Not While I'm On The Phone

I have Sabrina half naked, when the phone rings. It's her husband.

I have Sabrina half naked, her skirt and panties removed, abandon somewhere in the living room, when the phone rings. It's her husband.

"Hi," she says leaning into the phone, her silk blouse looking as immaculate as it did when she arrived at the office this morning.

"Just stopped by to grab a bite to eat," she says. I'm standing in the hallway within earshot of the master bedroom, impatiently waiting naked and with a hard on.

"You're kidding me," she says. "Again?"

She's beside the bed, over the nightstand, her ass looking like a pair of tulips pressed together on long lean stems.

"Do they realize she's a dog for chrissakes," she says.

She goes from standing to sitting on the bed, switching the phone from one hand to the other. This is the bed she insists we not fuck on. We normally stay away from the bedroom. We fuck on the couch. In the office. On the rug. In the bathroom over the sink her husband uses to brush his teeth.

My pants are around my ankles and I kick them off and step into the bedroom. There's very little in the room that isn't hers. A chrome watch and a pair of men's dress shoes. Otherwise the room is all hers, neat and stylish as the Ann Taylor suits she wears to work.

I hesitate before entering and then walk in and stand before her fully erect. I wag it around like a dog's tail displaying happiness. She stares past it.

"They are so full of it," she says. They are so full of shit."

I lock eyes with her and give her a look like: Are we doing this?

Sabrina flashes me a small smile and her body goes coy. She lifts one of her long legs and wiggles her toes. I grab it before she can recoil it and plug it into my mouth. I press my tongue between each toe and her mouth falls open. She stifles her cooing reflex.

"I'm listening," she says into the phone, her face going tight again. She tries to pull her foot away but I hold tight. I run my hand along her leg, moving towards the prize. Her face goes blank as if seized by a spell. I flutter my fingers against her skin, silky and cool like porcelain. Just as suddenly, the spell is broken. She kicks me off and mouths: Not while I'm on the phone. Wait.

I shake my head. I fall to my knees. I crawl forward, aiming my face at the manicured patch of hair between her legs. A dark patch against her olive skin. She rolls her eyes but the corners of her mouth curl up like a shy happy girl.

"I guess we'll just have to bring her in," she says, her voice sounding bored. I press my nose as far into the patch as I can until I encounter a sweet acidic aroma. The tip of my nose gets coated in wetness. I try to bury my face further but her legs compress. I stand up and take her hand to raise her from the bed and then lead her out of the room, but she stops at the door holding the cordless phone.

"Mm-hm," she says into the phone. "Mm-hm."

Sabrina stares at me with the sort of cold bored face that I've made the mistake of believing before. A lowly face masked by skillful make-up. Eyes too small with a crooked mouth and a wide flat nose. It's a face so tortured by its unevenness it favors the look of a scowl. The perfect expression to keep her subordinates in place. All but me who loves that face for its pitifulness.

I stare at her sad features but my gaze is drawn to her lean tan shape, a sort of sleight-of-hand performed by her body designed to distract from her face. I start to stroke myself, eager to feel those bright lips around my dick. She gives me a look as if I'm a deviant but I know its a lie. I know she's thrilled to see me turned on by her. She shakes her head and turns her back towards me.

I look at her ass again. It beckons me and I slip the tip of my cock just past her cheeks. She slaps it away and walks over to the bed, absent-mindedly bending over to reveal a pair of pouty lips between her legs.

"I told you I hate those things," she says into the phone. "How'd you like an electric collar around your neck."

A laugh suddenly escapes from her. A private joke between them. I feel a twinge of jealousy for a second but I know he'll annoy her soon enough. She's always annoyed with one thing or another. Especially him.

I stare at her satiny blouse against her tight frame. A blouse that belongs on the floor but somehow looks sexier being the only thing on her naked body. It's as if I'd walked in on her before she'd had a chance to slip on her panties. Her ass holds angled and bent across the bed, while talking on the phone. I walk back into the room, squat, and press my face right into her ass and brush my tongue across the entire valley. She squeals loudly.

"Nothing," she says. "I'm listening. What?"

Her legs are strong but I wrap my arms under them and fold them over her back, holding her in place tightly and continue my happy lapping. My tongue moves around her tight little asshole and then down into her pussy. She's helpless and bent over but doesn't entirely resist. With each tickle of my tongue I feel her body loosen and then her ass begins to thrust towards my mouth.

"Honey, I'm listening. Go on," she says, as perfectly composed as if there were no one actually eating her ass out.

I unlock my arms and let my hands travel inside her blouse and catch her nipples. I pluck them, feeling them go hard.

"I need to get back to work," she says but I want her to stay on the phone. I get my head under her legs and pull her in so she's sitting on my face. I taste her clit. It's as slick and tasty as a peach.

