A Trip To The Colonies, Chapter 2

A romantic tale inspired by a fellow lush author, to whom I dedicate this work of passionate love.

As Mary awoke the next morning she could hear the clatter of pots and pans in the kitchen and figured that Nicole was up cooking. That was wonderful she thought, she had missed dinner completely and was starved. She walked to the bathroom, toothbrush in hand and flung open the door. Much to her surprise a tall lanky man, short military hair cut, broad shoulders, and finely toned muscles stood before her, totally naked. She yelped out an apology and retreated, but as she slammed the door shut she couldn’t help but notice, this guy had a dick the size of a horse, damned thing must be 25cm, and it was even soft at that. She retreated to the guest room to wait for him to be done. She giggled to herself as she pictured that monster pounding in and out of Nicole’s tight little pussy, well maybe not so tight any more, and giggled again quietly. She heard the door open from the bath and peeked out as Ace walked to the other bedroom, still totally nude, his big dick swinging side to side as he swaggered through the door. She quickly went to the bath and brushed her hair and teeth, rinsed the sleep from her face, adjusted the t-shirt and shorts she still wore from the night before and then walked to the kitchen.

Nicole was standing, intent on her task in front of the stove as Mary entered. The smell of coffee filled the air; she could see the pan of hash browned potatoes on one burner and eggs being scrambled in another. As she walked up behind Nicole, oblivious to her entry, she patted Nicole on the ass and said “morning, you lucky bitch, I heard you two last night.” Nicole turned with a smirk and then a smile and said “hope we didn’t keep you up, but a girls got to get it when she can, and I just can’t seem to get enough of him” as she giggled out a lusty laugh. Mary thought to herself, if she isn’t getting enough of that thing, she needs a real horse, or maybe an elephant, but let it pass…for now anyway. About then Ace walked into the kitchen, dressed in rumpled fatigue pants and a faded green t-shirt, an outfit she had seen Bret wear so many times, her only thought was that she was glad he was dressed. Nicole introduced the two of them, neither one saying a word about her having walked in on him in the bath. Ace and Mary sat at the table and Nicole served coffee, soon followed by toast, hash browns and scrambled eggs. Nicole placed her own plate on the table and sat between her friend and husband on one side of the small square wooden table. Ace struck up a conversation with Mary that ended up a tale of his exploits for the US Navy, he flew recon for the fighters, though he said he had an application in for top gun school, and was awaiting a reply. His dream was to be a fighter pilot, and his attitude was already one of cocky overtones. Mary listened intently, but couldn’t get the image of his huge dick pounding into her petite friend out of her head as he went on and on, and chuckled to herself the whole time. Nicole broke in when Ace paused momentarily and took over the conversation saying “Ace, we all know you’re a jock, now let someone else talk for a minute.” All three laughed and Nicole took the lead as she went on to say “Mary, we need to go see the sights today, did you bring a dress with you?” Mary replied “yes, nothing special, but it will do unless we’re going to have to dress up fancy.” Nicole chimed in saying “it needs to be real special, we’re going to the Officer’s Club tonight, and all the wives will be dressed to the nines and the navy guys will be in their dress whites.” Mary started to say something, but Nicole added “We’ll just have to go to the mall and find you something; heck you can afford it being a lawyer and all, what it is they call you in England ….a solicitor?” Again they all roared with the title, Ace thinking that she might as well have called her a hooker. As they finished eating Ace got up and said he had to cut the grass and do some yard work, leaving the ladies to clean up the kitchen. After finishing the clean up chores they each went to their rooms and started getting ready for a day of relaxation and sightseeing, oh, and shopping, which they always enjoyed. They put on casual clothing and finished up by taking turns at the mirror in the bath to apply a bit of makeup. When done they each checked the other for any possible changes that might be necessary, which of course, none were. They both looked really nice, Mary wore a black short leather skirt and a short sleeve silk blouse, her pert breasts showed nicely without the encumbrance of a bra, it was too damned hot to wear one even this early in the day’s heat. Nicole wore a nicely flowing cotton skirt with a floral pattern fabric and a dark cotton blouse that contrasted her alabaster skin beautifully, she had thought of going braless, but her weighty DD breasts would be a bit much, so she opted for a lace demi model and left enough buttons undone to show off her ample cleavage. Neither one wore panties; the heat would be too much for them. “No sense getting our pussies all wet for nothing” Mary said as they laughed. They were ready, and headed out the front door to go. Nicole sidled up to Ace, as he leaned over the push mower trying to get it to start, patted him on the butt and said “we’re going, see you in a while.” He stood up and turned to her as they gave each other a gentle kiss farewell. The