The Yes Man part 1

What happens when I said Yes

Well here we go, perhaps I need to change my outlook on life, perhaps I should explain, I had just read the Yes Man by Danny Wallace, and it made me think did I said Yes very often, the answer of course was No. I did not want to fly all over the world, but I wondered if I should say yes more often?

Perhaps I should introduce myself, my name is Fred and I am a thirty something, married to Bev and working in Personnel, sorry Human Resources, forgot change of name since I started work. I visited people who were off sick to discover when or if they could return to work, it was ok, also I had to solve problems, perhaps you know the sort, like a letter from an employee saying that they had changed address got married and was now Mrs Smith, no details of where she worked, we had over 300 sites around the country and of course no maiden name either.


So I decided that perhaps I needed to say Yes, more often well for a month at least, funnily enough an opportunity came up that day, my boss was off to a conference with one of the other girls the next day, she called me into the office and said

"could I go in her place, I know it is short notice and know you really do not like these things but it would help me out so much"

I said "yes", a change for me.

She said "that we needed to leave the next afternoon; the hotel rooms had been booked for 2 nights, but we would have to buy our own dinner on the first night and claim back the expenses, as the conference did not start until 9.30 a.m. the day after, but in view of the distance, she had decided to go the day before”.

I said "ok" and rang Bev to ask her to get an overnight bag for 2 nights ready.

"Ok" she said "By the way can you go and see Sally tonight she needs your advice"

"Ok" I replied. Normally I would have said No, or are you coming as well but the new Fred said yes

Perhaps I should explain Sally was a friend of Bev's who she went to school with, she had just started a new job so probably wanted some advice about the contract of employment. Sally was married to Dave. So after dinner I set off for Sally's. She answered the door and said “thanks for coming; I need your advice, okay”.

“Yes is it to do with you new job”

“ No” I having problems with Dave, he does not want sex and I have bought some new outfits and lingerie and I need to know what will turn him on the most, you will help me won't you.” You know the answer from the new Fred don't you.

“Ok I will go and put on the first outfit and lingerie.”

I sat down on the sofa and waited, perhaps I should mention that I had a thing with Sally, well not a thing really, when I was going out with Bev, but before Sally was with Dave, we went to Blackpool for the day and went on the Ghost Train, I hate that ride, you know the string hanging down in the dark that feels like a cobweb, well I was persuaded to go on and went in the same car as Sally. Dave and Bev got in the first car and we were in the third, so I could not see them and they could not see us. Anyway I got down in the car was far as possible and so did Sally, we just got into the dark and Sally started kissing me, I was surprised and wondered what I should or could do, The ride would only last about 2 minutes, anyway I took a chance and put my hand under her sweater and reached up and touched her bra, her tits were smaller than Bev's but felt nice though the bra, I thought I just got time, we were still kissing and I put my hand under the bra and felt her pert nipples, Sally said “quick we are at the end”, and so the kissing and feeling had to stop.

I was thinking about the next time I was alone with Sally, when she came into the room and asked me what I thought?

Perhaps I should tell you about Sally, she is 5ft 6" and probably a 34 B or C, blond hair, although I know it has been bleached by the Sun, and she is not blond down below, but that is for another time. Any way Sally came into the room and was wearing a white blouse and a short white skirt, that whilst not transparent, I could make out that her underwear was a dark colour.

"Well what do you think"?

"Very nice"

"Are you turned on?"

"Just being alone with you turns me on I like the outfit and I can just make out your dark bra and panties, what colour are they? Can I see them?"

"Later" I want you to judge the outfits first, I will go and try the other one on."

She was soon back and wearing a short off the shoulder black dress, that just about covered her crotch; I could see that she was wearing a white bra, from the straps on her shoulders

"Do you like mixing dark and white then?"

"Which outfit do you like best"

"Definitely the white one" it leaves more to the imagination".

"Okay now for the lingerie".

She undid the dress zipper and stepped out of it. The white bra was not see through, but I could tell that her nipples were hard, in fact I decided it was not white but ivory, the panties were also ivory with a pattern on them and when she did a twirl I realised that it was a thong, and they were laced up at the sides. I could see her pubic hair was dark but I know that anyway

"Very nice".

