TiaLing's Excellent Adventure

A virgin comes to America, and has one hell of an adventure on her first night.

TiaLing was flying from China all the way to New York City and she was so excited. She was just nineteen years old, and was coming to America for an arranged marriage into another wealthy, traditional Chinese family. It was her first time to fly. It was her first time to leave her home town! And of course, it would be the first time for her to be married, and to see her new husband, and most importantly, to learn the mysterious secrets of the "Lotus Garden of Eternal Heavenly Bliss", which were her native words for... for...

Tia opened her Chinese/English dictionary and flipped it open to the most dog-eared page in the book. Ahhh, the "Lotus Garden of Eternal Heavenly Bliss" was pronounced in English, "sex". Also, "having sex", "making love" and "fucking". She practiced the words silently to herself. Yes, she wondered mightily at the mysterious secrets of sex. On a very few occasions, she had Polished the Dragon's Pearl, and she really enjoyed it, but it was rare for her to have the privacy she needed to repeat the act. Traditional Chinese families weren't big on privacy.

After many hours on the plane, the captain spoke to them. Tia understood most of his words, and the stewardess was kind enough to repeat them. There was a big storm in New York City. The plane would have to land in Philadelphia. The stewardess was most helpful in obtaining a hotel room for her at the airport.

Tia got off the shuttle bus and carried her two bags through the glass doors of the elegant hotel. It was very cheery and beautiful. There were many people in a very large room doing much laughing. She read the big sign, and soon understood that there was a wedding party going on. She watched for a minute and hoped that her wedding party would be as friendly and beautiful. Then she turned back to the front desk and checked into her room.

She cleaned up and changed into more comfortable clothes. She looked herself over in the mirror. She was 154 centimeters tall (she looked at the conversion scale at the back of her dictionary -- 5 feet 1 inch) and she weighed 96 pounds. Her brown hair came down to her shoulders and was tied in a (she looked up the word) "ponytail" on either side of her head. She had almost no breasts yet, but her grandmother assured her she would get them when she became pregnant. And her eyes were too large. She didn't look like the American girls at the party downstairs, but there was nothing she could do about it.

She became very bored, so she went down to the loby and walked into the wedding party. Surely such friendly people would not mind her joining them? She got in a line at a table piled high with many foods, and got a small plate. She tapped the shoulder of the man in front of her. When he turned around, and then down to see her, she asked, "what kind food is that?".

He smiled and said, "That's potato salad. Those are dill pickles. Do you like dill pickles?"

"I do not know. I never eat American food, except on airplane. I will try them."

The man started to turn away, then glanced back down at the oriental girl. She appeared to be about thirteen but her voice sounded older. And he didn't recognize her. He was the father of the bride, and knew most everyone on both sides of the aisle. None of them were oriental.

He took a closer look out of the corner of his eye as she bent over to get some pickles. Her silky shirt fell open just enough for him to glimpse a petite breast and nipple. The color of her skin was creamy, and definitely more yellow than his white skin. She was so cute. A little China doll. He wanted another peek at her breasts. He felt his penis twitch.

"Sweetheart, what's your name?"

"TiaLing. I come from China to marry husband, have sex and make babies."

"Really? Nice. My name is Andy. Why don't you sit over here with me and we can talk."

"Yes. That would be very okay, Andy."

"And let me get you a glass of champagne. You'll love it."

While they ate, she merrily practiced her English on this very nice American man. She told him her whole story.

"...so my grandmother tell me girls in China no get breasts until make baby. And no make baby until do fucking with husband. I ask her many times how do fucking, but she say no, not nice for girl to know, you find out from husband. I have dictionary from Hong Kong, but all it say is the fucking is sex. Then other page say the sex is fucking. Very confusion. Not good dictionary."

"Yes, Tia, that does sound very confusing. I would like to help you if I could."

"Oh thank you, Andy. You are nice. You can help me by showing me where is bathroom. Please? I am holding a river."

"Yes, well, the best bathroom is upstairs. Come with me."

Tia followed the nice man into the elevator, and let him put his arm around her. She felt very lucky to find such a nice man who would let her use his very own bathroom. His hotel room was very nice, even bigger than hers. He followed her into the bathroom.

"You can release your river here, Tia. May I help you take off your panties?"

"Why? I never have man help my panties before. Is that American custom?"

