You can mix business with pleasure

A few perks of the job

Working in the hotel industry has its compensations despite the unsociable hours and traveling around. I had been sent to work on a hospitality project in Oxfordshire, which involved having to stay over for a couple of nights. I arrived around mid-day and was given one of the staff bedrooms. After unpacking my things I went to acquaint myself with the job I had been sent to sort out. Sitting in the corner of a quiet lounge, reading myself into it, I was brought tea and some biscuits, served by a really attractive blonde girl. She took an interest in the plans I was looking at and during our little chat I learned her name was Anya and she was from Poland.

later in the day, relaxing with a drink in the bar, Anya came in and, after getting herself a drink, sat down next to me. We chatted for well over an hour before I decided to get some sleep. I wanted to be fresh for work in the morning. Anya wished me goodnight and lightly stroked my forearm as I left the bar.

Sometime later, around midnight, I was awakened by a tapping on my door. I sleep naked so had to grab a bath sheet from the bathroom to hide behind whilst I opened the door. It was Anya. She explained that she was unable to get to sleep and wondered if I was still up and wanted to chat. Not sure if I wanted to, nevertheless I invited her in. I went into the bathroom to slip on a pair of shorts and a T shirt then sat down on my chair. Anya sat on the bed next to me. Our talk ventured into hotel work and the people we met and inevitably into sex. Anya asked if I was lesbian or bisexual. I told her I was happily lesbian. She smiled and said she has guessed I was! We talked a little longer before I said I needed to sleep. I walked with Anya to the door and, just as I took hold of the handle, she slipped her hand between my legs, rubing me over my shorts and asked if she could stay. Getting over the immediate shock and feeling decidedly aroused I agreed.

We undressed and climbed into my bed, which really wasn't designed for two people. Anya was quite aggressive and her hand immediately went to my breast and started to squeeze and pinch my nipple. Then she went quickly down between my legs, rubing up and down over my pussy lips. I reached down and pulled her hand gently away, telling her to take her time. I kissed her hand then moved to kiss her lips, running my tongue along them before pushing it into her mouth. Her tongue met mine and her hand moved again between my legs. Whispering she'd never touched an English girl before she commenced rubing the palm of her hand along my pussy. Feeling myself becoming moist and raising my knee, I kissed her passionately as her fingers pressed between my wet lips, stroking up and down before pushing deep into my vagina. My body moved in tune with her plunging fingers as she hooked them forwards to hit my G spot. Anya knew exactly what she was doing and was obviously no stranger to girl on girl sex but I didn't care. I was completely lost to the moment as she brought me quickly to a really intense orgasm. We lay in each other's arms, kissing for a little while until I had recovered, then I moved my hand down stroking through her soft bushy hair then down and under to stroke along her very wet pussy lips. My fingers slipped between them, then Anya suddenly pulled my hand away, telling me to wait. She climbed on top of me her hands reaching out and cupping my breasts, rubing and pinching my nipples. She positioned her body so her pussy was against mine, then started moving back and to, round and round. This was a favourite of mine and I arched my back, pressing against her hard as our clitties rubed together. Then Anya stopped, leaned over and kissed me, then moved up to sit astride of my face. I was surprised by her domination but found it exciting. This was new for me. She held my head and lowered herself down telling me to lick her. I moved closer and kissed her really wet lips, moving up and down them softly. Again she ordered me to lick her. Slipping my tongue between her pussy lips I licked along the length of her slit, pushing it up into her hole then moving to circle her clitty. Anya pulled my head harder against her, calling for me to do it harder and faster. She was crying out in Polish as my tongue worked up and down her slit and in and out of her hole. She reached down and started rubing her clitty with her finger as my now aching tongue probed for her G spot. Then she leaned back gasping and crying out as her orgasm took hold of her and her juices squirted onto my face.

She sat above me for a few minutes, my eyes glued to her swollen wet lips, dripping and shiny, before lying down on top of me. She took my hands and raised them above my head, pinning them to the pillow as she kissed me, her tongue probing into my mouth. Whispering into my mouth she asked if it had been good for me. I could only nod my head as we kissed passionately. Anya then said it was time to sleep. Rolling off me, she thrust her hand between my legs saying my turn would come tomorrow. She didn't stay. She went back to her room. As we kissed at the door she said to be ready for something special tomorrow. My mind pondered on how I was supposed to sleep wondering what her something special would be. I did fall asleep though and tomorrow really was worth waiting for, but that's for another day!


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