Private Session

Miss Kim wants more men then most women can handle and her therapist loves it.

“So tell me Miss Kim what was it that you did last night?” Asked Dr. Guthrie. He had been my therapist for the past year and I knew he enjoyed my escapades. He lived to see me at my weekly appointments, almost as much as I did. Being a ‘freak’ such as me there is something in telling someone what you had done and watching his crotch grow strong is my ultimate goal. Dr. Guthrie has seen me squirm in my seat, sweat bullets from the anticipation of the night and masturbate. His coolness in posture is what keeps me coming back. I am addicted to him.

“The black dress I wore had one big advantage. I could take it off and be naked in seconds. A pair of fishnets, no bra, along with some high heels set off my minimalist approach. I had a long black coat with me that I threw around myself before I headed out.” It’s so nice to be able to watch his green eyes twinkle when I describe my clothes. I wonder what he’s like in bed.

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At 36 I believe I am at my peak, both physically and emotionally. My appetite for sex was described, by one of my past therapists, as being like that of a randy teenage boy in a girl's dressing room. I'd always thought that I was different, and from an early age I was playing with all sorts of toys to bring myself off. Finally I met a group of other people with the same appetite for adventure and we used our experiences to help counsel each other, in more ways than one.

To put it in plain English, I love group sex and as long as they are legal, they are there for the taking. I had been sacked and reinstated, groped and fondled by hundreds of men and a few boys and I loved it.

“So Kimberly where did you decide to go? Did you meet you friends?” He was ready for the story to begin, I can tell by him setting his coffee mug down on the table in front of us. I wasn’t entirely sure where to begin with him. Should I start with the doorman who I had regularly given head to on his smoke breaks, or the neighbors babysitter who I would pay to give a hand job to. Either way he wanted a story not the bullshit insignificant little details.

So I told him about the finest night of my life.

“I got in my car and headed towards a city I had never been in before and I was ready for everything.” I found an empty parking lot and stepped out into the street and headed north up a small street looking for somewhere to have dinner. A young Chinese girl corralled me into her restaurant where I enjoyed a lovely soup and a plate of Singapore noodles with chicken before I knocked back my second glass of white and headed off.

The warmth from the wine heightened my desires and as I walked north looking for a bar or a nightclub I noticed an alley that led off to the right. At the end of the lane was a flashing neon light that simply said 'Adult'. I headed down past the empty boxes and garbage cans and saw that it was an adult store with nearly all the flashing lights either busted or burnt out. I looked at the tatty carpet on the stairs that led up to the first floor and I could smell stale cigarettes and beer.

“It was a dirty establishment and do you know what? It excited me all the more because of it.” I lay back on his couch, closed my eyes and began imagining the night all over again my head.

I climbed the stairs slowly and entered a long room with DVD's and books lining each wall. The center of the room had a long display full of toys for both genders and at the end of the room sat a man in his thirties and a woman in her twenties. They were chatting amicably and both looked up and smiled as I entered. I looked at a few of the movies and scanned the room looking for something for later on if I was unable to find any excitement. They had a few signs behind them advertising a theatre with live shows and movies. I thought about it and decided that should be interesting.

"Excuse Me," I said as I walked up the counter. "What movie is on at the moment?"

"Not sure," he said and began shuffling through a pile of DVD's on the desk.

I smiled at the young girl who looked me up and down then smiled back.

"This one here," he said holding up a German teen film.

I looked at the cover that had a young brunette on it taking on three men. My kind of scene, it sent a tingle between my legs as I looked at the young girl on the box.

"Looks good," I said to him

"Are you a friend of Sandra's?" the young girl asked.

I looked at her questioningly. "Sandra?" I replied, “ No, I don’t know anyone by that name."

"Oh," she said and looked at the man. "That's OK, I’m sure she would love to meet you."

I paid my $10 and walked up some stairs to a door with another flickering light above it. I opened the door and I could just see the screen away to my right. And that was about all I could see.

As the door closed behind me I could barely see anything so I pulled out my cell phone from my purse and flicked it open. The faint light exposed a row of seats so I followed them down and to the right. I aimed the phone upwards and I could see that no one was sitting in any of the seats. I decided to sit and let my eyes adjust before moving again.

After a few minutes, and after watching two slender girls doing each other with a dildo, I could make out the layout of the theatre. The seats were set up in a V shape and I was about one third of the way down a fairly large cinema. From my seat I could see the entire seating arrangement and I soon realized that very few people were in there. At the front was an old man who looked to be asleep and to the back was a group of eight all sitting about. Realizing I was alone, and in almost total darkness, I lifted my dress up and slipped my panties off. I tucked them into my handbag and sat back with my legs open and watched the movie.