"Oh, yes, a very important American custom. Especially for girls who come here first time. Here, you hold your skirt up and I'll pull your panties down. Then you can sit down. Good! Now, in America, it's important to release your river with your legs spread wide apart. Yes! That's wonderful! Good girl!"

"I never know any man so helpful and kind, Andy. Thank you."

He got down on his knees in front of her, with one hand on her thigh, watching the urine issue from her almost hairless little snatch. "No problem, sweetheart. And I can help you with your confusion, too. I can tell you what fucking is, if you want to know."

"Oh, Yes, Yes!"

Tia finished pissing and Andy plucked off a few squares of toilet paper and carefully blotted the moisture from her exquisite pussy lips. Then, with his most congenial and fatherly smile, he gently pried apart her pussy lips with the tip of his index finger, and began gently rubing.

"The fucking takes place right here. The man places a baby seed inside you right here, using his penis."

Tia immediately flipped open her dictionary. "Penis... ahhh! The Jade Bamboo Shaft of Exquisite Pleasure! Also, male organ, dick, cock, shaft, erection. Wow, penis have many words."

"Here, let me show you what a penis looks like."

Still on his knees, Andy nervously undid his belt, opened his pants and let them fall. There was a huge bulge in his silk boxers.

"Oh! You have silk panties, too! Very pretty! What this?"

And she grasped his rigid, throbing erection through the fabric. "Oh! Is this penis?"

"Yes, Tia. Now what do you feel when I rub your pussy?"

"Pussy? Wait... ahhh! The Celestial Lotus Cavern of Venus! Also vagina, cunt, slut hole! Oh, your finger make my Lotus Cavern feel very good, like when I Polish the Dragon's Pearl."

Andy stood up and dropped his boxers. His six inch erection dangled just inches in front of her face. Impulsively, she grasps it with both hands and slowly caressed it. It got noticeably longer and thicker and stiffer the more she stroked. She noticed that the mushroom head was getting dark red.

"Is beautiful! This is man penis shaft with jade mushroom that plants baby seed to make the fucking! Wonderful! I always thought it had to be something like that. Story about stork make no sense. Do you like me rubing it?"

Andy gasped and tried to say something, but he had lost control of himself. With a low grunt, a thick stream of semen gushed out of his penis and caught Tia right in the mouth and chin. He had to hold onto the vanity to keep from losing his balance. One gushing stream after another of white, pearly fluid ejaculated onto Tia, and apparently this pleased her. She stroked his cock even faster, and giggled every time she was hit in the face and neck with his warm, fragrant bodily fluids. She licked her lips.

"Wonderful! This tastes like my grandmother's lobster sauce. Her recipe is secret. Now I know why! Now I begin understand mystery of the fucking, Andy. I thank you so much."

But Andy wasn't finished. He swept her up in his arms, kicked off his pants and took her to his bed. He tossed their clothing to the floor. He spread her legs wide and lowered his face to her lovely oriental genitals.

"What you do now, Andy? You Polish the Dragon's Pearl? I really like that!"

His mind was in turmoil. He had behaved himself so long. His daughter had grown up, developing in her teens to such a sexy young woman, with incredible tits, and legs that wouldn't quit, and he had held himself back. He had only peeked at her in the shower once or twice. Okay, it was seven times. But he never laid a hand on her. This new temptation couldn't be an accident. It had to be his reward for all those years of self control!

"Yes, baby, I'm going to Polish the Dragon's Pearl with my tongue!"

And his mouth covered her lovely muff. He could feel the light fuzz of her pubic hair tickle his lips and nose. The taste of her warm vaginal lubrication was incredible. He stuck his tongue between her labia and thrust it deeply inside her. The girl gasped with obvious pleasure. Her pelvis began to rock gently. The tip of his tongue came against her hymen. She was a virgin! Oh wonderful! His favorite fantasy was eating out a virgin! His own virgin daughter!

By now, Tia was moaning and writhing on the bed with sexual pleasure. Even when she Polished the Dragon's Pearl, it never felt this good before. She never wanted it to stop. In fact, the pleasure kept mounting and mounting until her Lotus Cavern of Venus felt like it was rippling, throbing, ... OH? OH!! Waves of pure ecstasy emanated from Andy's tongue, and washed over her entire body. It was celestial.

"Oh, Andy, that was wonderful. Is there anything I can do to thank you?"

