Spanked For Bad Figures

Gemma spanks her boss

“I’m telling you Pete, he’s going to call me in to his office and have me discipline him.”

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“But he’s in his early forties, and you are only 26. Anyway, you are his secretary. It doesn’t stack up.”

“Tell me about it. Anyway, I’m his pa, not just his secretary Ill have you know.”

“Sorry Gemma.”

“That’s OK Pete. Anyway, he’s a bit of a kook. I mean a really nice person and he treats me very well, but he has some, well, funny ways.”

“So you will really actually spank him.”

“Yup, across my lap on his bare bottom. I can use my hand as long as I can and he has a hairbrush he has me use.”

“How many times have you done this then?”

“Eight times in the last two years.”

“No way!”

“I’m telling you Pete, I really have.”

“So do you fancy him then?” Gemma felt the intake of breath in Pete’s voice. She smiled to herself. She knew Pete fancied her.

“No way. I mean he is very nice and all that, but I don’t fancy him. Not at all.”

Pete sounded relieved at the other end of the phone when he asked ”Wow. So tell me, why have you not told me until today?”

“Well, he has just sent me a text saying when he comes back to his office I need to have a disciplinary meeting with him.”

“Disciplinary?” But he means real discipline, right?”

“Yes. He’s in the weekly sales meeting. If he comes outside the top three sales people then he gets me to spank him. Up until now he has said I have to keep it private. He told me yesterday he thought his figures were bad again, in fact possibly his worst ever. He said he isn’t learning his lesson well enough and so needs to have something extra special to make him focus again. He said he wants me to make him totally barrassed somehow, but no one in the office must know. It turns out that when he got spanked at home his Mother always spanked him in front of someone else, normally his aunt or a neighbour, which he found totally degrading, but it worked for him. He behaved well afterwards until his standards slipped again. He thinks that type of barrassment will work for him again so he has asked me to arrange something along similar lines. I need to have him know someone else knows what’s happening whilst I’m spanking him. So I thought of you.”

“Surely his Mum stopped spanking him a long long time ago.”

“Ages ago. I reckon he misses it though. Anyway, are you in? This text must mean his figures are really bad after all”

“OK, you know I’ll do everything you say, so what must I do?” He was now laughing.

“Well, before spanking him I’m going to have him phone you. I need you to belittle him, tell him how little self esteem he must have, to have his pa discipline him. That kind of thing. Then you will listen to me disciplining him, and he will know you are listening.”

“What, just to barrass him?”

“He told me a while ago it’s all about ego in the sales game. He reacts differently to other people though. If he thinks other people see him as a poor sales person that just spurs him on.”

“I see. So he thinks that by being told he is bad at something it will make him want to be good at it.”

“That’s it.”

“Hey Gemma, but you are the one who is so good at giving people a piece of your mind.”

“That might be Pete, but I need another man to be involved. Don’t mess me around or I might have to sort you out as well.” Gemma giggled to herself when she heard Pete gasp at the other end of the phone and then try to cover it up by dropping the phone on the floor, followed by a “whoops, sorry Gemma.”

Pete had often made comments to her about being naughty and maybe needing her to show him the right way. Gemma laughed and asked “Anyway Pete, so do you mind doing this really?”

“Of course not Gemma. Just get him to call me then.”

“Thanks Pete. It will be about half an hour I guess.”

“How shall I start?”

“Just play it by ear” Gemma said with a giggle.

Daniel returned from the meeting a while later, and walked passed Gemma without saying a word. He closed the door behind him. Gemma saw Daniel’s light come on on the phone and knew he had diverted all his calls to voicemail. Next second her phone rang.

“Please come in Gemma if you will.” The phone clicked off.

Gemma also sent her calls to go to voicemail, got up, and walked to Daniel’s door. Normally she would knock but not this time. She was not expected to show her boss any respect now. None whatsoever. The opposite in fact. Gemma opened the door, walked in, shut the door behind her, and walked up to Daniel’s desk. He stood up, knowing he must show the proper respect to Gemma. He had after all handed to her control over him whenever his figures were poor.

“So, you have dismal figures again do you young man?” Gemma demanded.

“ Yes Miss. Sorry. I thought they would be better.” Daniel insisted he has to show Gemma proper respect whilst being disciplined.

