Fantasy Vacation Chapter 13

Chapter XIII


"Where are we going, honey?" Janice asked her husband as she and her girlfriend sat on deck soaking up the afternoon sun.

"There's a small cove up ahead that looks like a good spot." Ed said as he navigated his small houseboat toward the inlet.

"Do you want us to get things ready now or wait until you find a good spot first?" Lori asked standing up and walking toward her friends’ husband.

"You can wait until we get there." Ed replied as he entered the cove slowly looking for a good place to drop anchor.

It was Janice who was the first to spot the other boat further in the cove. She picked up her binoculars that were sitting next to the chair and looked out over the water then she yelled over to her Ed. "I can see another boat up ahead, honey."

"They're probably just doing some fishing too." Ed replied as he made his way up the inland waterway.

"Oh my God!" Janice yelled out again, not taking her eyes away from the sight before her eyes. "STOP THE BOAT ED, STOP NOW!"

"What's the matter Janice?" Ed asked his wife. “Is there something in the water I’ll hit?”

“No, there’s nothing in the water, just stop the boat now and come here, quick,” Janice replied.

“Then what is it?” Lori asked her friend.

“I don’t believe what I’m seeing.” Janice mumbled for the rest to hear. “You should see what's going on over there on that boat!" Janice exclaimed.

"What is it?" Lori asked trying to look into the distance unable to make anything out of the ordinary. "Tell me, what is it you see?"

"There are four people on that boat and believe it or not they're fucking." Janice told Lori continuing to look through the glasses.

"Let me see. Let me see too!" Lori asked reaching for and taking the glasses from her friend.

Shutting down the motor, Ed looked over at the two women who were engrossed with the other boat. "What's so interesting that you made me stop?" Ed asked the girls.

"They're all NAKED and FUCKING!" Janice told him taking the glasses from Lori and handing them over to Ed. "Look for yourself."

Putting the binoculars up to his eyes and adjusting them, Ed focused in on the other boat. "Oh man, I don't believe what I'm seeing!" he muttered. “There’s some redhead and she was sucking some guys cock!”

"Let me look again?" Janice said reaching for the glasses. "If you think that's something, you should see the other couple!"

"What are they doing, Janice?" Lori asked her friend as she tried to peer over the water.

"It looks like the guy has his cock up the other girl's ass, fucking her." Janice replied, feeling her desire building in her own pussy.

"Let me have another look?" Lori asked her girlfriend.

Handing the binoculars over to Lori, Janice turned her attention back to her husband. "Do you think they know where here?" Janice asked Ed.

"I don't think so," he replied. "But if they do, they're sure making no attempt to stop what there doing."

"What's going on now, Lori?" Ed questioned his wife’s girlfriend, who was still immersed in watching the action.

"It looks like the older guy just finished shooting his load into the redhead's mouth, and boy did he give her a mouth full!" Lori exclaimed.

Janice looked over to her playmate. "What about the other couple?" Janice asked. "Can you see if he has his cock up the girls’ ass?"

"He sure does!" she replied. "And it sure looks like he's really got a big dick on him too!"

Janice looked back at Ed and smiled. He could almost read the thoughts going through her mind before she spoke up. "Do you think they might like some company?"

"I don't know, honey?" Ed answered her. "But I guess we could float over that way and maybe find out." Moving back to the wheel, Ed aimed the bow of his boat toward the pontoon anchored ahead.

Hearing the engine noise coming toward them, Mike looked across the water and saw a strange boat approaching. "We've got company coming people," he said. "You girls had better get inside and get some cloths on and Don and I will see who it is."

Terri and Carol quickly picked up their towels and scurried toward the cabin while Don and Mike slipped back into their swimming trunks and prepared to greet who ever it was that had stumbled onto their private party.

"Do you think they saw anything?" Don asked tugging his suit up and over his now deflated cock.

"I don't know if they did or didn't,” Mike replied as the small houseboat came up along side, “but if they did there's nothing we can do about it now."

"Ahoy there!" Mike yelled as the strange craft came to a full stop next to the boat. "Can we help you with anything?"

Mike could see two women standing on the front deck waving but he didn't have any idea who they might be. He did notice that both the women were African-American and they were dressed in matching white knit swimsuits that showed off their dark colored skin very nicely. The girl standing closest to the railing was a little taller than her friend, about five-eight and had a body that really filled out her swimsuit. Her dark hair fell around her shoulders coming to rest just above her breasts. The lower half of her knit swimsuit did very little to conceal her mound that was covered by the white patch of knit fabric. Then glancing over at her companion, Mike noticed that she was about five-five with shorter hair. Her body was almost identical to her friend except for her breasts. They were smaller but they were still straining against the strip of cloth that was fighting to hold them restrained.

"I wonder who they are?" Don asked, as they both looked the two women over from top to bottom.

Before Mike had the chance to answer he recognized Ed who he had just met earlier this morning in the shower. "What are you doing out this way, Ed?"

"Hello Mike," he replied. "My wife, her girlfriend and I were looking for a good spot to do some fishing and saw your boat and thought maybe we'd see if the fish were biting?"

"We tried our luck earlier but didn't even get a nible." Mike replied. "Maybe you'll have better luck?"

Don's eyes were still fixed on the two women when Mike looked over at him. "Don, I want you to meet Ed and his wife and her friend. I met him this morning in our shower room."