"Yes! Come here! And call me... call me, Daddy. It's an American custom. Call me, Daddy."

"Yes, Daddy, I am glad to do anything you want."

As she sat up, the nice man rolled over on his back, grabed one of her pony-tails and pulled her face down to his Jade Bamboo Shaft, which was now stiff again. He pulled her face closer and thrust his penis to her lips.

"Here's something else you need to learn, Tia. How to suck dick! Take it in your mouth as deep as you can and suck on it. Let your lips slide up and down on Daddy's cock!"

"You want me to suck dick, Daddy? Please tell me how to suck Daddy's dick and I do my best!"

Andy, that is, Daddy, sounded like he needed her help very badly, so she was only too glad to follow his instructions. And the sensation of having a man's penis shaft mushroom in her mouth was oddly pleasant. It was as if she were being asked to suck a giant nipple and draw out the milk. Lobster sauce! Yes! Andy still had too much lobster sauce in his jade bamboo cock! She would do everything she could to help him!

Andy gasped in amazement at the sight of the naked young woman, half his size, bobing her lovely elfin face up and down on his painfully swollen cock. She was one incredible little cock sucker! He reached over and grabed her about the waist, lifted and positioned her in the 69 position. She continued suckling his throbing lust-crazed cock, and he resumed eating her incredible young pussy. The pressure within him swelled quickly. He tried to delay ejaculation as long as he could, and then it was gushing through the shaft of his cock like a fire-hose! Oh, it was glorious! Waves of vertigo and darkness swept through his brain.

Tia was pumping her mouth up and down Daddy's cock as fast as she could, letting the jade mushroom penetrate down her throat as he had instructed. Suddenly, her mouth was full of warm, aromatic lobster sauce! She swallowed the meaty nectar as fast as she could and kept sliding her lips up and down Daddy's cock. Again and again, her mouth filled, until it drooled from between her lips and oozed down her chin. She heard Daddy give a loud grunt and a sigh, and he seemed to collapse on the bed.

She stopped sucking when she realized that his wonderful jade cock had shrunk and was no longer stiff. She wiped the last drops of lobster sauce off her chin and sucked it off her fingers. Daddy appeared to be sleeping, his breathing deep and slow. She crept off the bed, put on her clothes and closed the door behind her.

She eventually found her own room and changed into a clean blouse. She hoped the lobster sauce would wash out of her dirty blouse. She rbered something that she had seen on her bedside table. She picked up the card and read it until she found, Room Service, Laundry and Dry Cleaning. Aha! She called the number.

Soon, there was a knock, and she let in a man wearing a shirt with the hotel logo. He had darker skin than Daddy, but it was brown, not yellow. He appeared to be not much older than herself, though she realized that in America she was a poor judge of age. He introduced himself as 'Wann', but the name he indicated on his shirt was 'Juan', which she pronounced silently to herself as 'jeu han', and which could be translated any of several ways: 'pushing timber', 'forceful carpentry', or 'thrusting tree trunk'. He asked her how he could be of service. She showed him the dirty silk blouse.

"Is silk and I so afraid that wetness make ruin. Can you laundry blouse so that it no ruin?"

"Sure! Do you know what this wet stuff is? Is it gravy of some kind?"

"Yes, it is lobster sauce from Daddy's bamboo cock shaft. He teach me to suck dick, and his lobster sauce come out, make mess all over face, all over blouse. It was most fun."

She failed to understand why the boy seemed so shocked. Perhaps he didn't understand.

"I suck dick. I suck Daddy's dick. Lobster sauce come out of Daddy's dick."

She pantomimed holding a penis in front of her face, her head bobing up and down, and her lips open. The boy smiled, then grinned and nodded his head. Yes! She finally made him understand. She grinned back at him.

"Okay. You got cum all over your blouse. So, do you like sucking dick? You like sucking your Daddy's dick?"

She nodded eagerly. "Oh, yes! Daddy just teach me how suck dick and I much enjoy it! I want to do it many more times and learn how really good!"

Juan pushed the door shut, pulled his shirt over his head, dropped his pants and stood naked in front of Tia. His penis was quickly swelling and becoming erect.

"So, what do you think of my dick, Chinese girl? Is it bigger than Daddy's?"

