How she was feeling,” and she said, “A lot better, thanks for asking.”

She went on to say, “Not sure if it was something I ate, a bug, or maybe even a worm and then laughed a little laugh.” Karen said, “She must be okay sounds like she is back to her old self again.”

About that time Carole said, “Time for the bus, tomorrow night is the big night and can’t wait and went out the door.”

Then Karen said, “Busy day for me tomorrow too.” I said, “That’s right you are going to be at the prom too.” Then Karen said, “Yes until about midnight, helping out.” The day came and went and I had another normal night on the route and the next day was kind of hectic around the house with Carole and Karen getting ready for the prom. So I didn’t get much sleep or rest. We had just finished lunch and Karen said, “She had to go to the school for awhile and help get things ready and asked Carole, if she wanted to go.”

Carole said, “I guess not and then asked Karen if it would be alright to slip her prom dress on and show Uncle Dan because he would be gone to work before she got dressed for the prom that night.

” Karen told her she could but to be careful with it and not get it dirty before the prom. Then Karen gave me a little peck on the cheek and said I should be back in two or three hours and left.

Carole went into her bedroom and after a short while she came out in her beautiful formal gown. And asked, “How does it look,”

I said, “It is beautiful and so are you.” Of course this was her second senior prom and I hadn’t seen her the year before when she was a junior.

But she looked different for some reason then it caught my eye her boobs looked bigger for some reason.

I asked, “What did you do to yourself?” She kind of looked down and said, “Oh you mean these and went on to say, it is my new push up bra.”

I said, “Boy it sure changed you and you had better take the gown off before something happens to it.”

She said, “I guess I had,” and went back in her bedroom and in a few minutes she came back out without anything on and asked, “If she still looked ok,”

I said, “Couldn’t be better.” Before I could say anything more she walked on over to where I was standing and put her arm around me and started to kiss me and I grabed her and pulled her as close as I possibly could.

We braced for awhile and Carole said, “I feel better today if you would want to fool around some but I am a little sore yet but I am willing if you are.

I took her by the hand and she followed me into the bedroom and I told her, “To get on the bed if she wanted and I would be right back.”

I went out to my van and got a pack of rubers and came back in and Carole was lying there rubing her pussy. I undressed and slipped on a condom and got on the bed to get ready to fuck her.

About then Carole said, “That Linda had told her that I like to eat pussy and that she would love to get hers eaten out and asked, if I would do that for her.”

Without saying anything I but my head between her legs and took my fingers and spread her pussy lips and started in on her. She had a lot of hair I had to content with but I had never let that bother me before.

I licked around on her pussy for awhile and tongue fucked her until she told, me to stop.

I did because I if I hadn’t she might have got too aroused because it was her first time and something might have happened, like passing out.

Then I rose up and took my cock and pressed it against her sweet pussy and started pushing it in and she kind of pushed me back a few times and I said, “Are you alright,” and she said, “A little sore yet but I will be fine.”

So I just held it firmly against her pussy and leaned my head down and started licking one of her nipples and then sucked on her tit some all the time keeping my hard cock pressed against her pussy.

Carole would push her pussy up tighter against my cock every so often and I could feel my cock slowly going deeper into her pussy.

After awhile she quit pushing and I started working my dick slowly in and out until she put her legs up and over my body and then I would thrust harder with each stroke until I shot my load.

I held it in her for a short time and started to pull it out and Carole asked, “Do you have too,” and I told her, “I was just going to take off the condom and put on a new one because I was afraid it might leak.”

Carole said, “Okay hurry.” I got up and took it off and discarded it and put on a new one.

When I started in her pussy with my cock this time I had no trouble even though it was tight.

I just started in fucking her and in a short time Carole said, “I think it’s time," and just then I could feel that warm cum oozing out on me.

I kept pouring it to her until I had cum again then as the last time I left it soaking in her, but not for long this time.

I pulled it out and Carole asked, “Are you getting another condom?” I said, “No, and that we had better quit before Karen comes home and catches us.”

Carole said, “But I want to do it again.” Then she went on to say, “We can get dressed and go in my room and I will just take my panties off and we can hear her as soon as she comes in the drive.”

I said, “Maybe just a quick one then.”

Carole had went to her room to dress and I got up and slipped my clothes on and had just walked into Carole’s room where she was laying with her panties off and her legs all spread apart.

And I getting ready to slip my trousers down when I heard a car pull in. I peeked out the window and it was Karen. I pulled my pants up and headed for the kitchen and had started to make some coffee when she came in the door.

In a few minutes Carole came out of her room and said to Karen, “Uncle Dan liked my gown.” Karen said, “I knew he would and went on to say, you were careful with it weren’t you.” Carole said, “Of course.”

I got me a cup of coffee and went out on the porch and before long Karen came out and asked, "If sandwiches would be okay for tonight."

I told her that would be fine. Later after I ate and was getting ready to head to the van, I told Carole to have a good time and gave Karen a kiss and told her to keep all the kids straightened out and she said, “You know I will.”

I left and that night at the beginning of my route I saw a guy broke down and stopped to see if I could be of any help.

Company policy wouldn’t let me give him a ride so I let him use my cell phone and call for help and sat there in the van and talked with him until someone came.

It put me a little behind but I just didn’t care and I soon made up some of the lost time and I was a few minutes later getting home and Karen was still in bed and woke up as I came in and I told her, “To go back to sleep that I wasn’t very hungry and would grab me a cup of coffee.”

I sat in the kitchen and drank my coffee and was getting ready to lie down when Karen came in the kitchen, I poured her a cup and we sat and talked about how things went at the prom last night, among other things.

Carole came in a few minutes later from her prom date while we were talking and Karen asked her, “How things went last night.” She said, “Great and I am going to bed.”

Then I said, “I guess I will too.” Don’t want this to get to boring so tell more in chapter six.

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