"Ok rber these, I got another 2 sets for you to see, and I will go and change."

"Bring them all down here I have seen you naked before".

"No way that was at least 15 years ago, before we both were married. Will not be long".

Ok I will tell you Sally got me a suitcase from where she worked when she was 18, and said could I pick it up, so I turned up at her place, and was talking to her parents, she had just gone upstairs. Sally came down wearing a white blouse and denim jeans, and we sat talking, about 5 minutes later her parents said good bye, they were going out for a meal. Sally offered me coffee

I said "ok, but I must not be too late, as I said I would pop up to Bev's." We had coffee sitting together on the sofa, and I suppose as I have kissed her in the ghost train, I thought I wonder what it would like to do so in the light. I leaned over and gave her a kiss; she responded to my kiss and soon had her tongue in my mouth. I undid her blouse and put my hand on to her bra and continue to kiss her, after about 5 minutes, I took her blouse off, and pull the right strap of her bra off her shoulder slowly, so that she could resist if she wanted too, gradually her right breast was revealed, it was pert with a small nipple and a very small aureole. I quickly started kissing her breast, the nipple soon got hard I slid her left bra strap off her shoulder and suddenly I could see both her breasts. I kissed the left one with the same result.

We continue like this for some time, and then I undid the zipper on her jeans and the button and pulled them down. She had on a pair of white panties; I put my hand on her butt and rubed it, then slip my hand down the front of her panties and felt the coarse pubic hair. I pulled her panties down slowly and saw her dark pubic hair. I knew now that the sun had bleached her hair, it was always darker in the winter. I took her hand and tried to get her to feel my cock, but she refused. I realised it was getting late.

“I better take the suitcase and go and see Bev.”

Afterwards I wished I had put a finger in her, I always regretted it, but had masturbated many times thinking about her. About 4 months later Bev told me that Sally was on the pill for medical reasons, if only I had known that before.

Sally came back into the room, this time she was wearing a silk black bra and matching high leg panties.

"Nice and I bet they feel nice too" as I stepped forward.

"No, you can feel them when I take them off."

"Let me take them off and I will feel them then,"

Again no was the reply. She went off and came back wearing a lilac balcony bra, I could almost see her nipples, with matching panties, with a floral lace pattern. They were really nice.

"Okay I can see that I have an effect on you”, the bulge in my trousers gave the game away. “What should I wear under the white outfit?"

"If I was your husband, I would want to take off the outfit and the last lingerie set."

"Thanks for your input, I will let you know the result next week. Dave will be home soon, you better go."

So off I went back home, Bev said "which did you choose then."

"You knew all along what Sally wanted."

"Oh yes and hopefully she will have got you horny for tonight".

She was not wrong.

Well the next day I went into the office late as I had to go to the conference, I pick up Lyn, she was about 22 and had long brunette hair, that I thought she could sit on, I wondered if her pubic hair was long as well, but that was a fantasy. She was about 5'4" and probably a 36 B. She had on her normal business suit and white blouse and said that she just had to make a phone call and was then ready to go to the hotel.

We left at 1 p.m. and she put her case along with mine in the boot I said "you can hang your jacket up if you like in the back"

I looked at her, but could not make out the colour of her bra; the blouse was made of quite thick material. She dropped off to sleep on the journey to the hotel; we did not arrive until 6.p.m. We booked in, her room was next to mine, we looked at the restaurant menu and saw the prices were expensive, we could only claim ?10 for dinner. I said there was a pub down the road about a mile, perhaps we could go there as food would be cheaper.

She agreed "I need to change and have a shower"

"Meet you down her at 7.15p.m."

We went to our rooms, no connecting door (shame)

At 7.15p.m. I was down in reception waiting for Lyn; she walked in a little late. She was wearing a white blouse, done up with ivory buttons about 12 of them I could make out a dark colour bra underneath. A long brown skirt with small flowers of various colours on it and it was done up at the front with a lot of buttons.

"No wonder you are late if you had to do up all those buttons, how many are there?"

"Perhaps I let you count them later" she teased.

We went to the pub and had a lovely meal with a drink included for ?6, we had made a ?4 profit.