girls got into the SUV and sped off down the road. They chatted continuously as Nicole guided the vehicle from one touristy site to the next, and stopped at the Botanical Gardens, a noteworthy location to actually get out and visit. They walked through to paths leading them past the most beautiful flowers and bushes that the southeastern United States had to offer, almost too many to comprehend. The scents were luscious, the walk took them about an hour and a half, all in all very relaxing, not a thought of Bret even crossed Mary’s mind. Truly she was coming to terms with his absence, or death. They returned to the SUV and headed for the mall, surely there would be a good dress shop there, but if not Nicole knew of some high dollar places that they could find the prize they sought. Nicole parked at one end of the shopping mall, the end near Penny’s, so they would be able to find the vehicle when they returned to the 25 acre parking lot surrounding the stores, they each made mental note of the number on the pole nearest to the SUV. They looked first in Penny’s Department Store and then went on to the smaller shops that lined the wide walks inside the mall. They found a few shops to purchase trinkets for Mary to take back to England as mementoes, and a few dresses to try on, but hadn’t found that perfect one, not yet anyway. By now it was after noon and they both wanted to stop and get something to eat, the time difference still had Mary off track a bit. They went in to a nice looking restaurant and found a seat in a booth. Shortly after sitting down a waitress came over and they ordered drinks, were presented menus, and chatted about what might be good; this was the first time Nicole had been to this particular restaurant, so it was a guess at best. As Mary read and reread the menu she noticed a particularly handsome man at a table nearby, he had short trimmed hair, piercing blue eyes and a smile that could melt even the strong of heart, which right now she wasn’t. She peeked across the menu at him at every opportunity noting that he was dressed nicely in khakis and a sport shirt. He apparently caught her glances and smiled more intently as he saw her look up at him. The waitress returned with the ice tea and the girls ordered soup de jour and a tossed salad apiece, surely that would fill the bill. Mary continued to watch the dark haired stranger, trying not to be overly obvious, but he soon finished his meal and departed. She watched as he walked away taking note of how fit he appeared, trim, muscular and ummm, such a nice butt too. She thought to herself, Ah well there will be other fishes to reel in someday. She told Nicole about her flirtatious gazes and Nicole responded by saying “you should have gone over there and told him you need a good fuck” as she laughed aloud, soon joined by Mary’s laughter as well. They ate and chatted quietly about finding Mary a dress, it has to be just right, they both agreed. After lunch they wandered farther through the expanse of the mall, checking out each dress shop they came across, and finally found one that had some really nice semi formal dresses in the window, so went in to see what there was to offer. Their eyes scanned the racks and walls for something, as close friends it wasn’t surprising that they both saw it at the same time, the perfect dress, at last. They looked at each other and nodded that Mary really needed to try this one on, so they went to the sales clerk and asked if it was available in a size 3, which as it turned out was what the display hanging on the wall was. The sales clerk said she would get a ladder, and quickly returned to take it down and then handed it to Mary, and though they hadn’t said so, it had to be for her, Nicole could never have fit those huge tits into a dress cut as this one was. Mary went to the dressing room and soon emerged wearing the perfectly fitted gown. The fabric was sensational, a lightweight satin, or something like that. It had a glow about it, the shimmering colors seemed a dark sapphire blue, but changed to hues of purple and crimson as it turned in the light. The design was so perfect, a low cut front that showed just enough of the top of her breasts with fine straps across the shoulder, crossing in the back and a flowing skirt portion that begged to be twirled into the air as Mary moved about. The sales clerk stood by and watched the two checking out every angle, it indeed was perfect for the occasion. Mary, not that she couldn’t afford, it asked the price. The sales girl said “it’s kind of high, but it looks so good on you, it is $450.00.” Mary winced at the price briefly and said “I’ll take it” and returned to the dressing room to change. After the price had been paid, the dress placed in a hanging garment bag the girls headed for the parking lot, and jokingly said “now where is it, what was that number?” They arrived at the SUV after a fifteen minute walk and Nicole easily navigated them back to the house. Ace had finished mowing the grass and was about done with the trimming of the bushes, apparently he had decided to take a break and was sitting in the living room as they went in, watching some game show. He clicked off the TV with the remote and asked if their mission was a success. Nicole nodded eagerly and said “wait till you see this dress, it is a real knock out, Mary, go put it on so Ace can see.” Mary was a bit reluctant, figuring he would see it this evening, but followed the command and went in