Daddy's Princess In Training Part One

Daddy teaches daughter to be his sex princess

Daddy and I had always been close. We had a warm and loving special relationship as far back as I can rber. Even Mom would smile and say I was Daddy' s little girl. My two brothers and sisters would always tease me and say I could get away with anything since I could do no wrong in Daddy' s eyes.

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Daddy was always very affectionate and would rub my back for me and we would cuddle while we watched television. As I grew up this never changed. He was always warm, loving and very attentive towards me. Mom would joke and say she should be jealous, shake her head laughing and walk away.

The one thing I could never talk Daddy into was letting me date before my 16th birthday. It was the only thing he stood firm on where I was concerned and wouldn't even listen to my Mom when she told him all the girls were dating since they were 14 years old. His answer was always the same..... "Not my little princess".

When I would pout and be upset by this he would smile, take me in his arms, place me on his lap and softly explain that I was special and I wasn't ready to deal with the young idiots that were growing up today. He would brush my long blonde hair and tell me how special I was and that one day soon I would be ready to meet the right person. Someone that would see me for the lovely princess I had become and nurture, love, protect and adore me.

My sixteenth birthday was finally approaching and Mom and Dad began planning a lavish party to celebrate my "coming of age" as Dad called it. Mom would laugh and say she was looking forward to it so she wouldn't have to hear me whine about dating anymore. Dad would only smile.

The day finally arrived!!! The party they planned for me was something I will never forget. There were over 100 people invited including friends and family. It was catered and a popular live band played until midnight. Daddy spared no expense.

At the stroke of midnight Daddy came to me and gave me a soft kiss on the lips and said "Happy birthday princess today you are a young woman" and led me onto the floor for the final dance. As everyone stood and applauded Daddy took me into his arms and we began to dance.

He said "princess this is not the end of your special day only the beginning. Mom and I planned a special weekend for you. I have made arrangements to take you to our beach house in Hawaii by private jet and your birthday celebration will continue there". I was so excited since Hawaii was my favorite place and Daddy knew this.

We have a lovely, private home on the water in Kauai that is surrounded by sand dunes, palm trees and coral reefs. The only other house close to it is about a mile down the road.

Mom had packed my suitcase and had it hidden until Daddy told me about the surprise trip.

We immediately left for the airport and landed in Kauai about 6 AM. Daddy had the caretaker prepare the house to his specifications and gave him a weeks vacation so we had the place to ourselves.

When we arrived the first thing I noticed was each room was overflowing with all of my favorite island flowers and the scent was intoxicating.

Daddy said "go put your new swim suit on and we'll go swimming and play in the dunes". I walked into my room and found a beautiful although skimpy suit with a matching sarong. I changed in record time and found daddy waiting for me in a matching suit.

He took my hand and we went racing to the water, laughing and teasing me the whole way down. We splashed around the private lagoon until we were sated then daddy took my hand and led me to the hidden dunes where a table for two was set with champagne and all kinds of delectable morsels. Daddy opened the bottle, poured and handed me my first taste of champagne. Mmmmm it was incredible. Daddy laughed when I asked for more please and he said I could have as much as I wanted since I was now a young woman. As he handed it to me he leaned down and kissed my lips as his tongue flicked against my lips. He laughed and said "I didn't want to waste any".

I was beginning to feel quite warm and relaxed from the champagne. For the first time I saw my daddy through other adult women's eyes. I rbered hearing them say how sexy he was and I had to agree in a still somewhat daughterly view. I was thinking how lucky I was he was my daddy.

He took my hand and led me to the blankets abutting the dunes and sat me down. He kept my glass full of my new favorite drink and began to brush my waist length hair until it was dry as he always did since I was a little girl.

He then slowly began to rub my back kneading my shoulders as he pressed me back against his body. He engulfed my body as he reached over my shoulders to massage my upper chest. I sighed at the lovely feeling. He said "I wasn't exactly sure what size suit to buy for you since you have grown up so much but a size 2 and 36C seemed just perfect". He place his arms around my waist and began to massage my stomach as my eyes closed as the soft unknown feelings he was unleashing in me began to take hold.

He softly whispered in my ear "I have waited for so long to see my little princess just like this" as he inquired "how are you feeling my little love"? I smiled and said "it feels so good being in daddies arms and cuddling".

"Baby there is so much more I would love to teach" you as he lowered me on to the blanket and his arms held his 6'3' body over mine. "You are now a young woman" as he leaned down and lightly kissed my lips. I opened my mouth a little and his kissed deepened. He said "yes baby that's it open to daddy" and I felt his tongue swirl against mine. He went slowly so as not to frighten me then deepened the kiss further. I was beginning to feel a warmth between my legs and a slight tightness in my stomach. He softly ran his hands down my sides and stomach kissing my neck as he trailed down my body always asking if I was ok and enjoying this new massage. "MMM Oh yes daddy I love it a lot".

"Baby if you feel scared or unsure at any time tell daddy and I will explain everything to you. I have loved you and waited for you my whole life. You are my dream princess and I am your daddy prince". He slowly undid my swim top and kissed around my breasts until he gently took a nipple in his mouth. I moaned as he licked and suckled my nipples one after the other. "Baby we have all the time in the world and I want this to be perfect for you".

He continued to feather light kisses down my body while rolling my nipples between his fingers. "Baby you have the most sensitive and responsive nipples I have ever known. I will teach you to enjoy them as much as I do". With his other hand he untied the little bottom to my suit and gently caressed my pussy running his finger along the outer slit. He could feel the moister escaping my wet pussy and smiled in delighted knowledge that his daughter was a sensual and erotic woman even if she didn't yet know it.

