Ms Marca / Mother and I Part 3

Marca do you think I'm too small to make a woman have a good orgasm, I mean a real woman like you?

Ms Marca / Mother and I

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Part 3

I was surprised that we were already out of the marina and heading into the ocean. When I got up top side, Eric immediately stopped talking to Thomas, walked over to me and gave me a long, wet kiss. Squeezing my ass and then gently pulling the back of my thong up my ass. I could see both the Captain, who was up on the top deck and Thomas who was at the chair smiling at me from a few feet away. I was wearing my new white string bikini that I had got for the trip. It was the sexiest thing I had ever put on. Two little triangles of cloth tried to cover my over size nipples but they were losing the battle since my nipples were already sticking out like thimbles. Two strings held a small patch of cloth in front of my pussy while one went down the crack of my ass. Unable to move, I just stood there letting them look at my virtually naked body. I had a feeling that they would be doing that all day, I think they had a hard-on the entire trip just looking at me.

Mother came up top side about 30 minutes later to a round of applause and hoots and cat calls. She had on a thong bikini with a small top that made her look as hot as me. She went up to Thomas and gave him a kiss on the cheek as she put her arm around his hips and said something to him. I was getting something to eat from the buffet table that had been set up. A young kid no more than 16 came up top side with drinks. Someone said it was time for Bloody Mary's; God almost 9 and drinks were being served. The captain called out from the top deck to mom, "Ms. Dawn you look great, but you would look better if you get naked!" With that mom just took her top off and stuck her tongue out at him.

Everyone looked at me and began to chant "TAKE IT OFF ... TAKE IT OFF!" I stood up took off my top and than I stripped my G-string off and let it all fall down to my ankles; standing there naked in front of all these men looking at me on the deck felt invigorating. I thought I would have felt more nervous but all nervousness had switched to excitement. My nipples began to grow hard as the men looked on. They had their eye locked on my huge tits.

"They are absolutely amazing." Said Eric, just fucking amazing so firm, round, no sag what so ever and all natural. My hard nipples pointed at who ever I sat/stood in front of and you could see they were all thinking about one thing "I want to suck them." My freshly shaved bald pussy glistened in the sun and mother handed me the lotion and told me not to miss an inch. I squeezed the oil on my shoulders and let it drip down to my tits where it pooled on my nipples. I massaged my tits rubing in every drop of the lotion and then moved down to take care of my pussy, ass and legs. I paid extra attention to my pussy because I did not want to take a chance on getting a sun burn in the most precious area on my body and did not hesitate to slide a finger into me as I got wetter by the second.

The deckhand was obviously smitten with mother and me and our bodies. When he returned with our drinks he almost spilled the tray he was carrying them on. He finally gained control of the tray and handed us a Bloody Mary. I loved how other men, especially young men, were attracted to my body.

I was sure mother could see the bulge in his shorts because I could see it from the other end of the boat. As the deckhand left, I watched mother lean back in her chair and start to gently rub lotion on her body and moving down to her clit from time to time. I saw the young guy's hand reached for his cock and began to squeeze it as she rubed her clit and slit. I kept watching and could see the glistening juices from her pussy start to form as they sparkled in the sunlight.

As the deckhand approached with the drinks mother stopped fingering her pussy and swung her legs around to the side of the chair. The deckhand now stood in front of her and handed her the drinks which she sat on the small holder fasten to the chair. I watched as the two of them kept talking and was shocked when mother whispered something in his ear and reached for the deckhand' s shorts and ran her hand over his hard-on.

He left the deck and came back in about 3 minutes with mother's purse and gave it to her. She looked inside and than in a low voice said to me "how many condoms did you use last night?" "One, just one..." The look she gave me was one of surprise. "He didn't want anymore?"

"How many did you use?" "Just 4...I think we will have enough, if we don't stay out past noon tomorrow."

"Is the captain big?" I asked, "Honey he is hung like a horse, you stay away from him I don't think your ready for prime time, he is not what you would call average; I don't thing you have come across one like this are I would have known it; just trust me on this one."

About that time Eric came over to see if we needed anything and said that he and Thomas wanted us to try our hand at fishing and we could set the chair this afternoon. He snapped his fingers and said I better get my sunglasses; I'll go blind out here. As he took a step to go below mother spoke up, "I would love to give you a hand down there," He looked at me with that question look on his face. "He likes for you to be on top... have fun." With that mother went below and she and Eric took about 45 minutes to get his sunglasses.

Mother got back in her lounge and put more lotion on, you know Marca this stuff is a good to use as a lube. We both laughed and Thomas came over to chat with us and I ask him did he get enough sleep last night? "As a matter of fact I was thinking of taking a nap, care to join me?" I smiled and was getting up when mother looked at him and said,

"Maker sure she screams loud and long for you!" As I went past her she whispered to me... in the night stand are the goodies, I knew what she was telling me.

