Summer holiday education

A bond gets stronger

Summer holidays have come around “HOORAY” I get to spend two weeks with my Grand parents in their home near the beech.

I had already packed my bags a week ago, so as soon as I got home on my last day of lessons I ran straight upstairs and undressed jumped into the shower and waited for my Grandpa to arrive to collect me.

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I have always had a close special relationship with my grandparents and they always made me feel special as I was their only grandson, they did have 4 granddaughters though aswell from my aunts and uncles.

Grandpa arrived at 5:30pm we had the usual hugs and then my mom and dad (Grandpa’s son) all sat at the table drinking tea catching up.

It was time to go and my case was put in the boot of grandpa’s car, I kissed mom and dad goodbye and climbed into the front seat next to Grandpa.

Along the way we chatted about how things was going with my studies etc, when Grandpa asked me “and how about boyfriends or girlfriends?”

“I don’t have either, why do you ask?”

“Just curious, last time we spoke you said about how you had been feeling sexually towards both sexes and just wondered if you had experimented at all to find any answers, sorry if I am being to nosy” he chuckled

“I don’t mind you asking at all Grandpa, yes I was and still am very curious and yes I have actually experimented with boys and girls and although I enjoyed both I’m still not really sure, I have seen a few magazines and get excited at seeing nice cocks as much as I do seeing various pussies, but seeing the boys cocks I have played with did not have the same attraction for me as the ones on the men in the pictures”

“If I may ask what exactly have you tried?” he enquired

“Grandpa!!” I replied in a slightly raised barrassed voice

As I said before we have a close relationship but I have never spoken about sexual things with anyone other than a few friends I knew I could trust.

“Sorry Tim, I was just wondering so I can see if I can help you at all anyway I can, I have had some life experiences of my own you know” again he chuckled

I did not pay much attention to everything he had just said so only responded to part of it.

“Well, I have erm looked at, held & stroked a cock other than my own and I have felt the outside and inside of a girls pussy with my fingers” I half mumbled, now beginning to blush.

“Oh is that all?” he laughed “you have not tasted either or tried more?”

“Not sure what you mean by more, but no I have not tasted either, did not even know people do that” now feeling silly as well as blushing

By now our journey was almost over and I could see the sea in the near distance.

“I see you still have a lot to learn Tim but don’t worry I’m sure we can help” he winked and patted my leg

“What or who do you mean WE?”

“Me and Granma, your dad and others”

“Jeeze don’t tell anyone Grandpa please I’ll die from barrassment” I quickly replied

We pulled onto the driveway and grandma was standing in the door way to greet us, I ran from the car hurried up to her and cuddled firmly, she rested her hand on my head planted a kiss in the same place.

“Hello my darling, how was the journey?” she asked

“Hello, it was fine thanks” said i

“I think I may have barrassed him a little Ma” said Grandpa

“And how did you do that?” asked Granma

We moved inside the house where to my disbelief grandpa told the whole car journey story, I began to blush again.

“Aww don’t worry sweetie, we all start somewhere.” Replied grandma, who cuddled me into her bosom.

This actually excited me a little.

The rest of the day was spent talking about the family and what had been happening, after supper I took a shower and sat in the living room with grandpa in my dressing gown to watch some TV, grandma had gone off to bed.

Grandpa brought the conversation back to the one we had in the car, “do you think you will try experimenting again?”

“I think so, as I am really not sure but I don’t think it will be with the same boy as I said earlier it did not excite me in the same way as the pictures I have seen”

“Have you seen any movies showing sex between people” he asked

I knew he meant porn films and told him I had seen one once but the picture quality was really poor.

Grandpa got up went to a cupboard on the wall near the TV and removed a DVD, put the disc into the machine.

“Here watch this a while, I’m going to take a shower so you wont be barrassed”

With that he pressed the play button and left the room, I could not believe it on the screen was a group of men and women all naked having sex, ok so I could have just said an orgy but then I would have lost two lines of my story.

The scene focused on two men standing facing each other holding each others cocks and stroking them, then one guy dropped to his knees and put the other mans cock in his mouth and began moving his head back and forth.

I felt my own cock begin to stir under my dressing gown, looking around quickly to make sure no one was watching I began to masturbate myself allowing my gown to fall open.

On the screen now was a man and woman in a 69 position and the screen zoomed in on the mans tongue lapping at the woman’s trimmed pussy.