When we got back it was about 10 p.m. and Lyn said "I think I will turn in, you coming to count the buttons"

"I could not say No", I was a yes man.

So we went to her room and Lyn said "start at the top of the blouse"

The ivory buttons of the blouse were very small; I started off 1, 2, 3, and 4.

"Hang on if I let you do this I think I deserve a kiss every 3 buttons! Hope you know your three times table"

"Okay" I replied, and gave her a quick peek on the cheek. 5, 6, went to give her another peek, but she pointed to her lips, okay a nice kiss then.

I reached 12, and I could see the front of her bra, it was brown with a floral and stripe broidery with a bow tie in the middle, I could see her small breasts trying to escape. I went to carry on, but Lyn stopped me.

"You have seen my bra, start on the skirt, but now I want French kissing a lot of tongue every three buttons"

Who am I to say no? I got to button 18 and it was only at her knees, but the kissing was great, I continued by button 26, I could see the bottom of her panties, one more and a fantastic snog, I saw the matching panties, they looked great. No pubic hairs escaping, so she probably trimmed down there. I held her hair as we kissed, it was soft and silky.

"Okay underwear seen, I off to bed now, so good night Fred"

I can take a hint and left and went down to the bar for a pint, I needed it. Well saying yes was it good, not really I had only seen undies so far, no naked boobs or pussy and a silly conference to attend. I drank up and went to bed.

Next day we had to go into separate groups for the conference, but I hoped to get together with Lyn at lunch and dinner and may be after, perhaps we could go out for ride and a walk, and who knows what. No such luck though, we were informed that we must all attend the dinner in the hotel, and dress up for it, ties and all. Great.

At the end of the day, we went back to our rooms, perhaps Lyn would invite me in, No, she went in and said “I will knock on your door when I am ready to go down to dinner”.,

About 7 p.m. there was a knock I opened the door and there was Lyn she looked gorgeous, she was wearing a royal blue off the shoulder dress, which was a-line and reached just above her knees.

"I look forward to dancing with you later" I said

We had a good dinner with wine and in the raffle I won another two bottles of wine from the hotel, which we her told had to be drunk on the premises and could not be taken home. They also gave us some glasses.

"Okay, we will have to drink these during the disco Lyn" But then the person in charge dropped the bombshell, the disco had been double booked and there was to be no disco.

"What shall we do"

"I got some cards in my suitcase we could have a game of cards"

"Yeah I suppose you were thinking of strip poker"

"No, how about whist or rummy, no striping"

"Okay but can I change first, we can play in your room"

" Well okay" I thought she would want to play in the lounge " I will get the bottles of wine open and two glasses, come to my room when you have changed"

I hoped she would put on the button skirt and blouse and that I could undo them again.

About 20 minutes later, and two glasses of wine, the phone rang, it was Lyn. "Do you promise not to play strip poker?"

"I promise"

"Okay, then I will not wear the eight items of clothes I put on, see you in 5"

5 minutes later there was a knock at the door, and Lyn stood there wearing a black blouse with short sleeves and a zip doing it up. The zip was down a bit, but I could not see any cleavage.

"Do not think about trying to pull the zip I put a pin in to make sure it will not go any lower"

On the bottom she wore a long black full skirt.

"Give me a twirl then"

"You will not see anything" she twirled, I could see bare legs so knew she had taken off her stockings or tights.

I poured her a glass of wine " rummy or whist"

"Whist but what are we playing for, and do not say clothes"

"Well not money either"

"I know we do not know much about each other as I have only worked with you for about three months, who ever wins can ask questions of the other one during the next hand"


"Oh and by the way no sexual questions from you"

"What about from you?"


I won the first hand, and started asking the questions. "Your partner Pete where did you meet?"

"Well I met him at work he is a lot older than me, and was married at the time; I suppose I took him away from his wife. I like him from the first time I saw him and each time I did, I felt my panties getting wet, I just had to go out with him. He invited me out for dinner after about 3 months his wife was out of town, and one thing led to another and I went back to his place. About a week later he left his wife for me"

"What did you do the first night at Pete's?"

