Mrs Howard Spanks Mother and Daughter

Mrs Howard spanks both Ellie and Marsha as she takes on discipline for the household

Mrs Collins brought Ellie home from camp knowing she had promised Mrs Howard she would give her 16 year old daughter a really hard spanking. “Put all your clothes in the linen basket Ellie, and then come straight to my bedroom” she instructed her daughter.

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Ellie knew her Mother had threatened to spank her and fully expected to have her knickers taken down and make the trip across the maternal lap, but it was her Mother of course, not Mrs Howard. A few spanks and it would be over. She knew Mrs Howard would be over later on and hoped she would give her a proper spanking, and afters.

Ellie did as she was told and walked into her Mothers bedroom.

“Knickers down and over my knee Ellie.”

Ellie huffed a bit but went across her Mother’s lap.

“I hope this teaches you a lesson” and she gave her daughter a spank.

Ellie cried out “it hurts Mum.”

“It’s supposed to” her Mother replied and gave her six more spanks.

“Why are you so naughty Ellie?” she asked.

“Dunno Mum, I just can’t help it. I’m sorry.”

“Are you really Ellie?” she asked.

“Sure Mum, promise.”

“I do so hate having to spank you. I know Mrs Howard doesn’t mind so maybe we’ll leave the rest of your spanking to her, eh? At least I did some.”

“Good thinking” Ellie replied.

Her Mum sighed with relief. “OK then, go on, pull your knickers back up. Mrs Howard will be here soon.”

Ellie walked back to her room, not believing what had just happened. She quite fancied being spanked, but her Mum never did keep her promises when it came to discipline. Mrs Howard did of course.

That afternoon Mrs Howard came to clean. The three women stood in the kitchen when she arrived.

Mrs Howard asked Mrs Collins “so, did you spank Ellie this morning as you said you would?”

“Oh, well, actually, I gave her quite a few spanks and then she really was apologetic.”

“How many spanks?” Mrs Howard asked.

“Oh about six or eight. Hard ones of course” she added trailing off.

“You are kidding me aren’t you?” Mrs Howard said. Ellie smiled.

“Erm well, no. I did say that you would spank her as well though.”

“I see” Mrs Howard said, looking cross.

She looked at Ellie dressed in her sleeveless pink top white shorts and thought how cute she was, as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but she knew better. The little minx has a sharp tongue and a bottom that needs constant reminders about how to behave, and a tongue that did wonders when let loose between Mrs Howard’s legs.

For now though she was her strict self and asked “let me get this straight Ellie, you were rude to your Mother on the phone when still at camp, she said she would spank you today, but she only gave you a few spanks?”

“I guess Mrs Howard,” Ellie said.

“But she said I would spank you as well?”

“Uh huh” Ellie responded.

“Right. Then I suppose it is up to me to discipline Ellie again. Ellie, go upstairs to your room. Get undressed, I mean everything, and stand facing the wall with your hands above your head and think about how naughty you were and what you deserve. I will be up shortly.”

When Ellie left the kitchen Mrs Howard turned to Mrs Collins. “So Marsha, you have failed again to take proper responsibility for your daughter’s discipline.”

“Sorry Mrs Howard” she said. She held her breath when she heard Mrs Howard call her Marsha. That meant she was in trouble, probably ending up across her knee herself.

“Right Marsha, I will go upstairs and deal with your daughter. You will do the cleaning downstairs as I can’t do both today.”

“Oh, but”

“No buts. I will spend an hour or so dealing with Ellie and then you and I will have a little heart to heart. Understood?

A downcast Marsha nodded and said quietly “yes Mrs Howard.”

“And Marsha, if you come upstairs to listen I will be really cross. Do you understand that as well?”

“Oh yes Mrs Howard, I won’t interfere at all.”


Mrs Howard watched as Marsha started to clean the oven before going upstairs. She walked in to Ellie’s room without knocking and found the 16 year old undressed, facing the wall and with her hands on her head.

“Good girl Ellie. Now come here” Mrs Howard demanded.

