Three's Company

I watched my best friend suck a dick

This is a story of every woman's fantasy.

It basically started about 21/2 years ago. My friend came over one afternoon to talk with me. We had been friends for a number of years. It started off so innocently. We exchanged email addresses and started writing back and forth. We did this for a few years. Sex never entered intot the conversations. But, my friend was a very attractive man and he literally reeked of sexuality. It was just a matter of time before we took it to the next level.

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One afternoon he stopped by my house. My husband worked afternoon shift and was at work. My friend and I were sitting on the sofa when he put his arm around me and scooped me up into the most sensual kiss. His tongue literally was fucking my mouth. I could feel his tongue caressing my tongue and pressing against my lips. I was lost in that kiss. Before I knew it, he pulled my hand into his lap and took his dick out of his pants. He asked me how I liked it. And I clumsily said, "it was nice". That is the first time anything sexual had ever occurred between us. As I sat there looking at my hand on his dick, "He Came"! Yes, he came right in my hand. I was flabergasted. I tried to tell him that I liked him very much but we were both happily married. I told him I didn't want to ruin a friendship by bringing sex into the mix. But he insisted that this would never happen.

And so the affair took off and has been burning for 2 1/2 years. Needless to say, we have had our share of sexual encounters, but as time goes and lovers go, we have been slowly revealing our true selves to each other.

We have not only been carrying on this sexual affair for the past few years but we have slowly learned to trust each other with our deepest, darkest secrets. We have become best friends, bar none. In the past 6weeks, we have discovered that we have the same fantasies.

One afternoon as I was sucking my best friends dick, I uttered the words, "I wish I had two dicks to suck right this minute". He told me, that if his wife would say that to him, he would have another guy over to his house that night and he would watch her suck a strange dick.

He then asked me if I have ever thought about doing 2 guys at once. I admitted that it has always been a fantasy of mine to have 2 guys making love with me at once. But, I never in a million years expect that to happen.

He then admitted to me that he had a friend of his who he has known the past 20 years and that on occasion, this friend and he have exchanged sucking each others dick from time to time. He said it wasn't a gay thing but an oral thing. They just like feeling a nice juicy dick in their mouths from time to time. He asked me if I might be interested in joining him and his friend for a little afternoon delight. I said I would think about it.

Well, if clits could get a hard on, I definitely had one and I knew it wouldn't be satisfied until I met with my friend and his friend.

Part 2

I pulled up at my friends house. I walked in the front door and there was my friend and our new partner. I climbed the stairs and my friend motioned for me to follow them to the back room. As I entered the room, my friend was standing in the door way with his dick hanging out of his pants. His friend was standing right next to him. My friend, let me call him Tom, reached in his friends pants, Let's call him Bob. He reached inside his pants and pulled out Bob's dick. There they both stood, french kissing each other with their dicks hanging right out there. I dropped to my knees and started sucking Tom's dick first, and then Bobs. I went from one to the other, sucking and pulling on their dicks. I couldn't believe it, a dream come true.

First I would nible and then goble one dick. Then, I would nible and lick on Bob's dick. Bob had alot of pre-cum just oozing out of his dick. I would lick the nectar as fast as it came but I couldn't seem to keep up with it. While I sucked Bob, I would caress Tom but these dicks were driving me wild.

Then Tom pushed Bob back onto the bed and he bent over and took Bob's dick in his mouth. He was like a man crazed. He was deep throating Bob. Bob was moaning and thrashing about and Tom was relentless. I never saw my friend suck a dick before, but I was damned sure, I wanted to see him do it again and often. He was all over that dick. He was sucking him off like he was starving. He licked it and would put his lips on the head and I could hear him suck. He was quite good. Then as Tom was sucking on Bob, Bob raised his head up and grabed Tom's dick and he started sucking away. I was going wild.

I wanted to get in on the action, but I only had a pussy and a pair of tits to throw into the mix. I wasn't sure how the guys were going to recieve me and my toys. So, As they were sucking and licking each others dicks, I slowly slipped out of my clothes and I slithered across the bed and layed my wares on top of Bob. That put me right under Tom's face. His mouth came down on my pussy and he started sliding that tongue of his in and out of my pussy. His hands were on either side of Bob.

Now get this, I am laying across Bob with my mouth attached to his dick. Tom's face is above my pussy, eating me out and Bob's mouth is locked around Tom's dick. What a sight, but who could stop and watch. We were in a frenzy. Our hands were clawing over each others bodies, our mouths were eagerly nipping and whatever was in it's path, whether it be pussy, tits or dick, anything was fare game. It could only get better. There was no time for thought; only time to feel. Yes, feel the pleasure. Pleasure was riding on wave of the tide. It was coming in ripples.

All you could hear was sucking and moaning sounds. Over and over, passions were rising, it wouldn't be long before the cumming started. Bodies rising, raising up to reach whatever peak was rippling over the edge. Here we were, Bob, Tom and oh yes, my name is Pat. Here we were rolling over each other in bed, each one of us eager to please the other. There was nothing but feeling going on, touching, kissing, sucking, the frenzy continued until we were out of contol. No holes barred, it was time, but who will get to cum first? Tom, was still licking that puss and since this was our first time with Bob, Tom kept up the pussy attack. Bob's fingers would climb into the puss periodically but Tom was eating that pussy and Pat was starting to shoot out the juice. Her body started quaking at the same time Bob's dick started spuing his cum. Tom quickly lifted his head off the pussy and started licking Bob's cum.

Tom was swallowing as fast as he could but Bob was shooting all over. As soon as Tom's head lifted off of Pat's pussy, Pat went straight for the head of Tom's dick. What a cocksucker I am. I could suck the juice out of an apple. That's how good I suck. ANd I wasn't about to let Tom's cum get away from me. He is such a stud that he can cum without anyone touching him but I wasn't about to let him get away with that. He needed to have me suck his cum. I started sucking, and licking, going up and down the shaft of his dick. He was going out of his mind. He was taking in cum as fast as I was sucking it out of him.

All three of us are quite the cocksuckers.

What a day. We were flying high but exhausted. It was so exhilarating that we all made a pack and decided that the next encounter should be real soon.

In fact, we are meeting tomorrow morning at 10:30. We are all so excited and we can't wait to suck and eat each other until the orgasms start flying.

Would you like to hear about our next encounter? Would you like to hear who eats who and how many times we cum. Well, perhaps you should tune in tomorrow or the next day. I have no idea how it will turn out but I believe a good time will be had by all.

You all cum back now!

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