My Dancing With a Star Part 1

Here is how life really goes. We work all week, then the office building employees all go to this local club every Friday night. The guys and gals of our company hang around, have a few drinks, maybe dance, and then we all go home. Me sometimes with Greg. Same people there, same routine every Friday night. Really the only new mber to our group the past 2 years is Joe, and he is a supervisor just above us. At first we resented him. He was hired over any one of us, brought in from outside.

It turned out he was a really nice guy. The guys all really like him. They say he is really athletic but to me I can't see it. He looks average in every way. I'm almost 5'6" and Joe is too short for me, probably less than 5'9". He is just not my type and I never got to know him. Also being older and in management worked against us. He basically hangs out with the guys. I can tell they have some sort of admiration and respect towards him. I never got one hint that he flirts with any woman. My friend Sally works under Joe and says he is the nicest guy. Maybe the over 40 crowd has the hots for him.

This will be a typical Friday night. I leave with Greg we have great sex. By the way, Greg does have the equipment women dream about. Besides little passion and love, one other thing irks me about Greg. Though he is a nice guy, he has no staying power. After he climaxes he leaves me hanging. I mean I have no complaint up to that time.

Bluntly, my life sucks. Do my attractive looks turn nice guys away? They won't even ask me to dance or engage in conversation. Is Greg's presence deterring guys from approaching me? Is my aim too high? No guy can match my criteria? It's probably all of the above. The office girls envy me I going out with the office hunk. It works out for Greg that guys envy him for going out with me. Other than occasional sex with him, life has no excitement or fun. Greg is a friend and sex partner. He accompanies me to outings. We always get 'What a nice couple!' or 'Greg is so handsome, you lucky girl!'

Every wedding there is always a couple that really knows dance, Unfortunately as athletic looking as Greg is, he really can't dance. I'm left just moving like him. Just once I would like to have a partner that can dance. I love dancing. It goes back to the many years I took ballet lessons.

Sally and I live in the same town south of Boston. We occasionally go to clubs together and hang out together. She is my best friend. One night we got to talking about our life situations and decided to go to a different club, where there is a large dance floor and maybe get asked to dance. It's in the next town a short drive. We arrive at the club and right away I noticed we were not dressed formal enough.

Sally still wants to go in have a drink or two and scope it out. The crowd is a bit older than us and much more formal. Guys have Italian silk shirts on and the dancing is quite good. Problem is woman out number men. All of the better single guys dancing have their ticket filled early. We do not have the best vantage point in the Connor by the bar, but there is one guy that really stands out, not only as a dancer, but that silk flaming red shirt and those tight black pants really fit him well. He looked so athletic and sexy. It was a joy to watch him dance. He was not a big guy maybe 5'9 but boy could he dance and so sultry and sexy.

Sally is urging me to a go over there and ask him to dance. I can't.

"You will be sorry when he dances with me." Sally winks.

Sally too is quite attractive, a couple inches shorter than me. She makes a bee line right over to him. They have a conversation then they move to the dance floor. Sally is an ok dancer, but I'm a lot better. The way this guy leads her it makes her look fabulous dancing. They looked like they were really enjoying themselves carrying on a conversation, like they were friends. Finally they sit down and Sally comes over.

"I want you to meet someone." she says, practically dragging me to the table. "Joe, this is Janice."

It took a second. I never saw Joe dressed like this, for it to hit home. Sally was smiling at my surprise and discomfort. Joe looked sexy. He looked sizzling hot. I could not believe it was the same Joe from the office.

"Have a seat, Janice." he said in a smooth low voice.

I kept looking at him in disbelief. Finally he spoke to me and snapped me out of my dumbfound state.

"Well Janice, what brings you here?"

"Joe, I was hoping to find someone to dance with. I love to Dance but never get the chance at the other Club." I said, my eyes locked onto his.

The next song starts. Ever so lightly he offers me his hand to join him on the dance floor, such a light touch. The song was more a Tango rhythm and I knew how to dance to it. Joe made it so easy for me to follow him. God! He moved so gracefully so sexy sultry, and I could not get over how good he looked. He was so much better a dancer than I; he made me appear better than I am.