Ellie walked over to Mrs Howard and stood in front of her, not scared even though she knew she would be spanked very hard. She stood quite still and waited for instructions.

“You understand this will be a discipline spanking as well young lady.”

“Will there be anything else Mrs Howard?” Ellie so hoped she would use her strap on.

“Yes of course girl, don’t be dim on purpose” she snapped, then added “I do so enjoy the afters Ellie when you give me a present for disciplining you.”

Ellie was delighted. She had spent a whole week at camp and so needed her pain fix. She watched as Mrs Howard opened her bag and took out her strap.

Then Mrs Howard said “you know Ellie, I think this time I’ll get undressed as well. Just for a change.”

Ellie watched as Mrs Howard removed her short sleeved black blouse and unclipped her bra, and as the bra slipped down her arms Ellie smiled at the sight of Mrs Howard’s womanly breasts. Then Mrs Howard unbuttoned her off white linen trousers and pulled them down over her thighs, stepping out of them, followed by her skimpy knickers.

When Mrs Howard stood back up and looked at Ellie she snapped “take that smile off your face young lady. You won’t find my lap any more comfortable just because my legs will be bare.”

“And everything else” Ellie said.

“Enough Ellie, over you go” Mrs Howard demanded as she sat on the chair.

Ellie bent down across her lap and felt immediately how different this was. Her own skin touching Mrs Howard’s cool thighs. She squirmed around just to feel more of her skin.

Mrs Howard looked down at Ellie’s smooth back, her legs, and of course her pert little bottom which without doubt was her favourite bottom to spank. Ellie took the hardest spanking of everyone and whilst she cried like the best of them she also recovered the quickest and enjoyed the soreness as she gave Mrs Howard her present. This time she loved the feel of the 16 year olds bare flesh against her own bare thighs, as she knew she would, and felt the wetness begin between her legs.

Mrs Howard placed her hand on Ellie’s bottom and as she rubed so she slid her hand between Ellie’s legs and brushed her shaved hair mound, quickly telling that Ellie was moist as well, like herself, in anticipation of what will follow.

Ellie just knew she had surrendered control and Mrs Howard could decide whatever punishment was needed. The loss of control added to her satisfaction. Not knowing how long, how hard, just that she would be in tears and her bottom would be sore. She left it all to Mrs Howard.

The spanking started and Ellie was soon squirming as her bottom was warmed up by the indomitable Mrs Howard who was once again relishing inflicting pain on her young charge. The small bottom soon turned pink and then red, the 16 years old eyes soon filled with tears that ran down her cheeks, and the youngster forgot she was lying across bare thighs as the pain took over.

Mrs Howard enjoyed the sight of the naked Ellie. She spanked her bottom with one hand whilst stroking her back with the other, moving her hand around to her front and covering the 16 year olds breast, caressing it, squeezing her nipple for her own enjoyment as she continued to thrash the teenager, inflicting the pain, disciplining her.

Ellie became unaware through the pain that her breast was being caressed and stretched her arms out straight so she didn’t hinder Mrs Howard’s hand, but the pain was greater than the tender feel of her hand. She did squeeze her left arm behind Mrs Howard’s back and put her open palm of her waist. The bare skin felt good.

The hand spanking soon changed to the strap and much of the caressing stopped. The strap was harder to handle and caused Ellie rather more pain, especially those spanks across the tops of her legs. Both ladies focussed on the spanking now, the giving it and the receiving of it. Tears flowed, cries were yelled out, the lesson was being taught.

Mrs Howard put the strap down when she decided Ellie had indeed had enough. The crying continued. The reddened bottom stared up from her lap, her hands wandered around Ellie’s bottom, her legs, her inner thighs, and between her legs. Once Ellie started to think more about the hand between her legs than the spanking Mrs Howard eased her up so she was sitting on her lap.

“Kiss my breast Ellie” she said quietly and breathed heavily when the teenager’s lips encircled her nipple and kissed and licked and sucked as Mrs Howard stroked the teenager’s breast.

“On the bed Ellie” Mrs Howard commanded, tenderly now, as an equal rather than the disciplinarian.

