A trip to remember(part two)

I could not help but to place my hands on her silky skin and caress her:

Please read "A TRIP TO RBER" chapter one first ;

We lay there staring at one another, I could not help but to place my hands on her silky skin and caress her:


We lay in bed together after the previous evening adventures and Jennie and I fell fast asleep.

I awoke quite early but Jennie was still fast asleep and I could feel the warmth of her body against me which was so nice to feel. I wondered how she would react at waking up next to me in a bed that was made only for one to sleep in.

I lay there for a while admiring her body that was almost completely out from under the sheet we had over us.

The weather was very warm, and we had very little on after last night with the soldier. I just wanted to run my hands over her slim but so soft body and to feel her breasts that were still very firm and her nipples were protruding from her breasts like organ stops.

I placed one hand on Jennies breast and the cool soft skin of her body sent tingles down my body, setting my imagination running riot in my head.

As I gently fondled her breast she began to wake up and she caught hold of my hand holding it tight to her chest and gave a little moan.

She turned herself right over to face me and said “That feels awfully nice; I thought I was just dreaming”

“No you are not dreaming” I replied

“That feels so good, it was bringing back the thoughts of last night and I would not have missed that for the world” she said

“That is good, I am so glad that you liked it and that you did not mind me fondling your breasts this morning, they look so good that I just wanted to touch you”.

“Be my guest “she said, moving her body right up against me so that I could feel her soft velvet skin against me and her face up against mine. I pressed my lips against hers and began to kiss her passionately darting my tongue into her mouth.

Jennie responded immediately, I could feel the tension in my body responding to her and I started to fondle her body once more, letting my hands wander down her sleek body until I found her mound which was now quite hard.

Her kisses grew stronger as I stroked her mound, she spread her legs as to offer me the way in to her vagina which I just stroked on the outside of her slit.

Jennies hands now started to fondle my breasts and I could feel my nipples getting hard.

Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth making me fruitier than ever and I could feel my pussy getting quite wet.

She then stopped kissing me and moved her head down on to my breast and started to lick and suck my nipples.

This sent tingles right through my body and I was really turned on as this had not happened to me before by a female.

I inserted my fingers into her slit and began to push them right into her, rubing her up and feeling her wet cunt opening wider as I pushed more fingers into her. She was tight, and her fluids made it more comfortable as my fingers slid into her.

I asked her if she would like me to suck her off. “Oh that would be nice, but can we both do it to each other” she said

“Certainly, that would be really good” I replied

She lay flat on her back while I moved onto her facing her feet, with my rear end over her face.

There was no waiting as I got my self ready to open her slit, she was already well and truly licking my cunt and the feeling was tremendous. I knew it would not take much more to give a great orgasm.

I opened her slit as wide as I could and started to lick her, I soon found her clit and started to suck and pull on it with my lips making it rise to the occasion.

I could feel her body underneath me shaking and her tummy muscles getting tighter as her orgasm began to get stronger.

Her tongue was now really deep inside me and I could feel my orgasm growing very strong. I knew that I had to make her cum quickly as she was making it so good for me and I would cum before her and that was no good for us both.

I began to suck harder and rubing on her clit with my chin she started to moan and I did also as we both climaxed at near enough at the same time.

Our bodies were wet as we rolled off each other and lay exhausted on the bed.

After about ten minutes we came too and I said how much I had enjoyed it.

“My goodness I never knew that such things went on, how much have I missed?” Jennie said laughingly.

“Well there is more to come I am sure over this holiday” I said

“I hope so” she replied and with that she made her way to the bathroom to take her morning shower.

I found this was hard to realize Jennie was the virginal vicars daughter that I opted to come away with.

We showered, had breakfast, and got ourselves dressed ready for the day wondering what delights lay ahead, but that is another story

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