He swept me towards him as the dance ended, bowed me over and kissed me ooooh soooo sultry like it was part of the dance. But I felt it was a bit more. Meanwhile I could not take my eyes off that sexy guy. Joe and I returned back to the table. Joe is beaming telling me how good a dancer I am. We danced again, this time he told me he was looking for a dance partner for a contest he wanted to enter.

"Would you be interested? We would have to practice, but I think you have what it takes. You don't have to give me an answer tonight, think about it. It will take quite a lot of practice to learn each other strengths and weaknesses to develop our movements. It will be fun, but it will be quite some work and hours of practice. I want you to know what you may get into first" he talked excitedly.

"Tonight, lets just dance you Sally and I and have fun." he grinned.

He danced with Sally next. I watched him and realized the guys were right, not only graceful but really athletic. I also missed what a sexy toned body he has. I'm a bit overwhelmed about him asking me to be his dance partner. I'm not that good but he makes anyone look good

As we talked at the table, he was so nice, so pleasant to talk to. He really has a nice smile. We had common topic at the office and common friends, conversation flowed so easily so naturally. Time flew by and I knew from the band we were near the end of the last set as I joined Joe on the floor. This dance had a lot of body contact and bracing during it. He pressed hips and me in grinded into me, so sexy, so sultry, so seductively. I felt his hardness, immediately my panties were wet. I could not believe how hot he made me. When we reached the table people were leaving. I wished the night would not end for the first time. I was really having fun.

"You girls want to have a night cap at my house? It's only a couple of miles away and if you get too tipsy I'll drive you home" Joe piped up.

Sally was enjoying the night and her look said it all. We followed Joe to his home. He had an average neighborhood home, but it was nice. When we entered I noticed all the photos of Joe in baseball uniforms. The one the really stuck out was the Red Sox one.

"Joe did you play for the Red Sox?" I asked

"Well I did about 15 games a couple of years during Septber call-ups." he replied modestly.

The guys said he was a good athlete but I had no idea he was a pro. And a former Sox player to boot. There were trophies, autographs, pictures, and baseball memorabilia all over the home tastefully located. The guys always talked about him on the softball team, but I really never paid attention. For two years, I never even gave Joe a second look, not my type, too short. He was always on the fringe with us girls. Well, we had some drinks and continued conversations, talking about dancing.

Joe came up to me while Sally visited the ladies room.

"I meant it. I think we could be good dance partners. I know you have what it takes I saw it I really enjoyed dancing with you it was a pleasure" he sided up to me.

"Thanks. We really had too many drinks to drive, Joe" I said trying not to sound too tipsy.

"I can't drive either, Janice. But there are 2 extra bedrooms and you are welcome to stay over." he offered.

In the morning, we woke to the smell of coffee and a real pleasant smile from Joe. Joe slipped me note on the way out. When you get home please call me. I think we have more to talk about.

I could not wait to get home. I called Joe.

"Janice, I want to spend the day with you. I want to do something where we can just have some fun. Want to go to the beach or tell me what you like to do? I felt the electricity and connection we made last night"

"Joe, do you bike ride? What if we bike ride the Cape Cod Canal to Scusset Beach. I have a rack for two on my car" I offered.

"I don't have a bike what about roller blades?" he replied.

"Joe, I don't have roller blades" I said, trying to think of something quickly.

"Ok, how about this. Give me your address. I'll be there in an hour and figure out what we want to do."

I have not felt this kind of excite ment in a long time, then I got to thinking let's just go to the beach, I'd like to see what Joe looks like with just a bathing suit.

We went to Horseneck beach, rolled out a blanket, and had a wonderful conversation. He was so easy to be with. I was so comfortable around him. He told me about his career ending injury sliding into second base. He told me he was good enough to be an everyday player in the pros but the teams and organizations he was part of had allstars ahead of him in his position. Had he been in another organization he would have been. Then he asked me how I learned to dance I told him I took years of ballet.

"There is more to it than that. You must have played high school sports." he said, looking at me.

"I played field hockey and softball" I smiled.

"I knew it! That explains your athleticism. How did you get into Business administration, I mean there aren't many woman in your line of work? he quizzed.

