Daughter Reveals Her Secret

Daughter and friend come clean with dad.

There was a gentle breeze blowing across the green meadow as Steve set up his motor home. Each year he and his daughter, Kristi, go camping. Kristi graduated high school in June and is taking this summer to blow off steam before she goes to college in the fall. Steve has noticed that as Kristi got older, the camping trips seemed to become more boring for her, so he thought it would be fun for her to bring a friend along this summer. Steve already told Kristi this would be the last year they would camp together and although she enjoyed camping when younger, she admitted that it gets boring sometimes.

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Kristi decided to bring her best friend Laurie. Kristi and Laurie were both on the school’s volleyball team. Kristi stood five feet ten inches tall and was one hundred forty five pounds. Her hair was silky brown and flowed over her shoulders to the middle of her shoulder blades and her eyes were hazel. She worked out almost every day and has a fierce competitive nature. When she was on the volleyball court, winning was her only agenda. The other team mbers fed off her competitiveness and because of Kristi’s leadership, the team won all-state the three years Kristi was on the team.

The other team mber who had a will to win was Laurie. Laurie stood five feet eight inches tall and weighed one hundred thirty five pounds. Laurie had sandy blonde hair that she kept trimmed to just below her neck and blue eyes. It was the fierce competitive nature of each of the girls that brought them together. They each won volleyball scholarships to the colleges of their choice and planned on spending much of the summer together before going their separate ways in the fall.

Steve finished balancing the motor home and had begun erecting the three person tent the girls were going to sleep in. Kristi and Laurie asked to sleep in the tent so they could stay up late. Steve had no problem with this because the last thing he wanted to put with was two teen aged girls talking about God-knows-what all night long. After Steve was done erecting the tent, the girls spread out their sleeping bags and pillows on the tent floor. They wanted to make the tent as cozy as possible for their two week stay.

There was a wooded area adjacent to the campsite and about one hundred feet through the woods was a lake with a small waterfall. This was their favorite camping site. It wasn’t too close to the water yet when they spent the day at the lake, it wasn’t too far from the campsite.

When the girls were done setting up the tent how they liked it they told Steve they were going to the lake. Steve said, “OK. I’ll start dinner. Be back at about seven.” Kristi and Laurie walked toward the wooded area and disappeared into the tree line. Steve began to cook beef stew. It was one of the few dishes he could cook that turned out pretty tasty. Typically Kristi helped him with the cooking.

At seven o’clock Kristi and Laurie walked back to the campsite. Their hair was wet and their clothes looked slightly damp. “Did you guys go swimming?” Steve asked. “Ya,” replied Kristi. “The water was perfect,” added Laurie. Steve noticed they didn’t bring their bathing suits and asked, “Did you bring your bathing suits?” Kristi giggled and said, “No. There was nobody there so we skinny dipped.” Laurie smiled at Steve when Kristi said this. Not knowing what to say, Steve raised his eyebrows and began to serve dinner. During the dinner conversation, Steve kept picturing Kristi and Laurie swimming nude in the lake. He didn’t necessarily see anything wrong with it, as long as nobody else was there. As he tried to picture Laurie nude, Steve found himself slyly looking at her damp t-shirt and jeans. Her breasts were about a size 34B he guessed. He could see her nipples gently poking from behind the cotton material. Then Steve glanced at Kristi. She wore baggy gym shorts and a t-shirt. When she got up to get another soda, Steve looked at the wet spot on the wooden bench that her damp shorts left behind. He could clearly see the impression of Kristi’s round ass. Steve knew Kristi was in shape, but he never thought about her in a sexual manner, until today. Perhaps it was the story of them skinny dipping and returning wearing damp clothes that excited Steve. Or maybe it was seeing Laurie’s hard nipples and the impression of Kristi’s ass on the bench that got Steve to think how grown up they were. The more Steve thought about it, the more enthusiastic he became about the two weeks that lie ahead.

After breakfast the next morning, Kristi and Laurie returned to the lake, this time wearing their bathing suits. Each wore a floral print string bikini. Steve watched as they made their way toward the woods and once again they disappeared into the tree line. Steve wondered if they would again skinny dip. ‘No,’ he thought. ‘They’re wearing bathing suits.’ But the more Steve thought about it, the more curious he became. After about an hour, Steve decided to put his bathing suit on and go to the lake. His true intention was to satisfy his curiosity and see if they were nude. The only reason he put his bathing suit on was in case he got caught, he could offer a very logical excuse for being there: he was going to the lake to swim. Steve grabed a towel and started toward the lake.