“But you didn’t. You just free wheeled didn’t you. You just wasted your time didn’t you.” It was a statement.

“Yes Miss. I know Miss.”

Gemma was enjoying herself. She liked Daniel, what was there not to like. He is never rude to her, or anyone actually, has a good sense of humour, dresses smartly, and even takes her out for lunch occasionally, which none of the other bosses do for their pa’s.

Today Gemma dressed in a smart business suit, a dark grey jacket with full length sleeves, a white short sleeved shirt underneath worn open necked, and a matching grey skirt worn to just above the knee, her bare legs underneath because she knew in her heart of hearts that Daniels sales figures were going to be poor and she would be doing this. Her skirt would ride up as she sat down and Daniel’s bare skin would rest on her own bare legs, and she would feel the heat of his erection on her thighs.

Daniel wore his usual work clothes, which today was a smart dark blue suit, and blue open necked shirt. He couldn’t look Gemma in the eye though, knowing what he had earned.

“So, I guess you need an incentive don’t you, to improve on your figures.” Gemma sat down on the visitors chair but kept a steely glare focussed on her errant boss.

Daniel blushed and nodded, still not daring to look at Gemma.

“Speak up boy. I will not tolerate silence. If I ask you a question then you will answer. Do you understand?” Gemma snapped.

“ Yes Miss. Sorry” Daniel replied, now looking at Gemma, but biting his lip, knowing what was going to happen to him.

“Come round to this side of the desk boy.”

Daniel walked around the desk and stood in front of Gemma.

“Remove your trousers boy, and your underpants. I don’t think you fully understand what I am saying to you.”

“I do Miss, really I do” exclaimed Daniel, whilst undoing the zip of his trousers and letting them fall to the floor. His underpants followed.

“Turn around” Gemma demanded. Daniel did so.

“I asked you a question” Gemma said and immediately gave Daniel a hard smack on his bottom, which drew a gasp from the older man. “I asked if you needed an incentive” she added, giving Daniel another hard smack. “Now, turn around again please” Gemma demanded.

Daniel turned around and looked at Gemma, his now stiff penis only inches from Gemma’s face. “I’m sorry Miss. Yes, I do need an incentive. I want to get better figures after all.”

“Right. Now, in the past I have put you across my knee and spanked you haven’t I.” Another statement.

“Yes Miss.”

“This time I don’t think that’s enough. This time I think you need to be shown that continued bad performance will lead to the knowledge by others that the only way you learn is by being disciplined.”

Gemma stood up and walked towards the door, and Daniel’s face became a picture of panic. He definitely did not want anyone else in the office to know what his pa did to him on occasion. But Gemma was playing with him. Her wicked streak coming out. She looked back at Daniel to see his erection had all but disappeared as she veered off and went to the small meeting table and pointed to the phone.

“You will make a call little boy, to a friend of mine. We will discuss your punishment and he will listen as I spank you. Here is the number. Call it. Address him as Mr Pete and Sir.”

Daniel sighed with relief but went immediately to the desk, and dialled the number. Pete answered.

“Yes” Pete said shortly.

“Mr Pete?” Daniel asked.

“Yes. You are?”

“Daniel, Sir.”

“And the reason for the call?”

Daniel looked across at Gemma, who said “Daniel has been particularly lazy recently, and got very poor sales results because of it. I am going to discipline him, and knew you would have some views.”

“Of course. What are you suggesting?”

Gemma said “Daniel, set out what I normally do to you.”

Pete jumped in with “Normally? How often are you disciplined then young man?”

Daniel responded quietly “Miss Gemma has spanked me several times now, eight times in fact. She puts me across her lap and spanks my bare bottom. She uses a hairbrush as well and twice now a cane.”

“I see. And do you deserve to be disciplined?”

“Yes Sir, I do.” Daniel was blushing. He was not used to explaining these things to another man. He was used to being told to get ready, and then being spanked, usually scolded by the woman spanking him. His floppy penis emphasised to Gemma that Daniel was barrassed by the whole conversation.

“Do you enjoy being spanked?” Daniel’s penis grew at the very question. Gemma was astounded at just how quickly Daniel became erect.

“No Sir” he said trying to sound earnest but in fact did not ring true.

