Typical Hollywood types

I finally was going to make it on my own without having to sell out....or at least I thought.

I’d never visited such a big city like Los Angeles before. It was huge and full of life. People were everywhere and traffic was horrendous. It was like I was surrounded by these concrete buildings that were continually growing high up into the sky. Their shadows rained down on me wherever I turned. People were everywhere but almost seemed to look right through me as we passed. At least almost every one did except for the occasional sleazy jerk that would never fail to practically accost me. Whenever one of these assholes would pass me, they would literally envelope me as we crossed. Can’t a woman just walk around without being harassed? Aside from those disgusting attempts to catch my attention, the excitement of a new place coursed through my veins. Here I was, 26 years old and in the city of the angels ready to make my big break. Who would have ever thought a small town girl like me would have made it to LA. I just won my first big swimsuit contest back in Fort Lauderdale and my prize was a two-page spread in the Automotive Import Mechanics magazine. St. Tropez was sponsoring it and had other possibilities in store for me. I wasn’t even aware of the car magazine but was still excited to do some professional modeling. I was trying to navigate myself to the National Bellatrix building when I swear I felt the ground move. I looked down and noticed the pavement slightly shift as I stood there. I’m from Florida and I have never felt such a thing. I’ve always heard about earthquakes in California but never experienced them first hand. I scanned around to see if anyone else was panicking and I realized I was alone in my terror. People were still scampering about like nothing happened. I thought for a moment I was just exaggerating. It was probably a big garbage truck or something. My worst fear was to be caught inside an elevator when a large earthquake struck. The feeling of being so helpless inside a cart strung up in the air by a cable was sickening. I knew if that ever happened my heart would cease to beat. When I finally came back to reality I realized the Bellatrix building was just ahead of me. It was a fantastic sight but very old and outdated compared to the rest. All the other buildings on Wilshire Boulevard were new and modern and this building stood out like a sore thumb. It was elegant though so don’t get me wrong. It just looked like it hadn’t been touched for some time. I could see the artistic aspect of it though. A building like this would just enhance the sexiness of a half naked woman draped over it. When I walked into the front doors, a nice older man greeted me and asked where I was going. I was so excited I blurted out my last two weeks to him. I’m sure he wasn’t expecting that but he was still so cordial about it. I explained I was here for a modeling shoot and I needed to find the 28th floor. Even though I felt the earthquake earlier, I still new I wasn’t going to march my ass up 28 flights of stairs as a precaution. What was the likelihood a second earthquake would strike so soon anyway? I assumed every elevator in LA was designed to handle a huge shake if one were to actual hit. As I spoke to the older gentleman, I noticed this odd looking guy walk past me and out the front door. He stopped as I mentioned the modeling shoot and then walked back into the loby. I thought that was really strange because he had already walked outside. After a few minutes of talking to the older man, I asked which way the elevators were.

“They’re just to the left and down that hall sweetheart. Which floor did you need to go to again?”

“The 28thfloor.” I could barely wait to set all my things down and finally meet with the modeling staff.

“Wow these bags are heavy. I probably have twenty outfits inside my luggage.”

“Wow that’s amazing. The bag seems kind of small to hold twenty pieces of clothing in there.

“Oh there mostly bikinis and stuff. Not really anything too large.”

“Well I would help you up there but I’m waiting to escort an older woman out to her car any second now. If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask for me. My name is Joe.”

“Oh thanks Joe, you can call me Natalie.”

“Before I forget, don’t use the staircase until later this evening. They are doing repairs to the tiles and it’s really dangerous.”

“I’ll keep that in mind Joe, thanks again.”

As I picked up my luggage and made my way to the elevator I noticed there were only two doors. When one of the doors finally opened I realized just how small and cramped the elevators were. I walked inside and pushed my luggage to the left of me. As I watched the doors close, a man rushed inside as he yelled for me to hold the doors. I didn’t know which button was the hold button but he managed to make it inside anyway. I tried to make room for him but my luggage was already pushing me towards the center of the elevator. When he turned to look over at me, I noticed he was the same strange guy I saw in the loby earlier. He had on nice clothing with a blazer on. I assumed he was on his way up to his office. I hit the 28th floor and he hit the same one almost simultaneously.