The sun was shining brightly and as he entered the woods it seemed to provide dark shadows that Steve believed would help conceal him. Steve neared the lake and he heard faint female voices. The voices got louder as Steve drew nearer to the lake. He stopped and scoured the shoreline from where he heard the voices coming. There lying on a large flat rock next to the bottom of the small waterfall were Kristi and Laurie. They were lying on their towels, topless. Steve watched for a while as the girls talked amongst themselves. Steve realized that he could hear them clearly because they were speaking loudly to account for the waterfall they were next to. Steve knew he could move closer and most likely would not be heard.

Steve slowly maneuvered his way through the woods to where he was within thirty feet of the girls. They continued to lay on the rock and chat about school, volleyball and the latest gossip. Laurie had a digital camera with her and she took several pictures of herself and Kristi lying on the rock. Steve looked at each of their breasts as they lied on the rock. Their breasts looked almost equal in size but Laurie’s areolas were medium brown and the size of a silver dollar. Kristi’s were light pink and slightly puffy. Steve watched as Laurie’s breasts jiggled while she moved her arm to take the pictures. Then Steve saw Kristi strike a pose he never thought he would see. Kristi raised her hand and rested it on Laurie’s breast. Laurie took several pictures in this pose. Then Laurie and Kristi, as if cued to do so, turned their heads toward the other and stuck their tongues out. Their tongues touched and Laurie took several more pictures.

Steve watched in disbelief as the girls each sat up, pressed their breasts against each other and took a few more pictures. When they sat up, Steve was now looking at their backs and he hoped they would move so he could see their breasts again. Kristi stood up and jumped into the lake with her hands outstretched above her head. Laurie took more pictures and Steve was in awe. This was a side of Kristi he never knew. Laurie put the camera down and jumped into the lake next to Kristi. Steve watched his daughter and her best friend playfully splash each other and swim in the lake.

A few minutes later, they got out of the lake and returned to the rock. This time Laurie raised herself onto her elbow as she faced Kristi, who was lying next to her. The two talked but Steve couldn’t hear what they were saying. Then, without warning, Laurie lowered her head and touched her lips to Kristi’s. Steve watched as it appeared their mouths opened and their tongues became entwined. They kissed for several seconds before Kristi quickly pulled away, sat up and began to look around. Laurie looked confused and Steve heard Kristi say something about “my dad.” Steve wondered if they had seen him! He crouched behind a bush as Kristi and Laurie continued to look around as if they were looking for something. Steve quickly realized they were looking for him. They didn’t know if he was still at the campsite or on the way to the lake. Kristi and Laurie put their bathing suit tops on and continued to sun themselves. Steve waited almost thirty minutes before he acted as if he had just arrived to the lake. Kristi and Laurie jumped into the lake to swim with Steve. Steve kept picturing their bare breasts and wondered if they would feel uncomfortable if he brought up the subject of skinny dipping. He decided not to.

It was late afternoon when the trio decided to return to the campsite to clean up for dinner. Steve followed Kristi and Laurie and watched as Laurie’s camera swung from the carry loop as she walked to the campsite. Steve wondered how the pictures turned out and if there would be a time when he may be able to sneak a peek at them when the girls weren’t nearby. He watched their asses sway from side to side with each step they took. When they arrived to the campground Kristi went into the motor home and began her shower. Laurie sat at the picnic table and made small talk with Steve while she waited for the shower to become available. “This is truly a beautiful place Mr. Hendricks.” Laurie said. “I know,” Steve replied. “We’ve been coming here for years.” “I can see why,” replied Laurie. “That lake is so beautiful, and desolate. I’m surprised more people don’t know about it. I feel so relaxed and free lying on the rocks.” Steve chuckled to himself as he thought about seeing firsthand just how free Laurie felt. Now was his chance. “You know, Laurie, I’m pretty liberal when it comes to skinny dipping and nudity. If you and Kristi get the urge to do anything like that, you don’t need to feel barrassed about it on my account.” Laurie looked down for a few seconds as if she was searching for the right thing to say but nothing came out. Steve then quickly said, “Or not! Whatever you and Kristi decide to do is OK with me.” Laurie smiled and said, “OK Mr. Hendricks. Thanks.” At that, Kristi came out of the motor home. “Ok, who’s next?” She asked. “That’s me,” said Laurie. She got up and went into the motor home.