Gemma said “are you sure Daniel, bearing in mind that is some erection you have.”

“Oh, but, no, I mean.”

“Enough young man” interjected Pete. “If you have an erection it must mean you are aroused.”

Daniel didn’t know what to say.

Pete continued “Right Daniel, take your erect penis in your hand” he ordered.

Daniel was now a deep red. He looked pleadingly at Gemma. She looked back at him but with only a stern and unyielding look. She was not going to help him he knew. Reluctantly he placed his fingers around his penis, looking up at the wall, desperately trying to make it go down, It just wouldn’t.

“Does it feel warm Daniel” Pete asked.

Daniel was really struggling now. Of course it was warm. It was throbingly warm.

“Yes Sir” he again answered.

“I think you should masturbate Daniel.”

“No please Sir. Not now. Please Sir.”

“Daniel” Gemma said firmly, you will do as you are told. Come over here and stand in front of me.”

Gemma sat down again and had Daniel stand between her legs. Her face was inches from his penis. She took a coffee cup and held it in front of Daniel.

“Go on Daniel. Masturbate in to this cup. Don’t get any on me though or you will be really for it.”

Pete said from the phone “and I want to hear you tell me what you are doing. Out loud Daniel. Go on.”

Daniel blushed even deeper, if that was possible.

Slowly he started to rub himself, up and down. “I am rubing my penis Sir. I am getting stiffer and stiffer Sir.”

“Good. Rub away. Tell me Miss Gemma, is he doing it properly?”

“Oh yes Mr Pete, I can see he is.”

Daniel tried for over a minute to come, but he knew that with Gemma watching it was hard enough, and knowing that another man was listening he knew he just would not be able to come. He struggled, and Gemma could see his anguish.

“I don’t think he will come Mr Pete” Gemma said.

“That is bad Miss Gemma. He can’t be much of a man can he, if he can’t even come. Try looking at Miss Gemma Daniel, and imagine her spanking you, across her lap, does that help?”

“This might help” said Gemma as she smacked him hard on the side of his leg, then again, and a third time.

Daniel cried out. Yes it helped. Daniel imagined Gemma spanking him as she had done so often before. It really helped. As he pictured her spanking him, and imagined her strict voice scolding him, so he became stiffer and stiffer. He felt Gemma rub his leg again, and then the sharp pain as she smacked him again, and again, and again. He started to groan, he rubed faster as his legs stung and Gemma spanked his legs harder and harder. Strict women scared him. Terrified him in fact. But also aroused him. Got him really aroused. Aaarrghhhh. What a release. He felt the cum surge up his shaft, between his fingers, his eyes were closed but Gemma laughed as it arced in to the cup.

Daniel was breathing heavily as he felt Gemma’s hand again on his leg. He opened his eyes. Was she about to smack him again. He saw the swirl of her arm as her hand crashed again against his leg.

“Shall I keep smacking his legs Mr Pete?” Gemma asked.

“Yes” came Pete’s reply, a noticeably rasping voice thought Gemma. She smiled to herself. She wondered if Pete had been masturbating at the other end of the phone.

Gemma turned Daniel so he was sideways on. Gemma started to smack the backs of his legs, once, twice, three times, on and on, until Daniel was sobing, his legs stinging.

“His penis is now floppy Mr Pete. Very floppy.” Gemma said.

There was nothing from the other end. Gemma was sure now Pete was concentrating on something else for the time being. Gemma ignored that. Daniel was unaware anyway.

“Right young man” Gemma said to the sobing Daniel, “it is time to punish you more seriously. Daniel, you will go across my lap. It is time for your spanking. Come on.”

Gemma sat back in the chair and eased her skirt up, so her thighs were bare, ready for Daniel to lie across them. Daniel turned around, tears already in his eyes. He saw Gemma’s bare thighs and unconsciously his erection returned as he lowered himself across Gemma’s lap. She held his waist and moved him slightly forwards, so she was more comfortable and his bottom was better placed for her to spank his bare bottom.

Gemma placed her hand on his bottom, slowly rubing the reddened skin, and felt the heat from his erection.

“So Daniel, why are you being spanked?”

“Because of my poor sales figures Miss.”

“Why are they so poor?”

