The Panty Boy

That gorgeous scent coming from panties drives me mad.

It was a rainy summer, a long time ago, and it was my birthday on that day, so we decided to party in my place, and entertain my buddies, and have a good time. As I was there in my apartment, guests began to arrive, unhurried, though.

Perhaps this would be a good gathering, until last guest arrived. She was my girl friend named Blanca Guerrero, a Spanish, dressed elegantly in black tight pants and a blouse with horizontal stripes on it. She looked stunningly gorgeous like this! I wished I played grab-ass with this girl, clutching and touching -I thought.

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We all sat at the table, but I had to stand up to fetch some drinks. On my way back to my chair, I saw my friend Blanca bent over against the table, while I stared at her. I noticed for a split second her red panty, sneaking out of the pants, so I stood up instantaneously to look at her panty better, and consider her. She wore a red panty, kind of synthetic fabric. I finally, sat down again, to join the group.

I became too inquisitive since then, and wished to see Blanca's red panty again, so I never missed a chance to check if the panty still slipped out, gazing at her rear, and buble ass. Also I'd make sure she only was wearing that particular panty, the one she wore on my birthday's party, then realized, with dismay, it was not red, or my view was blocked. I thus was becoming obsessed, thoughtful, and only wished to lay a hand on the panty, to caress and feel it. I couldn't do anything about that, since it was obvious she'd refuse to give it me to keep if I ever dared to inquire.

Months later, I was having fun with friends on the week end, and bought beers. We picked them up at a nearby liquor store and started to drink on the way to our car, except were surprised by the sudden arrival of Blanca Guerrero's elder brother, who approached to us. He reasoned we all would be more comfortable if we went to his place to drink the beers, and gladly accepted. No one would bother us there, because his parents were gone today, as he pointed out. We drank a lot of beers here, and soon some buddies informed they wished to leave. It was at this moment, when my girl friend's brother offered some bedrooms available in case any of us wished to stay overnight.

It turned out to be a good idea, I thought, while imagined me looking for Blanca's red panty in the drawers, make my day. All of my friends refused the offer but me. They were on their way out while I headed for my car to park it in the garage. I was back in the apartment house and my girl friend's brother led the way to the bed room where I'd sleep. I doze until woke up in the darkness; all was silent around me, so I got up and left the bed room to get into the next door room. How convenient! It was Blanca Guerrero's bed room, so I began to search in her dressing table, until I came up to a drawer where she kept her underwear. I poked one hand, grabed a panty and took it out.

I couldn't see what I had in my hands in the dimness, so turned lights on to find out there was a lovely red panty clung to my hand. Bingo!! Most likely these weren't my panties, others would be here as well. I dug in the drawer for more until another pair showed up… black, yellow, and even beige. Convinced I had hit the right ones now, pulled the drawer close, and began an exhaustive search or exam: this turned to be of big style, reinforced at the tummy. Put it in my pocket, and headed for the garage to drive home.

It was almost dawn as I climbed in my bed and fell asleep soundly, with my clothes on. Perhaps I had slept for hours, and began to take off my jacket, and to strip off my clothes. Rolled up the panty around my shaft and began to jerk off vigorously, to cum in no time with a big spurt of cum load into the air. Guerrero's "thongs" are a gift and a tribute of her marvelous ass, the ideal girl to play bouncy-bouncy on me. She finally got married and moved to another city… until on one occasion kissed the panties away and watched how it was taken away by the garbage collector truck blended into my trash.

I never thought I’d have a new panty experience after so many years, as I now live in a village at Yucatan, a Mexican province. I've just turned to 57, married to a 43 yo. woman. But the “problem” here would be my sister in low. She lives with us in our apartment, a petite 27 yo., about 1.58 cms tall, with tits too small but still ok.

Since she's attending college in this city, she has already been two years in our house now. I get along pretty well with my sister in low, and we like to share together, rent movies or DVDs to watch them. We sometimes listen to music, except for the fact she doesn?t drink alcohol, so it's my turn to drink my beers on weekends by myself. We’ve stayed late, a lot of times, chatting or watching TV. I’ve declined to make any advances on her, and would rather consider this chick as my younger sister, a family mber, and I’m just courteous right from the start.

But this polite attitude stopped one day as my wife was assigned a different shift at work; my little sister in low had and examination at college on that day too, so she got up at 9:00 o'clock, took a shower and changed into clean clothes -dressed up. She had a brief breakfast and left for her institute, so I was now home alone.

I suddenly had to get off bed and went to piss, naked -it was summer time and too hot now. No problem to walk around the house naked, as no one would see me like this. It's normal, typical, for any male to have a hard on in the mornings, so I wasn?t surprised by my dick so hard, and got to the bath room, relieved to drain off. But caught sight of a large basket –it’s cover was gone- full of clothes for laundry. Just on the very top of this container, I spotted my sister in low's panties. No doubt she had just taken them off, and had worn them the day before. I had a feeling she tossed her panty at the basket, rolled up, as she took if off, stepped out of her panty, not being careful, in a casual manner. The inner part was folded inside out, half wet. I took them, unrolled, and took to my nostrils -to sniff and suddenly was invaded by that wonderful pussy scent, her marvelous little cunt smell.

My penis, which had been relaxed, slackened, to this moment, sprang up to life while I didn't give up smelling those thongs, so rich and delicious. A female aroma, womanhood odor had saturated her underwear. I was like in heaven, in cloud nine, holding her panty stuck to my nose, smelling the woman perfume. Besides, the underwear was still wet, as if Bertha -that was her name- had just taken them off a minute ago, so I run my tongue along the panty, feeling the flimsy fabric, and suddenly, at last, I could feel the sweet taste of a genuine pussy.

My dick was already too stiff, and obviously I wasn?t able to evade an urge to jerk off. I rolled the white panty around my stiffened rod and began to masturbate with Bertha in my mind, especially her small tits. It didn?t take long to ejaculate, with a big spurt, jet of cum load that landed on her panties, impregnating them with my cum. No way to wash them now, they’d catch me. I came up with an idea: to laundry one portion of clothes, say load it into the washing machine and pretending I didn?t see sneaked in the pack. 

I was done with the laundry, took a shower, and got to Bertha’s bedroom to work with all the commotion in the drawers, trying to figure out where possibly she kept her clean panties -underwear, bra, etc. I looked in her closet and came to a drawer full of panties, an assortment, and collection of pieces, small, thongs, some with laces on it, others bigger, but different colors and texture. I spent a lot of time there, sniffing underwear, and again I was turned on by this sight. Only a few strokes on my rod were enough to cum on one of the pieces, spurting gallons of thick cum on one panty, which I washed afterwards. It was returned to its right place.

I’ve made a lot of more things with Bertha’s panties each time I see them in the laundry basket or in the clothes line where she puts them to dry. Looks like if I’m a vicious fetish, always doing this. I sometimes hit other panties, not hers, in the basket, but they won’t make me as hot as my sister in law’s mouth-watering small panties. Just call me “Panty Boy.” I like it. That gorgeous scent coming from panties drives me mad.


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