Kristi helped Steve make the salad and he thought this was a good time to bring up the conversation he had with Laurie about nudity, if for no other reason but to minimize the barrassment of what Laurie may say about him bringing the subject up. “Honey,” started Steve. “While you were in the shower, the subject of skinny dipping and nude sunbathing came up.” “It did?” Kristi asked with a surprised look on her face. “How did that come up?” She asked. “Well,” Steve explained. “Laurie mentioned how quiet and desolate the lake was and how free it made her feel. One thing led to another and I pretty much assured her that if you and she felt like skinny dipping or sunbathing nude, I wouldn’t care one way or the other. After all, you guys graduated high school last month and you can make your own decisions. That’s all I was saying.” Kristi thought for a moment and then cautiously replied, “Thanks dad. I appreciate the freedom to make that type of decision.” They continued to prepare dinner and several minutes later, Laurie exited the motor home.

As they ate dinner, Steve noticed that Kristi was wearing a tight wife beater without a bra and her tits looked so plump he did all he could to keep from staring at them. Laurie was wearing a t-shirt with the high school volleyball logo across the front. She was also braless and Steve noticed that her breasts jiggled more than Kristi’s did. Steve found himself getting horny as he watched the girls’ breasts during dinner. The subject of skinny dipping never came up, but Steve was almost certain the girls would talk about it later when they were in the privacy of their tent. After dinner the trio sat around the campfire and roasted marshmallows. They talked about a variety of subjects and told jokes. They had a very good evening and they enjoyed each other’s company. At about midnight , the girls decided to turn in. Steve finished his beer and went into the motor home while the girls retired into the tent.

Steve quickly turned off the lights and got into bed. The louvered window next to the bed was open and he could clearly see the tent from his location. He listened intently but was unable to clearly hear what Kristi and Laurie were talking about. Steve laid back in the bed and stared at the ceiling. He thought about what he saw at the lake and wondered if there was more of the same in store. As Steve stared at the ceiling, he heard Laurie gasp. “Oh my God! Look at this,” Laurie said in disbelief. Steve quickly looked out the window and could see the faint glow of the digital camera screen through the nylon tent. Based on the silhouette he saw, one of the girls was looking at the pictures. “What!” Kristi replied. Laurie’s voice lowered but it was still loud enough for Steve to make out what she was saying. “Look in the background!” After several seconds Kristi said, “Holy shit! I wonder how long he was there.” Steve laid back and his heart began to race. Was his image captured in one of the pictures? He thought back and tried to rber when the girls had the opportunity to get him in a photo. Then he rbered. When they sat up and had their backs to Steve, Laurie took several pictures of her and Kristi. Steve didn’t think anything of it at the time, but Laurie was holding the camera away from her and was aiming the camera back toward her and Kristi. It was during this time that the camera was pointed directly at Steve standing behind them. This had to be the time!

Steve thought how stupid he was to allow this to happen. He became nervous, barrassed and angry with himself. Steve looked back out the window and still saw the faint glow of the telephone screen. Laurie and Kristi brought their voices down to where they could not be heard. They continued to talk in a near whisper as they passed the camera back and forth amongst each other.

The next morning Steve woke up at sunrise. He didn’t sleep too well worrying about being captured in a photograph spying on Kristi and Laurie. He knew he couldn’t make up a believable excuse as to why he was spying and he certainly knew he couldn’t deny being there. Steve decided that the best thing he could do was not mention it. The ball was in the girls’ court, so to speak, and it would be up to them to mention something.

While Steve cooked breakfast the smell of bacon filled the air and it wasn’t long before Kristi came out of the tent. “Morning dad,” she said as she shuffled past Steve and entered the motor home. “Morning sunshine,” Steve replied in his most worry-free tone of voice that he could muster. He would do anything at this point to try and minimize being caught spying. A few minutes later, Laurie crawled out of the tent. She stood and raised her arms above her head to stretch. Her shirt pulled up over her belly button and her cotton pajama pants were riding low. So low, Steve thought that if they fell one more inch he’d see her pussy. While stretching, Laurie simultaneously yawned and once she was done yawning she lowered her arms, sat at the picnic table and waited for Kristi to come out of the bathroom.