Tia was amazed and delighted. America was so much more friendly than China! Everyone here wanted to improve her education! She sank down to her knees and grasped his stiff jade cock. It WAS bigger than Daddy's, thicker and longer. She loved the beautifully serpentine veins that stood out all along the shaft. It actually looked like it was carved out of jade! Brown jade, one of the most precious forms of jade! She hungrily took the head of it in her mouth and swirled her tongue over the incredibly smooth mushroom head.

"Yeah, slut! Suck my dick! Suck it good! Wished I coulda seen you sucking your father's cock! That woulda been hot! I get my younger sister to suck my cock all the time! She's pretty good at it, but she won't let me into her hot little snatch! That's what I really want! I wanna fuck me some tight pussy! I think I'm gonna fuck me some tight Chinese pussy right now!"

He picked her up under her arms as if she weighed nothing and tossed her on the bed. Her skirt flipped up around her waist and her legs reflexively bent and spread apart, revealing her white silk panties against her creamy yellow skin. They were pulled tight against her pussy lips. He fetched a small plastic squeeze bottle of lotion from the bedside table. He knelt on the bed and pulled off her panties. Good! This Chinese girl didn't even have as much pubic hair as his little sister. He spread lotion as a lubricant all over his rigid cock and onto her pussy. He rubed it none too gently onto and within her pussy lips.

Tia was gazing in wonderment at these proceedings. She didn't even pretend to understand what was going on. But if it had anything to do with lobster sauce, or her Lotus Cavern of Venus and her Dragon's Pearl, she was determined to pay attention and learn everything she could! The nice boy crept closer on his knees, his lovely brown jade cock bobing up and down. He grasped her legs, spreading them and pulling her closer. He grasped her hips and pulled her Lotus Cavern of Venus so that the glorious jade mushroom of his bamboo shaft entered between her Gates of Pink Pleasure! Oh my, she thought, he is going to teach me how to make the fucking! The Lotus Garden of Eternal Heavenly Bliss!

Juan held her butt completely off the bed. He was amazed at how little she weighed. He pulled on her hips as he firmly pressed his hard throbing cock into the entrance of her vagina. He felt resistance. He pushed again and the girl winced slightly, but made no sign that she wanted to stop. A hymen? No shit! This Chinese girl was a virgin? Hot damn! He pushed again, increasing his force gradually until suddenly, the resistance disappeared and his well lubed cock plunged all the way into her body! Caramba! He was fucking! And they were both losing their cherries at the same fucking time! How hot was that?!

Tia expected the jade mushroom to enter her Gates of Pink Pleasure, for how else could the lobster sauce plant the baby seed in her Lotus Cavern of Venus? The whole process HAD to make some kind of sense, didn't it? The initial entry was wonderful, and delicious hot waves of pleasure threatened to melt her body. Then the boy pushed further and there was a tiny discomfort. Then a tiny sting. Then... then... just as she was about to ask him to stop, she saw his entire brown jade bamboo shaft plunge into her body and completely disappear! Her Lotus Cavern of Venus suddenly felt very full and stretched! Oh! It was celestial! It was glorious! This was even better than having Daddy suck on her Dragon's Pearl!

And then it got a thousand times better! Juan was thrusting his big brown male cock organ in and out of her lotus pussy! She could feel it ramming into her lungs on each thrust, forcing her air out in loud gasps and grunts! This was so much more ... PHYSICAL then she ever imagined sex would be! And so much better! Now she understood the boy's name! Jeu Han! Thrusting Tree Trunk! Yes! Because that was exactly what it felt like, a massive smooth hot tree trunk of human flesh thrusting and ramming into her quivering pussy cavern! Praise the gods! Unh! Unh! Unh!! UNH!!! UNH!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Tia's belly muscles uncontrollably tightened, and she curled upward and held her breath. She was looking straight down between her thighs, watching the most incredible sight of her life: a huge brown man's cock penis appearing out of her most intimate bodily orifice and then disappearing back inside. Again and again very fast! She couldn't breathe as wave after wave of sweet celestial pleasure washed over her, blurring her vision. She felt the walls of her pussy cavern clamp down tight around the thrusting tree trunk shaft. She heard the boy grunting loudly, and the sound of his flesh slapping into her thighs. She felt a new feeling, a very warm, full feeling, deep inside her, and guessed that it was the boy filling her up with his lobster sauce! Oh, she hoped so!