My moans were getting louder and more frequent as daddy took me to new levels of sexual awareness. His head lowered to my pussy as he gently opened my slit and began to gently lick and suck my wet pussy. My hips involuntarily raised up to meet his mouth as my fingers grabed and tightened in his hair. When his warm mouth gently enveloped my clit I thought I would pass out from the intense pleasure I was feeling. Daddy softly talked to me with words of encouragement as his tongue and fingers played along my body.

A moment of fear entered my sexually clouded mind as Daddy was building me to sensual highs I couldn't even begin to understand. "Daddy isn't this wrong for us to be doing"? He smiled and said "yes, for most it would be, but not us since we have always known we belong together baby. Don't you feel that too"? "Yes daddy I do. I belong to my daddy". He smiled and said "yes you do baby and always will".

He then unleashed his surging cock and placed it in my hand. It was huge at least 10". He instructed me how to stroke him. "Baby would you like to taste daddy"? He picked me up and nestled me between his legs and gently and slowly fed me his enormous cock just starting with the head. He would inch his way in a little at a time while telling me how to suck his love rod. At first I was scared but daddy just gently encouraged me and soon I was enjoying it and sucking more of him into my mouth feeling the need build in me to devour his cock. I loved my daddy cock. "Baby you are so good you will make me shoot my special juices in your mouth if I don't stop right now". "Mmmm I want to know what they taste like daddy I love your cock". I took him back into my mouth and began sucking harder and faster as my excitement grew. Daddy held my head and moved it up and down, his moans getting louder and louder. "Oh my baby girl you are going to make your daddy cum in your mouth. Are you ready honey I'm losing control.... Here it comes my baby girl". Daddy's cock and balls got real hard and I could feel him shooting his big load down my throat. I swallowed all of it except for the little bit that over flowed. Daddy yelled Oh my baby girl oh my you are the best and you are mine alone". He just kept Cumming and Cumming his body shaking and quivering uncontrollably. "Oh baby even I didn't know you would be this good so soon. You are my precious baby daughter and I love you so much".

He pulled me up to his chest and laid me on his body while he got his breathe back. My 5'2', 100 lb frame laying on daddy' s 6'3'' body was an erotic sight to see. He said "baby there is so much more I need to teach you are you ready to learn"? "Yes daddy". He rolled me under him and began to kiss me his tongue dueling with mine as his hands roamed my body creating a hot burning excitement where ever he touched. His tongue sliding down my neck with gentle kisses leading to my breasts. He began to gently lick my nipples. As I responded he took a nipple in his mouth and sucked and used his teeth to excite them. He wrapped my arms around his neck as he drove me crazy sucking, nipping and teasing my nipples. I cried out "Daddy yes" as my body shot up to meet his. He chuckled and said "the lesson is only starting".

He lowered his head and began to lick and suck my already drenched pussy while he placed his thumb and finger around my clit and gently squeezed it. My body began to shudder and quiver as I lost all control. Daddy said "Yes baby cum for daddy that's my good girl". I was exploding and screaming at my release "yes daddddy yes". "Oh daddy I love you so much. You make me feel so good". He said "this is just the beginning baby". I could feel his hard cock pressed against my pussy opening as he rubed the head of his enormous cock along my slit encouraging it to open to him. He slipped a finger inside me while rubing my clit with his cock driving me crazy. He was gently stretching me to accommodate his large size. Daddy then slipped a second finger in me to widen and stretch me and played there for a long time. After about 30 minutes he moved his cock head to my opening and tried entering just the head which was still a little too big for my small pussy. Daddy took my nipple between his teeth while sucking me and pushed the head in and waited for me to adjust to his girth. He slowly inched his way into his baby girl until he touched my wall of innocence and stopped. He explained that it would hurt for just a minute and then he would teach me to have great pleasure. :Do you trust daddy honey"?" Yes daddy I trust you". As he prepared to break the barrier he began to play with my clit and nipples in earnest. When he got me to the point of Cumming he quickly plunged his cock through the barrier and waited until the waive of pain diminished as he began to inch the rest of his 10 inch cock in and out of my body all the time talking to me. He would pull almost all the way out then back in taunting me telling me he wasn't going to give it to me then each time he entered he would go a little farther until he had all 10 inches in me. My body just wanted daddy and I kept pushing upward as he penetrated his girl over and over again. He could feel the walls of pussy tighten and squeeze his cock and knew I was going to cum. Not knowing what I was reaching for but begging daddy to make it happen he chuckled and said "Oh baby you have no idea". He then began to pump me in and out with that wonderful cock. My arms wrapped tightly around his neck and out of my head with desire I was crying "please daddy" and bucking under him when all of a sudden he took me over the edge of heaven and I exploded screaming his name "Dadddddy". Hearing this took daddy over the edge and I could feel him shooting his hot thick juices into my pussy.

We laid in each others arms for a very long time while daddy stroked and cuddled me. I looked up at daddy and he had tears in his eyes. He smiled and said "That was the most perfect love making I have ever experienced in all of his 38 years".

"Baby now you know why I didn't want you to date and let boys touch you. You have always belonged to daddy and now you are mine completely. I love you baby the way a man loves a woman"." You will always be daddy' s girl, won't you angel"? "Yes daddy I only belong to only you".

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