"My father was a CPA and told me the business field was wide open for women. I am decent in math so I graduated college with a BA in business. I know I was probably hired for eye candy, but I busted my ass to get where I am now." I said, proud of my accomplishments.

"Janice, I have to ask, what is between you and Greg?" he asked, moving closer to me.

"Greg and I are friends that like the action between the sheets. The office thinks we are an item. It's a facade, there is no love. Its like we use each other to relieve our sexual tensions. Joe let's keep it that way for now. Honestly Joe my life sucks, there is no excitement. I wish Greg took me out on dates or to the beach. Last night was the most fun I've had in a long time and thanks. I hope this not our only time doing things together." Joe smiles at me, then says "We have the rest of the day to make plans and get to know each other."

Then he went down to the water. My mind was racing. I liked the way he showed interest in me, Even his complementary way of asking me, how he asked questions drawing it out. I must admit I fell really comfortable around Joe. What really hit home was his willingness to plan activities with me. Sally was right. He is really nice, a real gentleman.

I did not miss watching Joe walk to the water. With his shirt off I got to see what I never saw before, a finely tuned body and a superb ass. I was not the only woman admiring the scenery. He even walked and carried himself like a pro athlete. I can't believe I was so blinded I missed it.

When he got back we rubed sun tan lotion on each other's back. I loved the way he worked it into mine. I loved him touching my body. Later we frolicked in the water and surf. It was not an earth shattering day, but just what I needed. I had fun, a lot better than sitting around home. I can't rber when I had fun like this yet it was so simple. In a way, I did not want it to end. There was an attraction drawing me towards Joe.

On the ride home, he planted more seeds of hope.

"Well Janice, start making plans for next weekend, hiking, bike riding, tell me what you want to do. Let's just enjoy each other and have some fun. I will not pressure you about dancing. You have to want it yourself. If not, we still can go dancing next weekend." he said, smiling at me.

I was deep in thought. Really I did not think I was good enough dancer, but I liked the idea of practicing with him.

"Hey Joe, how old are you?" I shot at him.

"Thirty-one, why am I too old for you? If you want, you can call me gramps!" he chuckled.

That's the first time I saw his sense of humor. It made me laugh. When we reached my house there is always the awkward moment.

"Joe, let's practice dancing even if I'm not good enough. I'd like to try, plus I too want to think we get together beyond this." I offered.

Before he could give me an answer I kissed him I hugged him kissed him harder, then broke away.

"Joe, I had a wonderful time last night and today" I said turning away.

I can't believe I did not invite him in, but it was so awkward. I did not know if I was ready for what could come next. I had my best night sleep and the most pleasant dreams in a long time. Monday at work it was business as usual. I did not really see Joe. Tuesday morning there was a box on my desk and a note from a secret admirer. I opened the box and found roller blades. Next day a flower with a note thinking about you. God! How I like surprises and the feeling of being romanced. It did not take too long before Greg ask me about the yellow rose.

"Can we talk after work?" he asked.

I worried about that night with Greg all day long.

"Honestly Janice, I always felt something was missing between us, You are a real nice person, but we are missing a connection. It might be me. I'm not ready for what you want and need. I hope your new lucky guy knows how special you are. I want you to know, go for it if he is right for you." he said.

"Well Greg, he really is a nice guy, just like you. Its too early to tell where it might go. I met him dancing at a club last Sarturday." I smiled.

We kissed and parted. I turned around and told him there will be one lucky girl for you someday. We both smiled.

That evening Joe called. "How about we start some practicing tomorrow night, if you want, we can have a cook out first. Do you want me to pick you up or do you want to drive?"

"Joe, I'll drive. A cookout sounds great! I'll be there early, we can talk and enjoy dinner together." I grinned.

I have to admit I was a little turned on even before I arrived. Too many dreams about what could happen. During dinner, Joe brings up this concern about us dancing.

"Janice, I have been thinking about us dancing... might not be a good idea. It will be extremely hard to dance with you and not get turned on. There will be sultry seductive body contact. I'd like to practice a tango. When done right, it is a dance where couples fall in love. It meant to be seductive sultry and sexy.

