Daddy’s Fantasy

Yesterday thinking about my daughter, about my precious baby, I reached my first orgasm in over 4yrs

I lay here on a hospital bed going over my life, making sure that every decision I ever made was the right one… Not only for me but for my family… I think about my son’s, all adults now but still in need of guidance that only a father can give, and Yulissa my gorgeous baby daughter she’s a beautiful rose in a bed of thorns. Life has been hard for her; she never really fit in with the boys and never really got along with her mother. I try to spend as much time with her as I can, because even though she’s always smiling I can see the sadness that lies beneath those big brown eyes.

I rber when she was just 2yrs old; she used to sit on my lap while I read to her, she could never get enough of that. At 10yrs old she wanted to wear make-up, but I refused to buy her some --- I told her, “Baby there’s a time and a place for everything; and right now it’s neither the time nor the place.” She was very upset, she looked up at me gave me her biggest sad puppy eyes, pouted her lips a little, and I gave in. I took her to buy her first make-up set. Twelve years later, that trick still works on me.

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That’s the last memory I have of my baby, the years that came after that are such a blur, and now, now she’s a stunning young lady. Beautiful from head to toe, soft silky tanned skin, long black hair, lovely face, adorable smile, and a body that can stop traffic. I feel ashamed describing my daughter; but until a couple of hours ago, I never saw her as a sexual creature. To me she was still my baby girl; the apple of my eye, the sweet little girl that had me wrapped around her little finger… and now, now I’m debating in my head weather I can ever see her in that light again… Can I control myself..? I feel the sickening need to make love to my daughter… To feel her warm skin against mine, to savor her breath, to delight myself in her juices, and even get a mouthful of those firm perky breast. I’m sure I’m going to hell for this.


Like I mentioned before I’m laying in a hospital bed, I’m getting up there in age, and even though I feel like a 30yr old I know my body isn’t what it used to be. I injured myself trying to fix a leak in our “parcela” I know I should have waited for Daniel, or Ernesto, but it seemed like an easy task. To make a long story short, I slipped and fell, broke my hip, cracked open my skull, and laid there helpless for 3hrs until my wife noticed I was gone and went to look for me. I lost a lot of blood, and was wheeled into surgery two days ago. Everything went fine, I feel good, but I feel even better when I push this little red button and I feel the morphine slowly make its way trough my blood stream. “Good Stuff.”

It was just last night that this nightmare started, my wife’s health isn’t the greatest right now, so she spends the day with me, but goes home to rest at night. The boys come and go all day, but wouldn’t dare spend the night in here with me; that leaves my baby Yulissa here with me at night. I keep telling her to go home and rest, but I can see that she’s worried, and she’s stuborn, there’s no way I’m going to change her mind. Her boyfriend Andres has been staying here with her; he’s a nice young man, I like him. He seems to be really fond of her and for the first time since I can rber I see a spark in Yulissa’s eyes. Last night after dinner, I pushed the red button and released a fair amount of morphine into my body. A couple of minutes later Yulissa walked in; wearing some denim short shorts (too short if you ask me) and a purple tank top (not long enough to cover her midriff and half of her ample breast were showing.) What a sight… She walked over to me, and bent down to give me a kiss, it was cold in here 60 °F. Her nipples were hard, and I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Hi daddy, are you feeling better?” She asked me, while she fluffed my pillow, and adjusted my sheets.

“I’m fine baby, I just ate some delicious food,” I looked at her and made a funny face, hospital food is disgusting. “And now I’m ready to go to sleep, where’s Andres honey?”

She had her head tilted and smiled, “He’ll be here later daddy, when he get’s out of work. I’ll let you rest them. I’ll be right here if you need anything.” She ran her fingers through my hair.

She pulled out her laptop and started typing; whatever it was she was looking at seemed interesting enough. I laid there and stared at her for a while, until my eyes started getting heavier, and heavier, I started to loose focus. I drifted off to sleep. The night nurse woke me up when she came in to check my vitals. I looked up at the clock, it was 11:00pm then I looked over to the couch and saw Andres sitting there, but no sign of my baby girl. I was still kind of drowsy so I decided not to say anything and just close my eyes again… I don’t know exactly how much time passed, and for a while I even thought it was a dream. I could hear them talking in the background; and even though I desperately wanted to open my eyes, and tell them to stop --- I couldn’t; and when I managed to open them, what I saw was the most erotic, and disturbing thing I’ve ever seen. I still didn’t say anything; I sat there and watched my daughter and her boyfriend fool around. I saw her reach that point of full ecstasy, I saw him take her there, I saw him pleasuring her, god I wanted to be him, I wanted to touch her, to feel her, to make her scream, make her mine…


“Come on baby, he’s knocked out,” Andres glanced at my dad. “I’ll keep an eye on him, if I notice even the slightest movement we’ll stop. I promise.” He ran his hand through my hair and pulled me close for a kiss.

“Ay Andres, no, hmm baby stop.” My mouth said no, but my back arched a little and I spread my legs.

