Unforgettable Holiday (Part 7)

Jamie and his Mom start to get it on big-time

The day after started off the same as every other day had done; Mom and I got out of bed, showered and went for breakfast. That morning she seemed subdued, but I didn’t want to ask too much of her; well, not after last night I didn’t. We sat eating breakfast at seven-thirty and, as the pattern we fell into, we were still there at nine. But this day, she lingered and had a few coffees, as if she was in no immediate rush to go back to our room. We hadn’t planned anything for that day up to then, so it was OK with me.

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And so we sat talking of things back home; nothing heavy, just general chit-chat and about things way back in time that she could rber of me. We laughed a lot; it’s strange when looking back at things that were serious at the time and yet looking back it caused peals of laughter thinking about them. In no time at all it was almost ten, the latest we had stayed out for breakfast and the restaurant was crammed and getting noisy; it was then she said we should go back to our rooms, so we made our way back. She seemed quite again, but I didn’t think much about it. The truth was that I wouldn’t let myself think about her. We arrived back in our room. ~~~oooOOOooo~~~ Her quiet mood started to bother me and I had to ask her if things were OK. “Mom; you seem quiet; are things alright with you?” She smiled at me. “Sure son, things are alright; I guess I just feel quiet.” I couldn’t respond much to that, so I left it at that; and then she asked me “Is there anything you wanted to do particularly today Jamie?” I thought about it for a while and couldn’t think of anything other than going to the beach, taking in some rays, watching the barrassing daily beach aerobic lesson and beach volleyball. I left it to Mom to decide. “Not really; how about you ... do you have anything in mind?” She smirked as she looked at me; I shrugged and smiled in return. “As unrehearsed as I want this to be there has to be a starting point son so just fall into how things turn out; right?” Again, I had no idea what she meant ... but I answered the best way I could. “Sure ... go with the flow you mean, that works for me Mom.” She said she was getting changed. I went out onto the balcony and sat on the chair; looking over onto the beach I could see that quite a few people had gathered and the Meringue music had already started shooting out of the speakers; always a great start to the day and a good reminder we were actually in the Caribean. It was a nice position, half looking out to the ocean and half onto the swimming pool but with a wall on the right side, the pool could only be seen by walking out to the far edge of the balcony. Ten, maybe fifteen, minutes later I heard Mom calling me and went back in through the patio doors. She stood at the far end of the room wearing a dress, a pale yellow dress, to be precise and a pair of close-matching yellow shoes. I was taken aback by that, I mean ... a dress at this time of day isn’t what anyone would consider wearing. She looked gorgeous; stunning, and I could see she had taken out the hair-clip and that her hair was tidied. She had glossed her lips. Had she been going out on the town, she was an eye-catcher ... no doubts; but it was ten-thirty in the morning, blistering hot (even in the room) and we were a couple of thousand miles away from home with only me in front of her. Her tan looked good ... I could go on and on; suffice it to say she looked totally, absolutely awesome. “Do me a favour son” My mouth lay half opened in awe of her as she spoke the words. I came around. “Uh-huh, sure ... I mean, yeah sure Mom!” She smiled, and I didn’t even want to ask why she was dressed the way she was. “Pull back the net, go back outside, close the door. Take a good long look, then come back inside and tell me if you can see inside honey” I considered that a strange request, but then thought she must have had a reason; my heart began racing. She had already told me she had nothing planned and did I mind, and here she was ... dressed up to thrill the male of the species in how she had dressed. The only thing puzzling me was in what was going to happen. I pulled back the net, slid open the patio doors then stepped out. I turned back around, closed the net and shut the patio doors. I looked in and could see nothing; the net reflected the outside light; I could see nothing in, even with my hand up to the window and my eyes as close as I could next to the glass. It was no surprise that I couldn’t, but she asked and so I did what she asked. I went back inside and told her. “Nothing; I see nothing Mom, but I could have told you that ...” She jumped in with a smirk and a broad smile. “OK clever-ass! I just needed to be sure.” I smiled back at her as she stood at the small dresser and sprayed perfume behind her ears as she looked in the large mirror on the wall; she looked hot; I do mean hot! I stood there just about ready to shake in whatever was going through her mind. I didn’t know what to do, so I sat in one of the two wicker chairs at the patio recess, crossing my right leg over my left. She still looked in the mirror as she played with strands in her hair and used her comb. “Everything is ready Jamie; I’ve sorted it all out and we won’t be disturbed.” I choked at hearing her words; which, once again, had me wondering. “I want it to be this way, as if we were back home; I mean, in the it would be back home. I would hardly be wearing a bikini and beachwear, so here I am as I would be and that is why I am dressed this way ... just in case you think I look totally stupid wearing my dress ... and you know what son?” I knew little of exactly anything what she had said or what else was on her mind that I needed to know; I only knew something was about to happen. “Tell me Mom” “Our day is planned. I went to Reception to ask for room service which they said they didn’t offer as a service; I told them I have had too much sun and needed to stay indoors ... they could hardly refuse. I know they wouldn’t want me in the Doctors surgery ... and so I lied.” She kept her eyes on me and each moment of silence stunned me more than the last; and she knew it. She pacified any thoughts she thought I might have had. “It’s alright son; I understand your silence but that is soon going to change for the both of us. Now, my young man ... here I am darling. Your Mom ... and you, my son. I withhold nothing from you that you wish to take; I will withhold nothing I wish to give you. For me, offering you whatever pleases you and for you? That, my darling son, is up to you. Be warned though, I am far from being verbally or physically passive! No regrets?”

