Massage with Rebecca

A special massage

I had been to see Rebecca twice now for a Tantric massage

lasting an hour. Rebecca always wore a white uniform she

had shoulder length hair a very pretty face and a nice body.

The massage started with me face down naked as she massaged

each limb in turn with oil. She then asked me to turn over

and repeated the process on my front, finishing with a lingam

massage where she slowly massaged my cock and balls till

I came. As I was dressing to leave she said now that she knew

well enough she would give me one of her special massages

next time.

About 2 weeks later I made a appointment, curious as to

what the special massage would involve. She showed me in

told me to undress and lie on the massage table face down

and she would be back soon. After a few minutes she came back

in wearing a bikini top that is holding up a magnificent

pair of boobs and a very short pleated skirt "that’s

a much better uniform” I said. The massage started the same

as normal massaging my back them my legs, but this time paying

a lot of attention to the tops of my thighs, She then stands

in front of me. The massage table has a hole for your head

so I can see her feet, with that she produces a mirror which

she places at an angle on the floor under the hole “I thought

you might like the view” she said. With that she stands with

her legs apart and starts to massage my back. looking in

the mirror I can see that she has nothing on beneath the skirt

and has a lovely smooth pussy which parts slightly every

time she leans forward to massage my lower back, not only

that but her boobs are brushing my head too. This carries

on for a while then as she takes hold of my hands and places

them under her skirt on her lovely soft ass. Now I’m massaging

her ass as she continues on my back, pulling her cheeks apart

and watching her pussy lips part, “Mmmm that’s nice I like

to get massaged too” she said. I can feel my cock is starting

to stiffen under me and wriggle to get comfortable. “I think you should turn over now” she says.

I turn over and she places a pillow beneath my head, my cock is starting

to point to the ceiling but she ignores it. She stands to

my left and starts to massage my foot applying a little oil

she works her way slowly up my leg massaging my thigh and

brushing my cock and balls as she works the oil in. She then

repeats this on my other leg but this time when she reaches

the top she dribles some oil on my balls and gently massages

them, my cock gets brushed lightly as this is happening

and is starting to twitch in anticipation, then just as

I think she is going to give it some special treatment she

starts to massage my hand! She massages the right one first while it is still lying

on the table, then after massaging each finger in turn she

lifts my hand to her shoulder and continues to massage my

arm. She pulls away slightly and my oily hand slides down

to rest on the top of her left breast. At the same time she

unties the bows on her top saying “ don’t want to get my clothes

oily now do we.” Wow what a pair lovely big nipples set in big

dark brown circles about 2” in diameter. She continues

to massage my arm but now every time she pulls her fingers

up my arm I’m also squeezing her lovely breast and I can feel

the nipple getting hard under my palm. “Mmmm that feels

so good I love my nipples being touched .“ After a while she

moves to the other side of the table and repeats the process

with my other arm, my cock is now starting to get hard just

like her nipples.

Rebecca then pours a little of the oil over my cock and gently

massages it in, slowly pulling back the foreskin and running

her fingers over the head until I am hard, she then bends

over me and lets her big tits continue the massage dragging

then slowly over my cock and balls. My hand is resting on

the edge of the table in contact with the smooth mound of

her pussy. I flex my fingers and she opens her legs slightly,

my hand slowly pushes between her legs, fingers brushing

her clit then sliding over her wet pussy lips, My thumb finds

her clit and slowly massages it making her moan, she moves

closer and my thumb slides into her pussy with my fingers

squeezing the top of her thigh. She starts to move against

my hand so that her clit is being massaged too. She stands

up still rocking on my hand and starts massaging my cock

in time with her movements of my hand, Pre cum start leaking

from my cock, both her hands are busy now one massaging my

balls the other stroking my hard shaft. I can feel that I am near now she senses it too. So she leans forward so that the tip of my cock is brushing her nipple

with each stroke, her soft moans increase as I shoot cum

over her lovely tits and she milks my cock dry, she then starts

to massage my cum into them slowly still rocking on my hand

until she finally comes in a series of shudders soaking

my hand with her juices. I still not sure who enjoyed it the most but it was damn good

tips to give her mega orgasm

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