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Anne had been working for this financial company for nearly 10 years now; giving her all, actually too much to climb the leader of success. Now looking back she realize that’s she’s got what she wanted…she’s got a home, well a mansion, a booming career…yes that’s all she ever wanted, or was it? It suddenly dawns on her that something was amiss. And like may career woman; she knows it’s a man and possibly kids. Yes the now familiar empty feel always grips her heart the moment she walks into her empty home at night.

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“Alone again”, she mumbles to herself when she enters her home, tired and worn from a hectic day at work, but instead of relaxing she went straight to her study, opened her briefcase to go thorough the new applications for the new interns. “Damn, at least they could’ve included some pictures to make it interesting”, she said to herself. After reading through all the application she picked some prospective ones and got up for that long awaiting bath. Just then the phone rings. “Oh man…” she mumbled again irritated. She’s so tired and just wants to get in a hot bath. It was her sister, trying to get her to accompany them for a night out. “Please Shari; I had enough of blind dates.” Oh, c’mon Anne, it’s nothing like that. We’re just a bunch of friends going to have a good time, ok”. Anne pondered before she answers. Truth is, tonight she’s definitely not in the mood for her own company. So with a little hesitation, she agreed to meet them at the club around the corner. Luckily it’s near her home. She went through her bathing routine without any special effort for her night out. But felt a little excitement when she put on her underwear. One thing about Anne is that although she’s a formidable business woman, she’s all women. She loves sexy underwear; it makes her feel and act very sexy… After locking her door, she triples down the chairs to her car and says with a smile, “Here we go…night, here I come!” In the car-park She reaches the club just as her sister pulled into the car park. She’s always glad to see her sister, but hate it when she gets coupled up with some poor loser who thinks he’ll get laid. She went along with it at first, but soon gave up; meaningless sex is not for her…. Shari was her usual sparkling self, grinning from ear to ear to see Anne already there. Surprisingly she’s alone tonight and not with the usual bunch that normally accompany her. The sisters’ shares a tight bond, since childhood even though their personalities are like night and day. They hug each other close and walked arm-in-arm to join the rest of the group, seemingly some new college pals of Shari.

In the club

The smoky interior of the club immediately makes Anne feeling light headed as soon as they make their way through the dancing couples on the floor. From the corner of her eye she sees a group of young guys and a few guys waving at them. “C’mon Anne, let me go and introduce you to my new friends. Loosen up sis; I promise you’ll have a great time.” Anne already regrets coming here. She’s already 32 and this group of people can hardly be 21. She can kick herself for giving in to Shari’s demands, but also knows that Shari hardly takes no for an answer and would’ve dragged her out of the house. At the table she was introduced around the table and couldn’t help blushing for the obvious admiring glances of the male students. There was one in particular that caught her eye. She reprimands herself however for even thinking in that way about guys this young. Surprisingly she loosened up after a glass of wine and was even asked to dance a couple of times, except by Clint, the guy she’s been eyeing since introduced to him. She notices that he only had some mineral water; must be a nerd…she thought to herself. The few times he spoke, she was drawn by his husky sexy voice. Oh well, she might as well enjoy herself, he certainly won’t be interested in someone like her. It was much later when they finally exited the club into the cool breeze of the night. Although Anne doesn’t stay far from the club, Shari insisted that Clint drive behind Anne to make sure she gets home safe. That’s the last thing Anne needed as she don’t have much time for the handsome stuck-up guy right now. He hasn’t said a word to her the entire evening and now he’s the one that must see to it that she gets home safe. She’ll get Shari for this tomorrow.

Anne’s car

Anne drove at a slow pace while humming to herself, more so because she feels nervous about the gorgeous hunk following her. Oh dread, now she have to talk to him… hmmm which I could thank him my way instead, she thinks to herself, grinning. Oh God, she’s soaking wet, just by thinking about his hot body.


