Her name was Sarah

Chance meeting with a sexy woman

I live in a small town in the midwest. Life is good here although a little boring at times. I dabled with a few of the online dating sites but had little luck. One afternoon,while checking my e-mail,I realized that I did indeed have a message.

I was simple and short,"We have the same birthday", was all she said.

I responded that I would treat her to lunch if that were true. I did not receive a response for a while. Then there it was.

"Sure!!I would love to eat!!".

She then sent her number and suggested I call later that day. I was excited and could hardly wait. When 4 pm approached I dialed her number,with great anticipation,and waited for her to answer.

"Hello,this is Sarah,what can I do for you?".

I stated that I was the one she had e-mailed and she yelled "Awesome,I did not think you would call".

I told her that I would not miss the chance. We made a little small talk and then she asked me when and where I was going to take her. I mentioned a local eatery and she replied with a giddy joy that was unexpected. That made me smile!! So we said our good byes and I waited for the day to arrive. I managed to avoid work at the shop and cleared my schedule that day. I waited for her but it seemed she did not show. So I sat down at my PC and started searching the web.

How she did it,I don't know,without my knowing,she walked in,sat her coffee down and asked me if I was "Hungry"? I just nodded a yes. She was pretty.Shoulder length brown hair, big brown eyes, about 4ft 7, with a large chest. And much younger than I. I asked her how old she was and she replied

"Today I turn 23!!",she said.

My jaw dropped. I am 41,and felt so lucky,to have her interest.

So I walked over to her,put my arms around her and said, "Happy birthday".

I leaned down and kissed her..She responded with a sigh,grabed my belt and pilled me to my desk.

"If I am going to do something I am going to do it right" she said.

With that she hopped up on the edge of my desk,kicked off her shoes and removed her pants.

She looked at me and said; "Lick me!".

Not a problem,as I was already on my way there. She was trimmed,smelled great and tasted even better. She tensed up as I drove several fingers into her swollen pussy. I licked,sucked and nibled for all I was worth. She started to shake and when she grabed my hair,and began pulling me up. I knew what she wanted so I stood up,grabed her hips and slammed my cock into her. Working at a furious pace,I managed to make her pant,and,as she was working her clit I told her I was "going to blow".

She said "Cum in me, please?".

I asked, "Are you sure?".

"Just do it!!" she demanded.

So after a few more strokes she and I were headed to orgasm. As I came she screamed and told me how great it felt and kept rubing her clit.

She slowly calmed down and stopped and asked, "Was it good for you?"

I said, "Oh yes dear,oh yes,but I am not done yet!!".

With that I flipped her over and plowed into her from behind. My balls were slapping her clit as she searched for something to hold on to. We stared working up a sweat when she began slamming back, meeting each thrust with her own.

She shuddered, and let out a moan that seemed to last forever,as my own climax was building,when she screamed, "Oh my god,fuck me,fuck me!!I'm cumming sooooo hard!!".

I picked up the pace and slammed her as hard as I could.She came,so did I. Wonderful. Wonderful.

As we both lay there on the desk recovering,she kissed me and said," Thanks for the wonderful birthday!".

"Anytime". I said."It was fantastic!! I should be thanking you!!".

Then I asked, "So,I filled you up twice with my cum,do you want me to clean you up before you leave?.

"No", she said,"I want my husband to lick your cum out of my pussy,I am not going to tell him!! My little secret" And with a kiss she was gone......

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