Roadside Service

Guy gets some roadside assistance

The engineer who thought up the idea of putting the spare tire for a pickup into a bracket under the truck box should have been castrated! At least that was what I was thinking as I struggled to get the rusted nuts off the bolts holding up the tire. I was in a wayside where I had stopped when I felt the tire begin to woble just before it went flat. I had made it to the wayside and didn't have to go through this while on the side of the highway.

I was cussing the bolts, and myself, for having such shitty tools along with me when I heard a motorcycle pull up. I looked out from under the truck and saw a pair of low cut tennis shoes sans socks, and bare legs coming toward the truck. "Need some help?"

I slid out from under the truck and looked up at a kid of about 19 or 20 standing there. He was maybe, 5' 8" and well built. His hair was brown, what I could see of it sticking out from under a baseball cap that he was wearing backwards. He had on a tank top and was wearing baggy cargo shorts.

"You got any tools?" I asked. "All I've got is this piece-of-shit pliers and it's not working for shit."

He grinned and nodded, "I've got some better stuff than that in my saddle bag." He turned and walked over to his bike and I felt my dick begin to wiggle as I watched his buble butt going to the bike. He rummaged around and came back with a wrench and looked down at me. "Let me see if I can help you with that, " he said and he laid down and slid under the truck. I got to my feet and stood there watching his legs and feet and admired the tan legs, which were covered with very fine hairs. I could hear him clanking around and soon he said, "I've got the far one off."

He slid farther out from under the truck and began working on the closer bolt. Now his waist was out from under the truck and he had his knees up in the air as he tugged on the bolt. His legs came apart part way and I could see down the leg of his shorts. He wasn't wearing underwear and I could see right to his crotch. There was a beautiful cut cock laying down the right leg of the shorts over a equally gorgeous set of balls. He had a small trimmed bush of light brown hair which was also very visible.

I felt kind of like a shit looking at him after he was good enough to stop to help me but I couldn't turn away. As he worked, I noticed that his cock was beginning to grow. "What the?" I said to myself. "What's that?" "Nothing I just had a thought, " I said.

I watched and his cock kept growing and was soon pointing up the open leg of the shorts. It looked to be about 6 or 7 inches long and was very nicely shaped with a nice large mushroom head.

"Got it!" he said and the tire fell to the ground. He slid out from under the truck and pulled the tire out. His hard-on was pretty visible and I suspect mine was too since mine had gotten hard looking at his. I saw him take a quick glance at my cock and then he grinned. He rolled the tire over to the empty hub and lifted it up showing off very nice biceps and put the nuts on and soon the job was finished.

"Jeez, thanks you didn't have to do all that, " I said. "Hey I'm glad to help, " he said giving me a brilliant smile.

"Can I pay you for your help?" I asked. "No, that's not necessary, " he said, "unless........"

"Unless what?" He looked right at my crotch and then he looked up into my eyes. I knew that look and I almost shit. I looked at his obvious bulge and stepped forward and put my hand on his cock though his shorts. "Can I help you with this?" I whispered. He closed his eyes and nodded yes.

I looked around and there was a patch of woods behind the wayside and I said, "Let's go back there?" He nodded and off we went down a little trail into the woods. He was ahead of me and as we walked he stripped off his tank top and then dropped his shorts and stepped out of them. I had all that I could do to keep from grabing him right there but we walked far enough that no one could see us and he stopped and turned around.

His cock was sticking straight at me and he stepped forward and began feeling my cock through my pants. "Get naked, " he said huskily. I slipped off my shirt and dropped my pants and underwear and slipped off my shoes and socks. He took off his shoes while I was undressing and there we stood as naked as the day we were born. He was lovely, very fit and well built, very tan except a little white area around his balls and cock which told me he must wear a thong at the beach. His legs were well muscled and he had lovely tan feet that just turned me on.

I stepped forward and put my arms around him and he melted into me. He turned his head up to me and leaned forward and kissed me tenderly. Our cocks were rubing together and I could feel the pre-cum oozing from his cock as it met mine.

"Suck me, " he said. I dropped to my knees and put my face up against his cock and breathed in the scent. He had recently taken a shower or bath because it smelled of soap and a slight boy smell that was intoxicating. I licked his balls and then up the shaft of his cock before I took the head into my mouth. He shuddered as I engulfed his cock and slid my mouth down over it until I was nearly at his pubes. "Ahh, oh yeah!" he said.

I began to suck from the tip to the base and he was moaning and his knees were shaking. Soon I felt his cock twitch and then a flood of cum filled my mouth. He must have been saving it for a while because he came a bunch and swallowed every drop. I kept sucking as his dick began to soften and soon he started wiggling "You've got to stop, that's tickling like mad, " he said. I let his dick slip from my lips and smiled at him. "That was amazing, " he said, "you do that real good."

"Thanks, I loved it, " I said. He took me by the shoulders and pulled indicating that he wanted me to stand up. My cock was leaking and the tip was all wet with pre-cum. He smiled and knelt down and my cock disappeared into his lovely mouth. He had obviously sucked a few cocks because he knew just what to do with his tongue and lips. In no time I was ready to cum, so I warned him. He just mumbled something like ok and the next thing I knew I was shooting my load into his mouth. He sucked it dry and the released my cock and took my balls into his mouth one at a time and sucked on them.

I was weak in the knees, so I knelt down in front of him and put my arms around him. He melted into my arms and kissed my shoulders and neck. Then he slid down and sucked each of my nipples. While he was kissing me I kissed every part of him that I could reach and soon I found that my cock was hard again. I looked down and he was at full mast again too.

"Looks like you're ready for a second round, " I said grinning. He smiled and nodded. "I'm ready for a second and then maybe a third and who knows what after that?" "Do you live near here?" I asked. "Yeah, just a few miles from here, " he said. "Anybody home at your house?" He beamed. "My parents are gone for three days, I'm home alone, and we live in the country, a long way from any neighbors."

I put my arms around him and hugged him close. "So maybe we can get more comfortable and safe?" He smiled, "You bet, but first.......he bent over and sucked my hard cock into his mouth again. "First things first, " he said as he slurped my cock.

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