My Passionate Life

My Passionate Life

My Passionate Life

By Woffen

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I woke early on this cool morning looking over at the unfamiliar clock beside the bed. 4:53 am. Mmmmm….earlier than I thought. I lay back on my pillow thinking of how I got here. I pulled the blanket up over my naked body feeling the chill of the air. My nipples were hard but I wasn’t sure if it was from the morning air or from the passion of the night before.

In this early morning I started to think about what had gotten me here. Thinking about the road that had lead me from my home in Tel Aviv to this place. A shiver ran through me as I pulled the cover up around my neck. This was my second trip to the United States but I hope it was my last.

My last trip was over a year ago. I had met a man, a sweet talking man, on business in Tel Aviv. He had wine and dined me for several weeks and had been a proper gentleman. Our relationship turned physical on the night before he left to return home. Our sex was good even though quick and unsatisfying for me. I yearned for more. It was more than the sex that I desired. I wanted passion!

My family is very traditional. Although I am 23 years old I still live with my parents. In my country a woman does not leave home until she is married. It would not be proper for a single woman to live alone. However for the past 5 years I have become more and more restless. The desire within me has grown and I have yearned to experience the outside world even though I have a deep love and respect for my past. So against my family’s wishes I left home two weeks later to meet my new lover in New York . The trip was torture. My anticipation and desire made me squirm in my seat. I could not concentrate as my flight got closer and closer to my destination. Would he still want me? Would he still find me desirable? I had a thousand questions running through my mind.

I guess I should tell you a little about me. My name is Savanna. Not really a traditional name for my family background but a name loved by my mother since she was a little girl and given to me. I was educated in early childhood development and teach at a local school. I stand 5’ 3” tall, weight 118 pounds and have been told I have a nice body with 34C breast and a 34-22-35 figure. I have no children unless you count the many I teach. I have always been a little bit of a non-traditional child even though I have a great respect for my family and my heritage. I have always wanted more…different…yearning for something I couldn’t describe.

My flight finally landed at Kennedy. I quickly gathered my things and proceeded to customs. It had been a long and exhausting flight and now finally on the ground I proceeded from one long line to another. My bags searched, my passport stamped, a hundred questions answered I was finally able to use my phone. I stood in the middle of the terminal and pulled my phone from my bag and immediately I saw the light blinking. My heart started racing. I knew it was from him. My pussy started getting wet, my nipples immediately getting hard and my desire running away with my emotions. I quickly checked the number and my heart skipped a beat when I saw his number appear. I fumbled with my phone trying to hit the right keys to pick up the message. At last I heard his voice. “Honey be sure to lock the door every night. I will be back early next week but I will call you everyday. Love you!”

My knees wanted to collapse under me. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. The man I had traveled half way around the world to see, to give myself too, the man I desired above all other men was a dirty cheating lying bastard. I stumbled a few feet and collapsed on a bench. I had cleared customs less than 20 minutes ago in a city I had never been too and it was all for nothing. I sat for a very long time trying to get over my feelings of betrayal. I lost all hope of finding love…..of finding passion….of finding my dream. In a daze I gathered my things and proceeded to the hotel. My plan was to meet him but I couldn’t. I had no desire to hear from him or see him or be with him. My phone rang as I sat there. I looked at his number then shut off my phone. The hell with him! Let him wonder where I was.

I checked into the hotel and immediately contacted the airlines. I would be heading home as soon as I could get a return flight.

The next several months were a blur. I went through the motions but with the help of my friends I survived. I never told my family what happened. It was not something I could clearly express to them. I gave up hope. I went out a few times but nothing serious and defiantly nothing physical. It was many months later that my desire returned. I woke up in the middle of the night with my old desire back for love and passion and the burning desire to make love!

I started dating again hoping to find the passion I so desperately needed but without any luck. I joined a dating site and found many men wanting to use me but none wanting to romance me. After many attempts and disappointments I joined an adult website. I was scared and a little barrassed. This is not something that a girl like me would do but my sexual desire was becoming overwhelming.

I spent several days and multiple hours chatting and reading stories which only heightened my need and desire. The stories were wonderful talking of love and lust and hot sex! I couldn’t get enough. I became addicted. I read stories about everything and everything turned me on. I had multiple offers to chat one on one and many times I accepted but was soon disappointed by the tone of the men on the other end. I wanted sex, I love sex but my desire was sex with passion….sex with love….sex with more than just a stranger.