The air was warm and still. Laurie looked around at the beautiful horizon. Then she looked at the tree line and said, “I can’t wait to go to the lake today. Kristi and I plan on being there most of the day. Are you going there too?” Steve shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know. I may make it down there today. It’s such a beautiful morning, I just might take an after breakfast hike.” Steve almost kicked himself. There’s nothing he’d rather do than go to the lake in the hopes of seeing the girls topless. Why did he mention hiking? Luckily, Laurie offered Steve a chance to redeem himself. “Are you sure? It may get hot later and a dip in the lake would be just the thing to cool you off.” Steve wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity so he replied, “You’re probably right. Maybe I’ll forego the hike and head to the lake later.” Laurie smiled and said, “Good. It should be fun.” At that, Kristi came out of the motor home with neatly combed hair and freshly brushed teeth. Laurie took her turn in the motor home.

“That’s so much better,” Kristi said as she kissed Steve on the cheek. “There’s one thing about a tent… no running water,” she chuckled. “What are you guys doing today?” Steve inquired. He knew what Laurie said, but he wanted to know what Kristi had to say. “Laurie and I are going to the lake today. We’re gonna work on our tans,” she replied. What are you gonna do?” she inquired. “I was going to go on a hike, but it may get too hot. I might go to the lake to cool off,” Steve said. He looked at Kristi for a response and she said, “Good. It should be fun. After all, you could use a tan yourself,” Kristi said with a grin. “Ha ha. Very funny,” Steve replied as he threw a piece of sliced orange at Kristi. Kristi chuckled and trotted to the motor home. As she was about to open the door, Laurie opened it and began to step out. “Come on, Laurie. Let’s put our suits on,” Kristi said and practically pushed Laurie back into the motor home.

Once inside, Kristi and Laurie changed into their bikinis. “Do you think it will work?” Laurie whispered to Kristi. “Of course it will. I know my dad. You saw him in the picture. He couldn’t keep his eyes off us,” Kristi whispered back. “All we have to do is get him to the lake. Then we’ll take him up on his offer allowing us to take our suits off. After that, he’s putty in our hands,” Kristi giggled. “Kris, I love you. I’m glad you asked me along. Do you think he’ll be pissed when we tell him?” Laurie asked. “Fuck no! You saw his face in the picture. He couldn’t look at us any longer or harder. Besides, he’s pretty open to stuff. He won’t mind,” Kristi replied. Once they were done putting on their bikinis, they kissed each other and exited the motor home.

Steve had put the food on the table when he looked up and saw Kristi and Laurie bound out of the motor home. He immediately focused on their breasts. The firmness and fullness of each of their breasts got Steve’s blood flowing. His eyes then moved down to their bikini bottoms and the cut was so tight, he could tell neither of them had pubic hair, or at least it was neatly trimmed. They all sat at the table and ate bacon, eggs and fresh fruit.

When they were done eating, the girls helped Steve clear the table and do the dishes. “Dad,” Kristi said. “Do you mind if we take the cooler to the lake and put a couple beers in it for us to drink?” “Hmm,” Steve thought. “Well, ok, but bring some for me because I would like a beer or two when I get there.” “Oh, cool!” Kristi exclaimed. “Thanks Mr. Hendricks,” Laurie chimed in as she walked toward the beer cooler. The girls grabed a smaller cooler and transferred several beers from the larger cooler. They put ice in it and they each grabed a handle. With towel in one hand and beer cooler in the other, Kristi and Laurie made their way toward the tree line and on to the lake. Steve watched their asses wiggle as they walked away carrying the cooler. Laurie wore a thong bikini bottom and Kristi’s was French cut. “Dam,” he thought. “To be eighteen again.”