"You have a thing with Greg, and as much a gentleman I can be, it may just be too hard for me to concentrate on just dancing. If we keep seeing one another, these feelings will build until they explode. I have to tell you I observed you from afar at the cub after work. I just can't figure you and Greg out. He is always looking and so are you. I do not want or need tension at work between me and Greg. I do think we have that potential to be complementary dance partners, but along the way I know I will want it to be more than that.

"Janice, one of the reasons I ask you to partner with me is that you are a perfect complement to me. Athletic, sexy, but you have the nicest legs just built for dancing to be exposed and admired. I have been wrestling with thoughts for a couple of days. There is a connection, a certain electricy that flow between us, that will lead to us being more involved."

Dinner and wine were nice, then we went in the living room to practice. He suggested we practice a tango. First, we walk through steps, then to music. Joe has this well fitted shirt on , he really looks good, sexy. As the dance progresses, there is a lot of body contact. We take a break. Joe tells me to sell the dance tango is a dance of love between partners. Its more than the dance, but the way the two approach each other making loving eye contact facial expression. We resume dancing. I feel an intensity in Joe's dancing, our bodies meet so sultry and gracefully I feel his hardness grind so sultry into my pelvic area. If he is trying to get me going he is succeeding. I can't believe how sexy he is and how good he dances. He is dancing into my heart. His smile is constant causing me to smile back. We do not have to fake love dancing, it is there. We take a break.

"Janice, it is so hard to dance with you and control all my body parts. I'm sorry if I make you uncomfortable." he spoke anxiously. He got so turned on he took my hand and placed it on his hardness and guided her up and down it.

"You see Janice, we have a problem. I can't hide it and I do not want to be barrasing you while dancing."

"You know what?" I offered. "I got an idea. Lets go shopping tomorrow night. I'll help you pick out a dance outfit and we'll go to a sporting goods store and get an athletic supporter. I just hope they have large sizes" I grinned.

We had a glass of wine and practiced more. At the end of the dancing. he bent me over and kissed me saying, "Here is another area we could use more practice"

Something got into me as I sought out his lips. I held him grind my body into him. Our tongues explored each others and electrical sensations rippled threw my body in delight. I forgot how sensual kissing could be. Or was my attraction towards Joe increasing? Finally Joe broke it off.

"Janice, no more practice tonight, I won't be the perfect gentleman. I"ll see you tomorrow to go shopping. I must be a glutton for punishment, clothes shopping with a woman!" he laughed, as wise ass smile breaks out on his face.

"After shopping lets dance a bit with your outfit on. By the way, Sally is invited to join us Saturday. I have a friend she might find attractive and he loves to dance My only promise from you is not to stare at him the entire time. He is more attractive than I."

I pick up the Cell phone.

"Sally, you still awake? Can I stop by? I have to tell you something. I know its late but I can't wait."

I fill Sally in on what is happening between Joe and I. I tell her about practicing for a dance contest Then I told her about his hard shaft problem.

She smiled. "You mean you did not offer to relieve him?"

"Sally, it's different with Joe. I'm still trying to figure him out. Sally, how did I miss so much? At the beach in just trunks Joe has a fantastic athletic body and a very nice ass." I gushed. Sally smiled again. "I have noticed that too, but I work too close to him to mix business and pleasure. Plus, he keeps it professional at all times. He never indicated he was interested. I bet your finding out what a nice guy he is."

"Oh, I've had some dreams about Joe" I added. "Well Sally, I have some good news. Joe asked me if you can join us dancing Saturday night. He has a friend that enjoys dancing. According to Joe, he is quite attractive. He made me promise not to stare at him all the time. Sally I never had this much fun with a guy."

"Janice I must tell you, Joe is quite intelligent. You may not see it at first but working day after day it surfaces. There is a reason our division is the most successful in the company. It Joe. Never seen a person look at situations and figure out solutions like him. Even the way he shifted the worker around putting them in positions that they were able to succeed. Let me tell another thing, He anticipates and sizes up situations and what people are thinking around him better than anyone, I know. Knowing him, he has made plans for well into the future."

"I'd say you are one lucky girl" Sally sighed.

"Sally, he has almost avoided me sexually. What's with that? My whole life my problem was keeping guys out of my pants" I said.