They smiled at each other as they slid on to the bed and hugged, kissing, their tongues finding each other as their lips clasped each other.

Ellie stroked the older woman’s stomach, and her thighs until Mrs Howard whispered “go on Ellie, your fingers, put them inside me, use them, find my clit, work me.”

Ellie kept kissing as she fondled Mrs Howard’s vaginal lips and when they were moistened she slid two fingers inside and as Mrs Howard gasped with joy so she worked her fingers deeper, and longer, and soon enough Mrs Howard gasped with elation, shuddered in climax, and groaned with satisfaction.

Slowly she recovered, smiled at Ellie, kissed the teenager’s breast, and moved her own fingers down to Ellie’s pussy. It was her turn to bring her companion to orgasm and she did, expertly, smoothly, lovingly. Ellie was gasping for breath. Yes she had masturbated many times before but having someone else do it was so different, so exciting.

It was over too soon. Ellie lay on the bed and was only vaguely conscious of Mrs Howard standing up and getting dressed. She opened her eyes to see Mrs Howard, a dressed Mrs Howard, standing over her, hairbrush in hand, waiting. Ellie realised. Her discipline spanking. It was going to happen.

Ellie stood up and waited for Mrs Howard to tell her what to do. No hard feelings of course. She earned a discipline spanking and was going to get one.

“You have earned this Ellie. You were rude to your Mother again.”

“Sorry Mrs Howard, but I can’t help it, it’s just that it’s so easy.”

“I know Ellie. Your Mother is weak, remarkably so really, but I have a job to do and I will do it now. Get over again, and this time it will be rather harder than before.

When Ellie was in place Mrs Howard asked “how many of these did I give you last time Ellie?”

“120 Mrs Howard” Ellie said with a slight quiver in her voice which Mrs Howard heard and gave her cause to smile. The little brat wasn’t so smart now was she?

“Right then, so if I add a few for good measure let’s call it 125 shall we?”

Ellie had received a hairbrush thrashing several times before and the pain was horrendous. She gasped, which again made Mrs Howard smile as she looked at the naked teenager again lying prone across her lap, her bare bottom beautifully placed to allow maximum leverage. She was so going to enjoy making this 16 year old cry again.

“You do know it will do you good don’t you Ellie?”

“Will it Mrs Howard?”

“You take your spankings very well Ellie. It’s nice to have someone so receptive Ellie. You just grit your teeth and take whatever I give you. You can cry but that’s ok. The main thing is you see it as a lesson as much as anything else.”

Ellie wasn’t sure what to say so Mrs Howard just said “Ready?”

Ellie put both her arms behind her knowing Mrs Howard would bend both in to half nelsons and grip them hard so she couldn’t protect her bottom even if she wanted to.

Before Ellie could say anything the brush was raised high and brought down hard on the tender creamy bottom lying across the older woman’s lap and soon the room was filled again with the sound of Ellie’s gasps of pain. It was so much worse than the strap, being spanked with the hard unforgiving wooden paddle.

Soon Mrs Howard was keeping up the rhythm, Ellie was crying out in pain knowing her bottom was being smothered in bruises and was being turned bright red. She had lost count of the number of spanks but didn’t care. She just needed to get through all the spanks without begging to be let up. She never wanted to beg.

The spanking stopped without warning and Ellie was crying harder than she could ever rber. 125 spanks with the hairbrush. Just what will her bottom look like when she eventually gets in to the bathroom?

Slowly she recovered and Mrs Howard let her get up. She stood in front of Mrs Howard with her hands on her head waiting for her instructions, tears still streaming down her face, her bottom stinging, throbing even.

“You really are such a good girl Ellie” she said, as she slid her fingers between the 16 year olds legs and smiled as she felt her vaginal lips were much moister than before.

“Now listen young lady. I have to talk to your Mother about how come she didn’t spank you properly.”

“I don’t care about that Mrs Howard. It’s just a shame you can’t be my Mum and always be the one to spank me.”

Mrs Howard gave the 16 year old a hard stare, then softened and smiled and said “you may not enjoy that as much as you think. I don’t have any patience with naughtiness. You might just get spanked more than you expect. Now listen Ellie. I need you to stay upstairs whilst I go and discuss things with your Mum. You can listen but don’t come down. Understand?”