Steve took about an hour straightening up the camp site before he put his swim trunks on and made his way to the lake. As he made it through the woods, he saw Kristi and Laurie in the lake. Each was holding a beer bottle as they stood in the waist deep water. Their towels were spread on a grassy area in the sun. Steve saw two empty beer bottles next to the towels. He decided not to spy this time so as he got close enough he yelled, “Hey girls. How’s the water?” Steve had to speak loud enough to overcome the sound of the water fall. Kristi and Laurie turned and waved at Steve. “It’s great!” Laurie yelled back. “Come on in!” Steve spread his towel next to the cooler and the other towels. He then walked into the comfortably cool lake water.

He swam for a little while to cool off and then he joined Kristi and Laurie who were talking about volleyball and college. The water came to just above Kristi’s belly button. She occasionally bent her knees and submerged herself to her neck and then stood back up, causing her chest to glisten in the sun. Laurie didn’t submerge herself, but she scooped water into her cupped hand and poured the water onto her shoulders, back and chest. Steve enjoyed watching them but it wasn’t long before he said, “I need a beer.” As he started toward the shoreline the girls agreed that they should get out of the lake, too.

Steve made it to the towels and opened a beer. He put the bottle to his lips and drank about half before he stopped. “Ah! The first beer always tastes the best!” Steve said with a grin. Kristi and Laurie both finished their second beer and reached for a third. “Looks like you have some catching up to do, Mr. Hendricks,” Laurie said in an antagonistic tone. “Don’t worry about me, young lady. I’ll catch up before you know it. Besides, if I don’t, it looks like you ladies will drink it all,” Steve quipped. Kristi chuckled, took a sip of her third beer and laughingly said, “Like father, like daughter!”

The girls lay on their towels next to each other with Laurie next to Steve. Before Steve laid down, he glanced to his right and was in awe at the two young beauties lying next to him. He finished his first beer and opened his second. As he put his head down, Kristi rolled onto her stomach, untied the back of her bikini top and asked, ‘Dad, can you put lotion on my back?” “Uh, sure honey.” Steve got up, took the lotion and got on his knees next to Kristi. He started to rub it on her back and he saw the sides of her breasts pressing against the towel. Steve slowly rubed the lotion from her back to her sides. As he moved his hand up and down along Kristi’s rib cage, he brushed his fingers along the side of her breast. Kristi didn’t move so he did it several more times. He couldn’t believe how soft her breasts felt. He wondered what the entire breast felt like and his penis began to get hard. Steve moved from Kristi’s back to her legs. He spread the lotion on her upper legs and down to her ankles. “You didn’t do my butt,” Kristi said. She was right. Steve started at her upper legs and because of the cut of her French bathing suit, much of her ass cheeks were exposed. Steve squirted lotion into his hand and began to rub it on her ass. “Hold on,” Kristi quickly said. She then reached with both hands to her ass and put each of her index fingers under the bathing suit and pulled up on it so that it went into her ass and looked like a thong. “OK. Go ahead.” Steve looked at Kristi’s shapely ass and continued to rub lotion on it. Kristi’s ass was soft and the years of athleticism certainly paid off. Steve couldn’t keep his eyes off of Kristi’s ass.

Steve finished spreading lotion on Kristi and asked Laurie if she wanted lotion spread on her back. “Yes please,” she replied. Laurie also untied her bikini top and let the strings fall to her sides. Laurie’s breasts seemed to push out just a little more than Kristi’s did. Steve began to spread lotion on Laurie’s back. Since she was wearing a thong, Steve’s eyes bounced from her ass to her breasts. His cock continued to grow and he hoped the girls didn’t notice it. As long as they were on their stomachs he felt he was ok. Steve moved his hand slowly over Laurie’s ass and she didn’t move a muscle. She laid there and allowed him to do it. Steve started to believe he could touch any part of Laurie’s body and she wouldn’t mind. Dare he gently brush his fingers against her pussy as he spreads lotion between her legs? The thought was tempting, but he decided not to. Steve finished rubing the lotion at Laurie’s ankles and then went back to his towel. He finished his beer and opened his third. After drinking a few sips, Steve laid on his stomach as a way to hide his erection.

