Blue Eyes

Love isn't always idealistic...

On a hot summer day, my friend Kate and I decided to go on a trip through the open road to nowhere. There were many things that I loved about driving through the desert like the sense of freedom that it gives you and the occasional hot breeze of air. After half an hour of driving, I had to stop on a red light, a car that came from behind us stopped as well, parking next to us. It was a silver convertible Audi TT, pretty close to the one I was driving…. Well the convertible part at least… In it there were two guys; I didn’t really stare, but both of them seemed attractive. I was just waiting for the green light when one of the guys says in a really stupid way (in my opinion at least):

“Hello ladies”

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Flirting is an art. Some have the ability of attracting you by just one word. Others aren’t so gifted. Take this guy for an example, by just the way he said it I discovered that he was a clown and a womanizer. So I didn’t even bother looking at him. However, Kate obviously didn’t think s so … She and Bozo hit it off and started chatting. Meanwhile, I stole a quick glance of the driver. Apparently like me, he thought that those two were idiots. He was smiling mockingly and staring right into the road. “This guy I like better” I thought to myself. He was serious and mysterious. From the little I saw of him, I discovered that he was blond, with dark brown eyes. It’s a rather rare combination. After that I stopped looking and stared at the road in front of me. The minute the road sign turned green, I stepped on it even though Kate was still talking to the guy. I couldn’t help but to smile. Behind us the lights of the Audi were flashing. I turn around and find the driver laughing while the idiot was standing up and pointing towards a sign of gas station. Five minutes later, as we got closer to the gas station, Kate begged me to park the car over there. It wasn’t long before the Audi parked there as well. The guy then says: “Hi, my name is Tony and this is Mark” “Hi Tony I’m Kate and this is Eva” “So Katie, wanna go somewhere and chat?” I glared at her, giving her my obvious disapproval. Sadly, she puts her puppy face on, whispering to me “please, 5 minutes!” I already knew that it will take longer than that but since I couldn’t dare upsetting her, I gave her my consent. It didn’t take her 10 seconds before she jumped out of the car and ran with Tony to a cafe across the station to get some privacy. So I sat in my car and turned up the Radio. Mark did the same. After 15 minutes, he gets out of the Audi and rests both of his arms on my car. He smiled and I felt as if, his blond hair was dancing in the wind. He tells me that since we both don’t know how long it will take he might as well join me. “Hop in” I could see him better now. I was right; it was very rare to find his kind of beauty. The more I think about it the more he seemed good looking. What hits me the most is the beauty mark on his cheek… “Do you mind if I change the station?” “Not at all, go ahead” As he leans to change the station, his neck got close to my face. I recognized the perfume that he was wearing. “Amor Amor pour homme”, I rber the brand for two reasons, the first is because Kate mentioned it to me100 times before; the second is because though I don’t normally pay much attention to perfume, I really liked this one: It really does represent what the perfect man should smell like! Even though I hoped for more, we didn’t say much afterwards, just the basic information about our studies and life in general. A year passed since that day. Kate and Tony became a couple, and because of them, I saw mark at least once a week. They usually left us, so they can be alone. I never really understood the reason why they invited us in the first place… But on Kate’s part I guess she just wanted me to be there… So eventually we sat most of the time together, talking about our lives and about our past relationships. We weren’t exactly open books, but I knew enough about him to figure out that he was indeed rare, not only physically but mentally as well: for a 21 year old he was wise beyond his years. I rber looking back that once he tried to kiss me, but I turned him down. I still felt I didn’t know him enough, and because I liked him so much, I wanted us to work. The problem is he didn’t understand the reason why I turned him down. Probably because I didn’t explain it to him, not knowing how to… At first he gave me the cold shoulder. But we soon reestablished our friendship. Days past by and I grew to like him more and more. Then one day, he tells me about his girlfriend … I was shocked and heartbroken but I eventually got over it. From what I’ve heard she seems like a very nice girl….and maybe a better woman… I can’t say I didn’t try to win him back… But I never passed my limits until…. Tonight is his birthday, and we were invited. I thought about what to wear a million times. Eventually I decided to wear my backless red dress, with a long necklace that drops in between my . I lift up my light brown hair, exposing my neck, and I put on my perfume. Then I put some make up on. Kate walks in “You’re ready? Wow! You look drop dead gorgeous. Who is the guy?” “Nobody” I say smiling, even though deep down I knew that it was all for him. We arrive at the party. And I sit down at the bar. While checking out the people around, my eyes located Marc… He wasn’t alone. Mark and his girlfriend were dancing in the middle of the arena. He held her with his strong arms, his face touching her neck. One of his hands was holding her hip; the other was gently caressing her arm. He was staring right into her in such a bold way. Her eyes were closed. Sweat pouring down their foreheads. The music is loud, and there are people all around. But all I saw was those two dancing. She was a pretty blond. She opened her eyes, and they were deep blue. If I was a guy I would’ve drowned looking through these eyes. She gently caressed his back; then she held his face, their noses almost touching each other. They exchanged a passionate kiss. It was the first time I’ve seen her. Why couldn’t it be me instead? This other side of Marc that I didn’t see before, he is so passionate, so sexy, it drove me mad. I couldn’t look anymore, I ran to the bathroom. My own thoughts torturing me: “Eva don’t do this, you’re his friend!” I needed a guy, any one will do. I got out of the bathroom. No signs of those two, I guess they’re somewhere alone. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before I got hit on. The guy was fairly good looking, and he asked me to dance. We got on the floor, and I fell into a state of blindness. It almost felt like I was on drugs. I wasn’t thinking, I wanted to escape everything so I just danced. The guy put his hands on my back. “You’re breathtaking” An image flashed through my mind. It was Marc. Why couldn’t be him instead? Tears started pouring down my eyes. I didn’t even realize I was crying until the guy stopped dancing. “Why are you crying?” Two seconds later out of nowhere Mark shows up, he held the guy by his shirt almost tearing it a part. “What did you do to her asshole?!” He was on the edge of hitting him, when I stopped him. “Marc don’t! This has nothing to do with him!” He drags me into a room, shuts the door, and starts yelling at me. “Eva! Why are you crying?! If he did something tell me! I swear I will beat him up! What did he do?” “He didn’t do anything! I don’t know what came over me! What are you doing here? Go enjoy your birthday! Spend it with your girlfriend” When I said that last word, I felt that I was about to cry all over again, so I quickly turn my head. His hands caressed my face, and then he turns it back toward him. Then calmly he says: “I rather spend it with you….What’s going on?” I put my hand on his chest and I look up, staring right into his eyes. I kiss him on his beauty mark. He looks at me then he gets closer, and he kisses me softly. I kiss him back passionately this time. My hands playing with his hair. “Eva…”

