Life at 40

a new me

Life begins at forty, how many times have I heard that? Well here I was on my fortieth birthday and it didn’t feel like my life was about to change. Tom, my huby had gone off to work as usual and our youngest daughter was off to college and staying in one of the student flats. The eldest and middle boys had left home over a year ago and were now well established in their own flats. Tom had given me a lovely birthday card and said that he would take me out for a meal at night after his work. I had a quick wash, saving my shower till later in the day, and pulled on a shortie towelling robe over my naked body, fastening it loosely with the waist cord. I decided to relax with a cup of coffee and watch one of the morning TV programmes. The door bell startled me as I wasn’t expecting anyone to call so early in the morning. Answering the door, I came face to face with a huge bunch of flowers. Mrs Bruce, a voice said in a questioning manner, yes I replied, eager to see the owner of the voice behind the flowers. A head peered round the edge of the flowers and it took my breath away to see this Adonis of a face. He held out the flowers for me to take and asked me if I could sign for them. I turned round and bent over to place the flowers on the hall table. Turning back to sign the receipt, I couldn’t help but notice the guys flushed face. Are you ok? I asked, yes he kind of stammered, I’m ok. I had to lean forward to take the form from the delivery guy and suddenly realised I was giving this stranger an eyeful of my naked 36dd tits. I could see the bulge starting to grow in his pants and at the same time I began to feel my juices starting to run, then it dawned on me that when I had bent over to put down the flowers, I must have given him a flash of my naked bum. I hurriedly signed the receipt thanking him for the delivery and closed the door.

By now my pussy was throbing like a wild thing and two minutes later my favourite toy was purring in side of my very wet pussy. It surprised me how quickly I orgasmed and also how much a thrill I had had flashing my tits to a total stranger. It was something that I had never been conscious of before. I could hardly conceal them in the summer months although I would never wear anything too revealing. I almost jumped out of my skin at sound of the phone ringing. Hi, said shilla, how are you? Oh and happy birthday and you sound out of breath. I laughed and told her all that had happened earlier. You sly devil, she said, you will just have to come to my next girlie party. Not more kitchenware, you know, the plastic type, I’ve got stacks of it. No No said shilla, this is something entirely different and I just know you are going to get excited when you see what’s on offer. Tell me more I said, sorry said shilla, you will find out next Wednesday when you come over to my house, seven thirty, don’t forget and the phone went dead. Now she had my mind trying to conjure up all the various types of parties. Tupperware? No she said it wasn’t anything to do with that, jewellery perhaps? Make up? Cleaning products? I went through all the possibilities but never for one minute came up with the answer that greeted me on the following Wednesday.


It was time to shower and get myself ready for Tom coming home. A strange new occurrence happened while taking my shower, a brand new feeling that I hadn’t been aware of before. Was my body changing after all? Was forty the start of something new? The jets of water caressing my tits and belly were now having an erotic effect on me, my nipples were as hard as rocks and my pussy was throbing, well almost aching, a feeling that I had never experienced before. I began to finger myself then reaching for the long handled back brush used its shaft to masturbate. What was happening to me? Was I turning into some kind of nympho? Orgasm after orgasm flooded my body until I was exhausted and finally stepped out of the shower water dripping from my naked body. I slipped on my robe and lay back on the sofa and began to reflect on the day’s events. The phone rang, wakening me from my thoughts. It was Tom to say that he had to work a bit late and could I meet him at the Sherry Punjabi, one of our favourite Indian restaurants, at eight thirty.