After Steve lay in the sun for about fifteen minutes, Laurie said, “Mr. Hendricks, do you want me to put lotion on your back? You’ll burn up if you don’t.” Before Steve could answer, Laurie was on her knees next to Steve rubing lotion on his back. Steve glanced at Laurie and noticed she didn’t replace her bikini top and she was topless. Laurie saw Steve looking and said in a matter-of-fact tone, “Well, you said we could take our bathing suits off if we wanted.” “Yes I did,” replied Steve. He continued to watch Laurie’s tits jiggle as she rubed the lotion on. Laurie knew Steve watched, but she said nothing. Steve looked over at Kristi and noticed she was now lying on her back. She was also topless. Steve’s erection began to grow again. As he watched Kristi, she put her head up and said to Laurie, “When you’re done, do me next.” Laurie finished with Steve and walked on her knees to Kristi. Laurie put lotion in her hands and began to rub it on Kristi’s bare chest. As she rubed, Kristi’s nipples got hard. Steve watched in amazement as Laurie gently rubed Kristi’s breasts. She moved from Kristi’s breasts down to her belly. She put more lotion on her hands and moved from her belly to the top of her bikini bottom. “Pull them off for me baby,” Kristi said to Laurie. Without missing a beat, Laurie grasped the sides of the bikini and pulled them down as Kristi lifted her ass to assist. Steve’s jaw dropped, but he said nothing as his erection now was aching.

Laurie continued to rub lotion on Kristi’s hips and pubic area. She continued to her thighs and finally finished at her ankles. Steve was speechless! Was he having a dream? This was so outrageous; he couldn’t believe it was happening. Yet, he had to watch. Laurie asked Steve if he would put lotion on her next. She lay next to him on her back and removed her bikini bottom. Steve looked at the most beautifully shaved pussy he had ever seen. Laurie’s belly was flat and firm and her hip bones protruded nicely. Steve tried to put the lotion on with one hand because he was afraid to get on his knees fearing he’d be barrassed when the girls saw his hard cock. He did the best he could and gently stroked Laurie’s breasts. Her nipples got hard and Steve took the chance to gently pinch one of them. As he did so, Laurie smiled, but kept her eyes closed. Steve eventually got to Laurie’s pubic area. He moved his fingers in soft and gentle circles above Laurie’s clitoris. She didn’t move except for once. Steve could have sworn Laurie slowly thrust her pelvis, but it didn’t happen again. Steve’s penis was rock hard and he had to release the pressure. He couldn’t stand touching Laurie’s soft, supple skin without doing anything more.

Steve could resist no longer. Neither of the girls seemed to care that they were nude, nor did Laurie seem to care that he was stroking her soft nude body. Steve continued to rub Laurie just above her pubic area when he saw Laurie move her right hand and place it on Kristi’s thigh. As if planned, Kristi immediately rolled onto her left side and faced Laurie. Kristi then moved her right foot to behind her left knee which essentially spread her legs. As Steve looked at Kristi’s pussy, Laurie moved her right hand and began to gently and slowly rub Kristi’s clit. Steve was blown away. He didn’t know what to do or say, so he said nothing and continued to look. Kristi began to slowly move her hips as Laurie continued to rub her clit.

Steve was so mesmerized in watching Laurie and Kristi he hadn’t realized he stopped rubing Laurie and his hand was now resting just inches above her pussy. He was quickly reminded his hand was at rest when Laurie took her left hand and placed it on Steve’s hand. She then moved Steve’s hand down to between her legs and began to move his hand in a circular motion. Steve quickly took the hint and rubed the gentle folds of Laurie’s vagina. Laurie was thoroughly moist and a soft moan escaped from her lips. Laurie then took her left hand and put it down the front of Steve’s swim trunks and began to rub his hard penis.

Steve no longer cared that his daughter’s friend was allowing him to rub her wet pussy. Nor did he care that she was stroking his cock. His base instinct took over and he rolled Laurie onto her right side so that her back was facing him. He pulled his trunks off and moved his body so that he was touching Laurie’s back. His penis naturally went between her legs. Laurie spread her legs and grasped Steve’s cock. She guided it to her wet pussy and placed the tip of his cock into her pussy. Steve slowly pushed his cock into her from behind. As Steve began to slide his hard shaft in and out of Laurie, Steve looked over her shoulder at Kristi. He saw Kristi and Laurie in one of the hottest French kisses he’s ever seen two girls engaged in. Laurie now had her fingers deep inside of Kristi’s vagina and fervently moved them in and out. Kristi’s hips were moving to meet every plunge of Laurie’s fingers. Steve began to thrust his cock harder and harder into Laurie’s hot, wet pussy. She began to loudly moan as her brow furrowed and she was thoroughly into getting fucked by Steve. Kristi had moved her face to Laurie’s breasts and was sucking on her erect nipples.

