First time for everything

A young high school jock gets what he secretly desires.

I was a young 17 years old with a body that had been shaped by a lot of summer football practices. I was 5'11" and in great shape. Now I wasn't the star of the football team, or the most popular boy at school. But I always had a girl and never lacked for friendship. I was the guy that everyone liked, no matter what their status.

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A few years earlier I had stumbled across a book of erotic stories. I found myself not being able to stop reading each story over and over. I especially got aroused by the stories of men taking advantage of younger men. I must have jacked-off constantly to the thought of being taken. But never really placed any real significance of it actually happening. I was wrong.

Late one night after partying with some friends, I was heading home and decided to stop off at a convenience store for something to drink and a snack. I had had some beers so I was not in a hurry. As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw only 1 truck and considered myself lucky so as not to give away my tipsy state to anyone else. I parked and went inside. After getting what I had come for I exited the store and moved towards my vehicle. Thats when I noticed a gentleman standing next to my car. As I approached, he begin to speak in a deep but very calming voice. I looked him over. He was about 6'2", I would guess 185lbs, and was in good shape for a man I would say was about 40ish.

"How are you doing tonight?" he said. "Fine, thanks" I responded.

"I'm Jeff" he said. "Well I am Stephen. Nice to meet you Jeff."

The small talk continued for a minute. As we talked, I found myself leaning against my car with Jeff standing in front of me. As the seconds went by, I could feel him getting closer and closer until I realized he was literally a foot away. The booze had my mind distracted until I noticed I had been staring at Jeff's crotch for several seconds. Jeff noticed too. He leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Do you want to see it?" I paused for a moment, lowered my head in shame and said, "Yes". "Follow me." Like a obedient dog, I walked around my car to Jeff's truck and got inside.

"Have you ever been with a man, Stephen?"


"Then do exactly as I say, your my bitch for the night."

"Ok" I said humbly.

He drove around the to the back of the store. There was nothing back there but a air conditioner unit, a street light, and a high fence. Jeff parked the car and told me to get out and go to the back of the truck. I did as I was told. My heart was racing in anticipation of what was to come. When I got back there Jeff came around and lowered the tailgate. He jumped on it and sat down.

"Now Stephen, why don't you take off your clothes for me."

I slowly removed my t-shirt and could hear a sigh of approval from Jeff as he looked at my firm chest and stomach. I then kicked off my shoes and dropped my jeans to my ankles.

"Kick those jeans over here and stand still." Jeff said.

I did as I was told. All that was left was my boxers. I stood there as he circled around me caressing me with his hands as he walked around. I was so nervous. What was he going to do? He stopped behind me and pressed his body against mine. His hands were all over my chest and stomach.

"Lets me get those boxers off you."

Jeff grabed both side of my underwear and jerked them down exposing my 6 inch hard-on. So there I was, completely naked in public with a stranger telling me what to do. As Jeff stepped in front of me he grabed my cock and looked me in the eyes, "Are you ready?" he said. "Yes sir, I think so." was my response. "Its too late if your not, bitch. Now drop to your knees." I did as I was told. Jeff then placed his hand on the side of my head and picked my head up till I was looking up at him. "Now unzip my fly and suck my cock." I placed my hand on the zipper and could feel his dick straining to get out. Once I got the zipper down, I reached inside his pants and found his semihard cock. Once I pulled it out I was face to face with his evergrowing cock. It was over 8 inches and had become rock hard. He unbuttoned his pants and let them fall. He wasn't wearing underwear. His hips leaned forward and the tip touched my lips. I opened my mouth and in it went. I had never sucked dick before but I knew what I liked so I just started licking and sucking the head. Jeff then started thrusting towards me and more and more of his shaft entered my mouth. Now both hands were holding my head in place as he fucked my face.

"Ohhh, your mouth is so hot Stephen. For someone who has never sucked cock before, you sure are good at it. I knew you liked dick when I saw you walk into the store. You just needed a man to bring it out. Ohhhhh god your a good cocksucker."

