Celtic Goddess

a lesbian adventure

Hi I am here to share some of my fantasies, who I am and what I am is unimportant I’m sure lots of you will work it out, enjoy.

mega orgasm - be ready

I woke this morning at 6.30 to the normal annoying buzz of my alarm; alone in the bed again, but that is not a problem. The point I have reached in my life has been hard fought and definitely worth it.

I had a normal, well normalish child hood I grew up in a small village on the edge of what was an heavy industrial area but the recession had left it a place of empty factories and men who walked round with a the 1000 yard stare of the dispossessed.

This is time of my awakening my body had started to change, breasts swelling, the first wisps of hair and the curse. It was the night time that excited and frightened me so much; the dreams of sexual adventure with boys, men and worryingly girls. It was the dream of a girl with raven black hair green eyes that alarmed and excited me most.

We met at one of the many parties I new went on but did not go to; or more aptly was not invited to yet, I saw here across a room filled with smoke, sweat, and the macho posturing of adolescence boys. Her beauty was so intense it made my mouth dry my heart race and my nipples harden instantly; I look down for a moment, these are not my tiny fledgling breasts but full pert rounded breasts of a woman, in my dream I look away confused and frightened.

As is the way of dreams the next thing that happens is I am talking to this Celtic goddess her voice both calms me sets me on fire, the conversation moves from clothes to boys and we both mention their immaturity and then she puts here hand on my arm and asks if I like to get some air; is the rugby team shot gunning beer then followed by communal vomiting or does she feel the same way as me; as we walk out side I notice my goddess is carrying a bike leather.

Here am I looking at the swing of her slim hips, the curve of her breast through her skin tight tee shirt and wondering is it the cold that is pushing here nipple through the thin cloth. Those thoughts are pushing a burning pulse into my sex and I can feel wetness start to edge down my thigh. We walked down the street until we came to a bike, a GPz 900 the world’s first real super bike. Girls did not ride bikes they were pillions or so I thought then in my naivety. Back to my dream, the goddess has just been elevated to realms of Venus, totally in my eyes or more appropriately in my loins, I mumble something unintelligible as she offers me a lift, she hands me a helmet and her waterproof anyway she climbs aboard gestures for me to join her and shouts above the roar of those very loud cans to hold on to her if I prefer. I do not need a second invitation I cling on far to tight I press my breasts against here her back even knowing she probably cant feel them through her leather I can feel her, I can smell her scent in the helmet or maybe the jacket I am completely in love; well alright then lust but I was only a teenager in when I had this dream,

We sped along deserted wet streets, it has been raining and smell of that area just after rain is amazing; wild garlic wet soil just so fresh it also brings this dream to mind which is always an enjoyable experience, I clung to her as the bike struggled for grip on those skinny tyres that were available then but as we slid and fishtailed our way home my fear subsided and turned into excitement at the danger, holding on so close to my goddess and the vibrations through the seat took me closer and closer to the edge.

Then it was over we pulled down a back street and she shut the bike down, took her helmet off shook out her raven locks; there in front of me was goddess I new I would do what ever she asked, she smiled and invited me to her flat for a coffee. I gathered all the composure I could muster and accepted, then tripped getting of the bike and fell into her out stretched arms, held her in that brace and looked into those pools of green eyes for what seemed an hour then she kissed me and I kissed her back our tongues battled and explored, our lips sucked and she nibled on my lip; which to this day blows my mind, we broke the kiss and she led me by the hand into her flat.

As we enter her small but neat flat she turns one small lamp on hits a button on the stereo and a Nina Simone track wafted about the flat. She kisses me gently caressing my arms and then my back, she pulls back and said you’re cold we need to warm you up, then smiles the sexiest elfish grin. I am pulled willingly to a small bathroom she turns on the shower, the small room soon fills with steamy heat. She grabs my tee-shirt at the bottom and pulls I instinctively lift my arms as they were restrained in the shirt she kisses my mouth and my breast and nipples one after the other. I am left struggling with my top when the buttons of jeans are undone and eased over my pert round backside leaving only my tiny thong which is being devoured by my swollen lips. I watch with even greater excitement as my goddess undress’s her tee-shirt is first, revealing pert round breast slightly smaller than my own but the marble white skin contrasting with the raven black hair now falling over her shoulder and down her back. I drop to my knees and undo her jeans passion has taken me I pull them down to find nothing but a very wet shaved pussy with a small V of jet black hair above it, I reach forward to kiss her soaking lips her legs open for me for a moment then she lifts me gently, kisses me, licking her juices from my mouth and pulls me into the shower saying “lets wash smell of that party off us first.”