As my eyes adjusted I noticed that the people at the back of the theatre had moved seats. I watched for a while and counted only seven heads. One had gone, or so it appeared. The scene on the movie changed to one of a young brunette being fucked by two men in a kitchen. One man had his face between her legs mauling her pussy while she sat atop of the other man who had his cock in her ass.

I began to rub my trimmed pussy as I watched the girl being plugged in her ass and cunt. She was really enjoying it and so was I. As I rubed my clit I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I could feel a much-needed orgasm begin to come to the surface. I realized what I really needed though was to feel a nice hard cock in my cunt just like the girl on the screen.

Again I looked over to the group at the back of the theatre and one of them had moved. I watched them for a bit longer and in the gap between two heads I saw another, obviously female head, rise up between them.

Now I knew why they were moving and why there was a disappearing head.

Here was a woman, it seemed, even more of a sex feign than me. I had to check her out. I grabed my purse and navigated my way through the chairs onto the center aisle. It was about 20 rows to the back of the theatre and as I got closer I could see more clearly. I stopped three rows before them and sat at the end of the row. I was no longer interested in the movie and I focused on what was going on behind me.

The woman was hunched over to the left and her head was bobing up and down. From what I could see she appeared to be naked. The scene on the movie changed to a bright beach scene that illuminated the theatre. I could see that the men being pleasured were of a wide range of ages and nationalities. One of them in his 30’s stood up and was looking at me as he stepped over the seats down into the row I was in. My heart was beating like a scared rabit and he was unzipping his fly as he walked towards me. I could smell semen in the air and I licked my lips in anticipation. I hitched my dress up and when he was next to me I spread my legs wide. He saw my open pussy and fished his semi hard cock out of his pants. I sat forward in my seat and took hold of his damp rod and sucked it into my mouth. I could taste pre-cum on his cock as I licked the head and swirled my tongue around its expanding girth. I saw out of the corner of my eye another movement as another man got up from his chair.

"Hello, hello, whom do we have here?" he said as he came closer.

"I have no idea mate," said the guy I was sucking, "but she's fucking hot."

Of course I was flattered by his comments so I squeezed his balls as I sucked him off. I felt some hands on my shoulders as the man behind me began to caress my body. He moved my hair over to the side and slid my dress strap down over my shoulder.

I spread my legs even wider and leant back in the chair, breaking contact with the guy I was sucking who immediately sat down on my left. I rested my head on the back of the chair and looked up at the older man above me. His cock was already out and as hard as iron. I felt a hand reach down and rub my slit as the older guy reached down and pushed my dress down over my shoulders and exposed my breasts. I reached up and grabed his cock and pulled on its thickness. In the dim light I could see cum oozing out of his slit. Desiring to feel it slide to the back of my throat I licked it up with my tongue and swallowed the cream.

"This is one nasty little slut," he said as he knelt down and turned my head around gently, "Now suck my cock."

His thick cock tasted of sweat and cum as I gulped it down into my mouth. The guy next to me sucked on my left nipple as he fingered my cunt. The effect was amazing and when I felt a third hand on my right thigh I came with an immensity that was frightening. My insides contracted and a wave of pins and needles swept through my body, I squirmed and let the cock fall from my mouth as my body pulsed and shook.

"Fuck me," I said to anyone who would listen, "Someone just fuck me."

I stood up and pulled my dress off and noticed that the man who had joined us was about 40 and a little chuby but did I care? As long as he had a cock I was happy.

My standing up and talking got the attention of everyone including the other woman who was being fingered and mauled by three men.

She broke away from them and stepping over the seats came towards me.

She was only about five foot four and had long dark curly hair. From what I could tell in the dark she was about 45 and a little chuby around the middle but she oozed sexuality. She was completely naked and she had red patches all over her from all the groping she had received from the men.

"Hello darling," she said as she came down to my row. "I'm Sandra, welcome to the club." she kissed me on the cheek and hugged me. I kissed her back on the lips and instantly I knew I had found another soul mate. Her tongue flicked around my mouth as if it was searching for something and her hands went instantly to my sopping pussy. The man to my left was rubing her cunt and the chuby guy was playing with my ass.

I put my left foot up on the seat and she rubed my slit as she bent over and sucked my left nipple.

"Time to fuck," she said. Sandra spun around and pushed the legs of the man to my left together and sat down on his lap.

I knelt on the chair and stuck my ass out at just the right height for chuby to slide his cock in. Oldie offered his cock to me and I sucked it in just as chuby was the first to fuck me for the night. His cock felt fantastic as it ploughed into my wet slit. More bodies came down around us and when I looked next to me at Sandra she was riding the other man in the reverse cowboy position as she sucked the cock of some other guy.