“What you doing on the 28th floor today?”

I was startled by his sudden question and trbled as I answered.

“I’m meeting some clients up there for an assignment.”

“I’ve never seen you here before, are you new to the building?”

As he said this I noticed him leering down my top. It made me really uncomfortable because he was practically towering over me.

“Yeah I’m new, it’s my first time in LA.”

“I guessed that, so you’re like a bikini model or what?”

“How’d you guess that?”

“Well I heard you talking to that old man in the loby and by the looks of you, I figured you’d be.”

He kept looking at my chest as he stared down my top. It was making me really nervous and I just wanted out of this box.

“So where is a gorgeous girl like you staying in LA? Maybe I could take you out and show you around. You know, give you a site seeing adventure.”

“Well I really don’t want to say so I hope that doesn’t offend you.”

All of a sudden he starts rubing my arm as he leans in closer. I tried to get distance from him but I couldn’t because the space was so small. He whispered into my ear, “Come on baby. Give me a chance. I’m sure I’d surprise you.”

I looked at him in shock and immediately pushed him away. He hit the side of the elevator and looked back at me in disbelief.

“Listen creep! I didn’t come to LA to meet any sniveling, slime balls like you. I came to do a modeling shoot and that’s it. Just back off before I have to say something to someone.”

He looked shocked. I think he was surprised that someone as delicate and tiny as I would do something so bold. I have to say though. His advances did kind of turn me on. It was kind of dangerous, me being in a tiny elevator with a stranger. Who knew what could happen. I always wondered what it would be like to have sex in such a public place. If the guy wasn’t such a jerk maybe I would consider it. I’ve always been a little wild. Too bad he was just a creep. When I looked up at the floors on the panel I was relieved to see our ride was nearly over with. I didn’t want anything to steal my focus from my modeling shoot. I need to impress these modeling scouts so I could land a contract with them. The St. Tropez tanning company representative had told me after the contest that I had a shot at actually landing a long-term contract with them. All I had to do was impress the big wigs at the photo shoot and show them I could take good photographs.

“Okay I’m sorry miss. I didn’t mean to come off so strongly. It’s just that you’re so unbelievably gorgeous that I had to take a chance.”

“It’s okay. I’m sorry for spouting off at you like that. It’s just I have men throwing themselves at me all day and it gets really old. What’s your name? Mine’s Natalie.”

“My name is Trevor. It’s nice to meet you Natalie.”

“Trevor I’m sorry if I sound silly for asking this but are there a lot of earthquakes here in California. I swear I felt one earlier.”

“Oh yeah all the time. Don’t worry though. If one hits we should be fine. The most that could happen is we’d get stuck in here for a few hours before they got the power back on.”

“That’s a huge relief.”

As Trevor and I laughed over the poor timing of my question we felt a sudden jolt. Out of nowhere the elevator started to shift violently back and forth. The lights inside blew out as I heard the sound of metal clanging and crashing above us. It was an earthquake! Oh no! My worst fear was actually coming to pass before my very eyes. I started to scream as I saw Trevor brace himself against the walls. I had no idea what to do and I was scared senseless. Trevor moved over to me and wrapped me inside his arms as I closed my eyes in terror. He kept whispering it was going to be all right. He said to stay calm because the shaking would stop shortly. Suddenly a soft emergency light flashed on and the shaking crawled to a stop. I was crying from the sheer terror of the event. Trevor just sat there as he ran his fingers through my hair to comfort me.

“It’s okay Natalie, it’s going to be fine. This happens all the time. I figure we’ll be stuck in here for an hour at least until they get the elevator realigned and powered on.”

Trevor was great; he was so calming and supportive. I finally stopped crying and looked up at him. He stared right into my eyes and I looked back. He was still holding me in his arms when I noticed one of my spaghetti straps was clear off my right shoulder. It must have fallen off as I was screaming like a schoolgirl. He was staring right at my breasts as my bikini top was now in plain sight for him to see. I was flopped down along the ground in a huddled mass as he had me resting almost completely inside his legs. I could feel his dick hardening as he stared at me. I didn’t blame him. My top was made of a shiny satin silver material and the straps were made of clear gauge wiring. I was like it was floating along my chest. I had it custom made for my Tropic shows because the guys loved the fitted look of it. I had tanned the week before to make sure I was nice and golden for the shoot and I could tell Trevor was admiring it. When I looked down at my chest and back up at Trevor I saw him look away suddenly. He was barrassed over the fact he had lusted after me after such a terrible ordeal.