His hands were now grabing the hair on both sides of my head and his low hanging balls would slap my chin from time to time. I tried to take all of him into my mouth but I just couldn't. But he kept trying to force his cock down my throat until I would gag. This went on for a couple of minutes. I was wondering if he would cum in my mouth or on my face. I wanted him to cum down my throat like I had heard about in those stories. I wanted to see what it would taste like. Could I swallow it?

Suddenly he pulled away and his cock popped out of my mouth. I looked up at him awaiting my next orders.

"Standup and lean over the tail gate." Jeff ordered. I did as I was told. "Now spread your legs a bit and relax."

I knew what was coming. My heart rate picked up even more. I thought it would jump out of my chest it was beating so hard. I heard the rip of a package and a small squirt. A cold gel now was being applied to my asshole. 1 finger went in.

"mmmmmm" was all I could say. It felt good. Then he sent 2 fingers home.

"MMMMMMM, oh god, please don't." was what came out. I didn't mean it. I wanted to feel what it was like to be fucked. And fucked good. I would do anything Jeff wanted me to at this point.

"Too bad little boy, your ass is mine." His fingers came out and I felt his cock head press up against my anus. He leaned forward. His cock head popped in.

"Uhhhh, I think its too big." I said wincing in pain.

"You will get used to it, now shut up."

He continued to press forward and I could feel him starting to fill me up. His first stokes were slow and gentle. He was working his cock into me until I relaxed enough for more. Then I felt his balls touch my ass. The sensation I was having was incredible. Here was this 17 year old boy, buck naked and bent over the back of a truck, being fucked in public by a strange man more than twice his age. Then it began. Jeff pulled almost all the way out of me, and then slammed his cock back in me, to the hilt.

"Ohhhhh my god" I screamed.

Jeff started really fucking me, long and hard.

"How do like cock now little high school boy? I'm going to make you beg for this cock. Your my boy toy now. Man your ass is tight. I got some friends who could loosen it up more than I am. You like my cock in your ass Stephen?"

"Ohhhh yeesss ssirr, II lovve your cockk." I said as he pummelled my ass.

"Take it boy. You like the way I fuck you?" Jeff said.

"Pleasssse keep fucking meeeee. Ahhhhhhh god, please keeep fuckingg mee."

"Who's bitch are you?" Jeff asked. His hands were pulling on my hips so he could get deeper in my ass. I was sweating pretty good now and a loud slap could be heard every time he went into me.

"I am our bittcchhhh. UUUHHHH, you can do anything toooo me. Jusst keeepp fucckking mmeeee." I screamed. I was shaking violently from him pounding me. Everything in front of me was a blur. I don't know if I was cumming but I felt great being dominated by this man. He then grabed a handful of my hair and pulled my head up.

"Your gonna be my little sex slave. Anytime I want you, you come. You hear me?"

"YYYeeeessss, I am your bitch. Ohhhhh my gooooddddddddd." was all I could say.

Jeff then pulled his cock out of my beaten ass. He didn't release his handful of my hair though. He pulled me around until I was facing him and then he pushed me to my knees again. Off came the condom and I knew where it was going from there. I opened my mouth like a hungry little bird and he shoved his cock as far into my mouth as it would go.

"I want you to swallow it all." Jeff said as he grabed the sides of my head to keep his cock from getting out. A couple of pumps and I felt it twitch.

"OOHHHHH, here it cums."

The first splash of Jeff's cum hit the back of my throat. Then the rest started to fill my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed to make room for more of his cum. It was a bit salty, but I didn't care. I took it all down. As Jeff recovered from his orgasm, I could feel his cock starting to shrink in my mouth. He pulled away and a string of cum came out with it and hung from my chin.

"Good boy Stephen. But this was only the beginning." Jeff then pulled his pants up. He pulled out a business card and threw it on the ground. "Call me when you get home." was the last thing he said.

He walked back to the front of the truck, got in, started the truck, and pulled away. I was kneeling on the ground, naked and sweaty, with cum dripping out of my mouth and anal grease oozing out my ass. And it had only just begun......

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