Alexa finds out detention isn't as bad as she thought.

Ms. Robinson was the only teach at Mickinly High School that all the boys wanted to fuck. She perfect, velasious breasts and a nice firm ass. Her clothes were always tighter than they should be and she loved the attention it gave her. But someone had found out that she's wasn't looking for a man in her life, rather than a woman. This didn't stop the boys from watching her hips dance as she crossed the room, her long brown hair flowing along behind her.

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I, on the other hand, found it rather repulsing. Well, until that one day. I wore a pink mini skirt to school and a tight white tank top. During Ms. Robinson's last period math class, I started talking to a friend beside me. Ms. Robinson gave me a single warning that I ignored. After a few minutes, I started whispering to my friend again.

"Alexa, I will see you after school. You have a detention." All the guys smirked and sighed in envy. I grew hot with anger, never having to stay after. But since it was last period, I knew she wouldn't let me leave until detention time was up.

After class, while every talked about their plans as they left the classroom, I stayed sitting at my desk, arms folded across my chest. Ms. Robinson stayed at her desk, a red pen scribling across some worksheets. Finally, after five minutes of silence she looked up and smile. "Alexa, will you pick up some of the pieces of paper laying on the floor." She asked sweetly, turning back to her papers before I had time to refuse. I groaned and got up, starting to bend over to pick up paper on the floor. There was more than I ever noticed.

After getting sick of having to bend over every time, I started to crawl around on my hands and knees. I stood up to go throw it away to see that Ms. Robinson was watching me with a smirk on her face. "C'mere." She motioned for me to go to her desk. I did so and threw the paper away in the can next to her. She stood up and pinned me in the corner, putting her hands on my waist. Her lips were upon mine and I made the mistake of trying to scream, allowing her tongue to enter my mouth. I had to admit though, that she did taste good, really sweet.

Her hand slipped from my waist to under my skirt, massaging me dampening pussy with her index finger. After struggling against her, I finally gave in. She smiled at me, pushing me over to her desk until I was sitting on it. She pulled my pink thong off and got on her knees, running her tongue the length of my pussy. I moaned and leaned my head back, enjoying ever lick and flick of my clit. She soon shoved to fingers into my fuck hole and moaned a little louder.

She fucked my pussy with her fingers while her tongue greedily lapped at my click, sucking and biting it occasionally. She suddenly stopped, licking her fingers before reaching over into the drawer next to her. I had a feeling of what was coming now. She dug around for a moment before pulling out of the biggest strap on dildo I'd ever seen. Well, the only I'd ever seen, actually.

She smiled as she quickly put it on, moving between my legs again, pushing my skirt up to reveal my soaking wet pussy. With one quick motion, she shoved the huge blue stick into me and I gasped in pleasure. She started pumping hard right away, making me moan. I wrapped my arms around her neck and moaning into her chest. She unbuttoned her red blouse to reveal a pair of perfect, firm tits. Her nipples were pink and perky and I immediately pulled one into my mouth as I massaged the other. She tasted so good, I forget all about me thinking that lesbianism was repulsive.

My hand was suddenly making its way down to my clit as she continued to fuck me like no one had. I could feel an orgasm coming slowly and rubed at my clit as hard as I could. "Oh god, Ms. Robinson. Fuck me harder." I moaned, throwing my head back in pleasure. She did just that and soon enough I was coming.

Ms. Robinson pulled the dildo out of my pussy and pulled my head down to it, making me lick and suck it clean. The taste of my own juices only aroused me more, making me want her to fuck me even more. She smiled, obviously reading me as I closed my eyes, trying to get as much of the dildo into my mouth as possible. "You want more?" She asked. I looked up, taking my mouth off the strap on and nodded. She smiled wider and pulled me up, bending me over her desk and sliding it in again.

"You're one horny slut." She commented as she started to pump again, this time going to slowly to torment me.

I moaned, trying to make her go faster, pounding back at her. But this only made her grab my hips so I was unable to move. She started to pull out all the way and then it in all the way again, making me scream. She did this for a few minutes before tightening her grip on my hips and tearing my pussy up as hard as she could. I came again, more violently than before. "Now, it's my turn." She declared, pulled the strap on off and sitting on her desk.

Ms. Robinson pulled my head down to her pussy. "Just do what I did." She ordered. So I did, licking her pussy up and down. Fucking me must've really turned her on, her pussy was soaked and it didn't take her long to come. But once I had her taste I could stop, sending her to violent waves of orgasms over and over until she had to stop me.

I licked my fingers hungrily, looking up at her. She stood up, pulling her panties back on and handing me mine. I shook my head, deciding I wanted to walk home without them. "So, do you want another detention tomorrow?" She questioned, smiling at me as I grabed my things.

I smiled excitedly. "Of course. But maybe my punishment should be a little more severe."

"That is very possible." She agreed, packing her things up as well. As we were walking to the door together, I could feel her hand playing with the hem of skirt before rubing my ass. As we existed into the hall, she walked her separate way.

The next day, she made sure to give me an even longer punishment.

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