He had one hand in my hair, while his other hand traced my curvy body… We kissed for what seemed like forever, a kiss full of lust, passion, and love. With each stroke of his tongue my panties got wetter, with every bite and nible our bodies grew closer. Pretty soon I was on his lap grinding on him. Both of his big, strong hands were on my back trying desperately to bring me closer to his body; while my arched back and gyrating hips brought me closer and closer to my first orgasm of the night. The soft silk fabric of my panties, partnered by the hard denim and his erect penis were rubing my clitoris just the right way. My body was burning up, my legs trbling, the moisture now soaking through my shorts… Andres pulled my tank top down, revealing my perky boobs; and with a quick movement of his hands pulled me up. I stood on the couch, legs spread, looking down at him.

He was looking up at me smiling. “Take off the shorts muneca (doll),” his smile could melt butter.

I had completely forgotten where we were, and the fact that my father was in the room. I was so hot, so horny, so much in need that nothing else really mattered. I struggled with the button on my shorts; I let out a small stressed grunt. He got the point and reached up and helped me. He opened his legs to allow me to step between them to remove my shorts and panties. His hands reached around me to caress my firm butt, and gently pushed me forward --- his lips kissed my outer labia, his tongue traced my slit sending shivers down my spine. My pussy was throbing, I could feel it pulsate, my vaginal muscles tightening and loosening with each stoke of his soft yet rigid tongue. His face was now pressed firmly between my legs savoring my sweet nectar. I felt another orgasm sneaking up on me; I felt it building up inside me, wanting to burst out loudly. I was shaking violently now, biting my fist to stop myself from screaming. I lost my balance, and slid down to his lap. I rested my head on his broad chest, I was exhausted. He placed his hand under my chin and pulled my head up, and gave me a long sweet kiss.


This can’t be happening, my baby, mi nina. She can’t be acting like this, like a bitch in heat. This asshole, I trusted him; I let him into my house and now he is, he’s doing this to my baby, why god? Why am I so turned on by this? I have a huge erection, the heat inside me is burning me alive, I need to touch her… I need to fuck her..! Oh god no, no, no, no honey, don’t do that… He’s going to hurt you baby… There’s no way in hell your petite body can take that monster. Fucker, stop touching my baby! Leave her alone! God, look at her squirm in pleasure, as he rubs her slit with his huge dick. Dirty bitch, but she looks heavenly almost like an angel, laying on his chest breast exposed, and pussy wide open. Waiting, just waiting, to be penetrated by him… Why can’t I look away..?


“I know you’re tired baby, just lay on me, let me do the work.” He whispered in my ear, I purred…

I love sitting on Andres’s lap, he’s so big and muscular, and I’m so tiny and petite, I feel like he almost swallows me whole. I feel protected, and loved. I laid on him, I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck, my legs wide open. He spanked my pussy with his hard dick, god it felt so good. I reached down and wrapped my tiny hand around his oversized mber, and I began to gently tug on it; spreading his pre-cum all over his pulsating head. We moved in unison, as I placed his head at the entrance of my sloppy, throbing pussy. His hands around my waist, gently pulling me down. My thick lips spreading to make way for his penis…

“Oh god babe, hmm this hurts so good papi (daddy)” I murmured.

“Yulissa you’re so tight ugh hmmm” Andres whispered as he pushed his dick deeper into me.

He was now balls deep inside me, his right hand gently pinching my nipple, his left hand rubing my clit. I pulled myself up and dropped down hard, I loved the way his huge dick filled me, stretching me to the max. Both of his hands were now wrapped around my waist and he pulled me up and dropped me faster each time. The raw smell of sex filled the room, he was close I could tell, his fingers dug into my flesh, and his dick began to pulsate inside me… A loud groan followed by him pulling out and cumming on my belly; we both laid there and tried to catch our breath.

“I’m going to go clean up, please pull out the couch babe I’m sleepy.” I said, Andres just nodded.


It’s morning now, I still can’t believe what I saw last night; I can’t believe I just sat here and did nothing. Well nothing is an understatement, I sat here and masturbated after they went to sleep… It had been so long since I had done that, I didn’t have the need, or the urge… but yesterday thinking about my daughter, about my precious baby, I reached my first orgasm in over 4yrs.

“Hey daddy, good morning, I’m off to work. I’ll see you later.” She leaned in to kiss me goodbye, I could still smell the sex on her. I didn’t reply, I couldn’t speak I was tongue tied. So I nodded…

“Bye daddy..!” She waived.

As soon as she was out the door, I reached inside my sheet… My erection was standing proudly, if my wife saw this she wouldn’t believe me. I would fuck her right now, fuck the shit out of her while I pictured my daughter naked, with my dick inside her, balls deep. I thought about the way he moist pussy lips looked last night as I stroked myself. I pictured her beautiful face, my dick going inside her mouth… My hands fondling her breast, my mouth tasting hers.

“Hey pop… Whoa what the fuck..?” My son Ernesto walked in “dang dad, you still choke your chicken hahaha..?” He looked at me in amazement. I just laughed, and asked him to come in, and changed the subject. There’s no way he can know what happened, what I saw last night. No way!

Authors Note: This is my first attempt at fiction, let me know what you think…

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