She's in love with me part 2

The girl had 'fragile' written all over her. She was so breakable, and so close to falling off the..

I smiled up at her, "so still wanna blow me?" I asked smirking lightly. She looked down at me so innocently, "I--I don't know. I've never done it before...and I don't want to be bad"

I smiled again, she was so cute. "practice makes perfect."

She rolled her eyes at my comments "I can't--I'm too chicken" she said lightly laughing. I stared at her for a moment "I can't--I can't just make the first move" she whined. I bet she could, if she wanted to. But I could see how afraid she was. She saw me like a prize something to be taken with great care. Something that deserved the best. Of course, I didn't deserve any of this. I didn't deserve her, not here, not with me. I was cheating on my girlfriend with my best friend. But I quickly threw those thoughts away. She was here, she was with me, and I wanted her bad. No matter how much i didn't deserve her.

I smiled lightly and lifted the hem of her shirt to expose her white belt, and began to undo it, as well as her pants. I looked up at her, Natascha's face was frozen as her eyes watched my every movement. Her eyes soon met with mine "Is that enough of a first move?" I asked

I could see the panic set in, she wasn't ready for this. This isn't what she came here for. But we both knew how bad she had been waiting for a chance like this. I knew how bad I had been waiting.

"I just---I cant" she said throwing her hands over her face.

"Listen..I'm not going to force you to do anything you don't want to" I said trying to calm her. I stared at her "what do you want?" I asked eying her carefully.

She looked down at me then and stated "you" simply.

I smiled lightly "Take me then"

She looked almost in shock about my willingness to just give myself to her. Why was she so careful of me? I was the one who had to be careful. The girl had 'fragile' written all over her. She was so breakable, and so close to falling off the edge. If I said one wrong thing without thinking it could send her into another depression, another hysteria. And of course I would be the one helping her out of it. Comforting her, telling her it will be okay. Not like that bothered me. She always found a way to make me feel needed. I loved that she always came to me when she was down, even if she found herself to be annoying.

She sighed then "I want to..and I know if I don't I will hate myself." she said looking straight ahead.

I looked at her "you might hate yourself if you do" I said giving her the possibility it might happen. She looked at me and nodded "I want you really really bad" She said gripping the edge of my jacket.

She stared at me and pressed her lips into a hard line, she inhaled deep "I just don't want it to mean nothing to you" She said studying my face.

I stared at her for a moment, registering her statement. She had asked me about it before. I told her no sex until I was sure. I didn't want to hurt her again. If something ever happened to her because of me....I would never be able to forgive myself.

"It would mean a lot to me" I said, and shockingly I meant it.

She stared at me doubtfully "are you just saying that?"

"As long as you don't expect me to change" I said shaking my head

My answer threw her off "what do you mean, i don't want you to change, your perfect."

There she went with the perfect thing. Honestly how could this girl see me as perfect? She knows everything I've done. Every sin I've committed. Was in the middle of helping me commit one and I was still perfect in her eyes. I smiled and cradled her face in my palms pulling her forward and kissing her hard. My hands ran across the small of her back as she pulled away from me. I looked up at her again wondering how far this would go.

"I'm so afraid" she said in almost a whisper

I gripped her face again pulling her inches away from my face "here-" I said "when we make out, feel me up" I closed the gap between us then slid my hand down until I reached her hips. I slowly maneuvered my hand under her jeans and underwear and slid a finger into her vagina. It was extremely tight and very wet. Natascha gasped slightly and I removed my hand from her pulling back slowly "see"

She stayed still for a moment then leaned down kissing me, as I felt her small smooth hand run down my bare chest my muscles began to tighten. She was at my waist and slowly reached into my shorts grabing my cock. Her fingers ran over it lightly then she quickly removed her hand and sat up. I smiled opening my eyes slowly. Natascha leaned down and kissed me hard, and passionately. Her hand went straight to my shorts this time. She quickly found me and wrapped her hand around my base rubing it lightly as she pulled it out of my boxers and shorts.

She leaned up slowly and looked down at my throbing erection then back up at me.

"soo" I asked

She rolled her eyes lightly and scooted back staring at my cock in her hands. Her eyes met mine again. "Don't look at me" she said smiling a little.

I laughed and covered my eyes "there" I said.

I waited for a few seconds, nothing. I peeked through my fingers as she looked back up at me

"NOOO don't watch" she said again

I smiled and covered my eyes again. I soon felt her soft lips around the tip of my penis and slowly making there way down. Her tongue grazed lightly around. She was AMAZING, and this was supposedly her first time?!??!?! My eyes rolled back in my head as she moved up and down on my cock, moving her tongue and lips like she was a pro. I felt her starting to stop and looked at her as her head rose and her eyes lined up with mine, which were full of surprise.

She laughed lightly and looked at me still waiting on my 'review'

"wow--" was all I could manage to choke out.

"good?" she asked curiously

"Better than I thought" I said honestly.

She smiled.

"it didn't hurt" I smiled holding up my hands to high five her. She rolled her eyes and laughed highfiving me pinning my hands down beside my head. She pressed her body down against mine and whispered in my ear.

"I still want you"

I smiled lightly "Take me then"

She stayed silent for a moment "why don't you take me?" she whispered.

My hands traveled down her body gripping her firm ass in my hands.

"take off those tight ass jeans and I will" I said

She leaned up and stared at me before getting off, she slowly pulled off her jeans. And I reached for my container of condoms. I looked at her

"Want to choose?"

She shook her head slightly

I took one and held it out to her

"want to put it on?"

Again she shook her head. Her body seemed stiff, she was like a statue only she was shaking lightly. I looked at her, why was she shaking? Was she really that nervous? Did this mean THAT much to her?

I stared at her for another minute, then slid on the condom.

"why are you shaking" I asked when I looked back up at her.

She looked a little shocked at my question then shrugged. She had to have known she was shaking. Was she that out of it? I tilted my head to the side and placed my hand on her hip, grabing her underwear with one finger "you have nothing to shake about" I smiled lightly and pulled off her panties with one swift movement. Then grabed her hips pulling her ontop of me.

To be continued

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