I looked around and all the men had their dicks out and ready to go. Oldie moved over as another dick was offered to me, I immediately licked and sucked. I felt chuby pull his dick out and another longer one took its place as I continued to swap between the two.

"What a pair of dirty sluts," someone said.

I looked again at Sandra who was licking and pulling on a cock for all its worth.

She looked up at the man she was sucking and said "Cum all over my face, come on, do it."

Sure enough he grabed his cock with his right hand and the top of her head with his left and shot a stream of cum all over her. It landed on her forehead and ran down into her right eye, some landed in her open mouth but most was all over her face. "Here," I said, "let me get that for you." I licked the cum out of her eye as she licked the remains of cum from his cock.

I could feel the cock in my pussy harden as his speed increased.

"Jesus," he cried as he pulled his cock out and let loose a spray of jism onto my ass. I could feel some land on my back and run down the backs of my legs. He slapped me on the right cheek and slammed his cock back into me. Both the spent men were replaced and I went back to satisfying the two cocks above me.

Another man sat on the seat to my left and began twisting and pulling my nipples. I could feel the oncoming tremor of another organism as the four of them pushed the pleasure boundaries. When the man fucking me stuck his finger in my ass, and the man to my left rubed my clit, I shoved backwards and cooed as my body was overcome with pure pleasure.

The guy fucking me rubed his cock all over my ass cheeks before sliding two fingers into my ass hole. I looked around to the middle aged Italian man and said, "Fuck me where you please."

He was quick to pull his cock out of my pussy and after he spat on his hand and rubed it around his knob, he began to push it into my ass.

"Oh Christ," he said, "This is a first."

I looked at the young man, who was mauling my boobs to my left, and said

"Rub my pussy, get it nice and wet because you're going to fuck it next."

He didn't even have his dick out, but it didn't take long. A few seconds later his pants were around his ankles and his cock was pulsing hard in his hand. I looked over to Sandra who was now standing up and leaning forward, taking one cock in her pussy while sucking another. She kept looking around to the man drilling her as he pulled his cock out all the way, before quickly shoving it back in.

The Italian was plugging away quite nicely and I was happy to just be here being used and satisfied by these anonymous men. After a few minutes though Italian, who had quickened his pace substantially, pulled his cock out and shot a load of thick cum, like white custard, over my asshole. I could feel it drip down into my cunt and youngie, to his credit, rubed it in.

I needed to feel completely filled so I grabed youngie by the hand and dragged him up. There was no way I could organize what I wanted on the chairs and the only option was the steps.

"Come with me," I said.

He dutifully followed me to the wide steps and I pointed at the dirty carpet.

"Lie down," I said.

His dick was fairly large and rock hard. He lay back on the carpet and I squatted above him. I looked over to Sandra who now had two dicks to suck. I held the young guys cock and squatted above him. As I slid down onto his rod he reached up and squeezed my boobs. His massage technique needed some fine-tuning but his cock was of a good enough size to make up for it.

"Now that's a live show," another said.

I looked down and could see three figures walking up the stairs. Youngie couldn't hold back any longer and as he said 'shit, shit, sorry' he unloaded a warm serving of cum into my pussy. Glob after glob sprayed down onto my open hole and down into the mess lying on youngies nut sack.

"Looks like you need a clean up," I said to him. I sucked his cock into my mouth, licking up all of our juices. I licked down to his tight sack and licked all the combined juices off him. I felt a hand on my backside and when I looked around the three new lads were watching me clean up.

"Do we have to pay extra for this?" one of them asked.

I told them no, they just need to arrive at the right time. I gathered up my stuff, looked at Sandra. She was laying on another piece of dirty carpet being fondled by a man who was very much amused by her swollen clit. She looked up at me and smiled. I blew her a kiss and mouthed “I will see you later”.

“She waved and I put my dress back on, found my shoes and walked out the theater doors. I smiled at the couple behind the counter and walked out the Adult stores door.”

Dr. Guthries office was very quiet, so quiet in fact I opened my eyes and looked around. I saw him standing in the corner with a towel in his hand wiping off something. It made me smile when I realized he had his penis in his hand and next to the couch where I was laying was cum on the carpet. I dipped my fingers into the stain and scooped a small bit of it into my hand. I played with it for a moment and then slipped my hand between my legs and began to fondle myself. Dr. Guthrie must have become aware of my movements because he turned in time to see what I was doing.

He walked over to me and said, “ Miss Kim, it’s very hard for me to tell you this but I will have to stop seeing you as my patient.”

“Doctor” I said as I got to my knees while still on his couch. I grabed his pants and in one swift motion I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and had his hard cock in my hand. “That’s Fine” I told him and placed his hot, hard and throbing cock into my mouth.

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