Number Off A Bathroom Wall

Back in highschool I got a job working at the local mall at the Sears store. I was a stockboy and all around general gopher. I would always wear sexy outfits under my work clothes.

On my second day I was asked to clean the bathrooms and I did.

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I started in the womens room,kind of hoping I would stumble onto a pair of panties or something,but no luck.

I then work my way over to the mens room and as I clean and make my way to the stalls I open the first door and see writing on the wall,the typical stuff people write I guess when they are in there.

I also notice that there is a small hole in the partition,big enough to look through,I finish cleaning and move to the second stall and notice more writing,this time it was of the sexual nature.

"Meet here for blowjob", "call for good head",stuff like that.

I also notice a hole in the second partition going into the third stall,this one big enough for a dick to fit through.

I also notice that there is what appears to be dried cum on the partition and the floor and this started to make my dick grow in my satin panties under my jeans.

I finish cleaning the second stall and move to the last one and same thing,writing and dried cum.

One message in particular caught my attention, "mouth and ass hungry? call...." and listed a phone number.

Intrigued,I knew I had to call. And if I got nervous I could just hang up,this is back before caller I.D. and the whole start69 deal.

I called the number from the warehouse phone and got no answer,disappointed I hung up and went on my daily routine,but kept the number.

That night when I got home I went into the basement and called the number again,this time a man answered.

He said "hello" and I didn't say anything for a second and hung up.

My heart racing,wanting to talk to him,but not knowing what to say.

I call back about five minutes later,he answer's again "hello",I say nothing again,"who is this?" he says, I then just spurt out,"my mouth and ass are hungry".

He says "really,do you want to come over then?",I tell him that I can't,I have to go to school tomorrow.

He asks me how I got his number,I told him off of the bathroom wall in Sears.

He says he will be there tomorrow if I could meet him there,to be waiting in the middle stall and he will go into the end stall.

I tell him I will try and be there,not sure and we agree on 5:00pm.

We hang up the phone and I go to my room and immediately jerk off thinking about the possibility.

Knowing I had to work tomorrow night I knew I would be there. So the next day arrives and I get home from school and throw on some purple silk panties,black thigh highs and a slip that had thin shoulder straps and came down about mid thigh, I put on my work clothes and headed for the mall.

When five o'clock comes I tell my supervisor,Frank, that I have to go to the bathroom,he says ok.

I go into the middle stall and wait to see if this man will show up. I am nervous,but horny.

About 3 minutes later,a man walks in and get's in the end stall and sits down.

We don't say a word,he unzips his pants and starts stroking his cock. I know what to do now,I stick my fingers up to the hole in the partition and motion him to put it through the hole.

He stands up and put's it through and I take him in my mouth and start sucking on his cock. He doesn't last long,he shoots a load of cum into my mouth,quickly.

A bit disappointed,but happy to have had a cock for the day,he leaves and I sit back and make sure I am presentable before I leave to go back to work.

Suddenly the door opens again and another man enter's the end stall and sits down.

He cough's a couple of times and then taps his foot. I tap mine back,he then says 'are you the one I talked to last night?" I was shocked,who did I just suck off? That wasn't you in here just a minute ago? He says "no it wasn't...did you start without me?" Yeah,I guess I did.

I tell him we may have to do this at another time,told him I worked there and my boss was expecting me back.

He then says my name "is that you?" Stunned,"Frank!!!" I'm thinking,damn what am I going to do.

He then says "let's go into my office".

He was the warehouse manager so his office was in the back of the warehouse and on this night it was just he and I back there,while all of the check out clerks were in their departments.

We get into his office and Frank turns to me and says "I wanted to fuck you from the day you started,but I just knew you didn't swing that way,but damn,what a surprise."

Frank is a retired marine,widowed,four kids and 2 grand kids. I tell him "I never knew you swung that way!"

He is rubing his cock through his pants and ask's me if I "want this in my mouth" and I nod my head yes.

I take off my work clothes and he says "Oh god,even better!" Staring at me in my panties,slip and thigh highs.

I go over to him and get on my knees and take him into my mouth,sucking his still growing cock.

He grabs the back of my head as I suck him deep,pushing my head up and down with his hands. His head rolled back,moaning as he get's what he wanted.

My lips making his cock nice and wet,my hand strokes up and down as my mouth goes up and down.

There is a loud beep and then a female voice "Frank,we have a pick up at loading dock,ticket numer....."

He hits the intercom button as I make him harder and harder," right there".

I make my self suck his cock faster and faster until he explodes his hot,sweet cum into my awaiting mouth.

"Oh you're good" he says. "You're going to be here a long time with work like that".

I smile and get dressed as he leaves to go to the loading dock.

The next night we had to do inventory,so it was a late night. I went into the lingerie department after the store closed and everyone was gone,got a sexy outfit and Frank and I fucked all through that store that night and many more nights after that.

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