“Because I didn’t try hard enough Miss.”

“Why will you try harder in future Daniel?”

“Because I hate being spanked Miss.”

“I don’t think so Daniel. I don’t think so at all. I think you do enjoy it. You love being put across a woman’s knee. Isn’t that right Daniel.”

“No Miss.”

“Let’s see shall we.”

Gemma started to plaster Daniel’s bottom with spank after spank, telling him how disappointed she was, how she knew he can do better, shall do better, must do better in future, or else it won’t just be her spanking him. No, it will be her spanking him with Pete watching, and then also Pete spanking him. Very hard.

Daniel was squirming as the hand spanks hit home. He deserved to be spanked hard today. Gemma spanked every square inch of Daniel’s bottom as he squirmed around on her lap, gasping as the spanks stung more and more.

After several minutes Pete suddenly spoke above the noise of the spanking. “I think he needs to be thrashed with something harder Miss Gemma. How about a hairbrush. Have you one of those?”

“Oh yes” Gemma answered, a nice one with a square wooden back to it. That will be just the job. Daniel, get it please.”

Daniel eased himself up, went behind his desk, took the brush from his desk draw, and went straight back to Gemma. Instead of taking the brush and stood up. Daniel looked quizzically at her. He had expected to be turned across her lap again.

“Have him bend over the desk so his face is near the phone Miss Gemma, so I can hear him gasp as each span k hits home.”

“Go on, Bend over the desk Daniel.”

Daniel did as he was told.

“OK Daniel, hit your self hard with it. I want Mr Pete to hear it.”

Daniel took aimed the brush and hit himself as hard as he could.

“Can you hear that Mr Pete?”

“Just about” came the reply. Gemma was sure she heard a slap from the other end of the phone. It sounded as though Pete was hitting himself. Was it with a hairbrush she wondered? She started to feel very wet, and her nipples hardened at the thought of Pete at the other end of the phone. She focussed again on Daniel.

“Right Daniel, a few more, and make it harder will you.”

Daniel landed several more hard spanks, gasping after each one even though he was landing them himself.

Gemma scoffed “Not hard enough. Not by a long way. Well if you need help I will certainly teach you how to do this properly. Let me do it.”

Gemma took the brush from Daniel, took aim, and landed the brush on Daniel’s right bottom cheek. He gasped, noticeably louder than when he was hitting himself.

“Are you enjoying this Mr Pete?” Gemma asked, and laughed to herself as Pete gave a quick “yes” reply.

Gemma carried on landing spanks across his bottom until Daniel was gasping at each stroke, squirming around trying to avoid the spanks as they hit his bottom time after time. Gemma focussed on a specific spot on each cheek and Daniel started to let out louder and louder gasps, and Gemma could see tears staining his face. She knew though that she won’t stop until she sees his chest heave deeply as only then will he be properly chastised for his poor work. She was getting tired when eventually he succumbed to the pain and broke down and cried freely.

“OK Daniel, have you learnt your lesson?”

Daniel looked around but stayed in position. Gemma saw his eyes were as deeply red as his bottom. Daniel knew not to move until told to. He looked up at Gemma and said with some difficulty “yes Miss Gemma. Next week’s figures will be very different. I promise.”

“Thank Mr Pete” said Daniel.”

Daniel looked back at the phone and said “thank you Sir.”

“Good. OK Daniel, you can get up and get dressed.”

Gemma said her goodbye’s to Pete and clicked the phone off, and decided it was time to release Daniel from her control.

“OK Daniel, it’s over for today.”

“Thanks Gemma. You’re a star.” Daniel wasn’t smiling though. He was worried.

“Gemma, does Pete know me?”

Gemma smiled. The thought had crossed her mind already because she knew Daniel would be devastated if he knew someone was walking around who knew what happened to him.

“No Daniel, Pete doesn’t know what you look like.” Then she added with a sly smile “but if your figures stay bad for long then I might just have him watch.”

Daniel blushed. “That’s enough incentive for me. My figures are definitely going up, that’s for sure.”

Daniel smiled at Gemma as he got dressed. His bottom was sore, just as he liked it.

Gemma asked “Daniel, I know you work much better after one of my spankings. You do enjoy being spanked don’t you.”

“Well, not so much enjoy the spanking, but I do get really aroused.”