to change. As she returned to the living room she found the two of them wrapped in a heated brace making out, so cleared her throat loudly to get their attention. They looked up at her posing for the crowd, so to speak, and Nicole smiled at how nice it looked while Ace just sat staring at this wonderful woman before him, she was so beautiful he couldn’t help but gaze intently, his focus mostly on the pert breasts showing above the low cut neckline, revealing her to just above the nipples. His thoughts were of desire, and Nicole could tell saying “hey, so what are mine you perv, quit staring at her little tits.” He let forth a belly laugh that could be heard on the next block and said “OK, but they are sooo nice, and they aren’t that little.” Mary was blushing from head to toe, her pussy immediately got wet at the thought of this horse having desires for her, but she said nothing and turned to go change out of the new prize that was obviously going to be a hit at the Officer’s Club. Mary pulled the dress off over her head and hung it neatly in the closet, the fabric wouldn’t even require ironing, and she was indeed pleased. She walked over to the bed to retrieve her shorts and t-shirt, still nude and the door to her room opened. It was Ace, standing there, staring at her nakedness, practically drooling. He nervously apologized for not knocking, and then asked if she would like a cold drink. She had not even bothered to try to cover herself, but turned to face him and nodded that she would. She stood facing him figuring he would be gone momentarily, but he stood watching her, his hands twitched nervously as he tried to figure out how he could get away with ravaging her, he wanted so badly to ram his massive dick into that sweet pussy. He finally turned and walked from the doorway, his erection made it plain to see his arousal; it made a tent of his pant leg just above the knee. Mary quickly moved to slip on the t-shirt as she considered what it would be like to have that much cock rammed into her canal, rbering the feeling of Bret’s 15cm as it filled her so fully. Her mind wandered as did her hands, now kneading at her labia and clit, two fingers slid easily into the wetness of her vagina, still naked from the waist down. She stopped abruptly as he entered the room with her drink; he had caught her masturbating with thoughts of him, his smile intent on seeing more. He said “you don’t have to stop, I’ll just watch if it’s OK.” She sat on the edge of the bed, her knees clenched together, needing to explode, but not really willing to allow him the privilege. He spoke softly and said “Nicole said you might like some company, she went outside so we could be alone.” Mary was shocked, her mind reeled at the idea that her friend would have sent Ace to take care of her needs, if indeed she really did. Ace went to the chair by the door and sat down, saying “go ahead, give it all you’ve got, I’ll just watch, or help however you need me to, Nicole’s cool about it, she knows that most women never get to have a 14 inch dick,” and chuckled. Mary’s thoughts ran rampant as she tried to figure out if this was really happening, but as she calmed down some she said “I’ll only play with myself if you do so at the same time, so drag that monster out and stroke it big boy.” This time it was he that was in shock, but he stood up and unfastened the fatigue pants and pushed them down past the knee, his long thick penis almost fully erect and at 35cm was indeed more than enough to scare away mares and cows, but she watched as he began to use both hands to stroke it from base to tip and back again several times as it became fully engorged. She parted her legs and began rubing herself top to bottom of the inner labia with one hand while twisting at her tender swollen clit with the other. Soon she was feeling the trbling beginnings of her orgasm she threw her head back and lay on the bed to enjoy the sensations of erotic joy. She didn’t see Ace get up from the chair, but heard his hands as they stroked his manhood while standing above her at the knee. The engorged purple head of his cock was so massive and aroused his breathing in labored pants as he feverishly milked the precum from the tip and used it to lubricate his own pleasures. She couldn’t help but stare at it as she let her own juices flow freely from the depths of her womb and flooded her hand still fervently rubing her own g-spot. He moaned loudly the same moans she had heard the night before, and with a grunt of pleasure he shot his milky white cum across her mound and thighs. She couldn’t stand it, she sat up and took the head of his cock into her mouth and sucked him dry of the offering. He was amazed at how she milked him free of his remaining jism with her hands. He stepped back with a grin on his face and pulled up his pants. After he had them fastened he leaned to her and kissed her gently on the forehead and whispered “thanks, you’re fantastic, but Nicole doesn’t need to know about this, I was just supposed to make sure you were doing OK while she went to the neighbor’s house for a few minutes.” Mary knew she had been had, thank God she hadn’t invited him to stuff her full, she said “I’ll never tell, but you owe me, and I won’t forget.” He walked from the room as she pulled on the shorts and went to the bathroom to clean up; soon it would be time to start getting ready for the evening at the Officer’s Club. She went to the living room and clicked on the TV to watch the