The boy suddenly stopped. He was breathing very hard and looked sweaty. He pulled his lovely penis pleasure organ out of her and got off the bed and reached for his clothing. Oh no! He was finished? Tia was disappointed. It was all over much too soon, too quickly! She wanted more! She wanted much, much more!

"Wann? Is something wrong? I not please you?"

"Wow, bitch, you pleased me a LOT! That was great! That was fucking great and I owe you one, okay? But I got to get back to work now. I'll see you later, okay? Thanks!"

And he was gone. She sat on the bed for a minute, looking at the closed door. She stuck her tongue out at the door and made a rude noise. Then she jumped off the bed and cleaned up her Pink Gates of Pleasure. They were a little sore, but not much. She could still rber the incredible pleasure of having her pussy cavern violated by the brown jade thrusting tree trunk. Celestial! She had to have some more of that!

She put her panties back on, checked herself in the mirror and returned downstairs to the wedding party. It really wasn't much of a party any more. About half the guests had left. Most of the food was gone, and the hotel staff were removing discarded plates. She attempted to join several of the groups. Her presence was politely noticed, and she was even welcomed, but it was hard to follow the conversations. She was still hungry, but the staff were beginning to clear away the buffet. She did manage to sneak a glass of warm champagne off a tray.

After another hour, the party was obviously breaking up. Tia wandered out into the loby, then into a smaller room off to the side. It contained the biggest television she had ever seen. There was a large black man sitting on the couch watching the television. He had on a uniform with the hotel logo, so she felt safe in speaking to him. He said that he was the night shift guard. She looked that up in her dictionary, and nodded in satisfaction. She asked where she could buy some food. He took her to the hotel grill just on the other side of the loby, and with his help, she deciphered the menu and ordered a toasted cheese sandwich and a coke. He sat at the tiny table with her and asked where she was from. So, Tia launched into her story.

"...so my grandmother tell me girls in China no get breasts until make baby. And no make baby until do fucking with husband. I ask her many times how do fucking, but she say no, not nice for girl to know, you find out from husband. Then I fly to America and I make friends here who explain the fucking to me. Very nice man at wedding party teach me to suck dick, but get lobster sauce all over blouse, but cleaning boy named Thrusting Tree Trunk comes to my room and shows me his brown jade bamboo cock, and I learn how to do the fucking very good! I think I have much more to learn! But tomorrow I have to leave and marry husband I have never met. He will be much disappointed in me if I do not know how to do the fucking."

The guard blinked at her. He blinked again. Then he casually reached down and rubed the bulge in his pants. The bulge got much larger. She was delighted.

"Oh, you also have jade bamboo cock dick! I know how to suck dick! Daddy taught me! You want me suck dick for you? Maybe you teach me more about fucking? I good student! I learn very fast!"

Two minutes later, Tia was standing with the black guard man in front of a door on the second floor of a side building of the hotel. His one hand was around her shoulder and casually caressing her nipple through her silk blouse. It gave her a warm feeling in her lotus pussy. His other hand was knocking on the door. It opened and they slipped in. There was another black man inside wearing just boxer shorts. There was a television on the far wall, and to Tia's amazement, it was showing a naked man and woman. And they were fucking! What luck! This must be a kind of classroom where they teach fucking! And these kind men must be fucking teachers!

"Hey Jake, Look what I got us right here. Her name is Tia. She's nineteen and she wants to fuck."

"Shit, Jason, are you sure she's nineteen? Damn, I got a twelve year old daughter with bigger tits than hers."

"I checked her ID, Jake, and she's legit. And she says she wants to learn how to fuck real good. You think we can teach her anything about fucking?"

Tia was gently undressed. The men were very nice to her and told her that they were experts on fucking and they were going to teach her one of the best fucking techniques they knew. They wanted to make sure that she didn't accidentally hurt herself so they were going to use some soft nylon ropes and some straps. It was for her safety. Tia felt blessed that she had encountered fucking teachers who were obviously so professional. She was excited and could feel a warm wetness oozing between her Pink Gates of Pleasure.

A few minutes later, she was naked and her arms were bound behind her. Her heels were bound up against her butt cheeks. Some kind of harness was around her upper body. She felt a click as a rope was attached to the harness between her shoulder blades, and she was hoisted up into the air! One man stood in front of her, his naked erection poised in front of her face. It was awesome! It was even bigger and longer than Wann's, and it was the pitch black of ebony! The veins snaking down its sides were huge! It was a Black Jade Bamboo Shaft! That was the rarest form of all jades! Oh, that she should be worthy of such a glorious honor!

