Comando #1


Commando #1


mega orgasm for her

Randolph O. Mann


Lindsey Leicester knew exactly why this meeting had been arranged, while her mother on the other hand had nary a clue. This whole affair had an impish deja vu feeling of a dreaded trip to Principal’ s Office which had placed Ms. Leicester on edge. As all single working moms know, conferencing with scholastic ‘professionals’ is always knotty. These types of summonses as a rule are meticulous orchestrated toward academia’ s favor and there was every reason to expect that today’s conference is arranged in similar fashion. Anticipating her pool of sympatric colleagues to augment appears a totally wasted effort, as once her divorce decree was made final “Mr. Co-Litigant” has seldom been obliged to show up at work let alone make an appearance on behalf of his daughter. Consequently today’s assbly will have to be addressed with the presently assbled cast of two and like lambs to the slaughter Mrs. Leicester and her daughter marched along the bookish corridor. Both women were primed for the worse and had come very inappropriately attired for a strident melee. Lindsey was wearing a slinky black dress featuring a plunging cowl neckline that nosedives all the way to her midriff eager to accent her influential amenities to a favorable advantage. While Mom arrived outfitted in a flirty yet officious pin-striped periwinkle jacket, matching pencil skirt, a harmonizing blue blouse accented with seamed stockings and complimenting high heeled shoes indicating this curvilinear lady was not a woman to be trifled with and she was abundantly prepared to prove it.

Together, mother and daughter stepped through the lecture hall door and as per formal protocol waited at the back ingress to be recognized. Ever so slowly the mesmeric twosome considered the cavernous atmosphere of the semi-circular Lecture Hall as their vision adjusted to the murkiness of the space. This titanic sanctuary of higher learning offered rotund theater seating for the sunken mahogany balustrade that had been sagaciously endowed with a multi-paned sliding whiteboard appliance, cleverly integrated theatrical lighting applications and also incorporating a high-tech over-head projection option for Power Point presentations, all mingling in design to encourage scrutiny upon any apprentice foolish enough to venture onto this theater of the cultured. The ladies’ calculated panoramic inspection pressed on, taking account of the unique seating arrangement that assimilated a massive writing table complete with an emerald shaded reading lantern tactically sited dead center among the congregational incumbency. This impressive work station was outfitted with a state-of-the-art sound system, Corinthian leather ink-padding, an Alienware Aurora m7700 laptop computer and,,, HIM!

The seated Professor was locally highlighted by the jaded glow cast from the author’s lantern upon his desktop that found this academic dressed in exemplary gloomy shades of fabric. Classically outfitted with jet black, front pleated, imported Boby Jones golfing pants, a long sleeved hand-tailored Ralph Lauren Bistre shirt and an understated amethyst hewed Jerry Garcia silk tie with Windsor style spectacles balanced half the way down the bridge of his nose. He was hot! With a fish or cut bail, no nonsense, graying at the temples, alpha male manner about him that can make women tingle just below their belly buttons. Surrounded by term papers, black-line sketches and Blue Books while referencing information from the LCD screen this multi-tasker of the highest order intentionally let his scheduled callers stew at the edge of his pedagogic realm to cement the picking order for this pre planned conference.

Then without even a word and using only a double twirl of his wrist that set his upwardly pointing index finger circling until a whip like gesture of his dialing-digit steered the two women down the stairs and onto the plinth of his scholastic forum. Descending the theater’s set of precipitous steps in such a vaguely lighted fashion proved a complicated exploit without any safety precautions afforded from banisters. The self-conscious descent by the long-limbed famine brace become disturbingly evident in the professor’s periphery vision and collected the professor’s attention as glimpses of thigh flesh encouraged his methodical inspection. By slowly raising his head from his pressing formalities and staring down his nose the female forms improved their focus once centered within the teacher’s Windsor lens. While he carefully monitored the ladies’ wobly downward journey the instructor’s decolletage assumed an uncomfortable slant necessitating the readjustment of his wire-rimmed spectacles into a more conventional pose that was skillfully accomplished by nudging the bridge-rest of the corrective lens along his refined proboscis.

Stumbling into the brightness of the center stage illumination, both women were forced to squint aloft in the direction of the professor’s lofty arrangement. Shading their eyes and leaning forward did little to alter the glare as their feminine structures received a leisurely scrutiny from above. Uncomfortable silence ruled the moment as both parties struggle to brace the voyeur’ s opportunity. The fidgeting with hems and the tugging at dipping necklines by of the gals demonstrated their awareness of their ineffectual circumstance. The mired seconds reluctantly conceded to potential opportunity as time enjoyed a holiday. Self-consciously the women scrutinized their sparse surroundings as the learned tutor made delicate adjustments to the lighting applications, enhancing the tinge of illumination to accent the attractive suntanned skin tones both ladies were sporting. This suspended occasion gave way to the startling sound of the amplified voice of the officious teacher as he directed his neglectful student to compose a proper introduction.