There was nothing I could think of to say; other than what I knew Mom expected.

"No Mom ... no regrets, never, ever"

She smiled and responded immediately

"And me too son ... no regrets, never ... ever; my son."

Mom offered herself to me totally, on a plate, stunningly beautiful, gorgeously framed ... and I had no idea where to begin. She was going to put that right ... and she did. She turned and picked up the Do Not Disturb/No Room Service Today flag, opened the door a slight way and hooked it on. She dragged two suitcases still with clothes and having weight to them and lay one on top of the other and backed them to the door. Looking back to me she said “Just in case someone doesn’t get the message and tries to get in without knocking.” She turned back in and back to where she had stood previously. She folded her arms and looked right into me through her eyes. “No regrets?” she asked as a final gesture. “No Mom, none at all.” The answer came fast and accurately; I meant it. “Then come to me son ... come to me.” Each of the few steps towards her had my heart thumping faster and harder, until I was inches away from her; I stopped. She cupped my face in her hands and kissed me softly, lots of little kisses and I responded to them. “Your lips thrill me Jamie ...” “And yours mine Mom ... “Oh god I want this son!” “I want you too Mom!” Kisses poured down harder and faster. I pulled her to me and crushed her breasts onto my T Shirt and could feel her heat immediately; I realised then that neither of us had freshened up but I didn’t care, as much as Mom didn’t. Reaching around I ran my hands around her waist and pulled her into me; my cock was hard and stiff as I felt her grinding her mound onto me as she moaned into my mouth. “Oh fuck Jamie! ... oh god!” she called out softly into my mouth; to hear my own Mom use such language turned me on as much did her body pulled closely into mine. It felt as if my cock was going to snap; facing down and to one side and rock-hard, it hurt like hell as much as it throbed in delight. I lowered my hand into my shorts to lift it upright as I pulled away to do the job then pushed myself back into her “Your cock feels so good son, so ... so good honey” I lowered my hands to her ass and gripped her cheeks; her gorgeous, firm ass and I gripped and pulled her into me as our tongues searched each other’s mouths. “You like my ass baby” Did I like her ass? “Fuck Mom!” You have the greatest ass that even a teenager would love to have!” “You prefer a teenager over your 45 year old Mom?” I was really annoyed with her and going on about her age. “Stop talking about your age Mom! You are stunning; just accept what I’m saying to be a fact more than a compliment from your son. Take the dam compliment and be happy to know a truth!” That seemed to close the conversation. I turned her to one side and walked her backwards, to one side and then along the side of the bed. I turned her and lowered her down as she sat, our lips still joined; I had to break free. Breaking free from the kiss I climbed over her and to her right side and then lowered her head onto the pillows. My mouth went down again to kiss her, bite her lips, suck her tongue and for each thing I did she did in return; our lips were thrashing wildly and our lips sliding eagerly along each others. I lowered my right hand to her breasts and moved it from one to the other and heard her sighs and words which broke through as we kissed. “Hmm, yes darling ... Oh, your hand feels good baby ... squeeze them, like that ... yes!” I started on the buttons on the front and gradually worked my way down; I began to struggle and she lowered her hands and unfastened them for me and then pushed my face down with the back of my head until my mouth hovered over her. I pulled back what was left covering her and bared her breasts in the bright sunlit room. I went at her breasts like they were food and sustenance; I sucked on them wildly as I had done only two night previously and went at it with a new vigour of seeing them totally ... nothing would be hidden or shadowed, the sun shone through on us. She loved it, I loved it and my cock was already leaking like crazy in my shorts. I broke free and rolled on top of her and felt as she spread her legs wide open for me. I looked into her eyes as we kissed and ground my cock against her pussy mound. “Oh! God son; I can feel your hard cock ... you feel so good baby!” “And I can feel your pussy Mom ... your glorious pussy” “Oh Jamie! Yes, talk to me as you would darling; don’t hold back your words because I won’t!” Mom lifter her ass up and down in time with me as we both started to become manic in what we were doing as I lay on top of her simulating penetration. I wasn’t going to rush this; I was going to make love to her like