"Suck on this, Tia! You ever suck on a black cock? Hunh, China girl?"

The teacher thrust his glorious black jade cock into her eager lips and a thrill went through her entire body. Behind her, big warm hands held her by her thighs, and she felt something smooth and large press against her Pink Gates of Paradise. Something VERY large! It must be even larger than the black cock in her mouth! She felt her pussy stretch and stretch and then something as thick and long as her forearm, slowly slid into her Lotus Cavern of Venus, filling it completely up, distending it outward, pressing the air out of her lungs.

"Ever had a big black cock up your cunt, baby? How does this feel? Cause I gotta tell you, you got the tightest, hottest, wettest, little cunt I ever fucked! Most women with a cunt as tight as yours would have been screaming for mercy by now! You want to scream for mercy? Go ahead, cause these walls are so thick no one will ever hear you!"

She couldn't move anything but her toes and the muscles of her mouth and face! And the cock mushroom head pressed into her mouth prevented her from speaking. She felt completely safe in the hands of these two great fucking teachers, who were so concerned for her safety! The Black Jade Bamboo Shaft that stretched her vagina must be gigantic! Of course! He must be a Fucking Master! They would be chosen for the size of their enormous male organs! And the one he had shoved all the way into her petite little body was indeed enormous!

Jake, the Fucking Master, had suggested that she cry out and beg for mercy. No doubt it was part of the training. She would do her very best! She writhed her body as if in great pain, and moaned and grunted as loud as she could around the cock in her mouth.

"Yeah, baby! Scream all you want! Won't do any good! Daddy's gonna use you like his little sex toy! Take this!"

Suspended as she was in midair, she was helpless. Jake used his mighty strength to merely hold her in place while he trip-hammered his enormous 11-inches long, 2-inches thick, slab of African man-meat into the Chinese girl's tight, almost virgin, pussy. Her writhing and moaning was just erotic music to his ears. She was his to fuck as hard as he wanted! As long as he wanted! As deeply as he wanted! And he wanted with a lust that was supernova hot and just short of savage. He felt the flood gates open, and the first surge of steaming hot cum gush from his cock. The first of many.

Tia was startled at the force and power with which her unworthy little pussy was being assaulted. But in seconds, a warm glow spread throughout her abdomen, and she felt the walls of her vagina quivering with celestial pleasure. The warm mouthful of lobster sauce increased her pleasure even more! The man standing in front of her, Jake, withdrew his penis shaft of black jade and spat great quantities of lobster sauce all over her face! The first wave of celestial ecstasy washed over her entire body. Great spasms of pleasure echoed through the chasms of her lotus pussy and her entire body quivered and shook with her orgasm.

Now that her mouth was free, she could better follow Jason's instructions.

"Ohh!!! Ohh!!! Mercy!!! Please be mercy with me!!! The pain!!! Oh, you are too big!!! Your big black bamboo cock shaft is too big for my little pussy cavern!!!"

"Tough shit, little slut! You wanna be fucked? You gonna get fucked!!!"

And he renewed his thrusting ever faster, as his glorious ebony cock swelled back to full size.

"Ohh!!! You are too much!!! Your cock is too big for me!!! I just little girl!!! Please!!! ..."

But Jason wasn't slowing down. The sweat poured down his face and chest and thighs, as he achieved a second mighty orgasm. A river of warm sticky semen gushed from the girl's pussy, and joined the sweat oozing down his legs. He slowed down for only a minute or two to catch his breath, then began working on orgasm number three...

It was four o'clock in the morning. Jake was passed out on the floor, after getting two blowjobs and a fuck into her precious, creamy, virgin ass. Jason had just finished his fourth fuck into Tia's cunt, and was taking the ropes and straps off of her exquisite little body. Tia had lost track of how many delightful orgasms she had enjoyed. She had never felt this good before in her life. Now she knew why sex was called, the "Lotus Garden of Eternal Heavenly Bliss". That's how she felt.

When the last strap came off, she kissed Jason thanks, bid him goodbye, and dashed to her own room to take a shower and get some sleep. There was a message waiting: a limo from her new family would arrive to pick her up at 9 AM. Excellent! Everything was working out in a most excellent fashion.

And on her wedding night, she knew she would not disappoint her new husband!


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