A quick rummage through my wardrobe brought on a sudden panic as I realised that I had nothing to wear. That’s not exactly true, I had loads of clothes but my new body feelings were urging me to wear something more daring. It was only two forty five in the afternoon so I quickly dressed and phoned for a taxi to take me into town. Five fifteen and I was back home with my new purchases. My hair was a blessing as I had had it cut into a style that required very little time and effort, so I was soon applying my makeup. The reflection in the mirror portrayed a much younger looking woman with a glow that had been missing for many years. Even I was taken aback by the image looking back at me. I pulled on the new almost transparent panties that clung to my body like a second skin. The dark hairs of my muff were clearly visible through the flimsy material and were sending erotic shock waves through my body. The new bra gave me more cleavage, although I hardly needed it as my 36dd tits still sat upright and hadn’t been subjected to the force of gravity unlike a lot of my friends of the same age. The top I had chosen had a plunging front and was in the form of a wrap around style with a single tie at the side. I looked long and hard at my image in the mirror and could see that something was wrong. I had never bothered before as to how I looked, as long as I was clean and presentable, that was all I cared about. I could see the outline of the new bra standing out from the material of my new top like it was saying, look at me rather than look at my top. I decided there and then that the bra had to go. The new image was startling and I even loosened the side tie a little, exposing more of my naked . The knee length black skirt with a long split up one side was slipped up my bare legs and fastened with the two side clips. New two inch heel black leather shoes completed my outfit. What on earth was happening to me? It took a while to come to terms with my reflection in the long mirror attached to the wardrobe door. I can’t go out like this, yes you can, another voice was saying, louder than the first one. I glanced at the clock and saw it was seven forty. I called the taxi company and booked a cab for eight fifteen then went to the drinks cabinet and poured myself a large vodka which I topped up with coke. I had just finished my drink when there was a knock on the front door. Taxi for Bruce? said the cab driver then I heard him give a low whistle as my image appeared in front of him. Be there in a minute I replied, chuckling to myself on the effect that my new image had obviously had on the cabie. I slipped on a short furry style jacket grabed my handbag and headed for the waiting taxi.

The cab driver held open the door of his cab as I slid my body onto the back seat. My short skirt had ridden higher up my thighs exposing almost all of my very long legs. The cabies eyes were transfixed to my legs and it took a short cough from me before he finally closed the door. During the journey it appeared that his eyes were more on me in his rear-view mirror than on the road ahead of him. I was beginning to enjoy this new experience and decided to flirt a little. I opened my jacket and pretending that I hadn’t noticed him ogling me, began to adjust the side ties of my top allowing it to open until my naked breasts were almost spilling out. I could hear his heavy breathing and I was trying to imagine the hard on he must have had by now. Suddenly we had arrived at the Sherry and I hurriedly fastened my jacket. The cabie opened the door for me and I slid out of the back seat deliberately letting my short skirt ride up until my transparent panties were on show. The cabie gasped and I’m sure he must have cum in his pants as he gave me a sheepish grin and said, have a nice evening.