As Steve plunged his cock into Laurie, he felt fingers rapidly rubing Laurie’s clit. Laurie was moaning loudly now, “Oh god! Oh yeah!” Steve looked over Laurie’s wildly moving hips and saw that the fingers on her clit belonged to Kristi. Kristi still sucked and nibled Laurie’s nipples. Occasionally, Kristi’s fingers rubed against Steve’s cock and it caused him to fuck Laurie harder. It wasn’t long before Laurie cried out, “I’M CUMMING! OH GOD! YESS! I’M CUMMING!” Laurie moved her hips with wild abandon as her cum ran out of her pussy and onto Kristi’s fingers. Steve was now ready to cum. The circumference of his hard cock got just a little bigger as he was ready to shoot his load. Laurie said to Kristi, “He’s ready, baby.” At that, Laurie moved her hips so that Steve’s cock fell out of her pussy, but into Kristi’s waiting hand. Kristi grasped Steve’s cock and began to jerk him off. The transition was almost seamless as Steve blew his wad. The first discharge of his cum came out with such force it hit Kristi’s abdomen, then into Kristi’s hand and Laurie’s inner thigh. Kristi milked Steve’s cock until he collapsed with exhaustion. She let go of his cock and then tenderly kissed Laurie on the mouth.

Laurie laid Kristi onto her back and said, “Now it’s your turn.” Laurie began to lick and suck Kristi’s shapely young breasts. Kristi’s chest began to heave as her breathing became rapid. Her eyes were closed and her hand was on the back of Laurie’s head gently guiding it lower to her honey pot. Steve, who was lying on his back still recovering from one of the most intense orgasms he’s ever had, heard Kristi’s heavy breathing and slight sucking noises. He opened his eyes and saw Kristi on her back with her eyes closed. Her lips were parted and she was now moaning. Laurie’s head was buried deep between Kristi’s spread thighs. Her tongue moved with ease over Kristi’s clit and occasionally, her tongue was lost deep within in the folds of Kristi’s pussy.

Steve watched as Laurie licked Kristi in a fashion that made Steve believe this wasn’t the first time. Laurie’s fingers found there way into Kristi’s wet pussy. “Mmmmmm,” Kristi moaned as her hips began to move faster. Her pelvis thrust against Laurie’s lips and Laurie drove her fingers deeper and faster into Kristi. Kristi rubed her hands over her glistening breasts and then started to lightly pinch her hard nipples. The faster her pelvis moved, the harder she pinched her nipples. Laurie was now driving her fingers deep into Kristi and she raised her head to look at Laurie’s work. “Ya, ya, ya, ya,” Kristi repeated with every plunge of Laurie’s fingers into her pussy.

Steve stroked his cock as he watched. The remnants of Laurie’s thick, moist pussy juice gave him the lubrication he needed to bring his cock once again to attention. Kristi seemed oblivious to Steve’s presence as she said, “Eat me baby. You feel so good. I’m ready baby. I’m ready.” Kristi laid her head back and lifted her chest. She was pinching her nipples and pulling on them simultaneously. She raised her hips and yelled, “AAAAAHHHHH! DO ME BAB Y! YES, EAT ME!” At that Laurie wildly drove her fingers into Kristi’s pussy and sucked on her clit as Kristi came.

Kristi relaxed and smiled, still with her eyes closed. Laurie lay next to Kristi and they shared a tender kiss. Kristi seemed to enjoy tasting her juices on Laurie’s tongue and lips. Steve continued to stroke his hard cock as his daughter and her friend kissed. He again came while the girls continued to kiss. Steve loudly moaned as he came, but the girls acted as if they didn’t hear him. Once Steve stopped moaning, Kristi and Laurie began to giggle while they kissed. They pulled their lips away from each other and smiled, each with a satisfied look.