she had never been before; or at least, I was going to try to do. I slid down her, hitting on her breasts first. Pulling back the material as far as I could, I had them both out. Her nipples were hard and bright pink, as I bit her hard and had no mercy; she was having all I had to give with no holds barred; I was giving everything I had. Sliding myself down I reached her stomach and kissed it through the material; I pushed hard in with my mouth to grip her flesh as much as I could and nipped her. I felt her move from side to side in pain-pleasure. Sliding further down over her sexy stomach until my mouth reached the top of her mound. “God Mom; you are fucking incredible! I love you!” “ ... and I love you too son! Oh Jamie!” She called out as I ground my teeth through the material of her dress and onto her pussy. I knelt myself up and then slid my hands under her legs at the knee and prised them as wide apart as I could; my mouth continued to tease her through the material of her dress until I broke free and started to run my lips down the inside of her exposed inner left leg and then turning to kiss down her right leg. Down and down I went and she was going wild. I held back my need to look at her panty-clad pussy; I tortured myself willingly. “Oh fuck Jamie .. Fuck! ... Loving it, loving it ... loving you!” I reached her shoes and slid the left one off first before bending her knee and taking her foot to my mouth and sucking at her toes; she went ballistic; she moaned, trying to pull it back as I held it with both hands and would not let her go. I could hear her voice coming at me from side to side as her head rolled and swayed above me at the top of the bed. “What are you doing to me ... Fuck! ... what are you; Ohhhh!” It was all too much for her, as I opened my mouth wide and sucked in her toes and ran my tongue between them as I sucked on them; until her hips started lifting and she twisted herself side-to-side. I kept hold of her left foot as I placed my attention to her right one and did the same, it drove her insane and I had to hold tightly onto her left foot to stop it from flailing around. I did this till I knew she could stand no more of my mouth and tongue on her toes and broke free; only then did I look up. For the first time I could see her wide open legs and her panty covered pussy; white panties. I was rampant and wanted to do everything at once; I couldn’t, and decided I would pleasure her in the best way I knew how to do for as long as I could ... and some! She looked down at me as I watched her mouth open wide and breathing deeply. She reached up and gripped her breasts and pulled at her nipples; I couldn’t believe how hard she pulled at them until she almost yelled out in pain-pleasure. My eyes went down to her between her legs. “I see your pussy Mom, your cunt ... I see the wet line along your white panties; god, your pussy dressed in white for me.” She moaned and her eyes squinted as she looked at me. “Hu-huh son, it’s all yours darling ... all yours!” I wanted to tease her, I wanted her to beg me ... I wanted to drive her fucking insane with delight in me. “Does that mean I can look at it?” “Yes ... Yes!” “Does that mean I can finger your cunt Mom!” “YES .. FUCK, YES!” “I would love to lick you” “Oh Jamie! You are teasing me!” She stopped answering as I looked on at her squeezing her nipples whilst looking into my eyes; by then she was a blabering mess and moaned on and on. I ran my left hand up the inside of her leg till my fingers almost reached the gusset of her panties and then my right hand went up to meet it. I slid myself up and took the hem of her dress in my teeth and started to drag it up as I went, my fingers not moving from where I had them. I could feel her ass leave the mattress as I continued pulling up the hem at opposite sides; bit by bit revealing all her legs until I had the dress clear and pulled down my glance with her white clad pussy only inches away from my eyes “Your gorgeous pussy Mom; it’s so close to me.” “hu-huh, yes Jamie ... so fucking close!” “Your panties are wet Mom; I can see the damp line; you wet your panties Mom” “Yes ... wet, my cunt is wet ... my cunt is soaked ... I can feel it baby; expect a lot more darling!” I pulled my hands away and slid them around the sides of her hips; reaching the front, sliding them up and along her bare stomach and resting my hands on it as I smoothed over it; I adored Moms stomach. I looked back up to her again and she looked directly into my eyes; opening my mouth wide as she looked at me in expectation. I held there for a few moments and slipped my tongue out as she watched in anticipation of my mouth descending onto her pussy; as she opened her mouth wide in expecting and almost looking as if she would cry. She raised herself slightly