Tom was already seated in our favourite quiet corner, away from the eyes of the other diners and only visible to the waiters who served us. Tom stared at me and said, god you’re beautiful and with that rose and grasped me in his arms planting a big soppy kiss on my lips. I removed my jacket and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. Oh yes I had forgotten to fix back the side ties so that as I removed my jacket the flimsy top opened up allowing my naked 36dd tits to be fully on display. Tom grabed one in each hand and then planted a kiss on my erect nipples. God Eve what’s got into you? I’ve never seen you like this before. Taking our seats I began to sort myself. My top was still open as the waiter suddenly appeared. Talk about an iceberg, well my two thirds plus were still on show giving the waiter got a good eyeful. We ordered drinks and a starter of prawn cocktails. Tom slid his hand up my thigh and I opened my legs wide. Tom reached the skimpy panties and gasped expecting to find my old cotton pants he bent down to have a look at what his hands were feeling. Gee Eve I can’t believe the change in you. His finger slid under the flimsy material and was soon pushing into my now soaking pussy. I gasped as he finger fucked me and began to french kiss me while squeezing my breasts with his hand, tweaking my rock hard nipple between his fingers. I orgasmed over his fingers and just got my composure back when the waiter arrived with the drinks. I’ll have to go to the loo. The toilets were at the other end of the restaurant so I had to walk passed a couple of diners and the waiters. The diners hardly gave me a glance but the waiters were drooling at their mouths as they viewed my long bare legs and my swinging breasts. I could hear them talking to each other but couldn’t make out what they were saying although it was obvious directed at me. My panties were soaking wet from my orgasms so I decided to remove them and put them in my handbag. On the way back to our table I was again ogled from the waiters. Rather than being annoyed as I usually would have been, I was beginning to enjoy all this new found attention. Maybe there was something in this old saying after all. I sat next to Tom and said, I have a surprise for you. Tom looked at me in his strange way and said uh hu and what’s that? Run your hand up my thigh again. Tom didn’t hesitate and soon found the surprise that was waiting for him. You’ve not got any knickers on, he said, I know, they were soaking so I removed them. Now Tom usually sits facing the direction that the waiters come from but he insisted that it should be me that sat in his place. I could see a large grin forming on Toms face as he stood up so we could swop seats. The seats were actually benches which could have sat two couples on either side, but Tom had always tipped the head waiter so that we were assured of having the table to ourselves. I sat down and Tom said he was going to the loo. While Tom was away a different waiter appeared with our starter. I noticed him hesitate as he approached our table and was conscious of him looking at my legs from under the table. I could see he was getting a stiffie and giggled to myself as for all the times we had been to the restaurant I had never seen a reaction by any of the waiters like what was happening tonight. Tom came ambling back and stopped exactly where the waiter had hesitated, gosh Eve, I can almost see your pussy. I slid forward a little and opened my legs and Toms cock almost burst out of his trousers. I can see your naked pussy and its glistening with your cum. We finished our starter and when the waiter came to remove the plates I slid forward on the seat. It was obvious that he saw my nakedness for when he returned the dirty plates we could hear them jabering away in their native tongue. Another waiter arrived to say that our main course would be delayed by about fifteen minutes and would that be okay. Sure said, Tom, no problem, bring us another round of drinks. Tom had moved over beside me and was kissing me passionately on the mouth when the waiter arrived with our drinks. Once the waiter had left, Tom undid my top leaving my naked breasts exposed. My nipples quickly hardened and Tom was soon sucking away on each of them in turn. Oh fuck me Tom please fuck me as I grabed at his swollen manhood. I unzipped his trousers and took his cock deep into my mouth. Tom began to finger fuck me pushing three of his fingers up inside of me. I orgasmed almost immediately and sucked harder on his cock while wanking his shaft. Tom gave a grunt and I could feel his cum filling my mouth. I swallowed greedily and licked his length dry. We began to sort ourselves out just as the head waiter arrived to tell us our meal would be ready in five minutes. My naked breasts were still on show but he just smiled that knowing kind of smile and made his exit. Tom eventually got his breath back and asked me what had come over me. I told him about my day and how my body had been reacting in a strange kind of way. Hope it stays that way, I like the new you. After our meal Tom went off to pay the bill. A flurry of waiters suddenly arrived at our table to remove the dishes, each one of them trying to be discreet in ogling my body. Between the drinks and the fact that my pussy was still twitching like a mad thing I opened my top to reveal my naked breasts to five strangers. Do you like them? I asked, oh yes ,very nice replied one of the waiters. Tom was on his way back as the waiters scurried back to their duties. What have you been up to? Nothing I lied, just waiting for you. That night we had the best sex we had ever had and it was four in the morning before we finally fell exhausted into a deep sleep.