After hurried formalities were extended, the women were genially offered access to a pair of wooden barstools stationed center stage and the dialogue began. Once the stilted chairs had been provocatively mounted, the Professor sternly lectured both highly seated women concerning the agenda for today’s meeting by explaining that Mrs. Leicester and her daughter had been summoned here today in the interests of full academic disclose. Further, as the custodian of Lindsey’s education at this institution of higher learning it is a teacher’s assigned responsibility to report any improprieties pertaining to this scholastic stewardship. Unfortunately this morning’ s visit had been predicated upon just such a regrettable occasion and could very well negatively affect Lindsey’s academic standing by depriving Lindsey of her endowment. The professor summarily elucidated how his exhaustive assessment of the Leicester household’s financial statement obliging attached to Lindsey’s scholarship application identified how alimony allotments, tenancy codicils and Lindsey’s trust fund distributions are all contingent upon Lindsey’s uninterrupted enrollment and graduation from this university and had provided ample motivation for Mrs. Leicester’s offspring’ s unseemly suggestion of exchanging carnal knowledge involving her instructor in favor of him constructively augmenting Lindsey’s mid-term score, thus removing the threat of her scholarly disentitlement.

The professor reassured a very shocked Mrs. Leicester that in spite of the ample opportunity, lesions in the company of apprentices of imperfect fluency were not his practice. Nor was it his intention to cavalierly rupture the Leicester Family’s delicate fiscal equilibrium without extending an addendum to Lindsey’s very attractive and uniformly inappropriate proposal by upping the ante with a triangular muse concerning a maternal complement that upon capitulation would secure a negotiable midterm mark capable of saving Lindsey’s pedantic entitlement.

The instructor explained how he fully intended to have his way with this desperate single mom and even projected incorporating her enthusiastic initiate to boot. The pair of women had just been schooled by this lecherous teacher in every implication of the word competitively, intellectually, esthetically, monetarily and biologically. The professor’s victory was as devastating, as his terms for their feminine surrender had been scandalous. Raison d'etre for this educator was deemed as warranted under his sblance of following stringent systematic guidelines for his independent scientific research into the various motivational factors prompting contradictory behavior with regard to a woman’s material commitment to their progeny. And as such, Mrs. Leicester had been deliberately manipulated towards this pivotal life altering occasion owing to the incapacity of these two pampered woman to absorb the cost of the 35k tuition that Lindsey’s expulsion would create.

Submitting to the moment, ever so grudgingly Mrs. Leicester’s hand went to work at the top button of her adorable periwinkle jacket and then leisurely progressing lower to the bottom one as the front of her jacket was disengaged unfettering her generous torso upon this scholarly venue. The business coat was only the first garment to depart from the Mother’s frame as piece by reluctant piece her outfit would be transferred into her daughter’s charge and draped upon the mahogany balustrade. Mrs. Leicester’s awkward hip-high tussle eventually gained the release of the protrusion holding the side of her matching periwinkle skirt waistband tightly together at her middle. Next the singing zipper announced her skirt would soon follow the jacket and decorate the mahogany railing by creating an opening just large enough to wiggle those MILF hips all the way through flaunting the lacy trimmings of top of her hoary leggings as the pencil shirt fell onto the floor at her ankles. After stepping out of the fabric tangled around her feet Mrs. Leicester used a coquettishly demure gesture when crouching down with both knees tightly fussed together in her endeavor to collect the soon to be forfeited article of clothing from off the floorboards and placing it into the hands of her waiting offspring. Having only her accenting azure blouse remaining at the post guarding the matron from his depraved scrutiny added to the ignominy of the oral reprimand Lindsey’s professor insisted upon administering. As he served equal portions of scolding towards the two women alternately admonishing them for lack of parental regulation and poor study habits then referencing the absence of maternal character and the junior’s indifference drawing to a close only once Ms. Leicester applied her nible fingers to the task of unfastening the twelve buttons holding the back of her azure blouse together. Button by button the lecture ground to a screeching fault until only silence filled the outsized homily hall as the Mistress gradually revealed herself as dorsally entirely suntanned shoulder to hips. Forfeiting the silk chemise recognized how Mrs. Leicester was in attendance minus upper body tan-lines and all her intimate undergarments as she now wore only a pair of silk stockings and a suspender belt with her an assortment of naked trophies uncovered to him to analysis and doubly laid bare before her daughter’s gaze.

The Professor’s suggestion was wrong upon so many levels and Mrs. Leicester’s mind was spiraling at the unadulterated volume of sins; Public Nudity, Incestuous Contact, Menage-tri, Age Inappropriate, Exhibitionism, Dominatrix and Servitude. The look of total emused resignation that crossed Mrs. Leicester’s face was confirmation of her measured capitulation to his abnormal demands. The shock of discovering herself standing before both, her treasonous daughter and Lindsey’s accommodating tutor, totally exposed head to shoe top in this buff manor, promptly sealed the deal as far as Mrs. Leicester was concerned upon discovering herself as a casualty of familiar duplicity.

From the onset of this scholastic ‘get-together’ Mrs. Leicester was doubling outmanned and now three are about to be joined as one. Without exchanging words the women made ocular conversation as Mom shot a look at Lindsey that could melt lead. Sheepishly Lindsey’s head tilted toward the left and she smiled her hackneyed “oops, I did it again” expression before shrugged her shoulders upward sufficiently enough to allow them to slip through the large cowl collar that was holding up her little black dress allowing it to descend the length Lindsey’s bare naked silhouette falling into a ringed quantity about her ankles divulging how the junior female too, had clandestinely attended today’s affair commando style.

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