from her shoulders and reached out for my hands on her stomach; I took hold of them and she gripped them tightly as she stared at my mouth. Without warning, I plunged my face forwards straight onto her panties and filled my mouth with the gusset. She lurched till almost upright as she pulled hard on my hands and gripped them tightly ... and then fell back onto the mattress as I pushed as hard as I could with my tongue at her fleshy lips lying beneath. She bucked up and down as I held my face still and let her move her pussy as she would. She was way over as she started to go faster and faster as I pushed as hard as I could with my tongue as I teased my teeth over her pussy as it slid up and down. Then she went berserk and I didn’t expect it ... as she started to cum “I’m gonna cum ... Oh Jamie! ... NOW!” She lurched totally out of control as I watched her push her head back and grind her pussy onto my open mouth, my tongue and lower teeth lining up to where her clit lay beneath the thin material as she throbed ... on, and on, and on. I moved my mouth up and down wildly and as wet as her panties were, they suddenly became soaked as she orgasmed; her panties now totally wet beneath my mouth and tongue and I was in passions heaven to have my Mom squirt her cum out for me. She said to expect more, I had no idea she could ejaculate! I was fucking amazed as she carried on and I felt here juices pass through and onto my tongue and my lips ... it was too much for her; it was too much for me but Mom took over; even as she seemed to carry on lurching she raised herself up and pushed me back and away. “Jamie! Shorts off and your dick over my face ... NOW!” She sounded like an angry mother and I a child scorned. I took my shorts off in moments, turned with my back to her and straddled her, passing my left leg over her. I slid my way backwards towards her head; the thoughts of my cock in her mouth grinding through my mind, it had been a long time for me ... just as it had for Mom, and the thoughts of having her pussy in my mouth was just as thrilling and I hadn’t bared it to my eyes yet. She tipped her legs back as I felt her reach for my dick and then felt her sucking gently on my balls; I went crazy and almost yelled out. Looking down, I could see my Mom’s pussy, as I reached both my arms outside her legs to tip her back and over as much as I could. First sight of her pussy and I was in heaven; it was smooth, totally smooth. I didn’t know what to expect, and then there it was. I called out to Mom who was still nursing my balls in her mouth and my cock in her hand. “Mom ... Oh fuck! Your pussy, god, my Mom’s pussy ... I love you!” She hardly spoke back, but said enough. “It’s yours; my cunt and everything I have is yours ... now take it in your mouth son!” She went back to my balls and softly pulling on my hard cock with her free hand. I looked down and was crazed as I bent down, opened my mouth wide and planted it entirely over her full hole. She yelled out a muzzled cry then released my balls from her mouth. She tasted good, she tasted like no other would ever taste; nectar, sweet nectar in my mouth as I sucked in hard and pulled back ... a loud slurping noise each time my mouth released. I felt her hands push my lower stomach and I lifted myself. Her hands tipped my cock down as I tongued her glorious pussy and licked her pink pussy lips as I rested slowly back to feel my cock enter Mom’s mouth. Everything was insane, it was mad, it was crazy ... it was fucking unbelievable to have my mouth on her pussy and to feel my dick in her mouth. I felt her slide down the bed even further as she tipped her hips way, way back until her pussy was tipped upwards and her knees almost level to her waist; I never thought anyone could get in that position, let alone Mom! Her head was back from my cock-head now as she pulled down on my ass as I tongued her hot, wet hole. I felt her slap my ass and then pull with her hands; I did what I thought she wanted me to do and moved my hips down ... feeling my cock sliding effortlessly inside her mouth as I wondered how flexible she had to be to be able to lie in such a position. I couldn’t believe what was happening as I sucked her pussy and drove my cock halfway inside her mouth at the same time. I lifted my hand and drove two fingers inside her as I sucked on her clit and as she pulled on me, encouraging me to fuck her mouth. I couldn’t take much of this ... it was more than I could take. I flicked my fingers around inside her, sucking her clit and driving my cock halfway into her mouth. The room was full of liquid, slurping noises ... we were both liquid and pouring our juices the one to the other to drink. I looked at her tiny hole and didn't think twice of circling my tongue at her ass as she squealed below