“Trevor, I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t here to calm me down. What can I do to thank you for this?”

Trevor’s brow shifted at the question. He didn’t know what to say. I just looked him over as he sat there with his arms and legs wrapped around me. He was an older fellow with some gray in his hair. I’m sure he got those hairs from all the stress he must deal with at work. Now here he was stuck in an elevator, trying to comfort a hysterical twenty-six year old girl.

“I’m sure I can think of something to do for you within these next couple hours.”

As I said this, I took off my other spaghetti strap and lifted my tank top over my head. My tits bounced from the movement and my bikini barely held my breasts in. It was hot inside the elevator and beads of sweat were already rolling down my chest and between my cleavage. All Trevor could do was watch in awe. I could tell he wasn’t sure if this was really happening to him. I grabed hold of my long pleated skirt and yanked it off of my hips revealing the matching bikini bottoms underneath. I sat back down and pushed Trevor against the wall as I took hold of his cock. It was already growing and swelling in my hand. He couldn’t say a word as my hand disappeared down his pants. All he did was moan as I stroked it up and down. I slowly sat up and directed it towards my hips. I shoved my bikini bottom to the side with one had as I moved his dick toward my slit. As I sat down on it, my labia slowly wrapped around. My juices poured out over him as I started to bob up and down. He suddenly picked me up and started rocking me up in down in his arms. It was incredible. Not a word was said. I felt like I was repaying him for all the times he had to suffer and go at it alone. I could feel it swell and throb inside me as I screamed out in pleasure. As we fucked against the paneling, I felt the walls of the elevator strain and tear from their mounts. Suddenly my pelvis started to spasm and my abdomen tightened. His hands wrapped around my beautiful waste as I shouted at the top of my lungs. Cum poured from my slit and down onto the floor. The orgasm was so intense and I could feel him mimic me at the same time. We came crashing down onto my luggage and lay there for almost and hour. All of a sudden the day running lights flashed on and the elevator surged back up. We quickly composed ourselves and got dressed.

“I hope that was enough to pay back your chivalry Trevor.”

“Yeah that was more than I’d ever expect.”

“How do I look now? I have to look perfect for the agency executives.”

“Natalie, you look flawless. Trust me you’re going to be in with St. Tropez.”

“How did you know I was meeting with the St. Tropez Sun Tanning Company? Did you hear me mention that to Joe in the loby?”

Trevor chuckled for a second and opened his wallet as he handed me a business card. “Trevor Wing, vice-president of St. Tropez Sun Tanning Products.”

I couldn’t believe it. All this time I thought he was just a lowly office worker. Who would of thought I would have fucked one of the very people I was scheduled to meet. I was mortified; I didn’t know what to say. My face turned a deep red as I tried to hide myself.

“Natalie, don’t be barrassed. I’m not. I know for certain you can count yourself in as St. Tropez’s new spokes model. All you have to do is follow up this performance with a couple more.”

I was speechless. Of all the things that could have happened this had to happen to me. I guess you could say I really did sleep my way to the top.

“Wow thanks Trevor, I won’t let you down.”

“The funny thing is Natalie, I would have ended up fucking you anyway.”

I was disgusted by his brazen boldness. Why would he think I would have been such a sure thing?”

“I fuck all my models. If they want to be in the spot light then they have to put out. It’s a business and I get what I want. Why else do you think I’d come to a stupid photo shoot?”

When the door opened, I was immediately greeted by photographers and a several other executives from St. Tropez. I looked back at Trevor who was shaking hands with some of the other models.

“Hey Natalie, I’ll see you after the shoot. Wear something sexy.”

He laughed as he said it and I couldn’t help but fume over it. I guess all those stories about LA and Hollywood were right.

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