Continuing my experience with my French friend

My night with my best friend from France gets even steamier

I was completely helpless now. I'd decided to let myself go, and now nothing was going to stop us. If this was the only chance that Julien and I had together, I was going to take it.

I took off Julien's pants and threw them aside, watching his bulging cock emerge. I took it in my hands and slowly ran my tongue up and down the length of his shaft. I looked up and saw Julien wathching me, which turned me on even more. I wanted him to watch me while I pleased him. I started sucking on his cock, swirling my tongue just around his head to start. With one hand, I gently rubed his balls while I slowly started moving further up his cock, taking more of him inside my mouth. I heard him let out a slight moan as I started sucking harder and harder, wanting to please him even more. I took him out of my mouth and started sucking on his balls, while I rubed my hand up and down his cock. I heard him inhale quickly, and wrapped my lips around his cock again as he came in my mouth. I felt his cum hit the back of my throat as his hands held the back of my head onto him. Once I had taken all his cum, I finished by licking him clean. He leaned back on the bed against the pillows and smiled down at me. "You are fantastique..." he whispered to me. I didn't know too much French, but I could definitely figure out that he was satisfied.


Apparently Julien wanted to repay the favor, because shortly after I was finished he pulled me down underneath him and began kissing me all over. He moved from my cheek, neck, nipples, stomach, and everywhere in between. I closed my eyes as I felt him on my body, completely lost in a world of pleasure. As he moved lower, he took off all my clothes, and stopped right at the top of my pussy. He licked and sucked everywhere around my thighs and hips, carefully leaving my pussy untouched. I moaned and thrust my hips slightly upward, hoping beyond all hope that he would get inside me soon. Suddenly, I felt his tongue on my clit, fervently licking on my most sensitive area. I moaned even louder as he began sucking, then softly nibling on it. In no time, I was extremely wet and horny like never before. My breathing became more rapid as his tongue explored my pussy, touching everything. I felt his tongue move in and out of my hole, and I let out a soft whimper as I thought of what else the night might bring me. I never wanted this moment to stop, and yet I only wanted to experience more with Julien. Right when I felt I was about to explode wth absolute satisfaction, Julien stopped and moved up until our faces were even. He fervently sucked my neck and then kissed me softly on my lips. I felt a finger enter inside me as he gazed into my eyes. "Erica please..." he began, "what do you think?" What did I think? Apparently, he was asking for my permission to continue going further. I smiled at him and almost laughed. How could he think I was capable of stopping him now? I felt a second finger in me as he passionately kissed me again. I felt his fingers thrusting inside me, and could only imagine how if it felt this good with only his fingers, how much better it would be with his thick cock in me. I wrapped my legs around him and ran my hands down his back, waiting for my great night to continue...

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