me. Parting her, I rolled my tongue so it was firm and then stabed it inside her ass as deeply as I could as she purred and I sucked and I was going fucking crazy for her! Her tight anal sphincter gave way and relaxed for me as I circled my tongue within and in-between stabed my tongue inside as she almost screamed in delight. I felt her slap me again and pushed down as she pulled again and so I pushed myself further into her mouth; I was so deep inside her mouth as I swung in and out, now so deep inside her. Flicking my fingers harder now and feeling her pussy contract as she jerked beneath me and feeling the tightness of her ass as I tongue-fucked her rear entry as deeply as I could with her wet pussy below filled with my two fingers that I swirled around inside her, scissoring them, twisting, turning and trying to touch every crevices inside her cunt. Rising up, I could see her hot, wet pussy flesh below me ... I was going to cum soon ... I couldn’t hold on much more. I broke free for a few moments to tell her. “Oh god Mom ... I’m gonna cum ... I can’t help it; too much ... gonna cum!” I drove my face back to her pussy and started swinging into her mouth with my cock as she dragged me further in with her hands on my ass and I pushed deeper until I could feel my balls on her face ... never had I felt anything like this! Rimming her ass again, she whimpered with delight. I was imminent! “Mom ... oh Mom ... Oh god, cum ... cum with me!” I went crazy and started fucking her mouth long and deep, hitting the back of her throat and I had never had my cock so deeply bedded. Each time she moaned it reverberated against the head of my cock and drove me wild. My finger worked so fast in her cunt that they looked like a blur to me I tipped my finger at the entrance to her ass and could see as it slid it into her ass with great ease after my oral ministrations on it; keeping my finger firm and moving it around in circles, feeling her opening quite nicely and easily in the process. She almost screamed and in turn felt her finger sliding up to the entrance of my ass and then slide all the way in as I yelled out that I was going to cum. She lifted her head and pulled ... she wanted me to cum in her mouth as I pushed in one last time and wriggled my finger inside her ass, as she did with me, and then tongue-flicked her clit as she almost yelled out as I watched her pussy contract and her hips shake as my cum spurted deep inside her throat as we both orgasmed together. I can’t explain the sexual madness that was going on ... so much happening and all at once. I had never felt anything like this and my head started spinning as I throbed into Moms throat and mouth; raising myself up then deeply down so she wouldn’t gag as she took it all as she deeply fingered my ass at the same time, then seeing her pussy start to squirt as I heard her muffled yelps behind me and my mouth covered her pussy to take her juices that spurted out and my tongue darted inside to feel her pussy pushing it out with force, feeling her ass contract on my wriggling finger and watching her cunt throbed down so intensely it appeared as if it would turn inside out ... I was in passions heaven and I knew Mom was too! Our orgasm went on and on ... I thought Mom would never end and I wondered how much cum any one man can spurt out as I raised my quivering legs as Mom sucked the end of my cock, taking every last drop she could get. ~~~oooOOOooo~~~ What more can I say? I don’t really know; perhaps some things defy words. She sucked and licked as much as I did until I felt her slide her head to one side. Even though her cunt and ass still throbed and she was still quivering she called from below “Enough ... god, enough darling! No more ... son, I can’t take any more!” It was a heartfelt call and she sounded as if it was all too much for her; I wanted to suck her on and on but knew she had one huge orgasm that had physically drained her. Withdrawing my fingers from her, I took my left leg over her and rolled off at her right side as we both lay head to foot. We both lay there; sweating, hot wet and both breathing heavily. I felt light, and Mom almost sobed. We lay there for some time before either of us would be able to say anything. Things you don't think about, but it was only then I realised that neither Mom or I were totally naked; Mom more than me, I still had my T Shirt on and Mom still wore her dress! In after-glow, we both slowed ourselves down as we floated; Moms hand gently stroking my wilting cock as my fingers traced a path along her pussy lips and god was she wet! We lay like this for some time as I noticed Mom had closed her eyes; I too closed mine more of a blissful state than of tiredness. (continued ... ) ~F~

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