Met my wife at nude beach

I know it sounds a little strange, but I met my wife Jill at a nude beach. I was a scholarship jock at a Southern California college and being from the mid-west I wasn’t used to the uninhibited California life style, but I quickly overcame that. My buddies and I would go to a clothing optional beach just north of Malibu just to see some tits and ass. After a while we got bored and decided to check out a nude beach someone had heard about.

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It was a warm, sunny Saturday and the beach was crowded. It was a bitch to get to from the parking lot, but we were anxious to see the girls who were walking along with us in the buff when we got to the beach. I guess they were thinking the same thing, because when we finally found an open space on the sand and spread our towels, the girls parked right beside us. It is a really weird sensation to strip naked in the middle of a group of strangers. Fortunately, they were naked, also. My friends and I were not quite twenty and our hormones showed, I mean our hard-ons showed. The girls next to us giggled at our predicament but I was quite proud of what I was showing and let them look. I go just over seven inches long and a smidge under two inches in diameter. I’m cut and the head is very prominent. It was really sticking out there. I’d never seen so many good looking let alone naked women in my life.

Well, to make a long story short, we started a conversation with the girls next to us and Jill and I seemed to click. She was a hard-body natural blond with smallish boobs (33B), but she had a set of fantastic, shapely legs. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. Of course, I did check out her slit, which was completely visible under her thin, silky blond pubes. We all splashed around in the water and I was a perfect gentleman in that I didn’t try to feel her up. She commented on this and I had to admit that I liked her and didn’t want to offend her.

We dated for two years and got married after graduation. Jill and I still hit the beach at least one weekend a month and it really turns me on to see guys ogling her body. She seldom keeps her legs together when lying out and her entire pussy is visible. From time to time, guys she knows stop by to say hello and usually park themselves at the end of our blanket. I can see where they are looking and it gets me hard.

We left the beach one day and walked to our Jeep. Jill always covers up in the parking lot and I was surprised that she stripped and dusted the sand off before sliding in. Then I really got a shock when she reached over and pulled out my cock and rolled on top of me. We fucked right there in the parking lot and I don’t know if anyone saw us, and truthfully I didn’t care.

We talked about how we both got excited when guys would see her naked, even though they were also naked. Jill said we should go to a clothing optional beach where all the girls wore bikini bottoms or thongs and most of the guys wore swim suits or shorts to see how we felt if she was the only one totally naked. The next Saturday we did just that. WOW! What a turn on. We both got naked after spreading out our blanket. There was a group of college-aged guys in front of us and they zeroed in on Jill’s pussy. I couldn’t lose my erection, but didn’t want to roll over on my stomach because then I couldn’t see the guys looking at Jill.

We rolled over together for a while then Jill dragged me into the water. She said her pussy was beginning to drip and it was barrassing. We moved into deeper water and she helped me lose my erection. In fact, we took care of each other’s problem.

Going for a walk along the shore was another turn on. My cock was flaccid, but swinging from side to side and Jill’s shoulders were back and her tits were sticking out. And, of course, her slit was in full view. We walked to both ends of the beach area and when we returned to the blanket, the boys were gone. Jill unpacked her lounge chair and took her book to the edge of the water. I couldn’t believe she was actually sitting with her legs parted in full view of everyone walking by. When we finally packed up and left the beach, Jill surprised me again. She didn’t bother to get dressed and walked naked to the Jeep, about a hundred yards along a narrow path. Guys walking toward were getting an eyeful and because we were in an area where you don’t see nakedness, Jill said she felt really sexy.

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