Our lives had changed for the better and we were acting like the teenagers we were when we had first met. Wednesday had arrived and I decided to wear the top and skirt I had worn at the restaurant with Tom. When Shilla saw me she was gobsmacked. Gosh eve I’ve known you for nineteen years now and have never seen you looking as sexy as you are tonight. Moving through into the lounge I found that there were already a couple of Shillas pals who I had met before and a new girl extremely pretty with a figure most women would die for. Shilla introduced me to the stranger who turned out to be Zoe and was the party organiser for the evening. What’s it all about? I asked. All will be revealed shortly said Zoe with a wink at Shilla. Soon the house was full of Shillas friends and their friends making a total of about sixteen women of all ages’ shapes and sizes. Zoe introduced herself and said she was in need of a volunteer to help her demonstrate her products which were hidden under a large tablecloth. Shilla pointed at me saying that I was good at demonstrations, having worked as a demonstrator for a food company in one of the local supermarkets. Would you be so kind? Asked Zoe. In for a penny in for a pound I heard myself saying, ok I’ll help you. Great said Zoe. as she whipped off the tablecloth to reveal …….. My heart gave a jump as each item appeared in front of me. Apart from the skimpy clothes and underwear there were dildos of all shapes and sizes. You don’t want me to demonstrate them, do you, I asked anxiously, no said Zoe but I would like you to try on some of the clothes and model them for me. The company is called Ann Summers announced Zoe as she handed me the first item she wanted me to demonstrate. You can change in the kitchen offered shilla. I looked at the outfit Zoe had given me and asked her if I could wear it on top of my clothes. No don’t be silly it wouldn’t look right and any way we are all women together. Once in the kitchen I stripped naked and put on this thing. It was a front of sheer see through black nylon that fastened around my neck and with a lace tie to go around my waist. There was no back to this thing at all. The other item Zoe had handed me was a g string or a thong as they are most commonly known. It consisted of a thin string that sank into my arse and a triangle of flimsy see-through material that barely covered my pussy and showing off my dark muff hairs. I re entered the lounge to the gasps from the other women. A loud applause greeted me as they became accustomed to my near naked body. Wow, said Shilla, you look stunning. Back and forth I trotted with each piece revealing more of my naked body. The final piece almost did. We had a break for wine and a finger buffet that Shilla had prepared earlier. I was still in the same outfit that I had been demonstrating which had my breasts naked and the thong was almost nonexistent. A couple of the women whom I hadn’t met before came over and complimented me on being so brave to demonstrate the products and also how lovely I looked. Most of the guests had returned to the lounge leaving me in the kitchen with the two strangers, I’m Angela said one and this is Rosie. Rosie began to feel the thin material of the thong making me gasp at her sudden touch. Suddenly her finger was under the material and entering my wet pussy. Mmm said Rosie you are excited. Angela cupped my breasts the leaned forward taking my nipple in her mouth. Her tongue slowly rolled over my erect nipple as she tweaked the other one between her fingers. Rosie now had four of her fingers in me and was giving my pussy a good seeing to. Someone’s coming whispered Angela as Shilla appeared in the kitchen doorway. Zoe is ready to start the second half when you are ready. I f Shilla had noticed what we were doing she never let on. Angela told me that Rosie and her were lovers and that when they found the right person they would invite them to join them in a menage de trois and if I was interested she would give me her phone number at the end of the party. Back in the lounge my nipples were standing out like tent pegs and the thong I was almost wearing was sodden through from my love juices. Zoe made us form a circle around her giving her some space to do her demonstration. Zoe removed her skirt revealing a transparent thong edged with pearls. Everyone could see that she was shaved as there wasn’t a hair to be seen. Zoe explained how her thongs looked so much better on a shaved pussy. Everyone agreed. This prompted Zoe to introduce her next items. A hair clipper and a ladies wet shaver that was guaranteed not to leave a rash, just a smooth hairless fanny. Any volunteers? Everyone pointed at me. What the hell, everyone had seen me naked so I agreed. Stripping off the wet thong I lay back on the table exposing my naked pussy to the guests. Zoe used the clippers to remove the longest hairs showing that you could have a strip of hair down the middle or you could have it all removed. All off shouted everyone and then began to laugh. Zoe asked me what I would like. All off I replied and again everyone cheered. Zoe removed the long hairs with the clippers then asked shilla for a bowl of warm water. Zoe smeared a girlies version of shaving foam over my pubes and lower belly and proceeded to shave me with the razor. A few minutes later I was as naked as the day I was born. Zoe rubed some soothing cream onto the bits she had just shaved allowing her fingers to brush my pussylips making me squirm in delight. That just leaves the toys, said Zoe picking up a monster dildo called The Rabit. Zoe explained how it thrust and pulsated at the same time. It had an extension on it that tickled your bum hole while you were pleasing your pussy. Demonstrate, everybody shouted, demonstrate. Zoe had noticed how sexed up I was and handed me the Rabit. I switched it on and began frigging my throbing pussy. Zoe smeared some lubricant on the smaller bit and taking control began to push it firmly into my bum hole. I gasped as I had never had any objects penetrate me there. The thing began to vibrate and Zoe pushed the large end up into my soaking pussy. A good six or more inches was