I feel confident, alive and vital in that dream all the things I wasn’t in reality at the time Now that’s where the dream would end most nights but know I have to decide do I tell you how I finished the fantasy as I woke up with hand soaked at my crotch, but maybe you can use your own imaginations

This time I won’t be such a tease. My life went forward academically things fell into place my degree, my PhD a good solid job that keeps me interested in what I’m doing at work this success also allows for freedom in my personal life.

My job involves a fair amount of travel and where possible I like to ride there no worries about traffic, apart form the odd idiot with balls for brains in his tin box. Sorry I digress from the story. Not to long ago in city that will remain nameless and none of characters including me will be named, sorry but I like it that way as it adds to my excitement.

I’m heading into the city along the motorway egg vibrator humming along gently to give a nice tingle combined with vibes through the seat of the VTR I happen to be riding today giving me an erotic buzz throughout my body just enough to take the boredom out my three hours in the saddle; I know I should be thinking about the conference but I’d get to into that, so this mild sexual arousal and fantasy is just great for motorways and if I did drop her it would certainly give the paramedics a shock if they found it.*

I pull into the hotel car park stretch turn off the egg and walk into the hotel reception shaking out my long auburn hair; I ‘m quite used to being asked to whom I’m delivering a package for by snooty reception staff at five star hotels and being redirected to goods in but also I can be very good at being very bitchy on times when I pick up the keys to my suite sometimes, but not today. Today I was teenager in a little town with tongue licking my shoes at ever pretty backside male or female. It was my Celtic goddess in the flesh, she looked about twenty five anyway in the prime of her womanhood: green piercing eyes, raven black hair, complexion like white marble almost translucent and her shape, slim with pert medium sized breasts slim back and a gorgeous curve to her hips which was shown off to perfection by her tight split skirt.

After a moment I wiped the drool from my shoes well I did stop staring and closed my mouth and checked in following the usual confusion, partially caused by my inability to think of anything but her, the speed at which I wished to get to my room to “freshen up”, but masturbation would have to wait as I was facilitating this conference for my organisation and to horror and excitement my goddess was my hotel liaison. I mustered all my composure and trying to look as sexy as possible in bike leathers with armour that doesn’t even suit a stick insect arranged to meet her in about an hour to confirm a few details, it was the end of her shift for the evening. I promised to be brief and enquired about any special plans the answer although it shouldn’t have made my heart jump it did as she said smiling elfishly “I only have to feed my pussy.”

Entering my room I asked myself was she flirting with me. I only had an hour to get ready, first things first a quick frig to bring me off and into the shower I had thought that would calm my swollen lips down then again quick and unsatisfying in the shower I just couldn’t satisfy my need alone. I needed to dress to impress and quickly now do my hair a touch of make up a lacy body, under a sheer blouse. My breasts are still quite firm even after my thirty two years so light support is all I need for my d cups, my sexiest jeans that really show the curve of backside and hips. I look in the mirror and like what I see these days long auburn tresses, pert tits small waste without love handles and nice round arse, yes I reckon I’m alright.

Now I look at clock I’m late so I rush down only just rbering my notes as I’m half way out the door. I get to reception she is still there but only frowns playfully when I walk in dropping my notes everywhere and apologising profusely. During the meeting I notice she seems to be checking me out the sheer top over the lacy body is catching her interest. I suggest that maybe I can take her for an expense’s meal in recompense for delaying her at work I recommend a quite restaurant I know near by where the sea food is excellent and with only a mild “I couldn’t really” protest she agrees and we arrange a time to pick her up in my taxis allowing both of us loads of time to feed pussy.