Steve on the other hand, was a little confused. “Uh, can I ask what just happened here?” The girls again began to giggle and Laurie rolled onto her back. They both laughed and after about a minute, Kristi got somewhat serious and said, “Oh, dad. None of this was supposed to happen. We just wanted to tell you something about ourselves. Something that we hoped you’d accept.” Laurie sat up and so did Kristi. Steve asked, “Well? Please tell me. All this is pretty weird.” Kristi and Laurie looked at each other and Laurie said, “He’s your dad. You tell him.” “Me? You had sex with him!” Kristi exclaimed. The girls again began to giggle. Kristi composed herself and in an almost barrassed tone said, “OK… Laurie and I are lovers.”

They looked at Steve and after a moment of silence Steve said in a flip attitude, “I think that was pretty obvious. You did all this to tell me you’re lesbians?” “No,” Laurie interjected. “We’re bi. We still like guys, but we like each other too.” Steve looked at the beautiful young girls sitting next to him and felt nothing but love for both of them. He appreciated that they wanted to be honest and tell him such an intimate detail when he knew they didn’t have to. Steve leaned over and hugged both of them. Their glistening breasts pressed against his chest and arms. As they held each other, Steve thought how natural this felt. The fact they opened up and told him of such a private matter made him feel love and compassion.

“I’m hot,” Steve said. “Let’s go swimming.” The trio walked into the lake and they let out a collective sigh when they felt the cool water. After a few minutes Steve asked the girls why they just didn’t come out and tell him they were lovers. “Why the love making?” he asked. Laurie giggled and began to blush. “I’m letting you tell him this one,” Kristi said with a smile. “Well, Mr. Hendricks…” Steve interrupted, “Please. You’ve been Kristi’s friend for a long time and now you’re lovers. At least you can call me Steve. I don’t mind if you call me dad, but that might creep you out after what we did today.” Steve chuckled as Laurie crinkled her nose and said, “No. You’re right. Calling you dad will creep me out. I’ll stick with Steve.” All three laughed and Laurie continued her story. “Ok, Steve,” she smiled. “We weren’t going to say anything to you at all, although we talked about it but decided not to. Last night we were looking at the pictures on my camera and I noticed you in the background watching us. This gave us the idea to tell you, since you had seen us kissing.” “Ya,” Kristi interjected, “and after you told us that you didn’t care if we were nude we thought you’d be way open to the news of our being bi.” Laurie continued, “So we planned on sunbathing nude, thinking that when we told you, there’s no way you’d be angry if we were naked. We brought the beer to give us courage.” Steve thought for a while and said, “So you didn’t answer my question. Why didn’t you just tell me instead of showing me?” Kristi sheepishly responded, “Well, I think it just sort of happened.” Steve looked at Kristi and Laurie and they both were biting their lips, with eyebrows raised, looking into Steve’s eyes. “Are you serious?” Steve asked in surprise. “That wasn’t part of the plan?” “No,” Laurie said. “When you started to rub lotion on us, at least for me, I got really horny and with Kristi lying right next to me, I couldn’t control myself.” Kristi added, “Ya, me too. When you rubed the lotion on the sides of my tits, I almost rolled over and let you rub my chest, but you’re my dad. It wouldn’t be right.” Steve got a confused look and asked Kristi, “Well if rubing your chest wasn’t right, can I ask why you…” Steve paused as if searching for the right words and Kristi said, “Why did I grab your penis?” Steve nodded in the affirmative. “Well, that was a spur of the moment thing too,” she said. “I know Laurie doesn’t let a guy cum inside her without a condom and since my hand was there anyway, I just grabed it and finished you off…sorrrry.” Steve laughed and said, “There is nothing anyone needs to be sorry about. What happened here happened out of love.” He again hugged them both and thanked them for being honest.

Steve, Kristi and Laurie spent the remainder of the two weeks at the lake with a new appreciation for each other. Steve didn’t care if the girls were nude and they didn’t care if Steve was nude. There was the occasional time Steve had to relieve himself. After all, he’s still a man and watching two beautiful nude young ladies nearby got him aroused. Laurie offered to help Steve relieve his tensions and on several occasions he let her help. Although Kristi knew that Laurie and Steve had liaisons, she really didn’t mind, as long as Laurie didn’t mind. At the end of the two weeks, the trio returned home and they had a bright new outlook on life. Steve had always wanted to join a nudist club, but they didn’t allow single men to join, only married couples and families. Kristi and Laurie surprised Steve on his birthday with a family mbership to a local nudist club. They enjoyed nudity and the club gave them a great place to vacation with like-minded people.

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