One early morning I received an offer to chat. There was something different about this one. The request didn’t mention sex. We chatted a long time about me. He seemed interested in my wants and needs and desires. He inquired about my life and seemed interested in me. Our first chat ended without going much further than that. Several days later we chatted again. I was nervous but I felt I could open up a little. I told him about my past experiences and my desires. We chatted for a very long time and by the time we said our good nights he had made me cum online. It was the first time ever that I had experienced anything like that and I loved it. He said things to me I had only thought but could never say out loud. He drew me into a fantasy of love and lust and passion I had only dreamt about. Making love stretched out on the hood of his car….kissing me in places I never imagined….running his hands over me…..making me do things in public I would never dream of doing….driving my desire….my lust…my need. The next time we chatted it began slowly but by the end of the night he had made me cum three times. He described things he wanted to do to me in such detail that I was driven to passion beyond my wildest dreams. I wanted to follow his commands…his desires….to satisfy his needs. This is what I wanted…..what I had desired….what I needed for such a long time. From that day on my pussy was constantly wet…my nipples always hard….my desire relentlessly on the rise. I even found myself daydreaming during class of how he was going to ravish me and make me cum over and over. Everyday I looked forward to logging on to discover what new things he had planned for me….for my body….for my desire.

Over the next several months we chatted less about sex and more about us. We exchanged photos and got to know each other. We talked about family and friends and our past and future. A relationship developed slowly but in the back of my mind I constantly had the fear of my last encounter. How would I handle this if it ended the same way. How would I ever be able to give myself to another man.

In time we decided to meet. I would fly to….well I will keep that to myself for now….and we would spend sometime together. Get to know each other one on one. A month later I was boarding a plane again to fly to the states. This time for a new man…a different man…a man that made me feel alive….passionate….fulfilled…and hopeful.

Again after landing the long lines….the endless questions…..the bag search. I exited the security area and pulled out my phone. Again the little light was blinking telling me I had a message….again my pussy started to get wet and my nipples hardened. Again I fumbled with my phone and keying in my access code. Again I heard a voice on my message. “Honey I’m glad you are here. I have arranged for your transportation. The limo is waiting out front and will take you to the hotel. You have a suite waiting for you at the hotel. I want you to be ready for dinner at eight. Wear the black dress and high heels we talked about. Oh…and no panties! See you in the loby at eight.”

A smile crossed my face. I had fantasized about this many times. My pussy was now flooding juices. I was afraid that everyone that looked at me knew what a naughty girl I was going to be. I know I was blushing but I didn’t care. I rushed to the front pulling my bag as fast as I could looking around until I saw a sign simply reading “SAVANNA”.

I was whisked to the hotel where I felt I was treated like royalty. I found roses in my room and a note on my bed. “You have a 2pm appointment in the salon. Anything you want is yours for the asking.”

I felt like I was in a dream. The dream I thought I was going to be in many months earlier. At eight I was dressed and headed downstairs to the loby dressed in a very low cut….very short black dress….with no panties. My 4 inch high heels accented my legs just right and I could already feel the juice from my pussy running down my thighs. I could even smell the musky order over my expensive perfume. My nipples were so hard they ached. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was looking forward to the adventure.

I was greeted in the loby by a man that I knew only from the internet and a photo he had sent. He was much better looking in person than in his picture. He was dressed in a suit but no tie. He stood as I walked up to him. Immediately he pulled me close and kissed me gently on the lips. I could feel what felt like a jolt of lighting run through me straight to my dripping wet pussy. He looked me in the eyes and smiled then bent over and whispered in my ear that he was going to fuck me until daylight.

He put his arm around me and led me out to his waiting car. We drove a short distance to a nice quiet restaurant where we had a light meal and a glass of wine. We talked about my trip….our relationship….my desires….my needs…my expectations. As we sat at the table sipping our wine he reached down and started to run his hand up my thigh. I had never done anything in public before…not even kissed a man…so this was all new to me. I could feel myself blush. He leaned over and whispered for me to relax and let him take care of me. I sat back not knowing what to do but releasing myself into his hands.

As we talked he ran his hand up my thigh pushing them apart. I was nervous and hesitated but I could feel his insistence. I relented and parted my legs slightly. His hand went further and further until I felt his fingers against the lips of my pussy. I jumped at the first touch but he again leaned over and kissed me and whispered to me to relax. His fingers parted my pussy lips and ran down through my wetness. I closed my eyes. It had been a very long time since a man had touched me like this and I had never been this turned on.

We spoke about different things but I couldn’t concentrate. His fingers were playing my pussy like a well tuned violin. My eyes were closing and I could hear myself softly moan as my legs parted even further. I reached up and held on to his shoulder for support as he dipped one then two fingers inside my hot cunt. By this time I didn’t care who saw me. My breathing was getting shallow and faster as he slowly fucked my cunt. He leaned over and whispered that it was time for us to go. I was disappointed but as I opened my eyes I saw him put his fingers to his mouth to lick my cream from them. I was on the verge of cumming and in a daze as he took my hand to lead me outside.