“So after your Mother used to spank you, did you go to your room and do what you did before?”

“You mean masturbate. Yes. It was so easy. I would have a very sore bottom, my legs would sting, I would lie on my bed and masturbate till I came at least twice, sometimes more. I felt so relaxed afterwards. The next day my sore bottom would be a constant reminder of the spanking though which is what spurred me on, made me behave, and do much better.”

“It’s a shame you don’t have a wife to keep you in line then isn’t it”

“I guess” Daniel replied, blushing again.

Then Gemma asked “you don’t get on with women do you Daniel? We scare you don’t we.”

Daniel gave a nervous look and then smiled. “Well no, not really, well, yes, I suppose so. I am intimidated by them, you, erm I mean erm women generally” he added still blushing. “But really I don’t have time for it anyway. I need to focus all my energies on my sales. That’s what is important to me.”

“You mean strong women frighten you to the point of being obedient. OK Daniel, I understand. Anyway, there’s no harm in it” Gemma stood up and made ready to go back to her desk. “I will keep everyone out for five minutes. That should be enough time for you to get yourself sorted out?”

“Yes, thank you” Daniel replied, as his hand encircled his erect penis. Then he looked around and sounded a bit on the panicky side when he asked “Gemma, you will still spank me when my figures are down, won’t you.” He looked worried.

“Of course I will silly. Don’t worry about that.”

Gemma turned, walked passed Daniel’s desk and out of the office When she got back to her desk she immediately phoned Pete.

“Well, what do you think?”

“Wow, that was great. Really good fun Gemma. You were just so dominant.”

“How’s your bottom?” Gemma asked sharply

“What?” Pete gasped.

“How red is it. From the hairbrush?”

There was silence.

“Come on Pete. Tell me, or else.”

“OK OK. Yes, I spanked myself with the hairbrush. You were such a turn on.”

And did you masturbate when Daniel did?”

“My goodness, how do you know that?”

“I know Pete.”

Silence from Pete.

“Why don’t you ask me Pete?”

“Ask what?” he said, almost in a whisper.

“OK Pete, I’ll tell you then. “

Gemma paused, for effect, before saying “I know you want to be spanked.”

There was silence still from the other end of the phone. Gemma became more confident.

“You want me to spank you don’t you. You want me to control you and thrash you and then love you. You do don’t you” she snapped.

“Yes” Pete rasped. “Yes. I want you to discipline me. And I want to make love to you.”

“Good. I want to discipline you and be responsible for you. Will you obey me Pete?”

“Yes Gemma, of course I will.”

“And I will decide when you deserve to make love to me. Only when you are a good boy. And when you are bad I will thrash you and you will pleasure me but I won’t allow you to come. Do you agree to that as well Pete?”

“Yes Gemma. I need you to control me. To punish me when I am naughty, and to let me pleasure you.”

“I do mean control Pete. You have to give me control so I will discipline whenever I say you need to be. No arguments Pete. I have the final say. Every time.”

Gemma was now aroused. Not like when she spanked Daniel though. Daniel always masturbated after she spanked him. He’s masturbating now. She couldn’t though after spanking him. She tried. She enjoys spanking him but not sexually. But now with her fingers on her clit talking to Pete she was becoming aroused. Just by thinking about doing it with him. She knew with him it would be different. Very different.

Pete said “yes Gemma. Please take control of me. I need you to.”

“Good, so tonight you will be naked, across my lap, and I will turn your bottom deep red, your bottom will bounce as I thrash you Pete. You will obey my every instruction. Do you understand?”

“Yes Gemma.”

“Good, young man” Gemma said, with confidence and severity in her voice, both at the same time. “Get ready tonight young man. Have the hairbrush ready on the bed, you will wear only your pyjama bottoms. OK!”

“Yes Gemma.”

“Do you have an erection Pete?” she asked sharply

“Yes. I’m erect again. I can’t wait for you to get here” whispered Pete.

“Good. I’m going to make you cry Pete. I’m going to teach you a real lesson, before I fuck you and you fuck me. OK Pete?”

“Yes Gemma, I know. I can’t wait.”

“Neither can I Pete. Neither can I.” Gemma stopped fingering herself. She will wait until tonight.

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