news, it was already five o’clock. The only news of interest was that it had been a record setting day for the temperature, a cool 88 degrees, not that it had seemed cool the tourist from Britain , and she could only chuckle at the irony that it had been a record day of any sort. Ace had gone outside to finish up his chores and put the tools away, he too realized it was abut time to start getting ready. Nicole came through the door almost out of breath and collapsed on the couch beside Mary. She had apparently decided to go for a run while she was out, and had gone three miles, or so she said. Nicole asked if everything was OK, and Mary replied, “Yeah, what time do we need to be ready to go?” “At 6:30, guess we better start getting dolled up, you want to shower first, or shall I?” Mary replied “you go first, I don’t want to sweat too much in that new dress, I’ll go last.” Nicole went down the hall and retrieved a house coat and disappeared into the bathroom, leaving the door ajar just enough to let the steam of the shower escape. Soon after she heard the shower start Ace walked in the door and flopped down next to Mary, sweaty and smelly from his chores, his shirt and pants wet with his perspiration. She leaned over closer to him and whispered “if you find me a knight in shining armor tonight I’ll let you off the hook, I’d rather not have to try to take on a horsey like you, if you know what I mean, but I’ll settle for what I can have” He turned and looked at her intently, not knowing if that meant he needed to service her during her visit if he didn’t find anyone for her, or what. Either way, he was challenged to comply; after all, he did owe her after his deception, and said “OK, I’ll try.” Mary reached over and ran her hand across his flaccid tool and cooed teasingly. They heard the shower shut off, it would take only a short time for Nicole to dry her short hair, and then it would be Ace’s turn, so he rose and went to the bedroom and got some shorts to put on after his shower and went to the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Mary could hear the sounds of playful teasing going on, but she was content that she would find some attention of her own at the club, or at least hoped so. Nicole emerged from the bathroom and closed the door almost all the way, and then came to the living room and sat beside her friend quietly for a moment and said let’s go, I need you to help me decide what dress I’m going to wear. They arose and wet to the bedroom, Nicole dragged out several to choose from, Mary picked out the one that would show off the most cleavage of her friend’s obvious attributes. It just happened that it was a dark red color, perfect to show off Nicole’s skin tones as well. They heard the door to the bath open and watched Ace walk into the room. He looked at the chosen dress and nodded approvingly. Nicole said “we better give it a few minutes for the water to heat up again, I’ll go put on my makeup, and then you can jump through Mary.” Mary nodded and went back to the living room to wait as the married folks got ready for their big night out. Mary was called to the bathroom as Nicole finished up her makeup and went to the bedroom, and she rose to go take a shower. She left the door open a bit, as before to allow the steam to escape, and didn’t worry about anyone this time, she could hear the two of them in their playful antics again. Mary showered quickly, washing her hair and conditioned it. When finished she donned the shorts and t-shirt and dried her hair with the blow dryer, teasing it to a beautiful shape, the radiant shine was stunning. She went to the guest room and retrieved her makeup and returned to the bathroom mirror to apply what was called for, not that it took much, no matter how much she covered it, her beauty shone through anyway. She heard Ace and Nicole rustling around in final preparation, and went to the guest room to don her new dress. A bra just wouldn’t do, she didn’t have one that wouldn’t show, and her wonderfully firm breasts didn’t need the support anyway. She got a thong from her bag and slid it on before sliding the dress over her head and dropping it into place. As she looked in the mirror on the dresser she could see a fine line across her hips created by the string of the thong, so she raised the hem and slid the panties off. “No sense in spoiling the line” she whispered to herself. She was ready and went to the living room. As she got to the end of the short hallway she saw Nicole standing in the center of the room, her tits showed just enough to turn any man’s head, her petite body oozed sexuality. She then saw Ace standing over to the side of the room, his gaze intent on fair Nicole until she walked into the room. He turned his eyes toward her and his mouth again dropped open in awe of her stunning looks. He didn’t have to be ashamed of himself either, dressed in the all white US Navy officer’s uniform he was one handsome looking stud. Mary wondered how he could restrain that huge dick in the briefs, but didn’t dare ask. They were all ready to go, and the time was now 6:25, perfect, they would arrive 10 minutes before the reservation. As always I ask that the readers of my tales leave a comment and/or a vote about my works. I am trying very dilligently to learn from each story, and I can only grow to be better with your help. It will only take you a moment, and I'd really appreciate the assist. Thank you.

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