"Joe is probably planning for it to occur the perfect moment. Did it occur to you he wants you to feel it is right and natural not rushed. Maybe he is waiting to see if you are falling in love with him first. He is not Greg. I also think when the time comes it will be right and it will further bond your relationship. I think he is looking for more than sex" Sally smiled. "I think he wants to feel love. If it were just sex, we would not be having this discussion. You would be under his sheets now. I know how he thinks. I know he is planning it out. You realize he is wondering the same things as you are gagging, wondering if you are special enough for him and he is the same for you. Did you see all the women at the club the other night? Everyone of them had the stare and desire for Joe. He could have left accompied with any one or a dozen, He is looking for someone special wondering if it is you.

"Joe is a special guy, the type of guy if he asked me tomorrow I would not hesitate saying I do. I have a crush on him. He knows it, he is a flirt. He teases me to make coming to work so easy. His first day at work he told me he needed me to help him. He includes me in his decision-making. Hey I'm his secretary, I work with him everyday. I know him better than anyone. Do you know how we got the Mazda account? Joe presented his ideas with the rest of the execs; Mazda was playing us off on another advertising agency. Joe told the Mazda rep there is more to Sketches and Ideas; you are hiring a company being trusted to represent your image. He did research knew the Mazda Exec loved playing golf. He made this incredible bold move, taking the rest of the day off and going golfing with the Mazda exec Next day Mazda was in the fold.

"The bosses were so impressed they gave him a huge bonus, which he shared with me. Later, he told me how he got to the Mazda exec as they played golf he actually gave his golfing tips to improve his game/ His final tip was in putting. telling him you have to vision the putt going in the hole. I guess he explained that the exec's stroke did not follow through to the hole and showed him. After the exec started making puts and gained confidence in his putting stroke Joe looked at him and said, 'I promise you I will handle your account in the same professionalism and details'. Then he looked at the Mazda exec. Then again, 'If I don't bring home your account, I am probably fired. I did not have permission to go golfing. I made that bold move to let you gain a comfort zone with who would be handling your account.' Joe also knew he was a baseball fanatic and told him of his playing days at the club house. Janice, don't tell anyone about this.

"Sally, what does Joe like to do when not working?"

"He likes to fish both fresh water and salt water. He owns a small pull behind camper he uses to stay overnight fishing. That's why he drives the Toyota pickup, that and trips to the lumberyard. He is quite good at home improvements. The house he bought was a mess, he remodeled it. As a teenager he worked for a remodeling company. He is a huge baseball fan and just as much a hockey and football. He once told me, he was good enough to play pro hockey, but chose baseball. Told me when he was drafted and signed a bonus, that summer he used his bonus money to remodel his parent's home. He is humble and does not brag about himself, you have to draw it out of him. Even when he joined the company softball team, he waited his turn; he did not want to replace a regular. That changed after his first at bat. The guys said they never saw a ball hit that hard.

"Finally someone figured out he was an ex-pro player. That's his common bond with the guys that and I guess he is quite good at golf. Oh I have caught his lingering stares as you passed by, I even teased him about it, He laughs it off, I'm not ready for the rocker yet, might a well enjoy the view. Oh, he did inquire about you time to time but quickly dismissed it almost like a passing interest. He knew you looked through him like he was not there. I knew something was going on in his life the past couple of days he was smiling more. His energy level was higher. Till now I did not know who it was. Hey look, I'd gladly trade places with you."

When I left Sally's, my mind was spinning. Everything she told me about Joe drew me in to wanting being with Joe more and more. There was a growing warm spot in my heart. So far this has been the most exciting week of my life. It was refreshing to be romanced, his approach of winning his way into my heart. I did not worry about the rest of my body, it was already sexually charged. I still have that feeling of his shaft of steel imbedded in my mind. It was only a matter of time before it invaded my body. My whole body craved its entrance another thing was different; It was me wanting to get into his pants. Ooooh the erotic dreams I had thinking about that. I was waking up supercharged thinking about what the next day had in store for me. Joe was a constant thought in my mind and I liked the way I felt. God! Is Joe one sexy looking dude.

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