up inside me with a further four inches up my arse. I orgasmed and orgasmed over and over again moaning with delight as this new toy vibrated and thrust in and out of me. Zoe slowly removed the rabit and said she was ready to take orders. Zoe presented me with the rabit and a choice of tops and thongs for being such a good sport. Everyone cheered and thanked me for making such a memorable and enjoyable evening. Zoe had record sales that evening; the biggest seller was of course, The Rabit. Angela handed me her phone number and made me promise that I would call her. After everyone had left Shilla sat me down and demanded to know what I had been getting up to in the kitchen with Angela and Rosie. I told her they were lovers and that they were also on the lookout for someone to join them in a threesome. I explained in quite a graphic way of what Angela and Rosie were doing to me. Shilla to my surprise removed her knickers and began to masturbate in front of me. I leant over and kissed her on the lips. Shilla began to French kiss me and I slowly removed her top and bra. Her breasts were not as big as mine but her nipples were already erect. I bent down and took them in my mouth sucking and rolling my wet tongue over them. Shilla grabed my hand and pushed it in between her legs. She was soaking wet and I slowly inserted two fingers, then three, then my whole hand was up inside her. I sucked hard on her nipples and thrust my hand in and out of her dripping pussy. Shilla gave aloud moan and orgasmed over my hand. I could feel her cum running over my fingers. Withdrawing my hand I bent down and placed my mouth over her soaking pussy drinking in her cum and fanny juices. Shilla moaned again and this time orgasmed over my face. I greedily drank her cum and licked her pussy dry. Sitting up Shilla said, god I was needing that after watching you all night. We had just finished dressing when we heard the front door opening and Shillas husband Ron’s voice could be heard. All right to come in? he shouted, yes love, in you come. Ron seemed surprised to find me still there but I quickly told him that I had been giving Shilla a hand in tiding up. Ron was staring at my near naked breasts, what is it with men? Shilla suggested that he gave me lift home. Sure said Ron. I kissed Shilla good bye thanking her for the lovely evening and headed for the car with Ron. The car was in the garage so while Ron was busy I loosened my top so that I could give him a bigger eyeful. The car was already warm as Ron had just driven home from his pals house. It was about fifteen minutes drive to my house so I removed my jacket saying how warm it was in his car. Ron nearly drove off the road as he ogled my bare tits. Your minds wandering I said jokingly. Ron laughed in an barrassed kind of way and said I was making it hard for him to concentrate. Pull over, I whispered. Ron drew the car into a dark quiet spot and pulled on the hand brake. I opened my top exposing my naked breasts, is that better? Ron just stared as if in a dream, wow, I mean yes, bloody lovely. I was about to close my top when Ron asked if he could feel them. Thinking about Shilla my head was saying No, but my pussy was shouting louder, saying Yes. I opened up my top again and before I could answer Ron had both breasts in his hands. It was amazing how gentle his touch was as Ron has large hands and works with heavy machinery. He began to roll my nipples between his fingers to which they responded by becoming rock hard. Ron bent down and took each nipple in turn and gave them a good sucking while rolling his tongue over their ends. My breath was coming in short gasps and I could feel my juices beginning to flow. I leaned back on the seat opening my legs at the same time. Ron was aware of my movement and his large hand began to slide up and under my short skirt..Ron let out a gasp as his fingers touched my naked pussy. I hadn’t bothered to replace the soaking thong that I had removed at the party. One of his large fingers slowly slid into my wet pussy as I grabed at his erect manhood. I quickly unzipped his trousers and wrapped my hand round his stiff cock. Ron was quickening his thrusting with his fingers and I orgasmed with a deep moan. I pushed Ron over and sank my mouth over his bell end almost gagging on the size of it. I had intended just to give him a blow job but I now wanted to feel this monster inside of me. Fuck me I pleaded; fuck me with that beautiful cock. Ron pushed the car seat back and lowered the seat back. I removed my skirt and top and was now completely naked. Ron pulled his trousers down and climbed over on top of me. I opened m legs wide as Ron pushed his monster shaft into my pussy. Slowly inch by inch his monster slid up my pussy. At one stage I thought I was going to burst but with my wetness Ron was soon setting up a steady rhythm. He sucked my tits as I held him tight into me. Ron began to speed up and with a loud grunt shot his load up into my pussy. I could feel it splashing about inside of me as he came over and over again. I thought, hope he has plenty left for Shilla because she is fired up and told me she was looking forward to a good shag when Ron got back. Ron pulled out and I bent down and took him in my mouth licking his cum and my juices from him. We both dressed and headed for my house. I gave Ron a parting kiss and said, our secret? Ron nodded and waved goodbye. Our house was all in darkness as Ron pulled up at my front door, guess Tom was already in bed. I turned and gave Ron a French kiss. Ron responded with his tongue and slipped his hands under my blouse, squeezing my naked tits. My juices were beginning to flow again but I resisted the temptation, knowing that Shilla would be wanting him inside her. Better go, I said, Shilla will be wondering where you are. Ron nodded and gave my breasts a final squeeze as I opened the car door. I headed for the bathroom and cleaned myself up before entering our bedroom where Tom had fallen asleep reading one of his crime novels. I slipped naked under the covers and cuddled into Tom and was half asleep as my head hit the pillow.

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