"I think that make come under a sexual question so I am not going to answer. Pete is very jealous, you rber how I went with you to visit that employee last month, well I told Pete I had been out of the office with you, and I got the third degree from him"

"What does he think about you being with me at the conference?"

"Have not told him, said I was going with Angela, when it changed at last minute thought it was best not to tell him. Up I won this hand"

"Okay your deal and your questions"

Lyn asked about my marriage and wife, and how long I had been employed by the company, then she said "Why did you smile when you saw my blue dress this evening"

"Two reasons, firstly. I wondered if you had a bra on, and perhaps I may see you hard nipples and secondly it reminded me of the time about three years ago, when I was in a meeting with three young girls and the one opposite me had on a short skirt, and leaned back on her chair and her panties were the colour of your dress"

Lyn said "Up" she won again, dealt and asked me "Did you like kissing me"

"Well I had to say yes didn't I?

"Would you like to kiss me again?"

"Hang on thought you said nothing sexual"

"Only from you" she laughed.

"Yes I would like to kiss you again"

"Well I may let you if you win this hand but I must warn you I only need one more card to win"

"Well I am up"

I walked over to her "I have come for my reward"

We kissed and Lyn opened her month and I felt her tongue against my lips, I opened my mouth and her tongue pushed it to my mouth. I put my hands around her shoulders and could feel her bra strap, at least I knew now she was wearing at least a bra underneath.

"Okay your deal I believe"

"Well my questions now. Do you get wet with me like you did Pete went you first met him"

"Sexual, no comment, fill up my glass with some more red wine please"

I got the bottle, and as she held the glass in front of her, I tipped some wine into her glass, as I was doing this the phone rang, I jumped and some of the wine fell on her top and went down her cleavage.

"Sorry" I said and went to answer the phone. It was the wife asking what time I would be home tomorrow as she had a surprise for me. I told her about five.

When I turned back, Lyn had taken the pin out of the jacket and was pulling down the zipper.

"I need to take this off and soak it in water, else it will stain. The jacket came off and I saw her purple bra with broidery on the cups.

"Nice do your panties match?"

"Sexual no comment"

We played for about another twenty minutes and were well on the way to finishing the second bottle of wine, when Lyn said "all these questions, were are really playing truth or truth"

"Yes how about a dare question as well"

"No" but if you win again you can kiss me"

I won and so went to kiss her, it was a really good snog, my hand wondered up and down her back, I reached her shoulders and thought about slipping her straps off, but being a gentleman I did not. I felt the back of her bra, when Lyn suddenly said, "it opens in the front" I did not need a second invitation, I touched her breast outside her bra and felt the nipples, I opened the front and pulled the cups away, her breast were firm and the aureole was dark pink, I took her left nipple into my mouth and continued to rub her back. Then I took the right nipple into my mouth, and then continued kissing her. Lyn broke away.

"If you want to she if my panties match, you better take off my skirt"

I pulled down the zipper of her skirt and it dropped to the floor her panties did match it was a low rise bikini with string sides. Because it was purple it was not see though. I continue to kiss her and feel her ass, it was totally cover by the panties, but felt so soft and smooth

"God I am wet like when I met Pete"

"Are you"

"Yes, find out"

I slid down the string sides and put my hand down the front of her panties, I felt her soft pubic hair and then the slit, it was very wet, and I put a finger in

"More Please"

I put in another one, and starting finger fucking her. She kissed me even harder and then I felt her hand on my bulge, my zipper being lowered, her hand inside my trousers and then my pants, her hand grasped my cock.

"I need that inside me now"

Who am I to argue, I pulled down her panties and saw her pussy the pubic hair was brunette but had been trimmed so it would not show outside her panties, the pink slit was wet, I helped Lyn take off my trousers and pants, and she licked my cock, as I continued fingering fucking her. My cock was really hard in anticipation and suddenly Lyn, pushed me back on the bed, and straddled me and pushed down until my cock was right in her pussy. It was great, I licked her nipples and she had a couple of orgasms before I came inside her and as I did, Lyn got up, grabed her clothes and said good night see you in the morning.

Well it is good to say yes, seen a lot of lingerie and also had a shag, wonder if it will continues for the next month, it I carry on saying yes.

To be continued.... But only if you said yes please

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