“Sure. What are you going to do? Why can’t I watch?

“Because it’s your Mum. Don’t make me say it again or you will go back over for another 125 with this” she snapped shaking the brush close to Ellie’s face.

Ellie recoiled.

“Now why aren’t you so well behaved with your Mum young lady?” Mrs Howard asked.

“Because I know you mean it Mrs Howard” she answered with some serious respect. “I really would like you to be my Mum and spank me all the time. I know you said I might not like it but I bet I would be better behaved” Ellie said with a sly smile.

“Too right” Mrs Howard agreed. “Now young lady don’t mess around any more. Go to the bathroom and then come straight back here, or else.”

Ellie nodded and left the room, still naked, and went to the bathroom whilst Mrs Howard went back downstairs. She found Mrs Collins in the lounge who looked up when Mrs Howard entered.

“Keep going Marsha, I didn’t tell you to stop did I?” She snapped.

Mrs Howard pulled out a chair and sat down and looked at Mrs Collins, wondering how a woman of 37 could be so weak when it came to discipline. Not like herself who was sexually aroused by giving a spanking someone particularly to someone she had feelings for. She knew though that not everyone enjoyed giving a spanking. Many people much preferred to be spanked, like Ellie. Even so this woman was weak.

“OK Marsha, come over here please” Mrs Howard ordered after watching her clean for several minutes. She wasn’t even good at cleaning she thought.

“So Marsha, tell me why you didn’t spank Ellie properly, after you and I discussed it and you said you would.”

“Well, I suppose I just didn’t like to, not with her having been away for a week and all and she did apologise.”

“You mean after half a dozen spanks knowing if she didn’t she would be likely to get lots more.”

Marsha knew the sense in that reasoning. “I suppose” she said quietly.

“I see. What happened to being a responsible parent? You can’t be a responsible parent and let your children get away with insolent behaviour you know.”

“Well, I don’t really think …”

“No you don’t do you” Mrs Howard snapped, then continued “Well I do, and I think that you need to be taught another lesson and one in fact I have just given your daughter.”

“Oh dear, I heard. There was a lot of screaming up there.”

“Yes Marsha, there was, but only from the Ellie who deserved every last spank. I wasn’t screaming was I?”

“Well I guess not.”

“Right then, take your skirt and knickers off, I am so cross with you so I’m going to spank you again and you know you really deserve this one, a lot.”

“Oh please don’t” she pleaded whilst at the same time taking her skirt off and pulling down her knickers. It hadn’t struck Mrs Howard before just how quickly Marsha got ready to be spanked, but yet again she had her bare bottom ready quick as a flash. That made her think.

“Stand in front of me Marsha, with your hands on your head please” she said quietly but with a firmness Marsha had no intention of disobeying. She stood quietly, respectfully, and waited. She breathed deeply as Mrs Howard started to stroke the inside of her thigh, edging her legs apart to invite her to stroke higher. She was enjoying this bit, even when she felt Mrs Howards hand brush her hair mound, even slide along her vaginal lips.

“I thought so. Looking forward to being spanked are you Marsha?” Mrs Howard suddenly asked.

“Pardon me …” Marsha started, stopping when she realised she had said too much.

“I knew once I felt just how moist you are. You’ve masturbated haven’t you, at the sound of me spanking Ellie. Answer me” she snapped as she drew her hand back and landed a forceful spank on the outside of Marsha’s leg.

Marsha let out a gasp and when she saw the hand drawn back again she cried out “yes, yes, I did masturbate. I’m so sorry.”

Mrs Howard let Marsha calm down before asking “why are you sorry?”

“Well, because it is wrong, to masturbate I mean, especially over my daughter.”

“Over your daughter or over me spanking your daughter?”

“Well, … oh, I see what you mean” Marsha said thoughtfully.

“There’s no shame in wanting to be spanked. Ellie likes to be.”

Marsha suddenly realised what Mrs Howard had said. “Does she like to be spanked?”