We went to the master cabin and he was out of his shorts and I was in his arms before we hit the bed. Thomas, and for that matter Eric were just average size when it came to the cock department, while they didn't have a monster it was about 6 or 7" long. Thomas laid me down on the bed and started to kiss me and tell me how hot I was, how he had wanted me last night and not Dawn.

"You didn't like her?" He rolled over and looked at me with a smirk look on his face.

"I think she wanted to fuck the Captain more than she wanted me. I just had her one time and I know I'm not big and I can't hold out for any length of time, but every time I woke up last night they were fucking. It pisses me off!"

"Thomas did you say something to her?"

"No... every time I tried to get her to come on my side of the bed she would tell me just a few more minutes... let him get off, once during the night she sucked me off. That bitch can make you feel like shit just by her smart ass air about her!"

"Will I know what you mean, she has in the past given me a hard time about a few things, but she is a good person at heart."

"Marca do you think I'm too small to make a woman have a good orgasm, I mean a real woman like you?"

Damn this guy is calling me a woman and he is as old as my father, he thinks I'm hot, shit... with a big smile I kiss him.

"Baby I feel like a woman just by you being a gentleman to me!"

"Marca will you be with me tonight, I can't stand Dawn with that smirk she has when she looks at me naked."

"What about Eric, he wants me, so he said! I guess I'll just have to take care of you two tonight and only you two."

"Oh yes, yes we will I know he will say yes to that."

Than he went down on me and licked my clitoris until I was so juicy that his face looked shiny and wet. He then rose up over me and began to spread my labia with his fingers and to put first one, then two and then three fingers inside me while I moaned telling him put it in.

"Give it to me, make me scream... put it in baby put it in deep!"

Thomas seemed even more turned on by me telling him what I wanted and how I needed his cock with all that said, Thomas then slowly mounted me. Hold it just a minute we got to be safe and with that big thing. I open the top drawer and got a condom out and had him set up on the side of the bed beside me, as I went to open the package I saw that it was marked XL... that want do and place it back in the drawer and looked for a different one. This package read MED ... here we are. He looked at me,

"I guess I'm on the small side and have to live with it!"

It was going limp on him and if I didn't do something soon he would lose it so I began to give him a hand job to get it back stiff so I could slip on the condom like a good little cock sucker does. I got it on him and like a kid with a new toy he was ready for the game.

I got back on my back and spread my legs and pulled him in between them and he slid his 6 inches of slim pole in all the way on his first down stroke. Oh, this it, it felt OK but not good. This was not good at all; than I raised my hips to let him get in as far as possible and as he lifted my legs over his shoulders and began to thrust I felt his balls slap my ass.

He slipped it in and out fast as if he was in a hurry and wanted to get it over with. Didn't bother me this was not doing anything for me. He fucked me harder and faster until my head was banging the headboard, shit almost knocked me out. He did or does have a problem he didn't last 5 minutes and he filled the ruber with his hot load and collapsed on my chest to catch his breath. Next thing I know he is asleep on my breast. I slip out from under him turned him over and slipped the used ruber from his shrunk pisser, he had no more than a tea spoon in the thing. I took a quick hot shower and cleaned everything, from my hair to my asshole before I went top side again.

All that Thomas did was make me horny, here mom had fucked everyone on board, but the deckhand, hell for all I know she may have done him. All I had to show for my deeds was just two of them and one was not worth a shit.

Eric was in the chair and had just landed a blue fin tuna, I told him Thomas was out and would be a sleep for awhile he looked at me and smiled,

"You made me get a good sound sleep last night."

"Eric tonight it will be just you and Thomas with me, all night long! You may need a nap; you two will need all the strength you have if I'm in your bed."

I kissed him on the cheek as he told me to take the chair. I turned to look for mother; Eric informed me she was up talking with the captain. The deckhand was standing around fixing the lines for the next guy in the chair. After a few minutes Eric said he was going down to get a quick nap and left me with the deckhand to take on the big one. The deckhand moved back to the chair and told me it was ready and I took my place in it as I was looking at the bulge of a big one.

Mother had come down from the captain' s chair and was setting on the side of the boat chatting with me about my few minutes with Thomas, we talked about how some men can't get it up, others can't make it last, those who have it don't know what to do with it, those who don't have it can't do anyone any good and just nothing but men and sex. I told her what Thomas said about her, she just smiled.

Mother said there are two sides to every story, let me tell you my side; Thomas got just a bit jealous last night, after the captain dropped his pants. When his pants went down out flopped one very large dark tube that hung down a good distance between his legs;

I gasped at first and than looked at Thomas who was shocked, you could see that by the look on his face. My first thought was this thing could not be a real penis, it was long, fat, and as thick as my forearm and it wasn't even erect.

I kept saying to myself it couldn't be real, I don't think Thomas or I could keep our eyes off him/it you couldn't help but admire his dong. Thomas couldn't stop staring at it. I don't think he had ever seen anything like it.