"Nice to meet you, Ed. Would you all like to come aboard and have a cool drink?" Don asked looking in the direction of the two women and waiting for a reply.

The taller of the two women spoke up first. "My name's Lori Sanderson and I am Janice’s friend from work." She informed the two good-looking men. "And we'd like that very much."

"Through us your line and I'll help you tie up." Mike said climbing down the ladder to the lower deck with Don trailing right behind him.

Once their boat was secured, Don assisted the two women aboard his boat. When everyone was on board, Ed introduced his wife Janice, the shorter of the two and wife’s friend, Lori.

"Would you all like to have a cold drink of some kind?" Don asked their guests, unable to take his eyes off the two dark beauties.

"Yes, thank you." Janice said. "A nice cold beer would be great if you have any?"

“Cold beers for everyone then,” Don answered as he left the group to get the refreshments for his guests.

"That would be just fine." Janice said staring at Don's young, strong, body as he turned and left.

Don passed Terri and Carol in the entryway as they made their way to join their guests. Carol was wearing one of her revealing swimsuits with Terri trailing close behind her also wearing a stylish outfits.

"Folks, I'd like to introduce Carol Thomas, Don's girlfriend and my wife, Terri Tanner." Mike said when the two girls were standing next to him.

"It's a <pleasure meeting you ladies." Ed said extending his large black hand.

They both shook Ed's hand, first Carol then Terri. As they did their eyes traveled over his tall dark form with interest. Both of them noticed the thick bulge inside Ed's swimsuit and they both stared at it with interest.

"I'd like to introduce my wife, Janice Brown and her girlfriend, Lori Sanderson." Ed said as he eyed Terri and Carol. Don returned carrying a tray full of cold beer and passed them out and they all sat down to get better aquatinted.

"This is sure some houseboat you have here, Don?" Ed said. "I hope next year to get something a little bigger myself."

"Thank you." Don answered back. "I just bought her a couple of weeks ago but this is the first chance I've really had to get down to the lake and take her out. All I seem to do is work anymore and no time off.”

"I know just what you mean, man. This is our first trip down here to the lake this year too." Ed responded. "How about you, Mike?"

"The wife and I try and get down here at least twice a month during the summer." Mike told him. "But that all depends on what's going on at work and home?"

"I wish I had the time to do that but working six days a week most of the time doesn't leave much time for boating." Ed replied.

"What do you do that keeps you so busy back home?" Ed asked.

"I work for a new car dealership." Don informed him. "Normally they have me working six to seven days a week but I told them that I wanted some time off to go fishing this week so here I am."

"It looks like Mike is the only one that spends a lot of time down here?" Ed said with a laugh. “It must be nice?”

"We do the best we can." Mike said to the rest of them. "Since Terri and I got our boat redone we try to use it as much as possible."

"Would you like to take the nickel tour of this one, Ed?" Don asked standing up.

"We sure would!" Ed answered as they all followed Don inside.

"You guys go ahead and I'll stay here and keep an eye open for pirates." Mike told them.

When the guys and girls had all disappeared through the door to the living room area Mike sat down and closed his eyes to relax. He was worn out and needed some rest because he knew just as soon as their company left he knew Terri and Carol would be in the mood for some more fucking and he wanted to be ready. Mike's cock quivered inside his trunks thinking about later when a strange female voice interrupted his thoughts. Opening his eyes, he recognized Lori, standing in front of him. Her long brown legs were slightly spread and he detected some dark strands hair peeping out from the crotch area of her swimsuit.

"Mind if I join you, Mr. Tanner?" she asked with a grin once she noticed the reaction her body was having on him.

"The names Mike and be my guest." Mike replied, unaware at the time that the head of his cock was visible to Lori's gaze. "Where is the rest of the group?"

"There still inside looking around and I thought maybe you'd like a little company," she answered sitting down next to him.

"I take it your not very interested in boats then?" Mike asked, still unaware that the head of his cock was in plain view for her to see.

"Oh, there all right but right now I'm a lot more interested in what I see here," she said, leaning over closer to him, giving him a enhanced view of her firm dark 38C breasts.

Mike's was devouring Lori's luscious breasts when suddenly he felt her fingers slide over the head of his exposed cock. With pre-cum oozing from the opening, Lori smeared the clear sticky fluid around the sensitive crown causing even more of a discharge. Then she removed her hand and Mike watched while she raised it to her lips licking his gooey fluid from her fingers.

"Mmmmm!" She purred staring back at Mike while her tongue cleaned the fluid from her long slender fingers. "Mighty tasty."

Unable to do or say anything, Mike just sat and watched her as she placed one finger inside her mouth and began a slow sucking action. "Thank you." Mike replied after my few seconds. "I'm happy that you like it."

Lori removed her finger from her mouth and smiled back at him. "I sure would like to taste more of you sometime?"

Before Mike could answer, Carol made her appearance on deck. "What are you two doing here all alone?" She asked walking over to join them.

"I thought I'd come up here and keep Mike company while everybody else was looking around." Lori replied with a broad smile.

"Well if you girls will excuse me." Mike said standing up and trying to hide the bulge in his suit. "I think I'll go below and visit the head."

"Don't be gone long." He heard Lori shout as he went inside to relieve the pressure on his cock.

Then Mike heard Lori and Carol both laughing when he disappeared out of view. Once inside the cabin he made his way to the bathroom to soothe the throbing sensation in his groin.

To be continued..........

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