“Oh yes, but properly, not the way you do it, or not do it as the case might be” she added sarcastically.

“I didn’t realise. What about you?”

“I enjoy spanking people. Like Ellie, and others.”

“So you enjoy spanking me?”

“Well, not so fast. There is a difference. You can’t take a very hard spanking. Not like I enjoy giving. Ellie can.”

“You can teach me can’t you?” Marsha was entering territory she hadn’t properly thought through. She knew she had a hankering to be spanked though.

“I can. But that will take time.”

“Please Mrs Howard. Please teach me.”

Mrs Howard realised Marsha was seeing the green grass but didn’t know what she was letting herself in for. Maybe she could have some fun at her expense, and give Ellie the pseudo Mother she was looking for.

“Maybe I will, but I don’t just spank once or twice. If you want me to teach you then you have to accept my decision on your discipline all the time, not when you choose but when I say. Agreed?”

“Oh yes Mrs Howard.” Marsha was reaching the point of no return.

“What about Ellie? If you can’t bear spanking her then you need to accept that and make other arrangements. She still needs to be disciplined.”

Marsha thought for a moment and then suddenly had the best of ideas. “Yes you are right. I tell you what you can do it. All the time.”

“What, spank Ellie whenever she needs to be? Now that could work I suppose” Mrs Howard said trying to look thoughtful. She continued “Yes, that can really, but I would need to be in control, and make all discipline decisions.”

“That works for me. You can spank Ellie whenever she is naughty.”

“No Marsha. I mean I have to make the discipline decisions for both of you. I decide when you each get spanked, for how long, how hard, and with what implements.”

Marsha stopped a moment but decided she had to agree. Mrs Howard was making perfect sense and anyway if she wanted to be spanked she had no choice really did she? It wouldn’t work otherwise would it? “Yes of course” she said.

“Good” Mrs Howard said “in that case I will discipline you and Ellie from now on. Expect me to be strict.”

“Oh yes Mrs Howard, you must be very strict.”

Mrs Howard knew Marsha was getting carried away. Would she still think the same after her next spanking she wondered? Probably not, but she was going to make sure this weak woman couldn’t wriggle her way out of it. Mrs Howard despised weakness. Ellie had strength. Marsha was going to be just her whipping horse, at least until she found out if the 37 year old can withstand one of her hard spankings. She looked at the woman standing with her hands on her head, her knickers around her knees, discussing how she wanted to be thrashed like a little girl, not realising her daughter got afters and all she was going to get was a sore bottom.

“Don’t worry about that. You just worry about how much your bottom is going to hurt afterwards. I will start with what I gave Ellie. Get across my lap.”

“Oh right” Marsha enthused as she willingly bent across Mrs Howard’s lap. It felt good she thought as the carpet came up to meet her face and if Ellie could take it then there was no reason why she shouldn’t be able to.

Mrs Howard smiled at the back of Marsha’s head knowing Marsha wasn’t going to enjoy this one little bit. “125 spanks with this hairbrush Marsha, just like I gave Ellie upstairs. Bend your arms behind your back. Quickly.”

Mrs Howard didn’t mention the hand spanking she gave Ellie nor the strap. It was going to be a cold hairbrush spanking, and a painful one at that.

Marsha obeyed, and once Mrs Howard had her arms gripped firmly in half nelsons.

To rub in the barrassment Mrs Howard asked “Marsha tell me how old you are”

“I am 28 Marsha so you are being spanked by someone much younger than you. How about that?”

“That’s OK. I respect you.” Marsha said but her voice betrayed her lack of confidence.

“And you will respect all my decisions won’t you Marsha.”

“All your decisions Mrs Howard. Really I will, so you teach me well.”

Mrs Howard said “You know if I am going to spank you regularly I reckon Ellie should watch.” She knew once Marsha was spanked in front of her own daughter she would find it even harder to wrest back control.

“Surely not” Marsha pleaded. “I’m her Mother.”

“I thought you were going to be obedient Marsha?” Mrs Howard said brusquely.

“Sorry Mrs Howard. Of course. Whatever you say.”