The mansion stood like a giant intruder in her sight. “Well Anne, alone again”, she said to herself. She pulls into her driveway and sees that he’s parked right behind her. She wants to shout at him that she’s ok now; he can leave, but stop mid-way when he gets out of his car, moved to her passenger side and motioned for her to open the door. “What now?” She asked under her breath. Is he going to give me a lecture on my driving now? It was on the tip of her tongue to ask him if there was a problem, but he looked angry. He just sat there looking at her with those smoldering eyes. Anne was dumbfounded, what was this guy’s problem, but something in his eyes stirred some emotions that have got her tingling all over, and so far he hasn’t said a word. “Oohh”, Anne moans when he suddenly grabed her and kissed her with so much passion that she lost her breath. His hands were all over her, and when they came up for breath he said “I wanted to do that the whole night”. “What? You big idiot, why didn’t you say anything? I want you just as much!” Anne cried out. He looked genuinely surprised at her words. Surely this gorgeous woman can’t possibly feel this raw emotions he’s been feeling since he laid eyes on her tonight. He never knew Shari had such a fabulous sister. Without a word Anne got out and told him in a voice full of emotion, “Want to come in for coffee?” He just smiled and walked with her hand-in-hand to the door. When they entered she led them to the kitchen and asked him how he takes his coffee. His answer to this was, “The hell with the coffee; I want you”. He picked her up and carried her to the couch… No words were needed as they explored each others’ bodies while kissing frantically. They were naked in no time. Clint moved between Anne’s legs and he first stared in wonder at her swollen clit, admiring her beauty and enjoying her musky odor. He rubed with his right hands fingers over her clit and can feel her body contract with the sensitivity of his touch. He keep on rubing and then inserted a middle finger to play with her g-spot…Anne was soon on the brink of a orgasm when he withdrew his fingers…and waited for her to calm down. He blew on her pussy with his warm breath and replaced his fingers with his mouth and tongue….first kissing her rosy lips softly and then starting to tongue fuck her rhythmically…Anne was squirming under his erotic onslaught, whispering his name, urging him on with her hips…when she was close to Cuming again he stopped and moved up to her mouth…he was rock hard, Anne needed no encouraging and started sucking him with gusto…tasting him…licking up and down his shaft, moaning….”ooohhh, you taste so good”. Anne was beyond herself and could feel him build up as he was growing bigger, but he pushed her away, then moved down put his penis at her cave of pleasure and entered her with a shudder, riding her slowly and then fiercely as she shouts, “harder Clint….oohhh harder please, I want it all…!” He fucked her hard …and she came with a squirt and he followed suit, filling her up…his cum dripping from her pussy. They lay spent, and Anne can’t be sure, but she imagined he said just before falling asleep, “I love you Anne”.

The next morning

Anne woke with a start. She was alone with a dripping pussy full of Clint’s cum. She tried putting him out of her mind and went to her routine as usual. But it wasn’t that easy, as she rbers every single detail of their love making. “I am so deep in trouble. I’m in love for the first time in my life and don’t even have the guy’s phone number. Who’s the idiot now?”

The boardroom

Anne had to interview the new interns and can’t wait for it to be over. She sigh a relieved when it was finally over. Now she can take a break before she meets the new head of her department. She hopes that the boss’ son doesn’t give her a hard time. She likes the way things are running here now, and junior better not try and change it. She knows she’s only 2 years his senior, but still… She heard the door open and closed but didn’t look up from the stack of papers in front of her, assuming its Margi her PA. When she finally looks up, irritated by the girl’s silence, she dropped her pen, staring at those smoldering piercing eyes. “Clint? You’re Clint de Wet? But…but…” “Yes Anne” he said in a quiet voice. Looking at him now, she can see he’s as shocked as her. “Anne please”, he started, thinking that she must think he planned all that had happened between them. “Shhhh”, Anne said. “What now, Clint?” “Anne, I love you. I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you last night.” So she wasn’t imagining things. He does really love her , Anne thought to herself.

She was in his arms in seconds; kissing him passionate, not caring who might walk in on them.

"Oh my, I’m so glad he’s not as young as he looks; 30 aren’t that bad”.

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