As soon as we were in the cool night air he pulled me to him and kissed me. Not gently as he had done at the hotel but hot and passionately pressing my tits against his hard chest. He broke our kiss as the valet arrived with the car. After helping me in he put the top down and wrapped my shoulder with his coat. I asked him where we were going and his only answer was to fulfill one of my fantasies. We drove for the next twenty minutes while we made small talk as he ran his hand up my thigh lightly touching my bald pussy. This kept me on the edge wanting that sweet release. I opened my legs as wide as possible in the small space as he dipped a finger into my wetness time and time again. We reached the oceanfront and he pulled into a small side street leading to the water. There were houses all around but very few lights. I guessed most of these were rentals and it was off season but by now I didn’t care. He stopped the car and got out walking around to my side and opening my door helping me out.

“I told you I was going to make your fantasy come true.” He told me as he kissed me deeply on the lips. I melted against his strong frame as he kissed me for several minutes and running his hands all over my body. My head was swimming as he moved to my neck….kissing and nibling and whispering in my ear about all the thing he was going to do to me. Gently he led me to the hood of his car and lay me back on the warm hood. My hips were on the edge of the car as he lifted my legs exposing my hot wanton cunt to the night air. He pushed my knees back as I shivered beneath him. The first touch of his tongue on my pussy was the first time I had ever experienced that feeling. I had been fucked before but only had an orgasm at my own hands. The feel of his tongue against my pussy was incredible! The warmth of the car hood and the heat of his tongue as it parted my pussy lips was more than I could take. I pulled my breast from my dress and pinched my nipples as I moaned in pleasure and passion. He started to lick my cunt pushing his tongue deeper and deeper into my wetness. I could already start to feel my orgasm starting to build. Then I felt his fingers start to enter my cunt as he continued to lick and suck on my clit. I was going mad as he kept me on the edge of orgasm. Each time I started building he would slow down not allowing me to cum.

“Please…please….don’t tease me! Ohhhh….Don’t! Don’t tease me anymore!... Please…..”

I started to plead with him begging him to release me. My passion….my need…. my desire is running away with me. I want to start begging him to stop teasing me and make me cum. Suddenly I looked to my left and saw a young couple watching us… watching me. I looked into their eyes as they watched me getting my pussy licked as I lay on the hood of a car. As they watch me his fingers are fucking my cunt and heard me beg him to stop teasing me. My desire is too much. I don’t care who was watching. I don’t care if everyone is watching! I just needed to cum!

“Tell me…tell me what you want!” I could hear him say. “Say it! I want to hear you say it to me!”

“I….I can’t! I can’t say those words!”

“Yes you can….and you will. Tell me what you want!”

I looked over at the young attractive couple watching me. She had pulled down the zipper of his pants and started stroking his large cock as he was pinching her hard nipples.

“Do it….tell me what you want!” he demanded.

“I….I…can’t....Ohhhhh….Fuck me! Make me cum! Ahhhh…I want to cum! Oh fuck!!! Yes!! Yes!! I want you to make me cum! Oh fuck!! Yes!! Eat my fucking pussy! Make me cum all over you! Ahhhhh….Oh fuck!!! Make me cum!!!”

I could feel his fingers go deeper into me as he started to again assault my clit with his tongue. My orgasm was building again and I could tell he wasn’t about to make it stop.


My orgasm swept over me forcing me to buck my hips up against his mouth and tongue. I could feel my juices flowing out of me as I exploded all over his fingers. Moments later I lay back on the warm hood of his car panting as he slowly pulled his dripping wet fingers from my snatch. He reached down and pulled me up by the hand allowing my dress to fall down covering my exposed dripping wet cunt. He pulled me to him and kissed me with a passion and feeling I had never experienced. Then he slowly lead me to the car door helping me inside. As I sat waiting for him to get in me I looked and watched as the young woman knelt before her companion and took his cock deep into her throat.

The next sound I heard was the engine starting as we pulled back onto the highway. Everything was in a fog as we headed back to the hotel. I barely rber how I got to my room or how I got undressed. His lips and hands were all over me. Touching me everywhere and driving me wild with passion. What I do rber is the feel of his very hard cock entering my wet pussy and the feeling of orgasm after orgasm sweeping over me. Now as I lay here I feel his strong arm laying over me pulling me toward him again and whispering in my ear.

Now at 4:53 this cool morning in North Carolina I am wondering what he plans for me next….

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