Marsha was being really compliant now but was also feeling uncomfortable, lying across her cleaners lap, her arms pinned behind her back, her bare bottom about to be spanked, and still the discussion taking place, How much longer before she started she wondered?”

“Or do you simply mean, yes it’s my decision?” Mrs Howard demanded sharply.

“Yes, yes. It’s your decision Mrs Howard” Marsha conceded.

Mrs Howard shouted out “Ellie, down here, quickly.”

Ellie sprinted downstairs and stopped short as soon as she saw her Mother draped across Mrs Howard’s lap. Ellie took the view in. Her Mother hands held firmly in half nelson’s, her toes about three inches off the floor, her bare bottom neatly perched on Mrs Howard’s right thigh ready to be spanked, her knickers down around her knees.

Marsha looked up as Ellie walked in. Ellie noticed her Mother was blushing, the deepest reddest blush she had ever seen on her Mother’s face. Even then she knew that no matter how red her Mother’s face was with that blush, her bottom was going to be an even deeper red when Mrs Howard had finished thrashing her.

Ellie was the first to speak. “So you do spank Mum” she said in awe.

“Yes” Mrs Howard said “just like this” Mrs Howard added as she raised the hairbrush and brought it down smartly on Marsha’s left bottom cheek. Marsha screamed out. Ellie put her hand over her mouth to stifle a gasp.

Mrs Howard pursed her lips, rested the hairbrush on Marsha’s bottom looked up at Ellie and said “I have agreed with your Mother that I will take responsibility for your discipline in future. Well actually for both you and her.”

Ellie’s mouth dropped open.

Mrs Howard continued “You will both have to behave in future or else suffer the consequences. If you are naughty you will get a spanking with this hairbrush and spend time in your bedroom facing the wall. Understood Marsha?”

“Yes Mrs Howard” came a quivering reply.

Mrs Howard looked at Ellie and smiled when she saw Ellie’s wide grin. “Do you understand as well Ellie? You will get exactly the same discipline spanking I gave you upstairs.” Mrs Howard asked sternly but still smiling. Marsha was looking at the floor and so did not see the smile, but just heard the stern tone.

“Oh yes Mrs Howard. Definitely” Ellie answered trying to use her most deferential voice, but knowing she could now look forward to many more spankings across Mrs Howard’s lap. It didn’t matter that many would be discipline spankings, as she reckoned there would be plenty of the other type, with afters and all.

“Good” Mrs Howard said, smiling, almost laughing, as she raised the hairbrush again, studied Marsha’s bottom, and thrashed it down relentlessly time and time again until the 37 year old was blubering like a child and her bottom was a very nice shade of bright red.

Mrs Howard said sharply “There have only been a couple of dozen spanks so far Marsha and there are dozens more to come, but here you are, crying already. I guess you will need much more training before you know how to take your punishment as well as your daughter does but don’t worry because I will be your cleaner for years to come so there is plenty of time.”

What do you say Marsha?”

Marsha gave a very wet reply as she said with a whimper “Yes Mrs Howard.”

Ellie had gone to stand by the wall away from the view of her Mother and when Mrs Howard looked across she saw the 16 year old had her hand down the front of her knickers and was getting off on the very sight of watching her Mother being spanked. She then made a motion at Mrs Howard with her hand, her thumb and finger in a circle massaging an imaginary penis. Mrs Howard knew that meant Ellie wanted her strap on, she smiled and nodded. Yes she would give the little minx the pleasure she desired straight after dealing with the same little minx’s Mother.

Mrs Howard looked down at Marsha’s bottom. It was now a burning red and she loved the way her bottom cheeks bounced when she thrashed the hairbrush down. Marsha was taking her punishment far better than she had expected, blubering for sure, but taking every spank. She felt her breast and realised her nipple was taut so was enjoying the experience, sexually if not the pain, and Mrs Howard thought she might just have got herself a new toy. A 37 year old woman who takes a hard spanking, and who knows what she will enjoy afterwards. Will it be a strap on, or a butt plug, maybe a vibrator. It will be fun finding out she thought. It always was.

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