He says in a sad, but gentle way. “Don’t say anything….” I whisper in his ear I turn my back to him… “Unzip me…” He does what I ask… I was only wearing black panties; I couldn’t wear a bra with this dress. I turn around and he stares at me. Then he lifts me up to a table that was put on the edge of a wall, he pulls out the clip that was lifting my hair. It drops on my shoulders, he kisses me passionately. I loosen up his buttons, and take off his shirt. He had perfect abs, which was something I expected after touching his chest. We continue kissing. His hands are now caressing my thighs… He moves his hands on my breast, fondling them. Then he stops and unzips his pants. He takes off my panties, and he drives his manhood in me…. I look up to him, and his eyes were close… they were in agony… But this doesn’t stop him from pounding through me, his arms using the wall as a support… “Oh my god Eva, you’re so sexy….” “Please make love to me…” He fucks me slowly at first… His strokes got harder… and then they got faster… He is so beautiful I think to myself… God how I love him…. I held my breast. My nipples were so hard… it was like I just discovered them…. “Marc…” I moaned…. This is so wrong… But I can’t…. I need him…. I need him inside of me…. I love him so much…. I felt myself my body freezing…. Then I screamed out his name… And I came…. He continued moving inside me…. This time a lot harder…. I heard him apologizing… then his strokes got a lot faster… he rocked his head back and came inside of me…. Letting me feel his hotness inside of my cunt… I kissed him gently… And he fell to the ground…. At that moment someone knocks on the door…. Panic and fear rose through us both…. He tries to get dressed… Managing to put his boxers and his unbuttoned blouse on… I do the same… But it wasn’t fast enough…. “What’s going on?” The blue eyes that I’ve seen 30 min earlier had a lighter blue in them now…. Forgive me…

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