When a man is faced with something like that knowing he has to perform in from of that; will I think you know what happen after I did Thomas the first time and the captain came in and showed us the goods, Thomas had trouble getting it up again, the man felt like a boy in a room with that; I have to say the captain had it all, size, staying power and he was a smooth talker, made me feel like I was doing him. Thomas could do very little but watch an expert in action and that didn't help his ego.

I guess I didn't help matter much either, smiling at me mom began to tell how the captain just dominated the night. It's that alpha male thing again.

After the captain dropped his clothes on the floor I took one looked and said something like "Welcome aboard!" Neither of us spoke a word, I just pulled him close to the bed, and started to kiss the tip of his huge cock.

I was in total awe, and flooded with emotions. I did not know what to think, but after sucking on him for just a minute or two; I looked over at Thomas and he too was in awe and breathing very hard he had emotions that were going wild you could see it in his eyes. Both of them had an erection and nice hard ones that I could do something with, but the captain just had more than Thomas and I was not going to let the big one get away and besides I had given Thomas a blow job and fucked him less than an hour before.

I slowly started to suck the captain' s cock, and eventually started to deep throat as much of the beast as I could. I held out my hand for Thomas and when he took it I pulled him toward me and had him suck my nipples and finger my clit, get me ready for that big sausage. He continued to finger fuck my snatch harder and harder as he was lost in my breast sucking them like he was a baby at its last meal. The captain started to moan and I could feel his cock head which was all I could suck on, began to throbed and my jerking of his shaft speeded up knowing he was going to blow with in seconds; he made one loud groan and held back his head and moaned louder. Just as he arched his back, I yanked his cock out of my mouth, and he shot his cock juice all over my tits, my face and Thomas's face.

The captain shot so much that I had his load of cum dripped off my face, tits, down my stomach, down on to my legs, and when I made eye contact with Thomas he was so excited that he started kissing me and licking the cream off my face. Than I stuck a finger in his ass up to the first knuckle. As he licked and sucked my nipples and breast as if in a trance I continued to butt fuck him. I whispered in his ear, "Help me lick the captain' s cock clean."

Then Thomas went off all over himself and the boy was done, he was toast, no hard dick for him for the rest of the night. He would watch us and sometimes suck my nipples and try and jerk his little limp thing back hard finally he gave up rolled over on his side of the bed and went to sleep.

The captain and I did it 3 times last night and he left the room about 4 this morning. When I woke I heard you and Eric getting it on and Thomas rolled over listen to the two of you and than rbered what he had done last night. To ease his mind I told him that what he did turned me on more than I had been in years and would he do it for me again tonight; his limp cock came to life and I pulled his face down to my well used and over ripe pussy and made him eat it the same time you were humping the pole.

"Honey you take care of Eric and Thomas for the rest of the trip, I'll make sure the captain is happy, I have a reason, tell you later, trust me!"

The deckhand had moved on about different things he had to do, but if I got a strike he would come running to help me with the fishing rod. About that time the captain called down to mom and motion for her to come up, she gave him that big smile and turned her back to him and stuck out her ass and rubed it with both hands and than spread her ass cheeks to expose her love hole; she called to him "You just got to wait awhile for this!"

"Marca baby that is one special man, damn him let me go visit with the captain, I'll get his juices flowing get him thinking what is coming for him tonight, than I'm going down to take a shower clean up and get ready for tonight!"

I sat in the chair for about 30 minutes when I heard someone call my name; I turned to see it was Captain Edwards , motioning for me to come up to his chair. I slipped on a long t-shirt that went down to my knees I had more sun than I needed for the day and we were to be out one more day and that would just about do me in. I went forward and up to the second deck to the captains landing and as I came up the last few steps he looked at me and said,

"Oh when you come see me you cover up, but for the other guys you let them see it all!"

"Oh captain that is not the reason I was getting to much sun and I don't want to burn!"

"I know sweetheart just giving you a hard time; your mother told me all about you and she told me what a jewel you are and how close you two have become on this trip."

"She told you we are mother and daughter?"

"Don't worry, you girls little get away week of fun goes no where, I'm not saying a thing, after the way your mother made me feel last night she could ask me for the world and I would give it to her she is something special."

With that I moved next to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek as my t-shirt covered nipples touched his arm and I put my arms around his neck. He stilled towered above me with me on his lap and I'm not short by any means, as our lips mashed together while our tongues danced with each other inside our hot mouths.

His hand went straight up the back of my t-shirt and groped my naked ass cheeks.

"She told me you were nice and that you are a very special person, if mom told you how we were spending our week I guess you know all about what bad or good things we been doing. He had slipped his free hand around my waste and pulled me up on to his lap and I sat between him and the wheel just like my dad let me do when I was little and he drove. His shaft became very stiff as I sat on his lap and with no panties on I could feel it growing. I looked at him and smiled.

To be continued….

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