"I need to go baby," she says.

I push her away so she can see my face. Then I dip my fingers inside her and swirl them around while I mouth: Don't hang up.

She gives me an angry look.

I give my fingers another good loop and then pull them out and suck them clean. I mouth again: Don't hang up.

I dip them back into her soaked pussy and make circles.

She puts the phone to her chest and moans gratefully. She looks at me and nods.

"Uh-huh, I'm listening," she says, the phone barely holding to her ear. I return my mouth to its work, rubing my tongue along the tiny bulge at the top of her pussy.

Her legs loosen and widen. Her weight drops on my face. Her pussy tasting like a cream popsicle. She bends back, like a contortionist and takes hold of my dick. She strokes it in great long tugs as she listens to her husband go on about some stupid thing.

"Uh-huh," she says into the phone like a zombie. I'm breaking through. I feel it. It's that place she can't find on her own. That place absent of her mind. That place her wild is set free. She goes strong suddenly. Pries herself free and flips herself so she's facing my cock. I grab two handfuls of ass and eat at her pussy. She lifts the phone away from her mouth and slides her mouth over my cock. The tips hits the back of her throat but then she carefully presses further until we hit a new level and I feel the ridge of her lips against my balls.

"Good girl," I say.

She rips her face away and says, "Shut up."

I don't let another word out.

Sabrina lathers my dick with spit and sin. After pumping her face away for a good long minute she releases it and sucks in whatever drivel she can and brings the phone back to her mouth.

"Are you serious," she says. "I think you should do it. Sounds like a great idea."

Then returns right back to my cock, full force, with the phone still pressed to her ear.

I can feel the momentum building in me. I try to ease my excitement but Sabrina is sucking fiendishly. A blood-sucker after its feed. I try to pull away but she creates a vacuum of pressure around my thickness. She refuses to let go and when I finally break free, a loud pop sounds from her mouth. She falls away from me and onto her back and brings the phone in again.

"Mm-hm," she says. "Mm-hm. I didn't hear anything."

I move carefully along the bed, keeping the creaking to a minimum until I am positioned behind her. I prop her ass up and start pumping her. Her short dark hair bounces against her shoulders, while her head keeps high and her back stays straight like a behaved filly. Her one arm is holding her entire body while the other holds the phone. Suddenly it gives out and her head and shoulders fall to the bed. She seems unfazed and offers her ass to her cock god. My hips thrust into her relentlessly. Everything going raw.

Sabrina turns her face away from the covers and says into the phone, "Ok. Ok." She nods absent-mindedly as if her husband could see her. She is lost in bliss.

Sabrina stares into the distance as I feel her inner walls start to contract.

"Ok, ok, ok honey," she says. "I got to go. I got to go."

My fingers are pressing hard into her ass and I start to loose myself.

"Yeah," she says. "Good. Bye baby." She clicks the phone off and yells, "Fuck me. Fuck me! FUCK ME!" Three quick moans release from her and then she inhales as deeply as if she were coming to the surface after a long dive.

She clutches the covers and her pussy compresses against my cock. Waves of spasms come over her body and warm cream fills her. We both push even after our bodies go numb and sensitive. More warm goo comes. It pours out of her and onto the bed. It washes over my dick causing me to release all that I have. I pull out and brush the final glaze along her ass.

Her hair is a mess and her blouse is ruined. She flops over and stares at me with a happy delightful smile. My abs ache but I feel as bright as a light bulb. We're both glowing. I stare at her, her face looking young and innocent, even soft. Tender. I bend over to give her a kiss but she pulls away. I pull back and somewhere in that instant a hard woman appears. The scowl returns.

She sees the puddle of cum on the covers and her eyes go wide. She stares at it for a good long while, as if it where going to eat through the bed and leave a hole. She starts to laugh and I my chest eases. I start to breath again. But then...

she says, "You stupid fuckin' idiot."

"That's some of you too," I say.

"Don't be a smart ass," she says. We leap off the bed and she tears the covers off.

"This is why I didn't want to fuck on the bed," she says.

"I'll just go buy some new ones," I say. She stops and thinks this over.

"Yeah, you're going to go buy a new bed spread. The exact one," she says.

I start to put my clothes back on, nodding at everything she says. She opens the windows in the room and we hear her dog barking. She starts to scream at the dog to shut up while I make my way to the door. I leave before she can say another word. I start to think whether or not I should actually return. Part of me doesn't give a shit. Then my phone starts to ring. It's her. She'll tell me where to go for the bed spread. She'll tell me how much to spend. She'll tell me to make it quick. I consider not picking up. But then I feel the pinch of dried cum breaking on my dick. I think of her again. I think of her creaming on my cock. I think of her ugliness and her beauty. I think and think and think.

Then I pick up the phone and say, "Hello?"

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