The Chaperons – Part II

The favor is returned.

Jennifer mind started asking her questions as she licked the underside of Jim’s cock. She could somehow rationalize sucking Ed’s cock. He was such a sweet guy and had begged so sheepishly and that half erect hooded cock looked so sad that the motherly instinct took over and she gave him what he had never had before…a blow job. But now, she was working on Jim’s cock and he had no story, he was just in line. Not only that, these men were complete strangers except for a couple of meals they had together during the long bus ride and dinner after arrival. The only thing they had in common was that they were chaperoning the high school football team that their kids played on during this long road trip. But somehow, she ended up in a hotel room with the other four male chaperons and after a couple of beers, a few off color jokes, the casual question; do you like sucking cock?; and the pleading of Ed she ended up on her knees sucking his cock and now, as she takes Jim’s cock between her lips, she is sucking her second cock. She has to admit that she can’t blame Jim, she wasn’t coerced into doing it…in fact, he had asked politely if she would suck his cock. And what did she do…hold out her arms beckoning to come to her. Not only that, but unlike Ed, he was totally naked. But God, this was so exciting and her blood was pumping wildly through her body. Jim was a little taller than Ed and she had to rise up higher on her knees and hold on to his hips as she started moving her mouth and lips up and down his shaft. Her mind started to marvel at how different each cock was…her husband’s, Ed’s and now Jim’s narrow pole. Jennifer started hearing voices in the background as she sucked. Voices like: “Wow Jenny you really know how to suck cock.” “Suck it baby, suck it.” “Do girl.” “Oh baby you are one hot chick.” etc, etc. This should have disgusted her, but on the contrary, it seemed to stimulate her all the more and she really went to work on Jim. She was twisting her head all around his long pole sucking and licking until Jim grabed her head on either side with both his hands and started moving his hips and trusting into her mouth. She realized that he was now fucking her mouth, he had taken over control and he was now pleasuring himself between her lips. Because Jim had been stroking while watching Jennifer get Ed off, it didn’t take him long to feel the inevitable building in him. The harder he fought to keep from cumming, the deeper he forced himself into her. Jennifer had never felt a dick the deep in her throat and the touch of his head back there triggered a few gag reflexes. But, she was too far into her own ecstasy to stop or pull off of this pounding cock, now. Just as Jim was about to fire his load into Jennifer’s mouth he felt a pang of guilt that he hadn’t asked if she would swallow his cum. So, with his eyes still closed, as they had been for the last five minutes or so, he yanked his penis out of her and instinctively started jacking his cock and within seconds he was shooting his spunk all over Jennifer’s face, hair, and down onto her blouse. Gobs of cum the likes of which Jim could not rber having ever let loose. As Jim started to catch his breath and open his eyes, he saw what he had done to Jennifer. He dropped to his knees in front of her. He immediately started apologizing, “Oh Jenny, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean too. Someone get a washcloth from the bathroom.” as he started trying to remove his semen from her face with his fingers. Joe, the black, male nurse returned with a moist washcloth and started trying to clean her. At that time, the others who had gathered around to help like mother hens lifted Jennifer onto the bed. Ed said, “We need to get that blouse in some water.” and started unbuttoning it. Jennifer was in somewhat of a daze from what had just happened to her and all the attentions she was getting that she just sat there and let them remove her blouse revealing her bra covered breasts. Joe took it to the bathroom sink and started running water over it, the stopped up the sink and set the blouse to soak. Mean while, as Ed and Jim were cleaning her face Juan, the Hispanic construction worker, got to his knees in front of Jennifer and said, “Jenny, let me return the favor.” and pushed her skirt up, hooked her panties and with a quick tug pulled them down and off of her legs. He spread her legs and marveled at her creamy white skin of her thigh just above the dark thigh high nylon stockings she was wearing. He leaned in and kissed her inner thigh just above the lacy top of the thigh highs. Juan couldn’t help but glance at her crotch and thought to himself, ‘Thank God, she is a real woman…look at all that thick hair.’ Jennifer had a full patch of thick, yet soft, auburn pubic hair. Juan wanted to tease her, kiss her thigh, lick his way up, but as his eyes rested on all that hair and he could see the hairs that were obviously lining her slit glistening as from some kind of liquid, he could not control himself. He plunged himself into that thick bush and started kissing and licking. Feeling the pubic hair tickle his nose and cover his tongue as it searched for her snatch. When Jennifer’s eyes when wide and she sucked in her breath, Jim and Ed, who were working to clean her face, jerked back thinking they had done something to her. Ed said, “What’s the matter?” Joe tapped him on the shoulder, pointing between Jennifer’s legs and said, “It’s Juan.” They both saw the brown skinned Mexican with his face buried between Jennifer’s legs, and immediately knew why she had reacted the way she just did. It didn’t take long for Jennifer to start moaning, as Juan went to work on her in earnest. He had found her slit and was moving up and down as his tongue wiggled from side to side. Jennifer had already started leaking juices from the blow jobs she had given; now she was flowing. Juan moved his hands between her legs and pushed them farther apart. In so doing he encountered no resistance from Jennifer. As his tongue slipped into her slit he worked on pushing her pussy lips wide apart using just his tongue. Every few moments he would lift his head from her just to look at her pussy, at the bright, pink inner folds surrounding her hole. Then back down on her to lick up her slit and gather as much juice on his tongue as he could. He marveled at how tasty she was. He hadn’t licked any pussy in years other than his wife and she had somewhat of a pungent odder and sour taste. Never the less he loved licking pussy and serviced his wife regularly. But now, this was heaven, Jennifer had an aroma that would make millions if you could only bottle it. And the taste, my God he thought, compared to his wife her secretion was like honey. He started tongue fucking her jabing in and out, pulling back and taking in her beautiful cunt. Then back on her, this time he went in search of her clit that tiny nubin that excited his wife so. Just the search for it, as he wiggled his tongue along and around her wetness caused uncontrollable moaning from Jennifer and unfamiliar emotions within her. Why couldn’t Alan, her husband, do this to her. If she begged, he would kiss her a couple of times down there, but that would be it. She had always known she was missing something, as she would over hear various conversations in the ladies room or the locker room at the gym. But, what she was missing she had no idea until now. When Juan found that nubin she started shaking all over. Juan was astonished that as soon as he touched it with the tip of his tongue, the hood pulled back and a hard erect female penis protruded from its hiding place. It was hard and long, at least a half inch he thought. (Actually, in reality it was nowhere near that large…but try convincing Juan of that.) Jennifer’s head started rapidly moving from side to side and she burst forth with and orgasm with the likes she had never experience. She let loose and onslaught cream, juice, cum the likes of which Juan was not prepared for and it gushed over his tongue, lips, chin and more rand down between Jennifer’s legs and down the crack of her ass. All she could do was hysterically scream over and over as her head was flailing on the bed, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.” Then her body went limp. To Be Continued

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