I was blissfully Wanking my cock now totally ignorant to my surroundings only what was on the TV when I heard

“Mmm I see that’s having some effect on you then”

It was Grandpa he stood in the room in his dressing gown, I tried to cover my cock but just made an awkward situation worse.

“Don’t worry Tim it’s natural I do it all the time when me and Ma watch these films” he said taking a seat in his comfy chair.

“Grandma watches these too?” I responded; trying to still hide my cock that was still hard.

“Yeah of course, like I said in the car I have had a few life experiences of my own and so as your Granma, besides I’ll probably start playing with myself while we watch, if you don’t mind that is” he said

Blushing and not really sure what to say or do I simply said “I don’t mind”

I turned back to the TV the camera was back on the two men only this time they had swapped places and I could see the cock being sucked very clearly and my cock was twitching again, I kept my hands still even though I desperately wanted to play with myself.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Grandpa was playing with his cock though I could not see it, he then stood up and said that his gown was in the way and removed it.

I looked at him and saw his cock for the 1 st time, my cock twitched again his cock had the same effect on me as the ones on screen or in the pictures I had seen much better than my friends cock did.

He sat back down and continued to rub his cock.

“Please Tim do not be barrassed we both have the same and we both obviously enjoy this film, if you want to wank please do” he said in a low warm reassuring way.

I said nothing but looked back to the TV wondering should I or shouldn’t I, then thinking that what was there to worried about grandpa was doing it to his anyway.

So again I took my cock in my hand and allowed my gown to fall open, I stroked my cock up and down it felt so nice, then I stood up and took my gown off.

“That’s a nice cock you have, you should be quite proud of it” Said grandpa

“Err thanks, I think” is all I could stumble out

“No I mean it looks very nice and very hard aswell, your friend was a fool not to have sucked it like those guys on screen are”

“Grandpa, I think you enjoy teasing me” I said as I sat back down

“I’m not teasing you, I would have sucked it if I had been him”

“Really have you ever sucked a cock before?” curiosity had taken over now

“Yes me and Ma are both Bisexual Tim and have been for many many years, we used to have sex parties like the one on here but that’s another story”

“How would you like me to suck your cock for you Tim” he asked

“I’m not sure, I feel nervous”

“Ok what if I start to suck you and if you don’t like it I will stop and that will be the end of it, but at least you will know if you like it or not.”

I was feeling very horny and I did want to experience what it would be like and why not with someone I already had a special bond with.

“Err ok yes please Grandpa, I would like that”

He arose to his feet his own hard cock bouncing around in front of him as he walked towards me, I rber thinking how nice it looked and I wanted to feel it, but I just sat there as he knelt on the floor by me.

He placed his hand around my cock

“Mmm” escaped from my lips as he did so

“If you like that you’ll love this” he smiled up at me

He then lowered his mouth down and licked the tip of my cock which was oozing some juices already then lowered his head even further down over my shaft.


“Mmm indeed you taste so good and your juice is very nice, I can’t wait to taste your whole load” grandpa said looking up into my eyes.

He continued to suck up and down my cock until I bucked and felt my sperm racing up along my thick vein.

“I’m gonna cum”

“Good let it go in my mouth Tim it’s ok I love it”

Well it was a good job he did because right at that very moment my cock erupted in grandpa’s mouth, it was the most amazing feeling I have ever had from my body, it was like the feeling you get when you know your about to get a huge surprise and butterflies start in your tummy only this was better.

He finished sucking and licking my cock clean then sat back on his haunches looked at me

“Well I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did”

“Oh yes grandpa I did, it was wonderful, can we do it again sometime please” I said excitedly

“Of course we can, and I’ll let you into a little secret your dad enjoyed it just as much the 1 st time I sucked his cock many years ago.

“You have sucked dads cock?”

“Yes me and Ma have since he was in his teens and we still do sometimes, he also likes sucking my cock”

“WOW, maybe I could try sucking your cock next time then?”

“Yes I would like that”

“And do you think grandma will join us too like she did with dad?”

“I know she would love to, infact” he then looked towards the front room door

“Come in Ma tell him yourself”

I was shocked to see grandma walk into the room naked, she had been watching from the door all the time, she had a huge grin on her face

“Oh Tim what I just saw was beautiful and yes I would love us all to have some fun together” she said joyfully.

Well that will be another story but for now have fun cum lots and please leave any comments.

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