Back in my room I run a bath a pour a G &T to calm my nerves well possibly to calm the nerves of the entire hotel but I at least I realise before get to far down it. The bath is warm and soothes out two hundred miles on the bike which though fun still makes me ache if I don’t ride regularly enough. After half an hour or so I begin to get ready I remove all the hair I don not want, nice and smooth is how I like it, exfoliate and body brush a girl must look her best naked. I start thinking about the clothes I have brought with me and whether room service will be required for a new dress. In the end I decide on a black dress cut to leave little to the imagination matching sexy black thong and bra and hold up black stockings.

I go down stairs to the bar to await my taxis I feel good I, look great; it has taken me years to believe this even though all your friends tell you this when you believe it, its just amazing what you can do.

We enter the restaurant together we sit side by side in a booth which is very intimate one of the reasons I choose this place the other being the food which is almost sexual on its own. We talk about nothing initially then as wine flows and we joke over lobster dribling over chins and asparagus dripping with hollandaise our bodies touch at first by accident then my hand touches her thigh and moves up her stocking my goddess is wearing white and black poker dot top black short skirt and the rest I think I’m about to find out. She reaches over to touch arm my but purposefully rubs my breast with her forearm making nipple scream even more. I excuse myself and go to the bathroom, it’s too much for me I rub my clit and lips slowly at first then harder and push my fingers into me. I stop for an instant and take off my g string push it into my soaking pussy rub my clit for a minute pull out the soaking article, walk out of the toilet, paying the bill and ordering the taxis on the way back. I almost lose my nerve what if this doesn’t do it for her but I carry on I sit down kiss her in the dim light and place my panties in her hand. I nible her ear as I tell her the ride is on its way in the most suggestive voice I can muster. She fidgets in her seat and a moment later I have her soaking g-string in my hand feeling the moisture which elevates my excitement to another level I slip them on seeing me she does the same. We kiss passionately until I notice the waiter is trying to get our attention about our taxis; he gets a large tip.

The taxis drones on and so does the taxis driver it all I can do to keep my hands off her, but as we approach the hotel my Goddess slips her hand under my bum and looks for slippery pussy and plays gently and skilfully. The taxis stops I enter through the main door she enters the with her staff key me meet at room with perfect timing.

Inside the room we kiss and our hands seek out the secret and amazing parts of each others bodies I lift her top up and with her arms trapped I kiss her nipples and boobs they are already fully engorged and erect, I lift her top of gently and kiss her mouth, her neck and her ears which appear to be very sensitive. I move down to release her skirt which falls to the floor I kiss my way down over her breasts down her stomach to the top of my g string I stop and just look at her she is my goddess maybe it is lust but it feel like love at this moment. My own thundering pulse in my pussy drives me forward to take my g-string in my mouth and pull down. Her lips are swollen and shining labia full and slick, and to my amazement a V of jet black hair greets me I kiss and lick her until she screams out her orgasms followed by jets of come as I rub her g spot. My face and tits are soaked in her juices I call here my Celtic goddess softly, she smiles caresses me and licks her juices from me carefully, driving me wild in the process.

She smiles, pulls me towards the couch where she lies me down and starts to nuzzle and kiss me she almost purrs as I stroke her back its absolutely electrifying every touch and kiss my body quivers and shakes as I build to my first orgasm as she sucks my nipples and fingers my clit my second as she kisses me slowly all over my body finally finding my swollen lips and clit with tongue, and my bottom with her slick fingers.

We talk a while sated for the moment then I get a double ended dildo from my bag and lick both ends. We sit on the couch and work our ways forward onto the huge phallus one leg over the other and as our lips touch and rub together it we stroke an caress our breasts, stomachs and backsides until we orgasm together. I pull it out of both of us then we both suck it together kissing and rubing our pussies and although its so slick I can hardly hold it my goddess turns over and while I push it in doggy style to get her g-spot she squirts all over me again. We head for bed for the few hours rest before work starts.

This is certainly not last time I shall worship at Celtic goddess’s alter they were some of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had but do I tell her of the teenage fantasy, one day maybe if it’s love not just lust.

Ps I do visit that city far more than I have to.

*I don’t recommend being in control of a motor vehicle whilst engaged in any sex act.

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