The Stroll part 1

As 2 lovers meet.....

Part 1

As you walk into the room, our eyes meet for the very first time. You feel something different. A slight tingling starts deep down inside you. It gets more intense as we get closer. We walk towards each other and we both know, even before we speak. You introduce yourself and your voice quivers. I take your hand and we both feel the electricity jump between us. We sit down to have a drink and try to relax, but can’t. The attraction is just so strong.

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We decide to go somewhere quieter to get to know each other. We take a nice stroll into the Park. We find a park bench and sit down and chat. We both know what we want but are feeling kind of child-like. I take you into my arms and look deep into your eyes, deep into your soul, feeling your desire, the heat from your inner you.

You kiss me gently, looking at me as you draw back. I look at you and take you into my arms kissing you deeply. We brace like this for what seems hours. Our tongues entwine and we feel each others breath. We start to breathe heavier and heavier with each taken breath.

My hand drifts down to your breast, a shock passes through you, as I feel the already hard nipple. I spend a few extra moments feeling its hardness, sending tingles right down to your pussy.

We stop for a moment looking to see who’s around. It’s very dark and no one seems to be walking around the park this late. We stand and walk behind the bench onto the grass. I unbutton your blouse and unhook your bra, exposing your to the warm soft gentle breeze of summer. I stare at you smiling; looking at such a beautiful woman exposed like this is very exciting. My cock throbs for release as you feel my harness through my jeans. You unbuckle my belt and pull my zipper down very, very slowly teasing me with your smile. You release my cock and hold it with both your hands, admiring its hardness.

I pull you to me again, kissing you deeply. I run my hands down your back to your ass, pulling you to me very closely. I lift your skirt up, exposing those frilly panties. I slide my hands inside your panties, taking a cheek in each hand. I gently rub each cheek, sliding down your panties as I go. You kick out of your panties allowing me to roam more freely. I slowly lower myself down to my knees, lifting your skirt, and smelling your fragrance. I bring you down alongside me, lying down as we go.

You take my hard cock in your hand and begin stroking it. It seems to grow bigger in your hand. You cup my balls feeling them tense with the desire for you. I lye you down and open your blouse and lean down to take a nipple into my mouth. I begin licking and sucking. I run my tongue around and around that hard nipple. I take the other one and lick it and nible on it. I begin licking my way down your belly. I lift your skirt; you spread your thighs for me. You want me there so bad. I start by licking your thighs, working my way up to that beautiful love nest. You arch your back lifting your ass into the air as you feel my breath closer and closer. As I nuzzle you with my tongue between your pussy lips, a slow deep moan escapes. I part your lips with my tongue, tasting you, feeling the wetness already there. I find that love button of yours already swollen and getting bigger. I begin small licks, circling it with my tongue. You moan loudly as you have the first of many more to come climaxes. You breathe in short, quick, rapid breaths. You feel the release, feeling another just as quick coming on. You thrust up again as you climax again, holding my head down for more pressure.

I lift my head and smile, your juices dripping from my mustache. You lie there trying to catch your breath as I watch. I gently stroke your belly drifting to one nipple then the other. You move over and take my cock again. You push me down and look at my cock, fully erect and engorged with blood. You bend down and taste me for the very first time, tasting the salty fluid already there. You take it in your mouth, feeling it throb to your talents. You run your tongue around the head and down the shaft. I begin to moan as you take all of me. It doesn’t take long for me to feel the pressure build and you feel me start to throb. You start sucking and moving faster. You want to taste my cum. You suck even harder as I begin to explode in your mouth. You take all of it, only allowing a little to spill from your lips. You sit up and smile as you stroke me. Feeling the stickiness and slipperiness you tease the now very sensitive head. We laugh together and stop to relax for a moment.

I take you into my arms again. I roll you over and rub your ass. Parting your cheeks, I bend over and lick your tight little anus. I pull you up onto your hands and knees as I lick your tight little hole. You begin to moan again as I slide my tongue in that deep dark hole. You begin bucking as you feel another climax coming on. You cum very hard and intense this time.

I roll you back over and spread your legs, not giving you time to catch up. I slide my already hard again cock deep into your very hot, very wet pussy. You scream out in ecstasy not caring who is around. Cumming almost immediately, you begin thrusting out for more. You want me deep inside you. Feeling me inside of you for the very first time, the feeling is intense, very electric. You climax again and again. You meet every thrust, feeling the pleasure and wanting more.

I speed up, slow down, go faster, and then slower. We make love for what seems an eternity. We are on the ground like animals, taking advantage of the moment. As I approach another climax, you feel the desire to be on top. We roll over and you ride me like a bucking horse. We both climax at that same moment and fall over into each others arms, lying there trying to catching our breath.

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